Parisian developers designed a floating house

The developers in Paris designed a brand new house, and this floating house is one of them. One can easily imagine it as a floating bungalow in a luxury Indian Ocean hotel, but this home can be placed in any place with water to make it float, whether it be a river or the sea. The house is characterized by a sandwich-like structure that forms the same size segments on the floor and ceiling and is then filled with glass and wood. The floor is erected on a buoyancy platform, and the ceiling is combined with a pillar and a glazed exterior wall. The glass curtain wall allows for slight sliding. Other advantages are that natural light penetrates into the house and is completely exposed to the magnificent natural environment. This floating and flowing home opens up new horizons for them, and this is indeed a real home. . The structure offers two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The house has minimal impact on the environment, but it provides an extraordinary living experience. Nomadic life has a new dimension.

The floating structure can be floated from one place to another, and life can feel like a continuous holiday. From sunrise to sunset, everyone can enjoy the scenery of different moments as long as they live in this house. These materials and furniture are luxurious, but the interior of the boat is completely different, because this is our home.

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