Petal shaped church in the lake

Almere, the Netherlands, has chosen a curved chapel designed by architects on the lake. The petal-shaped church develops buildings and surrounding lakes, forming the heart of the Dutch city on the outskirts of Amsterdam. A curved wooden church was proposed, which is located above the water and, through an extension, has been extended from the shoreline for access.

The petal-shaped church also hosts religious activities for a variety of cultures. This is a function that is part of every fully mature city, but has not yet been announced at the Almere Center. Being able to get married, but also close to the hospital, where people can mourn, this is the location of the Christmas Nativity scene in December, and to reflect on a quiet place.
The church is constructed from foam and cut using a CNC machine. The outer surface will cover the zinc and the interior will be constructed of plywood. The petal-shaped window will form a narrow strip of facades and glass that will extend through the roof. This should be a body that fits in the center of the city and is strong enough to highlight an eco-friendly sustainable building.

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