Palestinian-Israeli conflicts in many regions, dozens of Palestinians were injured

ChinaNet February 23, according to the Qatar Al Jazeera website reported on February 21st, Friday (February 21), in the Hebron area, “Ibrahim Mosque” rdquo; 20th anniversary of the Holocaust At the time, Palestinian demonstrators and the Israeli military clashed in the West Bank and 13 Palestinians were injured. At the time, there were also clashes in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the injury of seven Palestinians.

The second “Hebron massacre” occurred in 1994, when Jewish right-wing extremists, American citizen Baruch · Goldstein in the West Bank city of Hebron The Ladong Mosque used machine guns to fire at 1,100 Muslims who were worshipping, killing 29 people and injuring about 150 people.

During the Friday conflict, the Israeli army used hand grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowd of people on the Hada Street, which was blocked by the Israeli authorities. At the same time, the Israeli army also arrested some demonstrators.

The Hebron Defence Committee and the People’s Committees and National Committees of several towns participated in the demonstrations. They shouted “Long live peace, long live peace”, “Long live the Palestinian freedom”, “&” ; hit the aggressor & rdquo; and other slogans. A notice has been issued previously to prepare for a demonstration in Hebron after the main ceremony.

There are about 400 settlers living in the Old City of Hebron, with four outposts and 1,500 Israeli troops, while the Palestinian people live in oppression from these settlers and the army. In the harassment and attacks, the Israelis completely blocked the markets and main streets in the area.

Colorful Butterfly Sayh

On the other hand, the Israeli military used the weekly demonstrations in the butterfly Saykh to protest against Israeli settlers. Rubber bullets and tear gas guns carried out assaults, randomly shooting participants in the demonstrations, including dozens of children and women, as well as foreign activists, causing dozens of injuries.

Thus, the West Bank Village was declared a “closed military village” where there was a fierce clash between the Israeli army and the youth, and the young people stoned to defend the rights of the village and the Palestinian people. s right.

Many conflicts in the Gaza Strip

Gaza eyewitnesses said dozens of Palestinian youths threw stones at soldiers on the Israeli border. They also said that Israeli soldiers used real guns and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

A spokesperson for the emergency services department in the Gaza Strip said that seven Palestinians were injured by bullets. The violence broke out, when the Palestinian people were holding anti-Israeli weekly protest demonstrations near the border. The demonstration has been going on for seven years.

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