Is the carpet in the bedroom good? How to choose a carpet?

If your home is dusty, then you are also a very warm friend, and a decorative carpet in the bedroom is a good choice. Carpeting in the bedroom will make the bedroom more comfortable. Choosing a good material carpet will make your bedroom feel very good. The advantages are still many.

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How to buy carpets?

1, color should be stable

According to the survey analysis, a major feature of the elderly is that they like to recall the past The work, so in the choice of color of the room, should focus on the quaint, light, calm interior color, which is related to the experience and experience of the elderly. The old bedroom wall is replaced by a soft paint or a variety of colors Wallpapers, wall coverings, wooden floors or carpets on the ground. The choice of carpets is based on calm colors.

2, decorative matching should be ‘quiet’

A major feature of the elderly is that they are quiet. They can put some books and magazines that they like to watch, so that they can have fun, be old and have a good day. The most fundamental requirements for the elderly It is the result of sound insulation of doors, windows and walls, which is not affected by the outside world. It is more quiet than the outside world. According to the physical characteristics of the elderly, there are common physical declines, and some also suffer from senile diseases. Even some of them are small. The music is also ‘noise’ for some elderly people, not to mention the noise of the collision, suggesting that noise must be avoided, or it will form bad results.

Tips: Choose the carpet according to the application

1. If the carpet is placed at the door, it is generally advisable to lay a small-sized carpet or foot mat, which not only beautifies the home, but also has the function of cleaning the home. Such as easy to clean and maintain the carpet.

2, if the carpet is placed in the living room, then you need to take up a lot of space, you can choose a thick, wear-resistant carpet. The area is slightly larger Laying under the sofa creates a uniform effect. If the living room is not large, you should choose a carpet with a slightly larger area than the coffee table.

3, if it is placed in the child’s room, you can choose to have a cartoon Patterned carpet. From the texture point of view, choose a chenille carpet that is easy to clean and non-slip.

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Installation of the three floors and the ultimate maintenance points

When the wooden floor of the house is used for a long time, it will be dull. How should it be maintained? Maintenance points of solid wood flooring: 1) The floor should be laid in the later stage of construction and should not be cross-constructed. It should be sanded and painted as soon as possible after laying. So as not to soil the floor or deform the moisture. 2) Before laying the floor, it is advisable to unpack and stack it on the paving site for 1-2 days to adapt it to the environment, so as to avoid expansion and contraction after laying. 3) The paving should be well protected against moisture, especially in the damp areas such as the bottom layer. Moisture-proof measures include moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof film, and use of padding. 4) The keel should be flat and firm, and should not be reinforced with cement. It is best to use expansion bolts and nails. 5) The keel should be made of larch, Liuan and other wood with strong nail holding power. The moisture content of the keel or wool floor should be close to the moisture content of the floor. The keel spacing should not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. The ends of the floor should be placed on the keel, and should not be left empty, and nails must be nailed on each keel. Do not use water-based glue.

6) The floor should not be laid too tight, there should be enough expansion joints (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm) around, and should not be super wide laying, in the case of wider space should be separated and cut, then press the copper strip transition.

7) Floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen room and other stone ground junctions should have complete isolation and moisture protection measures.

8) Floor chromatic aberration is unavoidable, such as high requirements for chromatic aberration, can be pre-sorted, and adopt a gradual transition method to reduce the visual abrupt change.

Wood net

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To make art dishes with the heart of the craftsman: “School of Sichuan cuisine” Xu Xiaohong

I have heard the story of the medical craftsman Hua Tuo, indulge in every word of the novelist Jin Yong, and appreciate every note of the musical artist Beethoven. Knowing that the most precious and most irreplaceable in the world, there is only one word. People have feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. Noisy in the world, the heart of the craftsman must be quiet and peaceful. Today I want to talk about “Szechuan cuisine craftsman & mdash; — Xu Xiaohong and he”; Sichuan flavor three stories.

When it comes to the master of Sichuan cuisine, very few people will associate this name with Xu Xiaohong. Even in this world, few people know the name of Xu Xiaohong because he is too low-key, even if it is already He has won countless international and domestic food and beverage awards and has taught thousands of students. He still quietly cultivates his own one-acre three-point land and digs his head, as if a craftsman has carefully carved his works —— Said “silently, may not be accurate, because in just two years, his company’s Yinba, Nanbei, and the upcoming 14-year-old store “Xu Kee Jiacao upgrade renamed” Xiangdu has already or will soon become the sacred place for Chengdu’s foodies.

Sichuan artisan, born in the kitchen of Renshou

(“ Xu Xiaohong)

Xu Xiaohong was born in Renshou, Sichuan Province in 1966. Since he was a child, he was a delicious mouth, but in the age when the material was scarce, a bowl of soy sauce rice was already a rare delicious food. Xu Xiaohong, who was only 6 years old, self-taught and developed his own “soy sauce rice recipe”. . As the boss at home, he often stepped on a stool to cook for the whole family on a large stove. Every day, when he was in his teens, he could make a table full of simple ingredients and spices. Food, talent is getting more and more.

“ I may have some special memories of taste. The foods of my childhood are natural, and these tastes are firmly imprinted in my mind, so I have so much attention to the ingredients from these original memories. And the lack of spices also made me remember the taste of the food itself. The taste of Sichuan cuisine is heavy, but I have been trying to preserve the flavor of excellent ingredients without changing the flavor of Sichuan cuisine. In an interview, Xu Xiaohong said.

(Sichuan Culinary Academy History Photo)

In 1986, Xu Xiaohong was admitted to China. The first culinary university: Sichuan Cooking College (referred to as Sichuan Cooking). Through the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the improvement of people’s living standards, the tertiary industry represented by the catering industry entered a period of rapid development. The young Xu Xiaohong caught up with this good opportunity. As an outstanding graduate, he entered the state-owned enterprise & mdash;— City Post Office. In the era of the distribution of the package, Xu Xiaohong was actually dug up, and the post office specially spent 3,000 yuan on the introduction of special talents to earn him a salary. In that year, this was a considerable expense.

(Xu Xiaohong, second right)

The fire of state-owned enterprises, let Xu Xiaohong stand A high platform. In addition to his own excellent cooking skills, he also gained a lot of opportunities to improve his horizons and broaden his horizons. Exchange learning within the system, exchanges abroad, and even the opportunity to enter the business school of Renmin University of China to study business administration.

However, with the development of the times, the shackles of the system began to show up. Xu Xiaohong, who was fascinated by food and beverage, began planning Chinese food chain stores at the beginning of the 21st century, but the thousands of words of the planning book did not receive any It is very simple, it has nothing to do with the postal service.

“ I decided to resign, I decided to take my own piece of the world in the restaurant industry. Even if I fail, willn’t I still cook? I will be a chef, and life will not be bad. In 2001, Xu Xiaohong, who had stayed in the system for more than ten years, took out his hot pot as his first entry point, but in just three years he and his team felt “tired:” “Overall In fact, a brand of hot pot has almost been shaped since its inception, and for me, making a delicious hot pot is the easiest thing.

From the “Xu Kee family dish” to “Red fragrant, a century-old shop dream in the heart of Sichuan cuisine”


(Red fragrant brand logo)

In 2004, Xu Ji’s family was born. There was another major event that happened at the same time. Xu Xiaohong, who has been working as an honorary professor in Sichuan, officially entered the system and became a lecturer in cooking. “The professor and the lecturer are undoubtedly more competitive than the lecturer, but the reputation is imaginary. I can really teach my skills to more people. That is what I want. Now, the students he has taught can hardly be counted. All his employees are all growing up in education, and more are going to the motherland, and even around the world, serving as a generation of celebrity chefs in various restaurants.

Although Tao Li is in the world, Xu Xiaohong still regards himself as an ordinary teacher. Some people complimentfully call him “when he is a professor, he will answer: “I am a teacher.” And most of the other time, he just putI see myself as a chef, a craftsman who specializes in Sichuan cuisine.

When Xu Kee’s family opened, it was just a small shop with an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, but today, 14 years later, it has become a catering ship with an area that is ten times larger. The other stores in the surrounding area were upside down, opened up, and then gradually merged with him, and Xu Jijiapo dishes not only did not do any marketing promotion actions, but also grew quietly, but also growing stronger.

However, in 2018, Xu Xiaohong, who already owned two online red restaurants, made a decision: cut half of the business area, and renamed Xu Jijiapo dishes to “red” Fragrant, & ldquo; red sincerity, the fragrance of the grain, this is the name of the name, if you can approach the Sichuan artisan, you will find that he is not just a chef, he is a cultural person. He studied the origins of Chinese catering, and he deeply explored the origin of Sichuan cuisine. He came up with a lot of experimental fields and high yields, which we will talk about later.

“I want to build a century-old store, although I changed the name of the store, but the inheritance is our inner, or proud to say, is the brand I hit in this store . Yes, in the back of the red incense followed by a small line: Chuanwei inheritance. “We upgraded the brand, which may go through a painful process, but we have to keep up with the pace of the times. The concept of upgrading is culture, it is a dish; but the constant is memory, service, and we are Sichuan cuisine. The sincerity of the heart.

Past, Present and Future, Chixiang, Nanbei and Yinba, Xu Xiaohong’s Sichuan Flavors

(Jinba and Nanbei brand)

Sichuan cuisine artist Xu Xiaohong, he is low-key, he can toss. Nowadays, the high-end restaurant Yinba, which is emerging in Chengdu, has a strange selection, but the unusually lively Nanbei is from his handwriting.

(&ltquo;Jinba Restaurant Interior Environment)

About Yinba, there is one A little story that is not well known. In 2016, Xu Xiaohong led the team to participate in the 8th China Culinary World Competition in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This is an international competition. Xu Xiaohong and his younger brother Xu Xiaoyuan led the team to participate in the competition. The team’s name is “Yinba”. At that time, Yinba was not a restaurant that had already landed. He still existed in Xu Xiaohong’s mind. Until the gold medal was won in the competition, the project finally landed in Science City, and less than one. The time of the year was born in Yinbatianfu Town.

During the interview, Xu Xiaohong repeatedly mentioned the word “inheritance.” In his view, inheritance does not mean old-fashioned, and limited innovation under the premise of history should be the true meaning of inheritance, otherwise it can only be called replication.

After more than a decade of personal experience and combing, the current Sichuan craftsman has finally neatly organized his inheritance sequence: Chixiang, Nanbei and Yinba.

“ In my heart, the inheritance of Sichuan cuisine can be used to make a distinction. The greatest enemy and friend of mankind should be time, and & lsquo; past & rsquo; & & quoquo; now & rsquo; and ‘Future & rsquo; can clearly express the Sichuan heritage of my mind.

In such a timeline, “Red Decent” represents the past, and there is a small line in the name of the store: Chuanwei inheritance. The red incense is upgraded from Xu Kejia’s family food. The family wife is the grandmother in Sichuan dialect. Among the family, the most favored child is often the family wife, and in the minds of countless Chinese people, the family wife The dishes that are made represent childhood, just like the braised duck of the housewife in the author’s mind, and this life may no longer be able to find the taste in memory. The upgraded red heart and the fragrance of the grain represent Xu Xiaohong’s pursuit of the most original source of Sichuan cuisine.

After the upgrade, the red incense will also come up with a hard dish: the gold medal in the 2018 World Sichuan Cooking Skills Competition, the gold medal of the Mapo Tofu! Speaking of this, the Sichuan cuisine godfather’s face reveals a hint of naughty Smile: “This dish, I will sell more expensive!”

And the recent beginning of the popular “Nanbei represents the inheritance”; now. The annotation of Nanbei Restaurant is: the developer of Tianfu taste. “The Sichuan cuisine we mentioned now is actually quite limited. Often everyone will only think of spicy and spicy. However, the fact that Sichuan cuisine contains a wide variety of flavors, the most typical should have boiled cabbage, fresh and elegant, rich in soup. In the inheritance sequence, Nanbei is responsible for the excavation and improvement of the Dachuan cuisine, with more advanced, healthy and nutritious techniques to produce dishes that are more in line with the tastes of modern people, but without losing the origin of Sichuan cuisine. Really “natural, health.”

( “Nanbei restaurant’s Tianfu taste dishes”

The first Nanbei site should be said to be a wonderful —— Xinglong Lakeside Science City, which is more than 30 kilometers away from the city center, this is a piece Almost everyone is shaking their heads at the beginning of the site selection. However, just after a few months of opening, the customers are full of money and are widely circulated among the diners. I have to say this. The sinisterness of the Sichuanese artisan’s eyes, or the wisdom of his modulation of the dishes.

The last mentioned “Yinba” represents the future. Perhaps under the current Xu XiaohongAmong the three major brands, Yinba is the most famous, and it has become a “red store”. But unlike most small fresh net reds, this restaurant is very stylish and unique in its dishes. “ For many years of domestic and international exchanges, I have been thinking about a problem, that is, the fusion of Chinese and Western cuisine of Sichuan cuisine. The earth has become a global village, and the future world must also be a highly integrated and mutually infiltrating world. The catering that occupies the status of “singapore” in people’s lives is even more so. However, many of the fusions before the silver bar are only on the surface, simple cooking techniques are used in Western style, or Western food is added to the Sichuan flavor. This is the most common way. “Silver bar is different, accurate. Say, we really created a hybrid.

Here, for example, the sour soup fish bean flower that won the gold medal in the China Culinary World Competition was taken as an example. The hot-selling method was used to win the scene. The tradition was broken and the sauerkraut was taken from the authentic Sichuan sauerkraut. Lime flavouring, this dish looks like plain but tasteful, and it is said that the judges at the game have all ate the soup. Other must-have dishes include firewood beef with grilled potatoes, gold low-temperature chicken, gold fish head with handmade gluten, low-temperature salmon with healthy vegetables, rose salt plate fried tomahawk steak … … and more.

Past, present and future.

Red incense, Nanbei and Yinba.

Xu Xiaohong, a Sichuanese artisan, raised his big spoon and painted a circle in Chengdu. He said that such inheritance is his three flavors.


In the Yinba store that was founded in 2016, it was written in such a small line: Yinba, which began in 1986. Because for this Sichuanese artisan, Yinba has sprouted from the moment he was admitted to the cooking class. After 20 years of growth, he finally got married in 2016. What is contained here is Xu Xiaohong’s understanding of Sichuan cuisine, Chinese and Western food, life and the world.

Some honors of Xu Xiaohong:

In 1986, he was admitted to Sichuan Cuisine College (now Sichuan Tourism College)

In October 2002, at Renmin University of China Postgraduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business Administration

Since 2004, he has been a cooking teacher at Sichuan Tourism College

In November 2012, he was awarded the Sichuan Cuisine Master (China Famous Chef Sichuan Provincial Champion) )

Become a Chinese culinary master in December 2012

In June 2016, he served as the sixth council member of the World Federation of Chinese Food Industry

2016 In June, the declaration “Create a rapid growth training model for catering students” was selected by the National Tourism Administration. “10,000 Travel Talents Program & mdash;—“Double Teacher Training Program

September 2016, Leading the team to participate in the “8th China Culinary World Competition” and won the group gold award

In April 2017, participated in the “Silk Road Chinese Food Culture Communication and Exchange Summit Forum” & “Class and Innovation Sichuan Cuisine Advanced Culinary training, and lecture on the spread of Sichuan cuisine culture

September 2017, Rong Awarded the 14th Chengdu Food Tourism Festival Outstanding Contribution Award

In June 2018, won the Bonfire Cup & mdash;— 2018 Food and Beverage Development Meritorious Person

In August 2018, became Honorary Consultant of Hong Kong International Culinary Exchange Association

In September 2018, he won the Tianfu Cup & mdash;— the leader of the world Sichuan cuisine

Distinguished contribution of Brazilian Chinese overseas Chinese

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Launched a giant open-air ski resort overnight, Chongqing Ordovician Snowmaking 40-day enlargement

The Ordovician scenic spot at an altitude of 1300 meters in Chongqing actually precedes the high-altitude Fairy Mountain and Jinfo Mountain. It snows in advance! The reporter saw yesterday at the Wansheng Ordovician Scenic Spot in Chongqing, the white snow has been Covering the open air “Dinosaur Ice World.”

How does the Ordovician, which is not dominant in altitude, snow in advance? It turns out that the Ordovician scenic spot has secretly made snow for one and a half months, and three snow-making machines have been resting for 24 hours in an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The snow in the big room suddenly opened this huge room last weekend. The white snow was pushed to the 3,000-square-meter open space. A giant snow-capped sacred place was stunned by the guests in the Ordovician scenic spot.

This wonderful scene of skiing at 10 degrees warm and warm, attracts a lot of skiing and snow lovers to experience.

Ordovician secret snowmaking

The dinosaur ice and snow world has been covered by snow.

On November 25, the reporter drove 1.5 hours from the main city of Chongqing. To the Chongqing Ordovician Scenic Area in Wansheng, the main city temperature was 16 degrees on that day, and the temperature here was around 9 degrees. At noon, the reporter bought tickets from Ximen. As the people walked uphill for about 3 minutes, they came to the current high-profile project in the scenic area —— dinosaur ice and snow world.

The reporter noticed that the mist in the mountains rose in the scenic area, and the fog was covered with snow. It has been covered by a group of white snow, and the dinosaurs are heading out in the fog, shaking and swaying, white snow, mountain fog and dinosaurs intertwined, letting people cross into a parallel time and space. Tourists from all over the country are enjoying snow and skiing in the snow.

Zhao Zhidan, the person in charge of the scenic spot, said that this is the dinosaur ice and snow world outdoor ski resort that was opened just a few days ago: from October 15 this year, the Ordovician scenic spot will introduce the most advanced three sets in the southwest. Snow equipment, the secret began the snowmaking work, so far, has formed a semi-indoor 10,000 square meters plus an outdoor 3,000 square meters of large snow field. Among them, the semi-indoor ski resort is covered by the original dinosaur ice and snow world, in order to ensure that snow can be played at temperatures above 20 degrees. The outdoor 3,000 square meters of snow field was just launched a few days ago, allowing visitors to experience the magical experience of outdoor snow. Today, the snow depth of outdoor ski resorts has reached more than 1 meter. This ski resort is not affected by the weather, and it is not affected by temperature. It can play snow at any time. This is one of the many ski resorts in China.

The sudden white snow surprised many visitors. Mr. Wang, a tourist from Sichuan, was a big fan of the snow field that day. From 9:00 in the morning, he accompanied his wife and children to ski and snowman in the snow. “I didn’t expect that such a warm Chongqing could play snow outdoors. I originally brought my children to play the red swing. I didn’t expect a snow field. After more than half a year, the Ordovician is getting more and more fun. Mr. Wang said.

Snowfield Raiders Exposure

Ice and Snow Projects Are Running Out

What is the gameplay for this newly opened snowfield? The reporter learned that with tickets, visitors only need to The entrance to the snow field costs 15 yuan to rent a pair of shoe covers, and you can enter the snow field and get in touch with the snow.

For example, you can play free skis in the snow area. In the snowdrift, the scenic spot has prepared snowball clips and snow shovel for you. You can pinch the snowball here, play a smooth snowball, or dig a snowball with a snow shovel. Enjoy the fun of playing snow in tunnels or snow pits.

In the snow resort, spend a little money, you can also rent some more exciting snow equipment. For example, you can drill a snowball that rolls back and forth on the snow; you can rent a snowboard that is towed with a tow, push your other half or a child to rush down the slope; or rent a snowmobile. Experience the fun of skiing. The price of rental equipment ranges from 20-50 yuan/hour.

For skiers, there is no need to go to the North, and the Ordovician snow-capped ski resort is the best place to release your skills. There is a wide slide and a challenging snow slope. While sliding down, take a picture of skiing in the snow and cover your friends. The reporter learned that skiing is free here, and only pays 100 yuan / two hours of ski rental, which is much cheaper than many other ski resorts. If you are a white skier who doesn’t ski, there is also the most professional ski instructor in the country, teaching you professional skiing. The fastest one hour will allow you to ride on the snow.

The reporter learned that in addition to the Ordovician dinosaur ice world, there is another in the Ordovician scenic area. Ace Ice and Snow Project —— Dream Ice and Snow Kingdom, as an indoor ice and snow kingdom with an area of ​​3,000 square meters, the temperature here is only minus five degrees, only need to spend 20 yuan at the door to rent a set of down jackets and shoe covers. Inside, from the stairway to all the rides are made of ice, the most fun here are five unique skating slides and a variety of beautiful ice sculptures and ice lamps. You won’t get tired of playing for a long time.

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China Overseas New Energy Industry Institution and State Grid Electric Vehicles Deepen Cooperation

On October 19, 2018, State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. visited China Overseas New Energy Industry Organization (hereinafter referred to as “China Overseas”) and discussed with China Overseas to further deepen strategic cooperation. The implementation of the new energy development strategy will be promoted side by side.

China Overseas Chairman Fang Yue and Jiang Bing, Chairman of State Grid Electric Vehicles, met and discussed the future issues of the new energy cooperation. Vice Chairman of China Overseas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aiqika New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Wendou, Mr. Zhu Zhenmao, Assistant Chairman of China Overseas Overseas Wang Qinghua, Assistant Chairman of China Overseas and Director of Asset Management Liu Peng, State Grid Electric Qi Shifeng, deputy general manager of the automobile company, Peng Xiaofeng, director of the energy service branch of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company, Xia Yansong, general manager of the charging facility operation division of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company, and assistant to the director of investment and strategic development of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company Liu Huiwen attended the meeting and participated in the discussion.

At the meeting, China Overseas highlighted the five existing business segments: Automotive, Power, Wind Power , financial and electric heavy-duty trucks, including, for example, the development of ultra-high-power fast-charging equipment, the creation of a smart capacity platform, the deep mining of IoT big data and the application of AI technology, the intelligent management and application of high-energy density batteries, and the high-power drive motor. Innovative application technology and so on. These major business segments complement each other and take the new energy as the foothold, and are committed to providing personalized and comprehensive solutions for the different needs of various users. During the discussion, the two sides further refined the cooperation direction and mode mentioned in the previous signing ceremony, clarified the cooperation strategy and goals, and hoped to further promote the efficient use and development of new energy through cooperation between the two parties.

In just one month, the leaders of the two sides met twice and concluded many details of the cooperation. It shows the determination of the cooperation between the two companies and the urgency to promote the development of the entire industry. The leaders of the two companies all said that the cooperation between China Overseas and the State Grid electric vehicles should be fully integrated and cooperated, and deep into a certain business line for deep development, such as electric vehicle charging facilities construction and operation, charging cloud Platform interconnection and data sharing, energy-related technologies, financial leasing finance, new energy smart car R & D and manufacturing, technology, product promotion and derivative services, etc., both companies have a broad space for cooperation, there is a specific practice of real-time Conditions should be implemented quickly.

The two sides reached an agreement: in the future, the world economy will move toward a clean and low-carbon development, and new energy will fundamentally promote the sustainable development of mankind. The two sides will use the infrastructure of car, ship, pile, net, electricity and storage as the carrier, and rely on the strength of cutting-edge technology to open up two major fields of energy and transportation. While pursuing commercial value, they will also undertake more. Corporate and social responsibility. As a pioneer in the industry, China Overseas and the State Grid electric vehicles said that the cooperation between the two parties is not only a mutually beneficial and win-win model, but also explores a future viable path for other companies in the industry to actively promote and promote the positive of the entire industry. To be healthy.

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Chongqing’s tourism growth rate is the fastest in the world.

The World Tourism and Tourism Council recently released the “2018 Urban Tourism and Tourism Impact” report, which analyzes the tourism economy of 72 cities around the world, and Chongqing has become the fastest growing city in the world.

Hongyadong, Yangtze River Cableway, Liziba Light Rail Transit, etc. Reflects the net red landmark of the Sky City, as well as the new red spots such as the marble stone old street and the Wansheng Ordovician. The rapid growth of tourism in Chongqing has injected continuous vitality.

Chongqing’s tourism rapid growth

According to the report, in terms of the direct contribution of tourism revenue to GDP, among the 10 cities with the fastest growth in global tourism, Chongqing Ranked first, followed by: Chengdu, Shanghai, Lagos (Nigeria), Guangzhou, Tehran (Iran), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Istanbul (Turkey), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Mumbai (India) .

After the May 1st burst in Chongqing, Chongqing proposed the goal of building an upgraded version of Chongqing’s tourism industry and building a world-famous tourist destination. According to preliminary statistics, from January to September this year, Chongqing received 410 million domestic and foreign tourists, achieving a total tourism revenue of 300.457 billion yuan, an increase of 10.82% and 28.56% respectively, of which 2,788.1 million tourists received, an increase of 9.28%. .

This year’s National Day Golden Week, Chongqing’s tourism is more spectacular, and tourism revenue increased by 28.4% year-on-year. Although there is no sunny day, Hongyadong needs to restrict the surrounding road traffic to enter every night. The Ordovician in the Red Scenic Area has reached the maximum passenger flow capacity for several days in a row. The red hot pot 珮 sister Hongyadong shop waits in line. The number of people reached 986 on October 4, and the Yangtze River Cableway set a record for the number of visitors on the day.

Unique urban temperament attracts tourists.

“While 20 cities, you will find that the other 19 are almost the same, but Chongqing is the exception. Chen Hongbo, the founder of the Red Meal Network, sent out such feelings after coming to Chongqing on National Day this year.

The characteristics of the Dashan River in Chongqing City have made this urban landscape unique. China has “there are few cities for urban tourism. Chongqing is definitely one of them.

Take Hongyao, the most popular network in Chongqing, as an example. It seems that there is nothing special during the day, but at the beginning of the night, the cliffs of Hongyadong are in golden light. Under the backdrop of the waters of the Jialing River, the magical features of the two roads connecting the upper and lower half of the city will make people feel the three-dimensionality of the city, which is completely the feeling of the city of the sky.

Similarly, the Yangtze River Cableway, a canned sardine-type cross-river transportation, can survive at the heart of a city, overlooking the Yangtze River and the scenery on both sides of the river. Experience, no branch.

The light rails of Liziba are worn through the building. The best perspective is not in the car, but looking up at the observation deck. Every visitor will leave a question in his heart. Is there a first floor or a first track? 8D Chongqing has a strong mysticism.

Another example is the most prosperous Ordovician scenic spot outside the main city of Chongqing. It is hard to imagine that a scenic spot can design most of the recreational projects on the edge of the cliff. This is the city of the city of Chongqing. The temperament is completely consistent.

will bring the characteristics of Sky City to the extreme, which is the difference between Chongqing and “the other 19 cities. This is also the core competitiveness of Chongqing to attract tourists, plus “Chongqing Hot Pot” When the food elements are popular in the country, Chongqing City has a lot of points.

New exoticity triggers spontaneous transmission of young people

The rapid growth of tourism in Chongqing is directly related to the strong self-propagation properties of various projects, and more and more people Through his friends circle, vibrato account and other shows in Chongqing “unbelievable places, Chongqing locals are not used to strange things, foreigners are shocked by the chin.

On the mobile video app, Chongqing’s Hongyadong, Liziba light rail building and Ordovician scenic spot The cliff swing can be said to be the standard for Chongqing to punch the card. If it is a handsome prostitute who leaves the country, the angle is slightly different, it will win a piece of praise, compared with Xi’an’s “drinking bowl of wine, Chongqing is not only on the mirror There are many scenic spots with high rates, and the fancy angles of the scenic spots are also very much. Take the Ordovician scenic spot. “For the cliff swing, take a cliff swing on the sky hanging gallery and shoot the cliff swing to push the fire. The first person can shoot himself when he is sitting on a swing. He can also take a fire in a wedding dress. Even the net red anchor specializes in the Ordovician scenic spot to get traffic. He does not hesitate to sit on the most scary project.

Young people’s virality in Chongqing, coupled with exaggerated descriptive language, coupled with the persuasiveness of the era of reading pictures, has made Chongqing a tourist destination.

New projects provide continuous growth

Chongqing’s tourism boom is also popular, allowing scenic operators to see the prospects, constantly adjusting the sense of travel experience, allowing more people to spontaneously punch cards.

Hongya Cave is a characteristic scenic spot built on a cliff. The Wansheng Ottoji Scenic Area, which is loved by young people, has brought this kind of cliff to the extreme. Using the karst mountain resources at an altitude of 1200 meters, it is ingenious. Here, the world has built the world’s first “mountain cliff scenic spot, such as the “Young Cliffs Swing”, from 4 meters to 21 meters, 5 heights, arranged on the edge of the cliff.The player is equivalent to flying from the 7th floor to the cliff. The people watching are more nervous than the people sitting. This project is also a frequent visitor who is praised by the group.

The Ordovician Sky Gallery is the world’s longest cantilever glass corridor with a Guinness World Record. The length of 69.6 meters, three times the glass corridor of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, stimulates the blast, and next to this gallery, the new high-altitude projects such as jumping cliffs, high-altitude flying, and cliff screaming are newly opened, and the terrain features are used to increase the eyesight. The tension of the range makes the adrenaline secretly secrete, attracting a large number of young people to come to the card.

After the fire in the Nanshi District, the Longmenhao Old Street and the Ciyun Old Street were launched, and the architectural styles of the Chongqing Kailuan were restored to the scenery. The Ordovician scenic spot is fresh on the scenic spot project. In addition to the constantly updated cliff project, the ice sculpture kingdom, the dinosaur ice world and other projects will be opened this month, which have injected continuous vitality into Chongqing tourism.

Chongqing’s fresh cultural tourism project, as well as Six Flags Park in Lushan and Sunac Wanda in the New City of the West Projects such as Wenlv City will be opened one after another. Chongqing International Circus City has also opened its doors to welcome guests. However, projects with mountain features and exclusive Chongqing have more vitality in Chongqing, such as Longmenhao Old Street, which has not yet opened all areas. Established the best shooting point of the subway bridge, making the net red IP gimmick; WFC-huixianlou viewing platform, in addition to looking around the two rivers of Chongqing, also opened a new “Chongqing Sky Mailbox, the highest building in Chongqing Blessing; the second observation plant of the Eilean No. 2 Factory can feel the landform of the city, which has arranged for the tourists to Chongqing to spontaneously spread.

The characteristics of Chongqing City have little to do with seasonal changes. In autumn and winter, I believe many people come to Chongqing to experience this “8D City”.

Chongqing officials have always avoided the “red city”, only wish to use “red” attractions, hope that Chongqing’s popular scenic spots have a long life cycle, so the upgrade of the scenic spot has been ongoing, such as The viewing platform built by Liziba, the Ordovician new project has doubled in half a year, and after the red-hot, the city awakened and advanced in the tourism industry, and the network became red and “red” will become a reality.

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In 2019, companies that do not value brand value, the market is hard to pay for you!

Image from the Internet

In the increasingly competitive home industry, small businesses The survival is getting more and more difficult. In 2018, there are many old brands that have closed down. The fundamental reason is that the company has no brand awareness, is satisfied with the reputation of small areas and small areas, and does not make the company bigger and stronger at the best time. When the market wave Gong Lai, Unbranded companies will be eliminated first.

The change of the furniture industry is about ten or twenty years. Many furniture factories more than a decade ago, “I accidentally did it, and today, ten or twenty years later, some have already “won’t accidentally do it.” The reason for the disappearance is that selling goods is more important than establishing a brand. The result of paying attention to the brand is obvious —— Gu Jia, Zhi Hua Shi, Mousse are at the forefront of the industry, you are no longer, and your original share may be running on their production line. Although the results are clear, to this day, there are still people in China’s furniture circle who don’t really understand the importance of the brand. They don’t know what branding is and how to make it.

Unwilling to be a brand

Some companies are reluctant to make a brand. In their view, branding is nothing more than advertising. “I don’t sell advertisements so well, why should I spend money on advertising? There are many examples in the industry. Some companies that are on the same starting line have become industry and consumer brands, and some are only in the industry. Reluctantly known.

And this has become the pain of some bosses —— our technology is better than them, our investment is bigger than them, we are more refined and more sophisticated, why are we not famous? Big? Not to say that advertising is not the whole of brand building. In such an era of information explosion, even advertising does not bother to do it, how can it be famous.

Don’t know how to make a brand

Some companies regard branding as a promotion, and think that nothing is just to sell goods, so if you can sell goods, you don’t have to do anything. This is a wrong concept.

It’s not too appropriate to explain the problem. When the matchmaker introduces you to the other party, it can be seen as “promotion, it is to let the other party recognize and accept you in a short time; your usual behavior Correct, positive, and responsible, TV and newspapers often promote you. As you mentioned, everyone knows that you have built up an image in people’s minds. Do branding, similar to this.

Promotion is to let others choose you now; tree brand is to let others know you, recognize you, think of you when you need, choose you. Promotion is a short-term behavior and the effect is short-term. Branding is a long-term behavior, and the power of the brand has long existed.

Branding is not only the promotion of products, but also the communication of corporate culture and ideas. Everything that is positive and can make people remember your brand can be regarded as a brand.

No branding

Now, some furniture companies have specialized brand owners, but for various reasons, their abilities and roles need to be improved. The article “false big space prevails; the excessive pursuit of gorgeous texts, the written propaganda copy, filled with the empty words played, they simply do not know how to use real things to reflect, display and spread the brand. One manifestation is looking up. Interviews and reports on the company’s founders’ experiences and opinions are a good way for corporate branding. However, there is rarely an article in the furniture industry that dictates the founder of the company.

On the one hand, in the eyes of employees, the boss is a god-like existence, and must be tall and high, and must not be at the foot. Therefore, they must have a leadership style and must not be like a farmer entrepreneur. . Therefore, in the good articles they think, the boss is full of facts, but it is not true or friendly. On the other hand, interviews and contributors must write as required for various reasons. All in all, exaggeration has become a habit and a ethos, and it has become a thick flaw in the brand and products. Self-appreciation is more than enough, but brand promotion is half the battle.

Brand operation is a systematic professional operation. In the current information explosion, it is difficult to rely solely on enterprise products, quality, service, and obscurity to achieve the purpose of establishing a brand. It is only difficult to A good and correct branding operation works closely together to achieve the ultimate goal.

It is worth noting that recently, some independent designers of the industry have begun to bubble up. The trend of branding with personal image has begun to rise. In the furniture industry, branding has become a top priority. At the bottom of the market is still unknown, others have been prominent in the front end of the market. 2019, perhaps destined to be an era of brand explosion. It’s really late to build it again.

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The Guge Dynasty August 27th Taiwan University Student Exchange Association Xia Ke taught “Chinese Postmodern”

On August 26, 2018, the Sichuan-Taiwan Youth College Wenchuang Camp was officially opened by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Sichuan Province. More than 30 students from different universities in Taiwan were selected to participate in the creation camp and opened them. A 10-day trip to the mainland.

On August 27, 2018, a group of people from Wenchuang Camp came to the Guge Dynasty Design Company in Chengdu, Sichuan Province to study and communicate. This is the second stop for Taiwanese students on their trip to the mainland.

In the sharing session, Xia Ke humorously told Taiwanese students how to go on their youth. The road to design, how to maintain the mentality to adhere to the road, and ultimately create the life experience of the Guge Dynasty. It also tells that the Guge dynasty has always adhered to the original spirit and professional attitude for 16 years. With the Chinese millennium culture as the core of the spirit, it insists that “original is the core concept of Wang Dao. The creative interpretation of the various corporate brands has created countless special food industry classics. In the case, the packaging designed for it has also won numerous awards at home and abroad.

Through the introduction of the company’s cultural achievements and the cases of Zhang Fei beef, Mr. Shan Zhu, and Yan Bang cooks As a commentator, Xia Ke vividly conveyed to students the importance of adhering to originality and inheriting Chinese traditional culture. Among them, he mentioned that the Chinese postmodern concept is even more refreshing for students. Chinese post-modernism is a new faction in the field of Chinese food packaging design founded by Xia Ke in the past 20 years, with the traditional Chinese cultural heritage as its core content.

In the whole process of explaining and explaining, Xia Ke repeatedly mentioned the original spirit, “Only national, It is the world, “ Only difference can be remembered. When he participated in the world packaging industry, the Oscar & mdash;—Pentawards Grand Prix, the chairman of the contest said in a welcome speech: “Specially happy to welcome designers from China, you have been long gone!” In this way, tell students to insist on the importance of originality to improve the international status of Chinese designers.

At the end of the sharing session, the students also had a classic Q&A session with Xia Ke.

Student: “How to find product pain points?

Xia Ke: “The Guge Dynasty can go to today, it will find the product pain point is the biggest advantage, but also developed its own system. A good understanding of the consumer group, group needs, aesthetic concepts and consumption habits is a key step in finding product pain points.

Students: “How to deal with the problem that the partners believe that the new technology is too expensive? How to communicate.

Xia Ke: “Devil’s products are environmentally friendly materials. One of the advantages is that the cost is very cheap, and the customer can also complete the process, and rarely encounters the company’s philosophy. Partner.

In a question and answer session, the students learned the charm of the summer artisan and the heart of the entire Guge Dynasty as a design company.

After the sharing session, the students and leaders of the Youth Creative Camp were awarded the Guge Dynasty team. Thanks for the form, and took a group photo with the Guge Dynasty team. The students interviewed that the exchange will benefit a lot. The life experience of Charco and the original spirit of persistence have brought great inspiration to their life path. The case study of the Guge Dynasty is also for their professional study and career. The road offers a lot of different ideas.

Sichuan The exchanges and study of the students of the Taiwanese University Students’ Creative Work Camp at the Guge Dynasty Design Company came to an end. The concept of Chinese-style post-modernism and the adherence to the “Golden-style” post-modern concept that the founder of the Guge dynasty insisted on was not only a unique concept in the industry, but also opened the hearts of young Taiwanese students, re-recognizing the mainland and understanding the mainland. Made a solid step.

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Chu Chu pushes inviting elites from all walks of life – Chu Chu pushes sunny teacher


Capital crocodile joint attack

(1) Softbank invests in the only e-commerce field after Alibaba, optimistic about the growth of Chu Chu, will become the next Ali Baba.

(2) Lenovo, GGV, and New Tianyu’s top investment stocks, C-round financing valuation of tens of billions.

(3) The Internet has joined forces to create the most reliable endorsement in the industry.


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(2) Chu Chu push has professional customer service, providing one-to-one quality customer service.

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(4) High-yield, with 20%-80% sales commission.


Smart Platforms in China

Powerful system support, extremely convenient, and the industry’s top product promotion experience.


Beautiful materials, easy to publish

Chu Chu push has professional art, small series to release product materials according to market demand, you only need to move your fingers, one Key forwarding can be released.


Real-time incentives, cash withdrawals

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Big collections, rich in categories

Tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected goods, all over the world, the first-class source of goods, to protect genuine.


Imagine Seven-Star Shopping Guarantee

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Top team in the industry

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Welcome to the Shenzhen Ground Investment Team to welcome you.

The Chuhu Pushing God team invites elites from all walks of life _ national hot recruiting shopkeepers:

Sunny Teacher (completed 2 director accounts in a week, good network marketing + ground investment + 12 years of training Experience.)

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Office Address: 14th Floor, Venus Hotel, Minye Avenue, Longhua New District, Shenzhen.

[Target: Host two or more small-scale business invitations in a week to assist partners. All major businesses are welcome to work together. 】

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NVC, Op, Buddha, Sanan Optoelectronics, Sanxiong Aurora… Which company’s network marketing?

The main purpose of this article is: The future of Internet marketing soft power will really determine the market size of the company and the brand and the future development space. Starting from the leading enterprises in lighting, they analyzed their respective network influence capabilities. Whose network marketing ability is the strongest in the era when the Internet is becoming more and more important?

The Bureau of Statistics shows the data, as of now China’s lighting There are more than 10,000 industrial enterprises (more than 5,000 lighting electrical production enterprises, more than 3,000 lighting production enterprises, about 1000 electric light source enterprises, and the rest are electrical accessories, lamp holders and special materials manufacturers). Among them, there are 58 main board companies listed in the lighting industry and 148 new boards. According to the company’s main direction, product type, sales model, brand characteristics and different scales, this statistic selected 35 representative companies for analysis (mainly the upstream epitaxial chips, midstream packaging, and industrial supporting types of the lighting industry). Mainly concentrated in the field of downstream applications and molded lighting products.

The selection of this time is mainly: Op Lighting, NVC Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Foshan Lighting, Sunlight Lighting, Debon Lighting, Snowlight Lighting, Shanghai Yaming, Chinese Body Lighting, Guangli Lighting, Tailong Lighting, Qinshang Lighting, Weiwei Photovoltaic Lighting, Jinlaite Lighting, Chau Ming Technology, Meida Digital Lighting, Furi Lighting, Zhengtong Electronics (Jia Ming Optoelectronics), Lehman Lighting, Tongfang Lighting, Huarong Lighting, Ocean Wang Lighting, Xingyu Automotive Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Changfang Lighting, Hongli Optoelectronics, Zhaochi Lighting, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Sanan Optoelectronics, Ganzhao Optoelectronics, Dehao Runda, Huacan Optoelectronics, Lee There are 35 Yade Optoelectronics and Mulinsen Lighting.

This statistic mainly selected 35 representative companies for analysis according to the company’s main direction, product type, sales model, brand characteristics and different scales. Mainly in the lighting industry upstream epitaxial chips, mid-stream packaging, industrial supporting types, mainly concentrated in the field of downstream applications and molded lighting products.

They represent the old brand of light source (Foshan Lighting and Zhejiang Sunshine), the rise of traditional home and commercial lighting companies (Opp, NVC, Sanxiong Aurora), emerging LED lighting brands (Mu Linsen, Lei Man, electricity, Jin Wright, etc.) and lighting related institutions such as Sanan Optoelectronics and Xingyu Automobile.

Aspect: Internet marketing brand focus index, listed companies have natural advantages

The bells rang and the public raised their eyes. The major media often read long-term interpretations of corporate and brand products, finance, marketing, and sales. The words and deeds of company leaders and executives can become major news reports. Listed companies pay attention to the media. Degree has a natural advantage.

As a listed company, it has received a lot of public attention and supervision. Many of the information is relatively transparent. However, it has also been reported by Xiao He, and there are positive publicity reports, but there are also negative public sentiments, which has made many companies unable to take care of them. Prevention, and even a negative index, seriously hurt the brand image.

In this survey, the media’s highest opinion index is the industry’s old lamp king & mdash; — & mdash; Foshan lighting, followed by Sanan Optoelectronics, NVC lighting index are more than 100 points. But what is worrying is that the media’s attention index of the major listed companies in the lighting industry is still not optimistic, and it can even be described as severe: both Chinese lighting and Tongfang lighting have negative numbers, which is mainly due to the impact of negative public opinion reports.

Not only these two companies, but in the past two years, most of the listed companies in the lighting industry have experienced different levels of negative grievances, even collective “sentimental events: “Op, NVC, Sanxiong Aurora sampling failed. Various media reports that spurred people’s attention on the black list were reprinted by major online media. Before and after the IPO, the company was also listed by many media in the “Ou Pu Lian Deng black list”, “Black List frequented customers are now worried” , seriously interfered with the brand’s reputation and reputation building in the field of connected marketing.

Although Sanan Optoelectronics is concerned about the top index of the media, in 2017, Sanan Optoelectronics faced a sensation of life and death: In July, “The Big Tiger King’s Three Games lost the news of Sanan’s violation of laws and regulations.” Reports, many industry people are full of concerns about the future of Sanan Optoelectronics, including the majority of investors. Although Sanan Optoelectronics is also clarifying external doubts, the negative effects of this negative public sentiment will be far from what we can assess now.

Not only that, but also because of the violations, cash flow, and poor sales performance of the responsible persons, the company’s media, the lighting, the lighting, the NVC lighting, the Dehao Runda, the Zhejiang Sunshine, etc. It’s hard to let the brand really establish a good public opinion environment, and Internet marketing will be seriously delayed. Compared with other brands, Tongfang Lighting is even more “unfortunately, the media has very few positive reports on it, and its performance has been poor in recent years. All kinds of negative grievances have become the leading information for the media and online.

The media attention index is also often able to reflect the search popularity and social attention of the company in the major events of the year. Take Sanxiong Aurora and Op Lighting as an example.

Sanxiong Aurora Lighting is the most important event in the 2017 lighting industry. It is also true. In mid-March, the Sanxiong Aurora Media Concern Index reached its peak; but in September, the famous actor Li Chen was signed. Significant marketing activities, but apparently lack of Internet marketing, did not cause much concern, but in November, Sanxiong Aurora released new home lighting products & ldquo; enjoy high-end lighting activities and marketing more successful.

Oupu Lighting’s online attention index peaked during the mid-April and early June Guangya exhibitions. The event was a collaboration with Op Lighting.During the period of Opto Lighting and Asia, it won many awards. In November, the Double Eleven also attracted attention because it ranked first in the industry.

Aspect: Internet Marketing Brand Infrastructure Index, more companies need to re-optimize

Obviously, although listed companies have mature management and traditional marketing systems, in the field of Internet marketing, the performance of these benchmarks in the lighting industry is still unsatisfactory, with a maximum score of only 40 points, Mulinsen Lighting, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Liard Optoelectronics, Tongfang Lighting Ruifeng Optoelectronics only has 7 points, 6 points, 5 points, 4 points and 3 points. This means that we have too many jobs in Internet marketing to make up for.

What makes the industry people stunned is that in the basic marketing index, the highest score is not the brand that people are familiar with, but Yaming Lighting, Debang Lighting, Dehao Runda, Ocean King Lighting, Snow Wright scored high. The reason for this is that these companies do not rely on traditional distributor channels to sell and promote, but more in foreign trade, engineering and other ways to undertake orders, and the Internet is an important way for these companies to reach customers, so their Internet-based marketing index Be higher than other companies.

Aspect: Internet Marketing lyrics index, & ldquo; Cheng also Xiao Xiao defeated Xiao He

In the lyric reputation index, NVC Lighting, Op Lighting, Sanan Optoelectronics, Foshan Lighting were ranked 63, 54, 54 and 45 respectively, but then the brand index fell off the cliff, starting from the sun lighting, the index With only 23 points, Sanxiong Aurora has only 19 points. The reason why the index is generally not high, as long as the lighting companies are neglected on the social platform, the first four indexes are relatively high, which is attributed to the good guidance of these brands in the news marketing campaign, evading the social media platform. Short board.

The neglect of lyrics, or the loss of control over public opinion management, is currently a shortcoming that must be compensated for in the marketing of listed companies in the lighting industry. Debang Lighting, Chinese Lighting, Guangyi Lighting, Dry Photoelectricity, and Diligent Lighting all showed serious negative sentiment index. The performance of diligent lighting and public opinion was very mismatched with the image of listed companies. Online public opinion was in serious control. The company urgently needs to establish the functions of the company’s marketing, marketing, media, and public relations departments. Otherwise, promoting brand Internet marketing can only be half-time and even counterproductive.

Aspect: Brand Internet Marketing Promotion Index, focusing on Internet professional team

DMLei has been launched online business brand marketing system. From the perspective of 35 companies, the leading enterprises in the lighting industry are still very passive in the field of Internet marketing. The index does not exceed 50 points, and 50% is only 20 points. It is in a very bad state. Take SEM (search engine marketing, including SEO) detection in Internet marketing as an example. At present, 90% of enterprises are in a blank state, and some are only internal drainage by Tmall, Jingdong and other online stores. The SEM of enterprise independent systems is almost no. .

It is understood that with the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more enterprises attach importance to e-commerce sales channels, and e-commerce departments have been established. However, the nature and functions of this e-commerce department team are as many business executives believe, it is a display, order, delivery, customer service online “stores only” as for the store flow, basically rely on the e-commerce The platform is crowded with passengers. But like a professional market and shopping malls, hundreds, thousands of stores and brands are diverting customers, not to mention that Tmall and Jingdong are now diverted by 100,000 merchants. It is easy to sit down and share a cup.

So mature e-commerce sales companies, e-commerce departments have mature Internet marketing departments, formed a special planning, UI, planning, marketing, media, public relations and other institutions and functions, and scale Specialized technical developers form an online marketing system for e-commerce sales.

Internet marketing is not the first thing to burn, but the team. At present, the lighting industry is extremely lacking in this professional talent, which will seriously affect the development of Internet marketing in enterprises.

Aspect: Brand Internet Marketing Composite Index, not dominated by offline strength

In the evaluation of Internet marketing comprehensive index, these 35 listed companies Sanan Optoelectronics, NVC Lighting, Op Lighting, Foshan Lighting, and Dehao Runda respectively scored 222.2 points, 214 points, 201 points, 199 points, and 150.2 points respectively. The score is in the top five. In recent years, NVC and Opp have been based on traditional channels and brand marketing advantages. The top three companies are not unexpected, but Sanan Optoelectronics is the leader in the industry, thanks to its Internet brand marketing infrastructure work, and the huge Internet media attention index has blown up Sanan. The brand index on the optoelectronics online.

Conversely, brands with low index are in absolute disadvantage in the field of Internet marketing. Meida Digital Lighting, Chinese Lighting, Zhaochi Lighting, Guangyi Lighting, Xingyu Automotive Lighting are more representative. The comprehensive index is only more than 10 points in the district, and even less than many ordinary brand enterprises.

In the Internet age, the development of brands is no longer measured solely by the strength, scale, and sales of the company. It is more dependent on user groups and data, exposure, attention rate, conversion rate, and transaction rate. Customer price, repeat purchase rate, etc. This series of virtual but extremely real data can be reflected, this is the brand influence of Internet marketing, and the original hard power of the enterprise is only a background in the Internet era. An indicator only, the future soft power of Internet marketing will really determine the enterprise andThe market size of the brand and the future development space.

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