Magical Japanese architecture

They look like cone tents, but they are actually rugged buildings. They were designed by the architect Issei Suma and are located in a mountainous area in Shizuoka Prefecture. The building is designed for the elderly and consists of five structures, each with specific functions. The tent-like structure provides many functions, such as a kitchen, a spiral pool, a nursing area, a small dining room and living area.

As a very famous landmark, the Ribbon Church was built in 2013 and is located in Hiroshima, Japan. Built by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects, it covers an area of ​​80 square meters and is located in the resort’s garden. The church is situated on a hill and enjoys a panoramic view of the surroundings.

House NA is definitely not a typical home. It was designed by Sou Fukimoto Architects and, as you can see, it is transparent. This means that it is basically without privacy, and everything is exposed to the eyes of neighbors and passers-by. However, this means that a lot of natural light can enter the house. The house is located in Tokyo and has three floors.


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Fire pits have a lot of design options and styles

Selection is very difficult, especially when many designs are very similar. For example, this is a square fire pit with a concrete casing that fits most styles and decorations.
The interesting part of this fire pit rest area is the proximity to the swimming pool. The contrast between fire and water makes these two features stand out enough to ensure balance and bring interesting designs at the same time.
Some fire pit seating areas surround a hole in the ground, some around the raised modules fixed on the ground, some around a bowl-like structure, such as this one, it is placed in a beautiful and modern garden in.
This decoration is made up of a series of concrete pipes that are used to create a meditation area with benches and a fire pit. This is a simple design concept that has a strong impact.

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Passionate Brazilian residence

This beautiful private home is located in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, and is named White House.

White Housebuilt in 2014year, located in a beautiful location on the northern coast of São Paulo, surrounded by lush vegetation . Locations close to the beach offer many advantages, such as extraordinary visibility.
The studio decided to combine wood, concrete and white aluminum, which are able to withstand the effects of ocean air, and also allow architects and designers to combine tropical minimalism with Brazilian modernism.

All The social space is on the first floor. The full-height glass wall eliminates visual barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting areas and exposing living spaces to the lush gardens and ocean views.
Sliding glass doors open the interior to the outside and connect them to the balcony. Outdoors are leisure spaces and dining spaces.
In addition to the glass fence, the social area is connected to the outside through a series of perforated wood walls. These rotating walls provide shadows that don’t block the wind and can even open beautiful gardens.

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Modern residence in Dublin

Located on a narrow road in the heart of Dublin, the Price Lane house was designed by ODOS Architects. He created an open courtyard for the homeowner, allowing more natural light to flow into the room. The design divides the house into two main structures, the middle of which is the yard, and gives them a private outdoor space. The room in the room is small, which means that the choice of materials and colors should be carefully considered. The white walls and ceilings are complemented by grey concrete floors, wood details and subtle colours that are occasionally used. The staircase is connected to the tier and connects the rooms surrounding the central courtyard.

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House built around olive trees

Casa Kwantes house is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The house is a project developed by MVRDV between 2014 and 2016.

The 480 square meters of the house is distributed in two floors and is open to a garden. The overall design was inspired by modernist architecture from the 1930s and was defined by several elements, such as a strong contrast between planes or a contrast between open and closed spaces.

Customers want to get a lot of daylight in the house and have an open space. This perfect balance is achieved through two completely different looks. The back of the house is completely open to the outdoors, with full height windows, curved walls, patios and a core olive tree.

Another interesting detail of this house is the obvious separation of day and night. The bedroom is placed on the upper floor, sharing a balcony, while public spaces such as the lounge area, kitchen and dining room are placed on the first floor, surrounded by beautiful olive trees.

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Renovation of Mexico City homes in 1913

Renovation of the 1913 neoclassical villa in Mexico City and the addition of a new building called Ignacia Guest House. The new building features four rooms, each with its own color theme – blue, green, pink and yellow – stacked vertically at both ends.

Each room has a terrace or outdoor space while overlooking the central courtyard.

The original house was redesigned and the newly designed hotel pays tribute to the former housekeeper who worked there for more than 70 years. After collecting information about Mrs. Ignacia, the design team developed a plan that included color and landscape design inspired by her and her birthplace.

A glass-enclosed walkway connects the main house to the hotel, with an exterior wall on one side and a terrace view on the other.

The original floor plan of the home was retained and they managed to restore mold, plaster, wooden floors and historical details, as well as window frames and doors.

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Portable, hanging, hammock-style cottage

A few years ago, we fell in love with the Cacoon chair, and now TreePod is designed to place tents through a spacious, portable hanging space that you may never want to leave. TreePod has launched a lounge chair and a cabin that hangs from a tree and lets you calmly float on the ground.

The recliner and cabin are suspended from a point and are five or six feet in diameter so you can easily curl and relax. Each can hold up to 500 pounds. You can climb with friends or take a rest for yourself.

TreePod is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign and has been successfully crowdfunded.

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Thai Cliff Villa Surrounded by Coconut Trees and Ocean View

This villa is located at the top of the cliff in Chanthaburi, Thailand. The view is wonderful. Naturally, its design must make full use of everything.

The villa offers a total of 300 square meters of living space. It was built in 2006 and has two spaces, one is a social area and the upper is a private area. Architects focus on maximizing the landscape of the sea and natural light and air, but at the same time they ensure privacy and intimacy.

Before the house was built, the land was full of trees. The vegetation was preserved and the project did not have any impact on the land. You can still see the coconut trees around the house. The design concept focuses on building a close connection with the surrounding environment, especially the sea view.

The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The living space is on the first floor and has an open floor plan that is seamlessly open to the deck and then connected to the pool overlooking the sea.

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Modern residence in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin

Loft Kolasiński designed this modern residence in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. The project utilizes a mix of antiques, new furniture and lighting, as well as some custom furniture by Loft Kolasiński. There are modern and industrial elements inside, so the studio wants to add wooden furniture and unique colorful carpets to add some personality and texture. The bright green carpet on the first floor brings simplicity to the living room.
In order to give the interior a larger look, they only use glass panels to separate the stairs, not the walls. It also helps to illuminate the entire floor with natural light.
The first floor is open space with kitchen and dining room with a custom made wooden table.

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Cultivate the structure of imagination exploration

The Matter Design Studio in Boston wants to create a space to foster the exploration of imagination. Therefore, they designed a structure for no purpose. The project is called Five Fields Play Structure, which has a form but lacks functionality, which is why it is so unique.
On a long day, the imagination of children in game time is gone. Matter Design Studio tried to bring back some of the deprived creative thinking. These swings, slides and three-dimensional grids allow children to try and explore.

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