To store goods, it is also fashionable, and the bedroom is the strongest storage method.

In home life items storage is especially important, it is necessary to maintain a clean and comfortable environment throughout the home space, sometimes cleaning does not take long, after a few days Chaos, the days are getting more and more lazy, and there are places to be piled up when you see the corners. This kind of scene is familiar in family life. In fact, the problem lies in the lack of storage function, how to create a storage and What is the stylish storage space? The following is a detailed introduction to the fashion bedroom storage method. Fourth, the wall storage storage form: wall hook, display rack

bedroom storage is about private and open coexistence. In addition to the wardrobes, doors, shelves, these large pieces of storage furniture to collect clothing, the hook is also An indispensable way to store. The open aesthetics created by the hooks, while the use of clothing and accessories can be described as a handy, convenient, whether it is a row of neatly arranged cabinets, or semi-enclosed display racks bookcase, all show the storage function of the bedroom, reflecting the powerful storage capacity of the space.

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Costs continue to rise How do floor companies maintain profits?

In recent years, the cost of the flooring industry has risen and it has become an indisputable fact that the phenomenon of rising product prices has naturally emerged. In the context of the industry that has been experiencing rapid competition in the market, many flooring companies have felt the pressure of competition. In this industry background, how should floor companies maintain their own profit margins?

Many factors in the industry lead to a reduction in corporate profit margins

China’s economic development faces rising factor costs The pressure to disappear from the demographic dividend, that is, the cost of manufacturing is rising. The furniture industry is also hard to escape. Looking at the news in recent years, ‘work hardships’ and ‘material price increases’ are everywhere, and it is quite intriguing that ‘floor workers’ monthly salary is over 10,000.’ There are both changes in the employment concept of young people and the dilemma of the manufacturing level of the flooring industry.

When the industry as a whole down, profit margins continue to shrink, cost control has become the key to the survival of each company. On the one hand, in order to win the market, enterprises need to constantly carry out research and development and innovation to improve product quality. On the other hand, they must implement national environmental protection policies and carry out environmentally-friendly production technology transformation. This is a fact that is difficult for most flooring companies. Therefore, many companies take the opportunity to reduce investment, and of course, some forward-looking and powerful enterprises optimize the cost by introducing advanced equipment to accelerate industrial upgrading.

Floor enterprise cost control needs to find a balance point

In the face of rising manufacturing costs, industrialization of floor production is an effective way, but for companies not to add a few machines, Several production lines are as simple as that. The transformation of the floor production line means the transformation of the entire production system such as construction technology, staff skills, production line adjustment, process management, etc., which can be described as ‘leaving the whole body’. This poses no small risk to most flooring companies in the moment.

Although, under the premise of ensuring quality and environmental protection, the cost of flooring manufacturing is inevitable, but some companies do not care. The manager of the production department of a flooring company said: ‘Although the proportion of total cost of paint in the project is about 20%, but the engineering furniture is often a large amount, the sensitivity to the increase of the cost of raw and auxiliary materials is not high, but for the brand The popularity requirements are quite high. ‘This requires floor companies to find a balance between cost optimization and quality improvement. If the floor quality is excellent, the construction process is simple, and the accident rate is reduced, then the floor company will reduce the loss and streamline the cost, thus in this ‘winter ‘In the better survival.

In the context of industries with rising production costs, flooring companies want to maximize their profit margins, they must make adjustments in production costs. Under the circumstance of increasing competitive pressure, only by finding a combination of balanced interests and product quality can an enterprise achieve its desired development effect.

Release date: 2015/11/20 13:08:44

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The Double 11 Carnival is coming again, and the three major e-commerce companies are surprisingly attracted to consumers.

Now, the distance from the double 11 has been less than a month, this week, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Tmall three e-commerce platforms have announced the start of this year “Double 11 Carnival. In a blink of an eye, the Singles Day has entered its eighth year. Is the e-commerce promotion method a bit tricky?

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. As an Internet product that grows from the grassroots, e-commerce combines the latest hotspots every year to succeed in the hearts of many consumers. “Growing grass, of course, “the way of planting grass is very strange. This year they use “VR.” , "Global purchase and “ serious shopping concept to plant grass.

From another point of view, for consumers, even if it is “to pull out the grass, it is necessary to pull out the peace of mind, value for money, how can we accurately pull out what you want” grass ?

First look at Jingdong.

Jingdong has more self-operated products. Relatively speaking, the quality is relatively reliable, so it is always the main product with good product quality. This year, Jingdong high-profile play “sell seriously, buy a good slogan, advocate consumers to refuse impulsive, rational shopping. Jingdong’s poster shows 11 figurative pictures of multiple delivery personnel walking in the frontier, into the mountains, and wearing the plank road. The main theme is logistics, the theme is “11.11, I am by your side. Their purpose is to take advantage of natural logistics and consolidate their e-commerce market. Song Jing, vice president of Jingdong Group, said that this year, entertainment and impulsive consumption will no longer be the mainstream of the Double 11. When consumers buy goods, the necessity of purchasing goods and the individual’s demand for goods, this will affect the final shopping decision. Rather than saying that as in the past, as long as the price is low, go to pick up the goods and then buy a lot. When you come back, you will find that many of them are not particularly necessary.

Look at Tmall and Taobao again. Eight years ago, it was the double 11 of the first year. The turnover of Taobao was about 52 million yuan a day. However, last year their turnover in the day has reached 91.2 billion yuan. At the beginning of the opening, the number of orders generated by clock per second is 140,000, and the payment per second is 80,000. Behind the all-round carnival brought by the Double 11 reflects the profound changes of the whole society, reflecting the tremendous changes brought by the Internet and e-commerce to all businesses, consumers and economic life. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, said: “Double 11 has gone far beyond the concept of shopping and even consumption today. The reason why Double 11 became a carnival, because it has many carnival elements, there are many entertainment attributes. The reason why the double 11 became a carnival and became a consumer holiday, it is definitely not mechanically let our business put a few goods, marked with an attractive price, consumers go up and look at the picture to buy and buy.

Alibaba still emphasizes the concept of “carnival” compared to Jingdong’s introversion. In order to allow this carnival to continue, this year Alibaba’s first push is interactive and live broadcast, vowing to entertain consumers to the end. Just today, on the 23rd, Tmall is holding an international fashion week for 8 hours. The show is a global fashion event, including 50 world-class brands such as Burberry, Maserati and Guerlain. From October 21st to November 11th, the official live broadcast plus the number of merchants will be more than 60,000. Including hundreds of entertainment and sports stars, including Yang Yang, Yang Mi, Zhang Yixing, and hundreds of net red people will interact with consumers in the live broadcast. This year, they also launched VR shopping, which is not a simple simulation of foreign shopping scenes, but in the simulation shopping, if you look at a good product, you can place an order directly.

Zhong Yuzhi, senior manager of merchandise marketing at Macy’s in the United States, said that at 11 o’clock, consumers can directly purchase about 20 VR experience products through Tmall’s flagship store. This may be the first time that Chinese consumers can make virtual reality shopping in the history. The focus is not on how much to buy and how much to sell. It is to bring a future experience to consumers through Macy’s cooperation with Alibaba. In fact, this It’s a bit like jumping out of the future. In addition, they also launched a globally-purchased business. Opened at home and abroad, not only consumers can buy all over the world, brand merchants will also realize the convenience of global sales.

Let’s have a look at Suning. This year, “Double 11, Suning chose to build another city in the Three Kingdoms Waterfront City on the shores of Taihu Lake, to create a “buy and buy” and entertaining nature. “Antiques Street & mdash;— According to reports, from November 8th to November 11th, more than 100 first-line brand merchants will settle in Xiaocheng City, 111 well-known net red live broadcast, together to create an entertainment shopping carnival, is expected to be Suning Yi within four days The purchase brought 500 million exposures. Huo Guang, deputy director of Suning Tesco Public Relations, said that their focus this year is to open up and down the line. Building a city like a carnival, there will be a lot of retro layout, there will be many shops in the city, there are some places to play. There is a street inside which is a retro reflection of Shanghe Street shops in Qingming. The core is to encourage everyone to play while buying, including eating, drinking and shopping to buy a one-stop shopping experience.

At this point, the various tricks of the three largest three e-commerce platforms in China have already appeared. However, for consumers, the appearance does not mean that they are all reliable, but also need to polish their eyes and carefully choose .

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How should small and medium-sized flooring brands develop regional markets?

Although the wood flooring industry started late, the development speed is amazing. With the rapid development of the real estate industry and the improvement of housing, the demand for flooring is increasing. The production and sales of wood flooring have been climbing all the way, and the situation is very gratifying. While the production capacity of the flooring industry has expanded, it has caused problems such as blind development of enterprises, fierce market competition, and constant price wars.

‘Fourizations’ help companies move to a higher level

Product production standardization is the scientific basis for production and operation of enterprises. Any enterprise that does not operate according to standards is not standardized. The standardization of business practices reflects the overall strength and level of the industry. Product functions are diversified. With the diversification of people’s needs and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, new products that meet different levels, different needs and different places are emerging one after another. After-sales service systemization, through the improvement of enterprise after-sales service, form a set of production, sales, paving and after-sales service and other supporting systems.

With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people have higher and stricter requirements on the variety, function and use of wooden flooring, and the demand for flooring for new homes and old houses has soared. The wood flooring industry provides a broad development prospect, which requires industry associations to correctly guide enterprises to develop a healthy development path in new product development, large-scale operation and brand building.

There is always a rise and fall in brand products. From now on, no brand can monopolize the national market, and it is impossible to monopolize the national market because the floor industry has low thresholds and low technical content. To some extent, the market has set a starting line for every business and every brand, giving them room for survival and development. The question is how well each company makes good use of this area.

Small and medium-sized brands need to pick up ‘land’

In the current complex and volatile market environment, facing the marketing offensive of first- and second-line brands, other small and medium-sized flooring brands follow suit, marketing homogenization, how to be specific The regional market occupies a place, how to take advantage of the ‘land profit’ of the regional market has become a new topic for many enterprises.

Market research is the beginning of the product entering the regional market, and then enters the harvest period of the manufacturer. When the product forms a brand advantage in the regional market, the regional market becomes the model market of the brand, and it will also provide conditions for the brand to enter the surrounding market. Therefore, market research is particularly important. The following points need to be considered:

First, choose the right region. This is the starting point for brand development. When choosing, you should focus on your own strength and market situation. It is best to choose a brand with a certain foundation. Or a more familiar regional market.

Second, examine the market capacity and consumption habits of regional markets.

Third, study the competition situation of regional markets. If small and medium-sized brands have weak competitiveness and low brand awareness, they are not suitable for entering the market where first-line brands are gathering and competition is fierce. They should choose weak market competition, have certain market capacity, and have potential consumption. Large second-tier cities or surrounding areas of first-tier cities.

Focus on key strengths

After doing market research, companies need to develop marketing strategies from four aspects: regional positioning, market segmentation, target market selection, and market positioning. After detailed research and analysis, the key to winning the company’s fierce market competition is to develop a correct regional marketing strategy to meet the needs of the local market.

Market segmentation is the segmentation of consumer groups based on different characteristics of consumers.

Select the market segment, that is, after comprehensively analyzing the structure of the market segment and the resources of the enterprise, the enterprise selects the market segment that suits itself. Market positioning means that companies determine their competitive strategies based on their position in the competition. In order to quickly occupy a favorable position in the regional market, enterprises must concentrate their resources, comprehensively and deeply grasp the needs of specific market segments, enhance the reputation of enterprises and product brands, continuously expand market share, form strong competitiveness, and strengthen enterprises. Profitability. After determining the target market, if you can’t completely avoid competitors and give full play to your own advantages, you should concentrate your superior resources, build brand advantage among specific customer groups, and attract specific customers with differentiated products.

Therefore, instead of competing with competitors in the overall market, it is better to concentrate on the regional market and build core competitiveness; instead of having a small market share in multiple markets, it is better to improve in a certain regional market. Occupancy. In order to make a difference in a highly competitive market, companies must clarify the target market, concentrate their superior resources, conduct effective allocation, break through key points, create local advantages, and form market barriers, thus effectively resisting the competitive offensive and stabilizing the regional market.

Release date: 2011/11/29 10:52:31

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Chengdu elite enterprises visit | unlock the commercial value of big data

The essence of the world is data. The number of the joint, the joint data to use.

In the era of big data, more and more data is generated in the course of business operations. The amount of data increases from GB to TB and then to the PB level. These data contain rich information. However, due to the limitations of the company’s own thinking and technical conditions, the commercial value of data is often not fully utilized.

The Alliance believes that the full use of enterprise data and the expansion of value are key cores of future business activities. To provide partners with big data industry chain services, Digital Technology has been striving to integrate top-level design, data collection, storage management, analytics mining and application visualization to build China’s own big data industry ecosystem.

The company is committed to providing big data vertical solutions for many industries including human resources, medical health, data transactions, etc., including Alibaba, Tencent, China Unicom, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China UnionPay. Nearly 100 well-known enterprises such as Haier, Wuliangye Group, Santai Holdings and Credit Group.

On August 21st, 2017, the Business Media Group will join hands with the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine Co-sponsored to enter the number of alliances: the leader of China’s big data industry, elites and enterprises to visit and lead SMEs have learned the pioneering spirit and deep cultivation spirit of the big data industry.

Zhou Tao, CEO of Digital Technology Group, believes that: “The current level of big data is far more exciting than it really is. The contribution has not produced big data products with significant economic and social values, nor has it substantially promoted the transformation and upgrading of related traditional industries.

Under the excitement, the number of alliances began to think coldly, focusing on the value of data mining, and boosting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

The business media group and the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine launched a “elite and famous enterprise visit, aiming to build an interconnected platform for entrepreneurs and truly serve the elites. Enhance practical combat capabilities, broaden cognitive boundaries, make business easier, and make business easier.

Next, the 100-year-old Laozhou Age-old wine will accompany the elite enterprises to participate in the activities, enter more cities, and become close to the elite to witness the brilliant achievements of famous enterprises.

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Quantum dots will subvert display technology, and foldable TV is just around the corner

“This is not the final form of quantum dot display technology. If you can get rid of LED backlights, the advent of foldable TVs and foldable phones will be just around the corner.

At the end of September, domestic TV manufacturer TCL launched a high-end sub-brand “Chuangyi (English name is “Xess”), and its quantum dot TV, tablet, mobile phone Several terminal products. Among them, Quantum Dome TV X2 is featured as an important flagship product and is expected to be officially launched in the market three months later.

The data released by TCL shows that the X series of quantum dot TVs can achieve 110% of the industry’s highest color gamut and pure color display because of the use of Yuecai quantum dot display materials. And accurate color expression. As a new technology that has recently exploded, quantum dot technology has played a new generation of revolutionary overtures of display technology because it brings not only better display quality, but also the concept of a foldable screen. further.

Technology from the future

The quantum dot technology was born in 1983. Scientists at Bell Labs in the United States first studied it, but forgot to name it. A few years later, Yale University physicist Mark · Reid officially named this semiconductor micro-block as “quantum dots” and still use them to this day. How to apply the principle of quantum dot illumination to display devices has long been studied.

 At present, quantum dot display technology includes two types, one is a quantum dot light emitting diode, and the other is a backlight technology based on a blue chip. Zeng Haibo, director and professor of the Institute of Nanophotonic Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, told the reporter of the Chinese Journal of Science. Among them, a quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED) is a quantum dot as a light-emitting layer, and is electrically driven to convert light into light. The backlighting technique is based on the principle of photoluminescence of quantum dots, also known as OLED. That is, the light emitted by the blue chip is used to excite the mixing components of the quantum dots, thereby emitting light of a plurality of colors. When these lights are combined, white light is generated, and the color display can be realized by the control of the front optical film group. The traditional QLED quantum dots are composed of zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulfur atoms, and these quantum dots are very small in size, and are only particles having a particle diameter of less than 10 nm. Whenever a quantum dot is stimulated by light or electricity, it emits different colored light.

In traditional display technology, it is impossible to rely on backlights and picture tubes. The imaging principle of the LCD panel can be summarized as the addition of liquid crystal molecules between two glass substrates, but the liquid crystal itself cannot emit light, and the voltage must be applied to make the molecular arrangement change in a zigzag manner. The screen passes through the collision of the electron group to create a picture and pass the external light. Perspective reflections to form a picture. In the meantime, the backlight changed from a cold cathode backlight (CCFL) to a backlight of a light emitting diode (LED).

Which CCFL and LED are more advantageous, the debate on this has not stopped, and the emergence of quantum dot technology has interrupted the competition between them. However, the quantum dot TV that TV giants are now launching is not really a quantum dot TV. Because manufacturers do not fully utilize the characteristics of quantum dots that do not require backlighting, they are added as a luminescent material between the LED backlight and the LCD panel. When the LED emits a blue light source, it will “illuminate the quantum dots with a diameter of about 2 to 10 nanometers in front, and the quantum dots that are illuminated by the blue light will exhibit a full spectrum of light, thereby greatly improving the color saturation.

“ This is not the final form of quantum dot display technology. Zeng Haibo explained, “If you can get rid of LED backlights, then the advent of foldable TVs and foldable phones will be just around the corner.


Although the quantum dot display technology has a bright future, the current industry discussion on whether OLED has industrial advantages or QLED has more development prospects has been ignited. Zeng Haibo believes that OLED and QLED have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of industrialization, QLED is easier to implement because it can produce QLED products with almost no need to make too many changes to existing product lines, but OLEDs do not. . At present, the two major companies in South Korea respect two technologies, which also form the current competitive landscape of OLED and QLED. “However, I think that the real market-oriented display technology depends on the cost of the product, which cost can be lowered, and which one is more likely to be quickly accepted by the market. Zeng Haibo said.

From the perspective of cost, in terms of existing production technology, the OLED display panel manufacturing process is relatively complicated, because the OLED display panel requires a deposition process during the fabrication process, and the deposition requires a shadow mask. device. Therefore, the production of OLEDs is expensive. In comparison, QLED does have a bigger advantage in this regard.

And, theoretically QLED has a longer life and better color performance. According to the BT.2020 standard for the next-generation ultra-high definition video production and display system promulgated by the International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunication Department in 2012, the Apple mobile phone that brings people visual enjoyment can only reach 50. Around % means that half of the color is not displayed, but the quantum dot can achieve 100% color display. At the same time, it is also more energy efficient than OLED. “If you can really achieve quantum dot technology that does not rely on backlights, then screens such as TVs can be produced just like newspapers. Zeng Haibo said.

Subverting Display Technology

Zhejiang UniversityProfessor Peng Xiaogang, a professor of the Department of Science, said in July this year that scientists and media face-to-face activities have said that China’s quantum dot technology is already at the world’s leading level. Now, quantum dot TV, which still uses LED as backlight, belongs to the first generation. However, it is expected that in the next five years, the second-generation quantum dot TV will adopt the principle of electroluminescence, which means that a clear image display can be obtained without the need for a backlight. In the future, when the electroluminescent quantum dot technology is put into use, the lighting and display industries will be subverted. “Display technology will affect many industries, not only in the areas of television, mobile phones and other reforms, but also in the automotive technology, and even the reform of traffic lights. Zeng Haibo said.

At that time, the use of quantum dots to print TVs like newspapers can effectively reduce waste and play an important role in mitigating the global energy crisis. It can be said that “the quantum dot has a bright future.”

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What is the market space for integrated ceilings in 2019?

What is the prospect of the integrated ceiling industry in 2019, and the value is not worth investing in? In fact, the questioner is on the ceiling when throwing this problem. There has been a strong interest, and even the value of the integrated ceiling industry and its development prospects have been confirmed. However, although many people have already had a promising future in the integrated ceiling industry, the market space is large, but they still can’t help but ask more questions to get support and affirmation from others. Since this is the case, today Xiaobian will give you a satisfactory answer.

I. The integrated ceiling industry in 2019 is a challenge and an opportunity

The integrated ceiling was born in 2004 and has entered its 15th year. During this period, the integrated ceiling industry has continued to advance. . However, in the past two years, the integrated ceiling has been deserted. Many people say that the integrated ceiling industry is currently in the “shuffle period”, and the prospect of the 2019 integrated ceiling industry is not optimistic. In fact, Xiao Bian feels that the next 10 years is a challenge for the integrated ceiling industry.

1. The urbanization process accelerates the expansion of the market space of the integrated ceiling industry

In recent years, China’s urbanization process has steadily advanced, “12. Five. to “13. Plan.” During the period, China’s urbanization rate increased from 51% to 56%, with an average of nearly 22.27 million people entering the city each year.

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of urban permanent residents in the total population in China was 58.52% in 2017. Although the medium and long-term demand for real estate in China is facing structural adjustment, the development of urbanization has made the real estate market still There is room for continued growth, and there will continue to be a large number of agricultural populations moving to cities and towns in the future.

The transformation of rural residents into urban residents is an important part of the rigid housing demand, resulting in a large demand for new housing, which in turn will drive consumption growth in the home industry.

2. Residents’ disposable income growth and integrated ceiling industry ushered in consumption peaks

During 2010 to 2017, the per capita annual disposable income of urban households in China was 9.64% per year. The compound growth rate has reached 36,396.19 yuan from 19,109.44 yuan.

The increase in per capita disposable income has led to an increase in the purchasing power of residents, and the demand for improvement in living environment has increased. When consumers purchase home products, they have begun to pay more attention to product quality, function and safety in addition to price factors. As well as environmental protection issues, higher requirements are placed on the aesthetics, comfort and personalization of the home environment. The integrated ceiling industry is expected to usher in a peak of consumption, and the future development of the industry is relatively broad.

3, the proportion of hardcover rooms to promote the spread of integrated products

Since 2002, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the “Detailed Implementation Rules for Commodity Residences Once in Place”, has been encouraging and supporting residential decoration Development, and has successively introduced a series of related incentive policies.

In recent years, first- and second-tier cities have introduced a large number of encouraging policies to promote the development of residential decoration. The gradual promotion of residential decoration in the country has become an important development opportunity for the residential decoration industry, and is also an integrated product. The further promotion provides a good market environment.

In the future, under the requirements of national policies, the proportion of hardcover houses in residential commercial houses across the country will be higher and higher, and in the context of the national policy of advocating green buildings and fabricated industrial buildings, home decoration integrated products Such as integrated ceilings, etc. will usher in a new one-round rapid development period.

4, consumption upgrade promotes the development of integrated ceiling industry

With the continuous improvement of China’s per capita income level, the continuous improvement of residents’ consumption power and consumption concept, the iterative speed of integrated ceiling industry products It will increase accordingly, prompting household product manufacturers to continuously strengthen product R&D and innovation, speed up the frequency of replacement and replacement, and make products develop in the direction of intelligence, high-end and individualization to meet consumer demand.

Second, the integrated ceiling market capacity exceeds 25 billion yuan in the next 10 years

According to survey data, In recent years, the scale of the integrated ceiling market has continued to expand. The combined growth rate of the national integrated ceiling market in 2012-2016 is over 20%. It is estimated that the national integrated ceiling market capacity is expected to exceed 25 billion by 2020, and the compound growth rate is expected to remain 15% in 2015-2020. Level.

In short, the development of the ceiling industry has great room for development. The key is to look at the strategic positioning of the company. Under the current market operating environment, enterprises should be oriented to the needs of consumers, find their own reasonable positioning, and strive to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

(Article source: Settlement Network | China Ceiling Network)

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Floor FAQ Q & A summary Floor decoration 22 must see

1. What should I do if there is color difference on the floor?

The color difference is the natural property of wood. The color difference means that the color of the same piece of wood is not the same, and the difference is great. It is said that in the whole ground after laying, the color is dark or deep. Or shallow, this is a slight difference in the same color wood, and this ‘must exist’ and ‘normal existence’. On the other hand, with the reduction of natural resources, solid wood will inevitably be used less and less. In terms of increasing the use rate of wood, it is reasonable to have a certain degree of color difference in the same tree species produced by the same manufacturer. When purchasing solid wood and solid wood composite flooring, you should choose those brands with good reputation. At the same time, you should pay close attention to the decoration company’s paving process.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021727331132.jpg”>

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What is rubber flooring? How to clean and maintain the rubber floor?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021744491437.jpg”>

What is rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is natural rubber, synthetic rubber and Floor made of polymer materials of other ingredients. Styrene, benzene, butadiene rubber is synthetic rubber, which is a product of petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber extracted from artificially cultivated rubber trees. Rubber flooring is environmentally friendly flooring. Because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and polymer environmentally friendly materials. Rubber flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components of polymer materials.

600){this.width= 600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021744491438.jpg”>

Natural rubber refers to rubber extracted from artificially cultivated rubber trees. Butylbenzene, high benzene, and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers and are products of petroleum. Because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and polymer materials, rubber flooring is also an environmentally friendly floor. Scientific maintenance methods keep the rubber floor clean and bright, and can greatly extend the life of the floor. Daily cleaning and maintenance of rubber floor should pay attention to four prevention and maintenance: a waterproof: rubber floor is easy to drum or warp when soaked, usually pay attention to waterproof. In and out of the bathroom, the water room should try to avoid spilling water on the ground. If it is accidentally spilled, immediately notify the cleaning staff to wipe it clean. Second, anti-corrosion: the rubber floor will leave scar after corrosion, affecting the appearance. In general, you should avoid causing acid and alkaline substances to spill on the ground. If it is accidentally spilled, it should be wiped clean immediately. Three anti-scratch: rubber floor is a kind of soft surface object, it is extremely difficult to repair after scratching. Avoid dragging objects such as tables and stools on the ground, even in cartons, wooden cases, etc., which can easily scratch the ground. Four anti-burning: The rubber floor turns yellow and hard after being fired, which not only affects the appearance but also is easy to break, so it should avoid the cigarette butts and other contact with the ground. One raise: timely maintenance. Rubber flooring should be kept clean, beautiful, durable, and should be well maintained and waxed in the long term. Generally, wax is used once a quarter, and it is operated by professional maintenance personnel to avoid stepping on the wax before it is dried. After waxing, it is forbidden to use 84 liquid, decontamination powder, washing powder, etc. to clean the ground. If it is smudged, use a neutral detergent to clean and wipe it clean.

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Old cloth floor mat tutorial

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Old cloth floor mat tutorial analysis – preparation materials

in the old In the floor mat tutorial of cloth, the most important step is to prepare the materials. Then friends look at the floor mat tutorial analysis of the old cloth, what do we think we should prepare? Because of the mat made of old cloth There are still a lot of fabrics to be consumed, so you should first prepare a few old clothes. Of course, scissors, rulers, irons and cardboard, and powder (replaceable with pencils) are also essential materials. To ensure that we can smoothly follow the old cloth. The floor mat tutorial to complete the production of the mat. Therefore, be careful when preparing the materials.

The mat of the old cloth tutorial analysis – cutting cardboard, cutting fabrics

We The above analysis of the floor mat tutorial of the old cloth is the most crucial step in the production of the floor mat. The paperboard and the cut fabric are special considerations in the ottoman tutorial of the old cloth. For the size of the cardboard, we can according to our own needs. To cut, divide one big one and two small. I The size of this cardboard in the old cloth floor mat tutorial is 14*14cm and 10*10cm. The next thing to do is to cut the cloth according to the size of the cardboard. The choice of the fabric is best to use a thinner one. It won’t be so hard. Patterns and colors can be chosen according to your preferences. Aesthetics is the most important.

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Earth cloth floor mat tutorial analysis – folding triangle, fixed triangle

We see on the overall effect of the old cloth mat, it has a lot of small triangles. Then the next step in the old cloth floor mat tutorial is to fold the triangle. Fold all the cut square pieces into the shape of the triangle in the figure according to the method in the floor mat tutorial of the old cloth. Folded triangles are stacked according to color classification. These triangles are then stacked on one side of the floor mat. At this time, the steps of preparing the triangle and fixing the triangle in the mat of the old cloth are completed.

old cloth compiled floor mat tutorial analysis – cover the seams, modified mats

In fact, in the old cloth compiled floor mat tutorial, do the above step, rag The floor mats have been basically formed. Then the mat for the old cloth is more beautiful. The last important step in our old cloth floor mat tutorial is to cover the exposed seams with some decorative folded flowers. For the folding flowers in the middle, friends can make their own according to their own preferences, not necessarily flowers, like some geometric shapes, animal and plant patterns can be.

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