Reasons for cracks in laminate flooring

The board gap is too large due to the dry shrinkage of the floor. The quality analysis is due to improper control of the moisture content of the product itself. In addition, the ground is not flat, the combination of the lock is not good, the uneven glue is also easy to cause such problems.

1. Type of slitting:

There are several common types of slits: triangular seams at the ends of the floor, triangular seams at the ends and sides, or at the same time There are also gaps on the sides and an irregular distribution in the room.

2. Causes:

(1) One-side expansion caused by ventilation at the joint of the moisture-proof membrane

The joint of the moisture-proof membrane is not used when the laminate flooring is installed. The waterproof tape is tightly adhered, one side of the floor is above the moisture-proof film, and one side is at the joint of the moisture-proof film. Since the joint of the moisture-proof film is not adhered by the waterproof tape, the moisture intrusion causes the side of the floor to become longer, and the lengths of the two long sides of the floor are different, so that the end of the floor has a triangular seam. The characteristics of this situation are:

a) There is no triangular seam after the installation of the floor, it occurs after a period of use;

b) the moisture content on both sides of the floor strip is inconsistent, generally the difference 2% or more;

c) After the floor is disassembled, it can be seen that the moisture-proof film is not adhered to with waterproof tape.

Such problems occupy a considerable proportion of complaints in the floor triangle gap, the moisture-proof film must be adhered with waterproof tape to ensure that it is airtight and can avoid problems.

(2) Installation quality problems

In the floor installation, due to the uneven force during installation, the floor will have a triangular gap, and the direction of the arrow will be tightened to eliminate the triangular gap and the side. Gap. The characteristics of this type of problem are:

There is a triangular seam after the floor is installed;

b) There is a gap on the side of the floor;

After the floor is disassembled, the moisture-proof film It has been adhered with waterproof tape;

d) After the floor is tightened, the gap between the triangle and the side can be eliminated;

e) The ground is uneven, with the foot on the floor The floor trembled up and down, feeling very uncomfortable, accompanied by a squeaking sound.

(3) improper humidity control Sina Leju 5e “E” l

When the living room is unoccupied for a long time, if the humidity in the room is not adjusted in time, the floor shrinkage will result in a seam Or arching.

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How to judge the quality of solid wood floor paint?

Natural wood has undergone heavy processing and fine grinding has become the fine solid wood flooring in our hands. Among them, the painting process of the floor is very important. Good paint technology can make solid wood flooring better and look better. At the time of purchase, consumers can use the following two simple tests to verify the paint performance of the solid wood flooring in their hands. Solid wood floor paint adhesion test Take out a dollar coin, in the direction of the wood grain on the front of the solid wood floor, use the maximum strength to hang the paint. If you can easily hang the paint, this floor can never be purchased. Solid wood floor paint impact resistance test Take a bunch of keys, choose the height when you remove the key from the clothes pocket, let them fall freely to the floor surface, if the key will paint the floor paint out of the obvious pit or paint white (paint and If the wood is separated, then it is not recommended to buy such a floor. In addition, it is also recommended to look at the back and sides of the floor when purchasing, to confirm whether a layer of waterproof paint is sprayed, and the floor with water-repellent paint can reduce the amount of deformation of the floor.

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200 yuan inside laminate flooring shopping guide

Wood flooring has been popular in floor decoration for a long time. In addition to solid wood flooring, various laminate flooring and composite wood flooring have appeared on the market. Although the laminate flooring is not as expensive as the solid wood flooring in terms of price and material, it has many advantages that the solid wood flooring does not have, such as wear resistance, dirt resistance, convenient installation, and more color choices. The prices of several solid wood floorings to be introduced this time are all within 200 yuan, but the quality is absolutely shocking.

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Recommended product: iconic Yunjin white rubber PY9190 Laminate flooring

Reference price: 199 yuan / square meter

Merchant recommendation: Red Star Meikailong Pazhou shop

Holy Elephant Yunjin White Oak PY9190 laminate flooring It is the Chinese creative series of the iconic floor. The floor is treated with a gray surface, the elegant color is comfortable and simple, and the wood grain of the simulated solid wood is real and natural, and has a strong retro feeling.

600 ){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541573.jpg”>

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/ Userfiles/201708021811541574.jpg”>

The appearance of this Yunjin white rubber laminate flooring is realistic, the color is clean, there is no obvious white spots and stains, the hand touch does not have obvious concave and convex, the surface is smooth, the effect is good. Using the nose to sniff and not pungent taste initially proved that the formaldehyde content is not very high.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/ 20170802181154157 5.jpg”>

The size of the icon 9190f is 808×125.7×(11+2)mm, of which the thickness is 13mm, which is also known as the thick plate (the plate is 8mm), the thick plate is relative to the thin plate. Have a better sense of pedaling. The two wooden floors were superimposed to measure the thickness, and the tape measure was about 26 mm. The product specifications were in accordance with the parameters provided by the manufacturer.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541576.jpg”>

Silver 9190f wooden floor is single The splicing method of the splicing method is relatively firm without the double splicing method, but the splicing time can be saved, and the floor is installed faster.

600){this .width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541577.jpg”>

The gap between the two wooden floors is fine after splicing, but because it is a light-colored floor, So it looks more obvious.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541578.jpg”>

With a sharp screwdriver, metal end to wood The floor is drawn, you can see that the white crumbs on the surface of the wooden floor have been rubbed, and there are also obvious scratches. The white debris on the surface is removed with a damp cloth, and the surface of the wooden floor can still be seen. Some scratches, but if not carefully observed, it is harder to find.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541579.jpg”>

Use the oily pen to write ‘Pacific’ on the wooden floor, then wipe it with a damp cloth. During the evaluation, you can see that the wet cloth can’t clean the oil pen on the wooden floor, and when I am the author Switching to alcohol, it is easy to erase the writing, leaving no trace on the wooden floor.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541580.jpg”>

Connected in two pieces of spliced ​​wood flooring A large amount of water was sprinkled on the seam. After 15 minutes, the water on the surface of the icon 9190f was not significantly reduced. Then the water was removed and the wooden floor was dismantled. The joints of the wooden floor were not seen. There is significant water penetration.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541581.jpg”>

will be holy Like the side of the 9190f laminate flooring, the water was continuously soaked in the bucket for 15 hours. The base layer of the wooden floor was completely wetted, but it remained in its original shape, and no obvious bubbles or deformation were found.

Natural Yuqing Qingfeng LC1221 wood floor is mainly gray-white, with clear wood grain, smooth texture and no impurities. It is suitable for light-colored fresh decoration style, and it is better for waterproof and moisture-proof performance. It is suitable for returning to Nantian.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541582.jpg”>

Nature Floor (China) Co., Ltd. was established In 1995, we mainly engaged in the production, research and development, sales of natural solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, ecological flooring, and laminate flooring. Asia’s 500 most valuable brands.

600){this .width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541583.jpg”>

The texture of the natural LC1221 wood floor is fresh and elegant, the texture is mainly linear, the hand feels smooth, in nature The effect under light is good.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541584.jpg”>

The substrate of nature LC1221 wood floor is High-density board, smooth work edge, single piece thickness is about 135mm.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541585.jpg”>

The splicing method of LC1221 wood floor is the groove. When installing, it only needs to fit the groove to form a precise snap-in, which is very convenient to operate. The stitching effect is good. The gap on the light-colored floor is relatively clear, but in fact the stitching is relatively tight, and the texture after stitching does not appear abrupt.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541586.jpg”>

Quality, wear resistance of the floor and The stain resistance is better. The wooden floor is scratched with a sharp screwdriver. Although it is scratched after rubbing hard, it is not particularly deep and obvious. This floor is not a problem for daily wear.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811541587.jpg”>

Write on the wooden floor with an oily pen The words ‘Pacific’ are then wiped with a damp cloth and seen from the picture are not erased. However, if you use alcohol, the words can be completely erased without leaving traces.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551588.jpg”>

It is worth mentioning that this nature The waterproof and moisture-proof nature of the LC1221 wooden floor is sprinkled with a large amount of water at the joint of the two spliced ​​wooden floors. After a period of time, the moisture on the surface of the LC1221 wooden floor is not significantly reduced, and then the water is removed. Open the wooden floor and observe that there is no obvious water penetration at the seam of the wooden floor.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551589 .jpg”>

Soak the LC1221 wood floor in water for 15 hours, then dry it in the shade for 24 hours. The wooden floor is only slightly bubbled, not serious. It is very practical in the wet back to the south. .

Anxin laminate wood flooring crystal diamond series has been selling well since its launch in 2009. The PM3001 laminate flooring is to be introduced from the top to the bottom by a wear layer, a decorative layer, a high-density substrate layer and The balance (moisture-proof) layer is similar to the mainstream material of the current laminate flooring.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551590.jpg”>

Anxin Floor is Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) The brand products of Wood Co., Ltd. are in the leading position in the industry and are well-known brands. Anxin Floor has participated in many large-scale project construction, including all solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, and enhanced series, with many new processes. Patented product.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551591.jpg”>

PM3001 has a darker appearance The texture is both linear and island-shaped, and the effect of imitation wood grain is ok, which is more natural and natural. Close observation of the wood grain is very clear, the surface is not completely smooth, has a certain three-dimensional sense, feels better, there is no other mottled color between the textures.

600){this.wiDth=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551592.jpg”>

Anxin laminate flooring uses MDF as the substrate board, and the color of the side panel is dark brown There is no difference between the surface and the solid wood floorboard. The two wooden floors are stacked together, and the thickness is measured by a tape measure, which is about 2.4cm, and the thickness of each board should be 1.2cm.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551593.jpg”>

The interface of Anxin laminate flooring is a slotted interface, wooden floor The splicing is not too difficult. After the splicing, the splicing gap between the two floors is very thin, which is difficult to find without paying attention. The effect of the stitching is very natural, the two boards are put together and the texture is closely fitted.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551594.jpg”>

This Anson laminate flooring is cleaned It is very convenient, it can be cleaned with stubborn oily stains with a little alcohol, which shows that the anti-staining property of this wooden floor is generally good, and it is easy to print the shoes, oil stains, etc. Clean and easy to handle.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551595.jpg”>

Anxin fortified wood The wear-resisting layer of the floor is of good quality. The surface of the floor is scratched with a metal hard object, leaving some traces. After wiping with a water-absorbing rag, the marks become very inconspicuous.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551596.jpg”>

Waterproof, splicing on the floor surface There was a large amount of colored tea on the floor, and the leakage on the surface of the floor was not obvious. After the water stayed for about ten minutes, it was wiped off with a paper towel, the surface of the board was not affected, and the surface of the substrate was not infiltrated.

WorldFriends laminate flooring ‘Luofu Phantom’ series has a number of models, including LF002 imitation gold oak appearance, LF005 imitation rosewood appearance, LF006 imitation silver oak appearance, etc., this time to introduce imitation Gold Oak’s LF002.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551597.jpg”>

WorldFriends LF002 has The classic layered structure of laminate flooring, the first layer of wear-resistant layer of this laminate flooring is mainly composed of aluminum oxide, the second layer of decorative wood is decorated with gold oak, and the third layer is made of high-density board. The fourth layer of equilibrium layer is melamine impregnated paper.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551598.jpg”>

WorldFriends LF002 has a good surface gloss, facing The bright windows provide clear reflections. The decorative layer of gold oak has a clear texture with no obvious white spots and stains. The hand touch has no obvious unevenness, and the surface is smooth and the effect is good.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551599.jpg”>

WorldFriends LF002 uses a high-density board as the substrate, measuring 807×145 ×12mm, of which the thickness is 12mm, which is also known as the thick plate (the thin plate is 8mm), the thick plate has a better feeling of pedaling than the thin plate. The two wooden floors are stacked with a thickness of about 24mm.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811551600.jpg”>

WorldFriends LF002 features a unique double lock The splicing method, on the two occluded wooden floors, adopts a double groove and a double protrusion combined with the locking mode. In this way, the two wooden floors spliced ​​together are closely connected, and if it is not deliberately sought, it will be difficult Identify where the gap is.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811561601.jpg”>

Abrasion resistance On the other hand, Shiyou LF002 showed obvious scratches and white debris after drawing with the sharp metal end of the screwdriver. The white debris on the surface was removed with a damp cloth, and some scratches were still visible on the surface of the wooden floor. But if you don’t observe it carefully, it’s hard to find.

600){this.width=600}” align=centerSrc=”/userfiles/201708021811561602.jpg”>

WorldFriends LF002 is also better in stain resistance. Use oily pen on the wooden floor to make ‘Pacific’, then wipe it with a damp cloth and alcohol. Wet cloth is not able to clean the writing of the oily pen on the wooden floor, and it is easy to erase the writing with alcohol, leaving no trace on the wooden floor.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021811561603.jpg”>

The close splicing of the world-friendly laminate flooring To make it waterproof, sprinkle a lot of water on the joints of two pieces of spliced ​​wood flooring. After fifteen minutes, observe that the moisture on the surface of Shiyou LF002 wooden floor has not seen a significant reduction, and then wipe After drying the water, the wooden floor was dismantled, and no obvious water penetration was observed at the joints of the wooden floor.

Release date: 2012/5/15 9:25:21

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Why does the epoxy floor foam?

Epoxy floor is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor, with no seams, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, etc. advantage. Can be designed according to different application requirements: such as thin layer coating, 1-5mm thick self-leveling floor, non-slip wear-resistant coating, mortar coating, anti-static, anti-corrosion coating.

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The decorative floor is damaged, and the damage is artificial.

Yesterday, when Mr. Sun walked on the hydrophilic platform of Fumin Bridge, he found that the decorative floor on the ground near a leisure pavilion was seriously damaged, and it became a ‘trap’ everywhere.

The reporter came to Fumin Bridge, and the floor of the leisure pavilion was decorated with wooden flooring. However, nearly half of the floor is not lost or damaged. Some floor visitors step on it and will be lifted with a loose sound. The reporter observed that most of the damage to the floor should be man-made damage. The reporter contacted the city appearance department, and the staff said that they would verify it as soon as possible and notify the relevant units to carry out the repair.

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Analysis: The outstanding advantages of heavy bamboo flooring

First, the heavy bamboo flooring uses renewable resources bamboo as a raw material to replace the traditional production method using wood as raw material. The production method has a high utilization rate of more than 90%, which is more than twice the utilization rate of raw materials in the traditional production mode, so that it can be both sustainable and effective to protect the environment.

Second, the density of heavy bamboo flooring is as high as 1200kg/m3, which is 1.6 times higher than that of ordinary bamboo and wood flooring. It has high hardness, high strength and high impact toughness. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high density, high strength, impact resistance and wear resistance.

Third, the heavy bamboo flooring has the advantages of water absorption resistance, no deformation, etc. It is determined that the 24 hour water absorption thickness expansion ratio is only 0.4%, which is far superior to the European standard of ≤2.0%.

Fourth, the free formaldehyde emission of heavy bamboo flooring is below 0.35mg/L, which has reached the European and American green standard requirements, and is a veritable green environmental protection product.

Release date: 2011/11/11 11:24:25

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The advantages and disadvantages of the bamboo flooring of the floor entry knowledge!

In the home decoration, the floor is a big horn. The current home floor decoration materials are various. Bamboo flooring has a certain position in the market because of its environmental protection, low price, beautiful appearance and so on. There are some advantages and disadvantages in the decoration of the preferred materials, bamboo flooring, we will go to the details:

600){this.width=600}” align=center Src=”/userfiles/201708021729181197.jpg”>

What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is bamboo Combined with wood, the recycled products are generally made of high-quality bamboo, and the core layer is mostly fir, eucalyptus and other wood, after a series of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high-pressure, high temperature and glue, Nearly 40 complicated processes such as rotary grinding can be made into a new type of composite floor.

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

Advantages of bamboo flooring:

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 1. Superior performance:

Natural and fresh bamboo flooring Delicate and smooth, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, tough, elastic, etc.; at the same time, its surface hardness can be compared with common wood species such as cherry wood, eucalyptus, etc.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 2, not easy to deform

Bamboo flooring Because the floor core material uses wood as raw material, it has excellent stability, durability and good foot feel. , sound insulation performance is good.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 3, warm in winter and cool in summer

Bamboo flooring material makes it so cool in winter and cool in summer Especially suitable for interior decoration such as home environment.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 4, good health

Bamboo flooring surface bamboo texture absorbs ultraviolet rays The function is elegant and soft, which is beneficial to people’s vision; it does not produce heat and heat, and can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature. Living for a long time can reduce the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease in the elderly.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 5, the price is cheaper

Relative to solid wood flooring, the price of bamboo flooring is generally The price of solid wood flooring is cheap, the price of bamboo flooring is generally 110-150 yuan / square meter, and the wooden floor is more expensive.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 6, Easy installation

Bamboo flooring installation is relatively simple, one step in place, no need to paint, saves labor and time, does not pollute the indoor environment; in addition, it can be directly paved without keel, effectively retaining indoor space.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 7, simple maintenance

Bamboo flooring is relatively simple to maintain, you can use a damp cloth or mop to wring dry Yes, easy to dust, good maintenance.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 1. Adhesive is easy to fall off

Bamboo flooring flooring is essentially a multi-layer composite paste press. Due to the different adhesives chosen by different manufacturers, there is no guarantee that there will be no shedding, depending on the quality of the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 2, easy to layer

Bamboo wood flooring is a combination of bamboo and wood, mainly paste, by the day The effects of sun exposure and humidity can cause delamination.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 3, not waterproof

Bamboo flooring is the same as solid wood flooring, not waterproof, and will expand and deform after encountering water. Even the paint is foaming, and it has been moldy and rotten for a long time.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 4, can not be used for floor heating

Solid wood flooring can be used for floor heating, but ordinary bamboo flooring can not It is also one of the shortcomings of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly floor decoration material, and it is cheap and easy to install. It is necessary to understand some advantages and disadvantages before choosing. The above is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring, I hope to help everyone.

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Green plant elements move home, and you can get close to nature without leaving home.

Life needs to be full of greenery and full of sunshine. Green not only represents a kind of vitality, but also the perseverance and determination to decorate your home environment with fresh green elements, not only to make the living space green, but also let you The state of mind will also change. The best realm for decorating your home.

Three: How to use green plant elements to create quality home

Living room The living room is the core area of ​​our life. In our daily living room decoration is also more important. Is the green plant element cleverly presented through the pillow, does it seem to be unique? If you feel monotonous, you can also put a simulation green plant.

Bedroom: The bedroom is a place to ensure that we sleep well, so we try our best to choose not to affect the quality of sleep. For example, we can use the shading curtain to isolate the outside light, or choose a bed with a soft touch.

Restaurant: A good dining environment is not only reflected in the tableware and dining chairs, the surrounding decoration is also crucial. We can use some of the most interesting table cloth or decorative hanging paintings to showcase the distinctive style of the restaurant.

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High-pollution flooring products exposure Bamboo flooring will usher in a new market turning point

Today, bamboo flooring companies have turned their attention to the domestic market after frustration in export. However, domestic sales of bamboo flooring accounted for only 10% of the wood flooring market, and sales were sluggish. In the face of fierce market competition, in order to win the favor of consumers, where is the turning point of the Chinese bamboo flooring market?

Market turning point: exposure of highly polluting flooring products, forcing consumers to change their choices

With the brand floor of Anxin, Madeleine, etc. The increase in formaldehyde exposure exceeded the consumer’s trust in flooring products. As soon as the bamboo flooring was launched, it was advertised as ‘environmental, low-carbon, green’ and immediately received the enthusiasm of consumers.

Bamboo flooring uses natural raw bamboo as a material, formaldehyde emission is low, it is undoubtedly green. In the Shenzhen flooring market, a new high-end bamboo flooring brand, Kang Maisen, has emerged. The high-density bamboo products are mainly used in the high-end market, and the understanding of bamboo flooring has been changed. The product is very environmentally friendly and the paint and paint are high-performance environmentally friendly products imported from abroad. Its formaldehyde emission is less than 0.35g/ml, which has no effect on human health and has no health hazards for children.

The launch of the high-quality environmentally-friendly bamboo flooring market caters to the trend of market consumption, indicating that the inflection point of the Chinese bamboo flooring market is coming soon.

Product inflection point: high density heavy bamboo products appear, change the disadvantage of bamboo flooring

In the past, bamboo flooring was not because of product performance. Stable, poor applicability, easy to crack and easy to deform in the application of heating rooms in the north, so it is not popular in the domestic market. However, with the emergence of heavy bamboo flooring, the performance of all aspects of bamboo flooring products has been improved. The products are more stable, durable and applicable to a wider range of applications, changing the disadvantage of bamboo flooring in the market.

High-density heavy bamboo has superior superiority to ordinary bamboo flooring. It uses renewable resources bamboo as raw material instead of traditional production method using wood as raw material. Up to 90% or more, it is more than twice the utilization rate of raw materials in traditional production methods, which can not only sustain production, but also effectively protect the environment. The product has a density of up to 1200kg/m3, which is more than 1.6 times that of ordinary bamboo and wood flooring. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high density, high strength, high impact toughness, impact resistance and wear. The product has the advantages of water absorption resistance, no deformation, etc. It is determined that the 24 hour water absorption thickness expansion ratio is only 0.4%, which is far superior to the European standard of ≤2.0%. The free formaldehyde emission of this product is below 0.4mg/L, which has reached the requirements of European and American green standards, and is a veritable green environmental protection product.

In addition, the technical cooperation with brand companies has also promoted the development and progress of the entire bamboo flooring industry. For example, Kangmaisen high-density bamboo flooring is a product jointly developed by professional institutions and researchers in Malaysia and China. It fully utilizes the high density of bamboo, so that bamboo not only has heat insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation and corrosion resistance. Features, but also the function of fire, insect and water, so that the application of bamboo flooring in China is wider. With the innovation of technology, the performance of high-density bamboo products has been improved, which has further promoted the development of the entire bamboo flooring market.

Brand inflection point: high-margin brand operation begins, the market begins branding operation

Bamboo flooring wants to change in the market The status must change the brand’s gross profit structure. In the past, bamboo flooring was an export product, so most companies used to compete in the market with low-margin methods. This could not attract the enthusiasm of channels and capital, and could not promote the development of the entire Chinese bamboo flooring market. In order to change the status quo of the industry, bamboo flooring enterprises must adopt high-margin business methods to enhance the taste and life feeling of bamboo flooring products.

The gross profit margin of the general industry is generally above 40%, the gross profit of the wood flooring industry is more than 30%, and the gross profit margin of domestic bamboo flooring is not more than 20%. The profit that can be obtained is very low. According to the logistics cost of 5% to 8%, the marketing cost of 8% to 10%, the sales expenses and the dealer’s year-end profit of 15% to 20%, the bamboo flooring enterprises basically lose money, and there is no marketing. It is difficult to guide consumption. Bamboo flooring products have been in low-end consumption, and after achieving high gross profit, the bamboo flooring industry is likely to change the embarrassing situation of this branded operation.

Only by changing the existing business model and profit structure, adapting to the competitive market environment, branding, and achieving high-margin product output, the market can develop more The better. If you do not change the way of doing business, it will be difficult for enterprises to complete brand transformation and not promote market development and progress. Then the market downturn will be inevitable.

Cultural Inflection Point: Paying close attention to the trend of social development and promoting the market transformation of the flooring industry

Low carbon trend guides the development of the bamboo flooring industry At the Copenhagen Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December 2008, countries reached a global agreement to address climate change, including measures to reduce forest degradation. In December 2009, China’s Copenhagen Climate Conference in Denmark promised that by 2020 China’s emission reduction target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% to 45% compared to 2005.

The 21st century is an environmentally friendly and low-carbon century. Environmentally friendly low-carbon consumption has become a consumer trend that affects the future. Human beings are committed to pollution control and energy conservation. The world is moving towards environmental protection. In the low carbon direction. Driven by the trend of low-carbon environmental protection, consumers began to reduce the consumption of products that waste forests, and began to choose green renewable resources products. This is in line with the trend of the times for bamboo flooring with renewable resources. For the bamboo flooring market, it is a deed of development.machine.

Eastern cultural awakening brings cultural foundation to bamboo flooring. China is the birthplace of bamboo culture. Just as the famous British scholar Joseph Needham studied in the history of Chinese science, East Asian civilization is ‘ Bamboo civilization’. Since ancient times, China’s bamboo culture has developed in the inheritance and has been passed down to the present. China’s bamboo culture has aroused widespread concern. Under the call of low-carbon and environmental protection, bamboo flooring, as a combination of nature and culture, will occupy an increasingly important position in the flooring market.

China’s bamboo resources area and output rank first in the world, about 90% of the bamboo with the best performance and the highest utilization value in China. There are many small enterprises in the domestic bamboo flooring industry, and most of them have not yet formed a mature brand system. It is an excellent opportunity for the strong bamboo flooring enterprises to become bigger and stronger. The turning point of the bamboo flooring market has arrived, and the bamboo flooring market in China will undergo a breakthrough transformation and will develop rapidly in the short term.

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The hot industry encounters the cold market, hindering the development of flooring companies

The time for the development of the flooring industry in China is not short. After nearly 30 years of historical accumulation, the industry as a whole is now mature. However, although the flooring industry is still a hot industry in the current home building materials industry, in recent years, due to the economic environment, the market has gradually become cold. In this context, it is difficult for floor companies to get rid of the dilemma in the cold market, whether it is the transformation of the existing development direction or the upgrading of their own development model. In the current floor market, what is the ‘stubborn disease’ on the road of floor enterprise development?

Affected by the national macro economy, the overall situation of the flooring industry in 2014 was not satisfactory. In recent years, after the baptism of the Internet tide such as e-commerce, the O2O model has become the new darling of the floor enterprises in the cold market, but the floor enterprises that have really developed the e-commerce in the Internet era to the point where they are flourishing have rarely existed.

Under the gradual coldening of the market, flooring companies are confusing in the transformation and transformation of the development model: product innovation, channel expansion, marketing change, brand building, etc., the major changes in the flooring industry The wind blows. These aspects of hard work ‘internal strength’ are important, but in today’s flooring market, they are no longer the ‘disease’ that hinders the development of flooring companies. So, what is the performance of the ‘disease’ of the industry development?

Illness 1: From the user community, away from market demand

In the market of the wind of change, many flooring companies believe that only the enterprise itself ‘transformed blood’ can adapt to the present The development trend of the flooring industry is actually not the case. In the current floor market, consumers are always the first, and he affects the fate of flooring companies. The transformation of flooring companies, the exploration of O2O, the widening of channels, and so on, are ultimately changed for the sake of consumers.

Throughout the entire floor market, most floor companies seldom think about the following issues: just knowing to sell products, but do not know how to accurately target consumer groups? No contact with consumers, no interaction? There is no way to change in time according to consumer needs. When a series of consumer-related issues are placed in front of the floor companies, I believe that many companies are guilty, because these enterprises are still trapped in the mud of traditional enterprises, unable to operate and innovate according to consumer needs, and the so-called transformation and Change has only become formalism.

illness 2: transformational formalization, blind ‘electric shock’

Nowadays, e-commerce has become one of the hottest topics in the flooring industry. It is true that with the development of the Internet era, it is not the people’s way of life, but it has fundamentally subverted the development model of many industries. The flooring industry is one of them. All along, the transformation of the Internet by the flooring companies has been difficult, and so far has not developed a more prominent model. But at present, many flooring companies have indicated that they have kept up with the pace of the times and entered the e-commerce field, but some companies often only look good when they do e-commerce.

In fact, the floor companies involved in the e-commerce field, not only in the Internet of the operating model, but in the integration of internal and external synergies, marketing services and the Internet of the supply chain, and can be innovative through internal management Docking Internet big data, and then using the big data massive information library to understand the market trends, in order to fundamentally reflect the advantages of e-commerce. Those flooring companies that are still stuck in traditional manufacturing thinking have not undergone profound Internet reforms and will only miss opportunities and lose competitiveness in market competition.

At the beginning of the new year, a series of insights on the development trend of the industry are coming. No matter what trend is judged, the floor enterprises need to pay attention to the needs of consumers and the Internet model. The key to successful change. Although the traditional competition is still filled with smoke, the ‘diseases’ in the industry cannot disappear in a short period of time, but the floor companies can only find the problem and can be targeted.

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