Brand Products and Services Yan Wei Xiaoyu leads the hot pot restaurant standardization!

“The situation creates heroes, and the narrow road meets the brave. Any industry is a river. The so-called general trend, doing practical things, in this catering industry of the survival of the fittest, how to give yourself a place in the fierce competition, brand, product and service are important components that can not be ignored. In the big society of catering, many brands only pay attention to one for revenue, regardless of the second. Especially in Chongqing, the heart of the hot pot, the brand that really cares about everything in every aspect is very few, and in such a big environment, Xiaowei can still “sludge out the mud”.濯 濯 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟 涟

As we all know, standardization is a compulsory course in the operation of a catering business, and it is also a very difficult factor in compulsory courses. An extremely long course in combat lines. Standardization is an uninterrupted process and has the ability to reach the influence of various sectors.

Brand Value

Brand value is the core of brand management and an important indicator of the brand’s differentiation from competing brands. Michael · Porter mentioned in his brand competitive advantage: the brand’s assets are mainly reflected in the core value of the brand, or the core value of the brand is also the essence of the brand. Then the core value of Xiaowei’s brand lies in Zhang Ping, which is the label of Xiaowei Xiaoyu and the brand representative of Xiaowei Xiaoyu. From the rhetoric of the locals in Chongqing, “Let’s eat Xiaoyu, recognize Zhang Ping, this is the brand value of Xiaowei Xiaoyu.

Product Standardization

Hot pot, from the current practice proof, in Chinese food products Standardization is a category that is relatively easy to implement. From the beginning of the hot pot frying, the list of required materials, Yan Wei Xiaoyu has a set of corresponding process structure, it involves the quality of the material, the role and the chef needs to master the proportion of various accessories, in order to make “all” Spicy and delicious pot bottom. In addition to the bottom of the pot, Xiaowei Xiaoyu also made a set of standardized processes on the hot dishes, from the selection of materials, processing methods, swinging, and eating methods. This process can be complicated in the early stage of combing, but once it is formed, this process will greatly reduce the time and labor costs after getting better.

Service Standardization

Market research shows that customers in the process of receiving services, on the one hand, hope to obtain professional services, on the one hand, they also hope to obtain great convenience, reduce waiting time and facilitate settlement. Therefore, in the design process of service process standards, Weiwei Xiaoyu is at the core of providing convenience to customers, rather than for the convenience of internal implementation. In addition, standardization and unified training management is carried out, including the instrumentation, language, attitude and behavior standards of service personnel. Service personnel should learn to listen and learn to standardize silence. They should not only pay attention to language communication, but also focus on non-verbal communication, but moderate language expression is very important.

It is denied that the catering competition will still be the brand as the king, the brand will be played out, the brand will be strong, and the public will understand it, and naturally it will have a broader market. In the catering line, behind the brand is “safety, hygiene, peace of mind, and intimate support. These are formed by long-term cumulative word of mouth, and the source of word-of-mouth is products and services.

Only standardized services are worthy of standardized products. Only standardized products can enhance the value of the brand, and the value of the brand will increase to have more standardized content. …… Yu has opened up the relationship between brands, products and services, and has continuously contributed to the brand “hematopoiesis”, which has set off a standardization trend in Chongqing hot pot restaurant industry!

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2019 will change the brand design company inventory of the catering industry

Recently, according to the annual report of China Food and Beverage in 2018, the catering industry in the country has achieved steady growth in macro economy, continuous increase in mass consumption, and continuous promotion of catering. The current catering industry has a total revenue of 396.44 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7% over the previous year. The retail sales of consumer goods increased by 0.5 percentage points, accounting for 4.8% of GDP. This data also confirms that China’s catering industry has become the most mainstream consumer market.

Under such influence, the competition between similar catering products will become “all the way to the end of the game industry, with “How to have the most valuable and distinctive core competitiveness thinking, many restaurants have begun to focus on building and shaping the brand.

In this environment, the author also based on the 2018 catering industry development brand demand and future industry trends, for the current catering brands to sort out the most suitable restaurant design company in 2019.

Shanghai Huahua and China

Huahehua is a unique strategic marketing brand consulting company. Huahua and China are based on the super symbol + super creative core. The top-level design of the brand has created a unique strategy and creative service of the trinity of corporate strategy, product strategy and brand strategy. It has created successful cases in the catering industry such as Haidilao visual brand and Xibei brand.

Huahua China logo

Hua & Hua“Super matches the logo for Haidilao

Chengdu Guge Dynasty

Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant, founded It has been nearly 20 years old, and the Guge Dynasty has been leading the industry into a deeper brand strategy plan. The Guge Dynasty has a multi-dimensional, multi-angle thinking mode and high efficiency. Landing execution rate, tapping the true value of the brand, quickly exploding products, enhancing brand premium, and comprehensive branding. Through the “brand empowerment model”, it has successively shaped the success stories of the catering industry such as Shangtianxia Hot Pot and Spicy Space.

Guge Dynasty logo

Guge Dynasty> Brand empowers to create a global strategy for the world

Shanghai Trout

Trout is a global leader Strategic Positioning Consulting Company, established in 2002, is committed to bringing the best strategic positioning practices in the world to China, helping Chinese companies to lead the strategy and achieve more efficient operations, becoming a model for the industry. Through strategic customization, we have created success stories in many industries such as Jiaduobao herbal tea and fellow chicken fast food.

Introduction to Trout Enterprises

The effect of the old chicken restaurant case store

Beijing Zhengbang

Zhengbang Brand Advisory Services Group, founded in 1996 in Beijing, is committed to providing brand strategy and design with brand consulting as its core. It has a good advantage in designing brand LOGO and brand building. Since its establishment, it has created successful cases in Donglaishun brand and Jinmian.

Zhengbang logo

Zhengbang Design Works Imitation Brand

Suzhou Hezhonghe

Hezhonghe was established in 2014. Although the predecessors in the industry are considered as emerging companies, they have always focused on chain catering, and have also successfully created many successful cases, and put the planning content into the store design company to make the store accurate. The marketing appeal has created a successful case in the catering industry such as the tasteless duck neck.

Hezhonghe logo

Hezhonghe Successful Cases Absolute Duck Neck

Throughout the year, in the accelerated changes of the national economy, mass consumption The contribution of the economic industry continues to increase. As the national income increases and the size of the consumer groups expands, the catering consumption structure tends to be more diversified and characterized. Then, with the expansion of the industry market, the role of brand design in guiding consumers is significant. This is also bound to the trend of catering and brand two industries, I believe that the future of food and beverage is about to enter a new era of brand-based!

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“Double Eleven” countdown, floor and other home enterprise resource integration challenges

The time has come to the end of October, although the gold nine silver ten is nearing the end, but the annual ‘double eleven’ is coming soon, and the major flooring companies are beginning to gain momentum, preparing for online and offline marketing and promotion activities. But for the floor store, it is simply love and hate, want to avoid it and want to eat.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021804071555.jpg”>

‘Double A ‘countdown in the floor and other home business resources integration challenges.

‘Double Eleven’ countdown in the floor business is ready to go

Online shopping It will undoubtedly become one of the hot search words in November. Although there are still half a month away from November 11, the major online shopping platforms have already been overwhelmed by thousands of shopping advertisements. A countdown to this crazy day.

For the home store, although the spending power of the Golden Week has been released a lot, but in the face of the double ten On the online shopping festival, I still don’t dare to take it lightly.

‘Double 11 Promotion’ is not just for the day of November 11th, after entering November, the major lines The next platform will push various activities, such as ex-gratia, spike, clearance and other ultra-low-cost activities, the promotion is not inferior to the online store, and some merchants take the same order as the online payment, pre-sale, etc. Consumer, ‘direct You can enjoy the online shopping price when you book the store, you don’t have to wait for the double eleven. ‘

It is understood that the online flagship store generally diverts orders according to the buyer’s delivery area. To the brand stores in various urban areas to be responsible for the installation, for consumers, online orders can not see the real thing, coupled with the cumbersome logistics links, easy to cause high return rate, if the physical store orders can enjoy the price of the online store, then How can consumers go farther?

All major home furnishing companies should integrate resources to deal with ‘double eleven’

The consumption pattern has always been unable to keep up with the holiday consumption. In the past, the merchants who circled the traditional holidays have now begun to adapt to the market, and consider the network’s hot-selling ‘Double 11’ and ‘Double 12’ into the promotion node of the business performance breakthrough. In the long run, it is better to face this trend than to avoid, add or ask a merchant to ‘stay in the team’, and to choose ‘two choices one’ on the online and offline channels.

When standardized goods and finished products become more and more mature, the goods provided by traditional home stores can basically be found online. Board and other household e-commerce companies will continue to penetrate all corners of the market by compressing profit margins. In the face of this situation, businesses must consider stability and change, and blockade is not enough. After all, online shopping has become a life of many people. Part of the inseparable part, when it is unable to change the consumption habits, can only adapt to the market development trend, improve the cost, change the marketing ideas, strengthen the physical store to see the goods pick-up and experience functions, and jointly stimulate the market and share the food. market.

As long as there are more attractive places than the price, such as product added value, services, etc., I believe that the warmth of the store is more attractive than the cold online shopping. .

Release date: 2014/10/28 12:02:20

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German power condensing wall-hung boiler to create a new way of comfortable living in winter

With the continuous upgrading of household consumption in China, the concept of household heating has also gained widespread popularity, and the progress of the heating market has never been slack. In the past ten years, the wall-hung boiler products have been iterated several times in a row. The direction of the environmental protection policy has made the first-class energy-efficient condensing wall-hung boiler the first choice for more and more consumers. With high thermal efficiency, saving gas consumption, saving money and durability. Advantages such as strong adaptability, and the condensing wall-hung boiler has become the mainstream of the heating market.

The German power condensing wall-hung boiler uses latent heat recovery technology, with a thermal efficiency of up to 108%, which saves nearly 20% of operating costs compared to ordinary fireplaces. The use of full premixed combustion technology to achieve 5-star nitrogen oxide emissions, green and environmentally friendly. In addition, the power condensing wall-hung boiler also has a number of patented energy-saving technologies, which will help more users to achieve a new upgrade of the home heating experience.

In the context of consumption upgrades, more and more families are not only starting to deploy heating equipment, but also paying more attention to the greenness of heating, which is seen by more and more Chinese families. Life with temperature is only the beginning, and the quality of temperature is the real pursuit.

As a European expert in heating for a hundred years, Germany Weineng has continued to innovate and innovate in a new dimension with its ultimate craftsmanship and good reputation, and actively cooperate with various industries in need, especially It is a real estate industry closely related to heating. With the concept of “lifestyle upgrade”, new changes are quietly taking place, and through the investment of human settlements, high value-added products are brought to the owners.

Nowadays, consumers are gradually waking up to the needs of living and living. The hardware alone can not constitute the core competitiveness of the product. Compared with the traditional wall-hung boiler heating, the low-carbon brought by the heating system of the condensing wall-hung boiler The green, comfortable lifestyle is clearly more popular with high-end consumers.

Low-carbon environmental protection has always been the life philosophy advocated by Wei Neng. Wei Neng has won numerous domestic and international awards for its outstanding contributions in the field of energy conservation. Many consumers and partners value German power, which not only includes Wei Energy’s leading energy-saving technology from Germany, but also the perception of the new demand for lifestyle upgrades. At present, with the layout of the first- and second-tier markets becoming more and more perfect, the active layout of the third- and fourth-line markets has become a warm direction. We are willing to share the advanced heating experience and the “Live Living Vision” with more people of insight. farther.

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Mr. Liang Jiliang was invited to attend the 2018 China Cyber ​​Security Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

2018 China (Changsha) Cyber ​​Security & middot; Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Changsha from November 28th to 30th. The conference was jointly organized by the Central Network Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and co-sponsored by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Science and Technology Association, the National University of Defense Technology and China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Liang Jiliang, Chairman of Youxu Software, was invited to attend the conference. Mr. Liang Jiliang’s speech in the corporate dialogue session of the theme summit of the conference attracted many attentions.

The theme of this conference is “Innovation Leads, Smart Future, Interpretation”, Global Vision, China Program, and Hunan Practice. The conference consists of four parts: the opening summit, the expo, the theme forum and the special event. The focus is on the latest technologies, products and applications in the field of network security and intelligent manufacturing, and comprehensively demonstrates the new dynamics, new achievements and new experiences of the new generation of network security and intelligent manufacturing. Construct a high-quality development system of internationalization, cutting-edge, and marketization.

The guests gathered at the conference. The conference invited Deng Xiaogang, president of National Defense Science and Technology University, Gao Hongwei, chairman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and Xiong Qunli, chairman of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., to attend the meeting. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fang Binxing, Yin Hao, Sun Yu, Shen Changxiang, Liu Youmei, Zhang Yuxue, Yu Qifeng, Zheng Jianhua, Huang Wei, Ding Wenhua, Luo An, Liao Xiangke, Academician of the Ukrainian Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Xie Muke & middot; Victor · Kimilovic, a member of the Norwegian National Academy of Sciences, Rong Yiming, was invited to attend the meeting.

On the afternoon of the 28th, 2018 China (Changsha) Network Security & Middot; Intelligent Manufacturing Conference Network Security Theme Summit was held as scheduled. Cai Zhenhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Chairman of the Provincial Social Science Association, Xiao Xiaowu, Chairman of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Deputy Director of the Office of the Central Network Security and Information Technology Committee, Liu Liehong, Deputy Director of the National Internet Information Office, and Network Security Management of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Liang Bin, deputy director of the bureau, and other leaders delivered speeches at the theme summit.

The signing ceremony was held at the summit and a number of major projects were signed. At the signing ceremony, Youxuan Software and the dedicated information equipment application demonstration Hunan base signed the “Special Information Equipment Application Demonstration Hunan Base Stationing Agreement”, and set up a dedicated information equipment application demonstration Hunan base to further promote the development of Hunan information security industry.

The dialogue between the academicians of the theme summit and the company was hosted by Zhang Yuxue, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Hunan Association of Science and Technology. Liang Jiliang, Chairman of Hyun Software Co., Ltd., Zhang Xiaodong, Vice President of Qixingchen Group, Xu Guibin, Vice President of 360 Enterprise Security Group, and Shen Jun, CTO of the Group’s security business group, and the outstanding entrepreneurs such as Kingdee Group Vice President and General Manager of Kingdee Tianyan Chen Incheon attended the meeting. .

Mr. Liang Jiliang said that the basic software is the cornerstone of the entire network security, and the basic software security belongs to the underlying internal security. There is no underlying internal security, and other aspects of security are not guaranteed. For example, operating system security and database security are all areas of core data security. Youxu software focuses on the network security segment, namely data security, involving operating system security, database security, business security, operation and maintenance security, and cloud security. There are more than 20 kinds of safety products in the six directions of border protection. Among them, operating system security and database security are two important business directions of the company. After the ZTE incident, everyone was concerned about the importance of the two soft cores, and even increased to the national strategic level. Here, “soft” refers to the operating system and database in the basic software.

The excellent database emphasizes autonomy and control, and independent control is of great significance to the national security strategy. Self-control is a prerequisite for national security. After the ZTE incident, we deeply realized the important strategic value of the two soft cores. China imports more than 200 billion US dollars of chips every year, and the database expenditure is as large as tens of billions, including operating systems. The two soft cores are subject to Western developed countries, and the US IT giants control more than two-thirds of the global market. Governments, enterprises and other institutions face data theft and disclosure of security risks. Therefore, under the severe information security situation, it is an irresistible trend to develop independent and controllable domestic security products.

At the meeting, I talked about why Youxun Software insisted on doing the database. Mr. Liang Jiliang responded accordingly:

First of all, there is a need for a large environmental environment for national security strategy needs. In addition, as the value of data assets continues to be released, there is a strong demand for data storage and data analysis in industries such as government and public services, banking and securities, military industry, healthcare, education and research, and transportation industries. The domestic database of structure, multi-service scenario, cloud computing, performance and security has great market potential. Therefore, the informationization upgrade of the whole industry puts forward higher demand for the database. Finally, we expect that the size of China’s database-related market will be 100 billion in the next five years, which is a good opportunity.

In addition, our research and development database has accumulated five years and has a certain amount of technology accumulation; we have hired many top scientists in this field with high salary and have a research team. We set up R&D headquarters in Youxuan (Wuhan) Information Security Industrial Park. We are preparing to train two or three thousand R&D personnel as talent reserves. We design a 100-person plan for the database to attract professionals in this field.

I firmly believe that based on national security strategies and national policy trends, the domestic database market has ushered in industrial opportunities, and the growth period of the domestic database industry has arrived. excellentHyun database is based on solid technical strength, good customer application cases, and is about to explode. The self-controllable national business card is excellent dream, “two soft and one core is the Chinese dream of the country in the field of cutting-edge technology such as chips and basic software, and is an important part of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Youxuan Software is willing to join hands with all sectors of society to realize the dream of a bright dream and contribute to the Chinese dream.

This theme summit will implement the development strategy of network power and manufacturing power, and the outstanding entrepreneurs will share the wonderful aspects of network information security. Their understanding of the security status of network information, the development of network security technology, and the judgment of the network security situation are all from different perspectives, to further improve network security awareness, develop network security technology, and consolidate network security. Very valuable ideas and suggestions.

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How should the orientation and color of the carpet be chosen?

The carpet in front of the sofa is equivalent to the Mingtang in front of the house, and it is also equivalent to a piece of green grass in front of the house. The following points should be noted when setting:

600){this.width =600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171908974.jpg”>

1, it is advisable to use colorful carpets, avoid monotonous carpets, with red or gold as the main color. ;

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909975.jpg”>

2, harmonious composition, bright colors The carpet is pleasing to the eye and is the best choice;

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909976.jpg”>

3, try not to use a single color carpet, too cold, will make the living room look lifeless, not conducive to the accumulation of gas.


carpet if dense and thick Texture, in the winter can slow the flow of air, adjust the indoor microclimate. If the color and pattern of the carpet can be properly matched, the hall will produce different gas field and space changes. Use the color of the carpet to make your home.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909977.jpg”>


General patterns have their own five-line attributes, such as the wavy shape of the five elements of water, straight stripes are wood, star-shaped, pyramidal pattern genus or plaid pattern is earth, round is gold, with orientation Place with color to bring good luck.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909978.jpg”>

Corresponding position of the gate

If the gate is opened in the south, the color of the shipment is red. Because the south is a fire, the red carpet with straight stripes or star-shaped patterns on this side can make the family full of energy and bring fame and fortune.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909979.jpg”>

If the gate is open in the east, southeast, and shipped The color is green, because the east and southeast are five-wood, green is the main color of the tree, and it has a dynamic meaning. The green carpet with a wavy pattern or a straight pattern on this side has a positive catalytic effect on home transportation and fortune.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909980.jpg”>

If the gate is opened in the southwest and northeast The color of the shipment is yellow, because the southwest and northeast are the soil, and the yellow represents the honor and wealth in China. At the same time, this orientation is the dominant wisdom and marriage. If you can put a star or a yellow pattern in this orientation. Carpets can bring strong fortune and make marriage and beauty.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909981.jpg”>

If the gate is opened in the west and northwest, the color of the shipment is white and gold. Because white and gold symbolizes noble and pure, if you can put a white or gold carpet with plaid patterns or graphics in this orientation, Bringing good people with luck and fortune can also increase the reading and transportation of children.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171909982.jpg”>

If the gate is open in the north, the color is shipped It is blue. Because the North is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to improve your career, you can place a round or wavy round blue carpet in the north of the living room, which will help the business flourish.

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The quality problem of the flooring industry is still difficult. The use of materials is the culprit.

The frequent occurrence of floor quality problems proves that quality problems are still a major problem in the development of the flooring industry. And more, the quality assurance of the floor will consume more energy in the industry. Due to the shortage of raw materials, the dependence of the flooring industry on the sheet industry will inevitably become larger and larger. However, the plate industry has lagged behind due to the development of the solid wood industry. In the plate market, only the ecological board can meet the consumer purchasing standards. However, the production level of the ecological board is high, the testing standard is higher than other plates, and the supply of ecological boards is insufficient. Naturally, it will affect the quality assurance of flooring products.

On the one hand, the supply of sheet materials with high environmental performance is insufficient. On the other hand, the demand for the flooring industry is increasing with the recovery of the property market. Floor companies will adopt other products in order to meet the market demand. Types of plates, however, other types of plates can achieve very few household standards. From this point of view, the road in the flooring industry is bound to be rough and long.

Even though the flooring industry relies entirely on its own strength to stand on its own, but the production process and equipment, the flooring industry is not ahead of other industries, the quality of the flooring products produced is still the level that the flooring industry needs to pass. Recently, Wenzhou conducted spot checks on the floor products sold on the market. The results of the inspections showed that the raw materials used in the flooring were the main culprit in the quality of the floor, and the floor coatings that had been criticized before had reached the national standard. It can be seen that the main reason for the quality of the floor is still on the materials used, and then the plate will inevitably be the main material of the floor products.

So, how to ensure that the quality of the floor meets the standards, and constantly improve the production standards of the floor and the innovation of the floor company? It is the inevitable problem facing the flooring industry. Only by fundamentally solving the problem can the floor be made The industry is shackled and develops rapidly.

Release date: 2014/11/17 14:45:27

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Guge Dynasty 16 years of brand design growth path Original design is king

Nowadays, the domestic catering and food industry has become increasingly competitive in the industry because of the impact of the online e-commerce platform and the new and old catering new retail model. Everyone is asking the same question. Why do customers choose not to choose? My brand. In today’s catering market, the brand is a word that has been mentioned more, which means that the era of branding of Chinese catering and food has come.

A new generation of positioning masters Laura & Bull; Rees once said: “Chinese brands want to succeed, not only need the language of the nail, but also the visual hammer, that is, brand design.

Guge Dynasty insisted on catering food brand design for 16 years

Speaking of design, relative Other industries are a relatively high-threshold industry. When it comes to design, we will naturally associate it with craftsmen and craftsmen. In ancient China, there was no shortage of artisan culture. The ingenuity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship were praises of craftsmen. However, it takes a lot of time to craft the traditional craftsmanship, and it is gradually being left out in the fast-paced modern life. The inheritance is getting more and more difficult, and the number of people and enterprises who work in an ingenious spirit is becoming less and less.

As a leader in the design of high-end Chinese food brands, the Guge Dynasty strictly adheres to the standards set by the industry. Adhering to the original ingenuity of Chinese traditional culture, we created the Chinese food design “Chinese style post-modern style faction, creating a brand monument with style, achieving leap-forward development for nearly a thousand enterprises, and letting China’s post-modern style be on the world stage.

For 16 years, the Guge Dynasty has always adhered to the brand design of the food and beverage industry, using traditional Chinese culture. Combining Chinese food culture into the brand, every creation of brand design is the concise and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, which is a bloom of the spirit of the Guge Dynasty.

The Guge dynasty insisted on original design for 16 years.

The success of the Guge dynasty today is not only ingenuity, but also in its core philosophy of adhering to originality for 16 years. For design, especially in the same industry for 16 years, involving thousands of brands, it is incredible to keep original. We all know that original design will cost the designer a lot of energy, and the Guge dynasty can consistently adhere to this for 16 years and has to be praised. But when we learned everything that Guge dynasty insisted on in keeping with the original, we also understand why the Guge Dynasty has today’s achievements.

In the past 16 years, Guge has developed from the original brand image design to the brand system construction to packaging design and development. And then build the industry chain. Guge is constantly making progress.

In 2007, under the leadership of the founder Xia Ke, the Guge Dynasty created the CSTP original brand industrial park model in line with the national industrial planning, and the first battle created a sales of over 100 million without leaving home. Selling a marketing miracle of 1 million yuan.

In 2010, Xia Ke hosted the establishment of the Guge Dynasty, and the potential development laboratory (PDO) increased the new type. Development of environmentally friendly packaging materials. In 2012, he successfully obtained the patent of China Invention Manufacturing System. In 2015, he won the only Sustainability Award from China Packaging Star and won the World Star Award in 2016 by the World Packaging Organization.

A footprint, Guge continues to innovate on the road of growth, constantly improve itself, and the accumulation of bits and pieces allows Guge to realize the transformation from single-brand image design problem solving to brand overall design planning. 16 years of brand design growth, witnessed not only the ingenuity and original spirit of the Guge Dynasty, but also witnessed the growth of a domestic top brand design company.

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The first China Quality Brand Pioneer Forum opened in Beijing Haihui guest story was selected in the “Ingenuity” column

Improve the quality of national brand enterprises, and the industry is in action. On November 18th, 2018“ Ingenuity Model Wins the Future China Quality Brand Pioneer Forum event was held in Yanqi Lake, Beijing. The forum invited 500 quality construction star companies to attend, and Chongqing Enterprise Haihuike was the only representative list of cross-border e-commerce industry. Xue Guoneng, founder of Haihuike brand, expounded Haihuike’s business model and business philosophy. At the same time, in recognition of Haihuike’s business model, CCTV’s “Ingenuity” column group will soon visit Haihuike and deeply interpret the ingenuity story of this cross-border e-commerce rookie.

Quality of Great Powers

Celebrities gather to ingenuity

It is reported that The forum was co-sponsored by China Business Magazine, “Ingenuity” column, “Time Image” column group, China Management Science Research Institute Business Model Institute and Quality Brand Pioneer Engineering Committee; China Quality News Network, Chinese business entrepreneurs Club Council, China Business School Co-organizer; Beijing Zhongshi Qiming Culture Media Co., Ltd.

He Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee, and vice chairman of the 12th Central Committee of the Jiu San Society, former deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Hou Yunchun, president of the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, Chinese merchants Sun Chongming, executive vice president of the magazine, CCTV brand consultant, famous brand strategy expert Li Guangdou, chairman of the quality brand pioneer engineering committee, Zhang Xiaolei, chairman of Beijing Zhongshi Qiming Culture Communication Co., Ltd., He Yonghong, vice president of Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd., Daoxiangcun Group President, executive director Zhou Guangjun and other leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, and news media, about 500 people attended the forum. CCTV host Shui Junyi and Li Yuxi presided over the conference.

The organizers said that the ingenuity model • quality wins the future–records the inheritance and innovation in the development of Chinese enterprises, and has a profound impact on China’s economic development. This forum gathers many experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to share their wisdom with the economy, brands and so on from different angles, different fields and different levels, hoping to bring more inspiration to the community.

He Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee, and vice chairman of the 13th Central Committee of the Jiu San Society, pointed out that innovation and creation are urgent for the development of the Chinese national brand. Over-emphasis on quantity and size in the year, we are not enough in terms of quality brand, no brand and quality are not competitive internationally.

Sun Chongming said that he hopes that entrepreneurs will continue to carry forward the spirit of artisans and cultivate the culture of artisans. Enterprises must build ingenious brands, produce ingenious products, cultivate ingenious employees, and provide ingenious services. Make Chinese manufacturing more competitive on a global scale. I hope that we will plan for the longer-term development in the future with peace of mind and high-rise thinking. We also hope that this event will become the leading enterprise innovation and development. The wind vane hopes that entrepreneurs will continue to carry forward the craftsmanship and plant artisan culture. The brand, the production of ingenious products, the cultivation of ingenious employees, the provision of ingenious services, to make Chinese manufacturing more competitive on a global scale. I hope that we will plan for the longer-term development in the future with the thinking of peace of mind and high-rise building. We also hope that this event will become the leading indicator for leading the innovation and development of enterprises.

During the event, “Quality Brand Pioneer Project Launch Ceremony was held, and 14 people including He Wei, Hou Yunchun, Sun Chongming, Li Guangdou, Zhang Xiaolei and so on.” The quality brand pioneer project started the ceremony and officially launched the quality. The brand pioneer project will provide suggestions for the future development of China’s quality brands.


Haihui guest’s heart story attracts attention

The reporter learned that during the forum, the organizers conducted a series of screenings and reviewed three times before and after, and selected 100 quality construction star enterprises to participate in the documentary filming of the ingenuity. Among them, Chongqing Enterprise Haihuike is the only cross-border e-commerce listed company.

In this regard, one of the organizers of CCTV’s “Ingenuity” column group said that Haihuike, as a cross-border e-commerce platform, is currently open at the high-speed cross-border e-commerce golden cycle. Indulging in the simple burning of money and data, but under the leadership of the brand founder Xue Guoneng, relying on the quality of the ingenuity, and out of a different development path, this is an important reason for their choice of Haihui.

“ I think the theme of this forum is very much in line with what we are doing. In the forum exchange, Haihuike founder Xue Guoneng said that Haihuike was a cross-border e-commerce platform for the brand from the very beginning.

First of all, in the supply chain, Haihuike, in order to ensure 100% authenticity of each product, regardless of the difficulties, insisted on opening up channels of overseas manufacturers, and realized the connection from overseas factories to domestic consumers, allowing consumers Really enjoy the most cost-effective imported products.

Secondly, in terms of brand selection, Haihuike only has real strength and reputation with those abroad. Quality star companies cooperate to jointly develop the domestic market. For example, Haihuike has already reached a cooperation agreement with Homart, the number one drug and health care product manufacturer in Australia, to become the total distribution of China Homart. It is reported that the brand’s health care products, dairy products, skin care products, daily chemicals and other series are the first in the Australian shop, and have won 19 R&D awards in Australia. “We only choose real good products to enter the market, we will not go with the trend to sell some quality products, in order to build a brand, stick to the spirit of ingenuity. Xue GuonengShow.

Again, in terms of quality commitment, all Haihuike products are covered by third-party insurance companies and are responsible for the quality of each product. The platform is also a solemn commitment to make a holiday, a ten-day, seven-day no reason to return, so that consumers have no worries about shopping.

CCTV’s “Ingenuity” column will focus on Haihuike

into the first landing section. Cross-border e-commerce companies

The reporter was informed that in the near future, the national mainstream quality enterprise special column “Ingenuity”, which was created by CCTV, will focus on Haihuike, showing and telling on this national platform. Hai Huike’s ingenuity story.

The relevant person in charge of the “Ingenuity” column told reporters that Haihuike’s brand development process is also the Chinese Internet elite constantly withdrawing from the whirlpool of capital and model, “more hard work” More attention is paid to the representative of the tide of product quality engineering construction.

& ldquo; In addition to the persistence of the ingenuity, we are very interested in Haihuike’s core business models such as light entrepreneurship, membership meager profit, social fission, etc. We are looking forward to showing Haihuike on this platform of CCTV. Wonderful story. The person in charge said. The reporter was informed that this will be a cross-border e-commerce enterprise in Chongqing, the first special landing on CCTV.

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The first freshman apprenticeship of the excellent Hyun Network Space Safety Institute was successfully concluded

Beijing 2018-09-12 (Commercial Telecommunications) – On September 11th, the first freshmen apprenticeship of the Excellent Hyun Network Space Safety College of Mianyang Normal University was successfully completed. The internship activities were visited by the affiliates of Youxun Software Chengdu Branch and the Computer Application Research Institute of China Academy of Engineering Physics, respectively, and held a trainee meeting at the Chengdu Branch of the Excellent Hyun Software and the Training Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Youxun Software Chengdu Branch has prepared relevant technical explanations for the information security industry for the students who came to visit and study. , sharing security incidents and cases, and interpreting network security related policies and regulations, and finally analyzing the network security professional employment prospects and job requirements.

The students led by Li Min, deputy dean of the Mianyang Network Security College, participated in the seminar held at the Chinese Academy Training Center. The leaders attending the trainee conference were Tian Zhong, the deputy chief engineer of the Computer Application Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute of Computing”), and Liu Yuan, the director of the 126th office of the Institute of Computing, Cui Zhiwei, the head of the 126 room of the Institute of Computing, Room 126 of the Institute of Computing. Team leader Zhang Chunrui, Deng Hu, head of the team of the Institute of Science and Technology. The meeting was hosted by Li Min, deputy dean of the Excellent Hyun Network Security College of Mianyang Normal University. Liu Yuan, Director of Room 126 of the Institute of Computing, gave a keynote speech on “Typical Business and Talent Growth Discussion”. Cui Zhiwei, Team Leader of Room 126 of the Institute of Computing, introduced The “Overview of Common Technology Architectures and Solutions for Enterprise Networks”, Zhang Chunrui, head of the 126 room of the Institute of Computing, made a report on “Intranet Security and Attack and Defense Exercises for Enterprises”.

The introduction of the experts in the simple way, the students benefited a lot, and the freshmen expressed their deepening through this visit. The understanding of the network security profession has increased the interest of exploration and hopes to learn cybersecurity knowledge in depth in the future.

Mianyang Normal University Youxuan Network Security College

The rise and development of cyberspace has greatly promoted economic and social prosperity and progress, but also brought new security risks and challenges. No network. There is no national security for space security. In response to the major strategic needs of the national cyberspace security development, Mianyang Teachers College and Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd. jointly established the Youxu Network Space Security College. The college adopts the management of the board of directors. The board of directors includes Mianyang Normal University, Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd., and Institute of Computer Application, China Academy of Engineering Physics.

Youxun Cyberspace Security College is a special institution of secondary school managed by Mianyang Normal University, relying on Mianyang The talent training experience of the Teachers College and the industry qualifications of Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd. and the relevant market resources advantages, and jointly cultivate high-quality, application-oriented and composite cyberspace security with solid professional foundation, outstanding special skills and strong practical ability. Talent.

Youxu Network Space Security College will build a team of excellent and part-time employees in the network security industry; build some high-level cyberspace security key experimental training room and expand construction & ldquo ; internship, training, employment base; the formation of a number of industry-influenced teaching and research results; gradually grow into a first-class Sichuan, the industry has a greater impact of innovative boutique colleges.

At present, the college has opened an undergraduate major in information security. The training of this major will make full use of the teaching advantages of Mianyang Normal University and the capital and technical market advantages of Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd. The concept of elementary education adopts the teaching mode of the two-subject collaborative education between the school and the enterprise, and the school tutor and the enterprise tutor jointly complete the training of the students.

The faculty of the college consists of Mianyang Normal University, Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd., Sichuan Zhongrui Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company (subordinate unit of the Computer Application Research Institute of China Academy of Engineering Physics) and Sichuan Hongxin Software Co., Ltd. are jointly formed. The experimental training equipment of the college was set up by Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd. with an investment of 10 million RMB. The hardware platform for network information security was built, and the information security professional system, information security post capability analysis system, professional management system, and curriculum were built. Teaching platform, teaching diagnosis and data analysis platform, network shooting range system, employer docking platform, skill assessment system, information security student history file system. Digital curriculum resources such as network infrastructure, cryptography applications, database applications, operating system security, web technology applications, network security, vulnerability analysis and penetration have also been built.

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