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I. Merchants reward:

Consumption of 998 yuan, become a platform member, directly push a member, you can get 5840 coupons, release 16 coupons per day, equivalent to 16 yuan per day, 365 days to finish!

Intermediary reward: 2nd generation, you can get 1095 coupons, release 3 coupons per day, equivalent to 3 yuan per day, 365 days to finish!

Cash withdrawal: 100 yuan integer multiple withdrawal

Example: Zhang San 998 buys a set of products to become a member to recommend Li Si to become a member, Zhang San can get 16 yuan / day every day, such as Li Si recommended Lao Wang, Zhang San get 3 yuan / day 365 days to finish out)

1️⃣Level: Recommended 100 people & times; 5840=584,000/year

2️⃣ Level: Recommended 10000× (3&times ;365)=1.95 million/year

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II. Team Management Rewards:

Direct recruitment of 10 members is Sales Supervisor ❗ ️

Directly recruiting 20 members is the sales manager ❗️

directly recruiting 50 members is the sales director ❗️

Directly cultivating 6 directors is the company’s honorary director ❗️

Supervisor can take 2% of the team’s total performance

Manager can take 5% of the team’s total performance

The director can get 8% of the team’s total performance

If you encounter one of the above 3 levels, you will be recruited for consumption. Business, then you will use his team to manage 10% of the reward income.

Directors can take 1% of the new generation of unlimited performance. This 1% is never leveled!

III. Retirement commission:

1️⃣ Level market repeat consumption takes 10% The commission!

2️⃣ Level market repeat consumption takes 5% of the commission!

IV. Merchant sales commission:

Get one 5% commission for sales of the class merchants!

Take 2% of the sales of the second-tier merchants!

70% of all the above revenues are coupons, coupons Can be directly transferred to cash withdrawals, online shopping online and offline, 30% is a recurring coupon, and coupons can only be used for shopping.

365 days a day withdrawal, within 12 hours, cash withdrawal time 10am – 6pm ❗ ️❗️❗

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Zhao Sheng: Cognitive Revolution and Future Technology Trends

Mr. Zhao Sheng, Chairman of Huashi International

by the business community The “2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum” jointly hosted by the media and Guizhou Liquor was held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 24th to 25th. “Business App is the only mobile information platform designated by the conference. It will release the on-site dry goods and dynamics as soon as possible.

The following is a speech by Mr. Zhao Sheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huashi International:

First of all, I am very grateful to the invitation of the business media. I have been in the United States for the past ten years. Today I am sharing with you from the perspective of Silicon Valley. What is the technical trend in my eyes?

This is an era of nuclear fusion. I divide the courses that entrepreneurs learn into five categories. The first is philosophy courses, the second is management courses, the third is macro courses, and the fourth is finance. The fifth major is the science and technology curriculum. Today, I am looking at the fifth angle to see how these masters of technology in the United States, Kevin · Kelly, these technology prophets, recognize and perceive the world.

What the future is, an American author is very simple to write, and the future is the trend. Dividing hard trends and soft trends, such as artificial intelligence, blockchains are hard trends, and will soon come, soft trends like immigration Mars.

At the Science and Technology Conference last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about the future development of China, which is to realize China through the guidance of science and technology. The rise of culture. What really changed our society was the first industrial revolution that opened in London, England 240 years ago. In 1784, the steam engine was put into use for the first time. In 1860, electricity was discovered. The electricity was discovered to be Industrial 2.0. In 1969, it entered the information age, called Industry 3.0. In 2013, the fourth industrial revolution, computer and Internet was opened.

This is the stage of the evolution of the entire technological revolution.

Standing in Silicon Valley, look at the 100-year trend from 2000 to 2100, divided into five phases. The first stage is the Internet, which connects people and people. The online shopping we use today is the convenience brought by the Internet. The second is the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything. The third is artificial intelligence, human-machine integration, people are more and more like machines, machines are more and more like people. The fourth stage is biotechnology, which comes from the revolution of genes. The fifth stage is space science, a revolution from the colonization of the planet.

The replacement of the central city of the Western world, the first is religion, the place where the soul of the Western world is stored, and Judaism is called 1.0 religion. The second is Western philosophy in the 6th century BC. The third is Florence, the road to the Renaissance. The fourth is London, the fifth is New York, the sixth is San Francisco, and my personal prediction for the next center is Shenzhen.

Last year, the Chinese government had three major events. The first was the 19th National Congress. It proposed the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area and the leader was Shenzhen. Someone asked, why did you have such a point of view? There is a research model in Shenzhen and San Francisco. They are both immigrant cities and seaside cities. They are all innovative cities with relatively rich resources.

We often say in Silicon Valley that HP is a senior company and Google is a middle-aged company. Looking at Shenzhen according to this logical model, Vanke is an old company, Huawei is a middle-aged company, and Tencent is a youth company. The innovations of Shenzhen’s drones, Huada Gene, and Building Technology far exceed those of Hangzhou and Beijing. So the next central city in the world should be Shenzhen.

I personally have four prophecies: First, in 2035, China’s GDP is about the same as the United States, each about $30 trillion, each accounting for about 25% of the world. Second, in 2025, there will be no manufacturing factories in China with more than 1,000 people. Third, in 2030, Shenzhen will become the first city in Asia. Fourth, in the next 10 years, the most important technology track in the world is smart cars, no other.

You can imagine that Lei Jun said that the first place in the global mobile phone is Apple last month, the second is Huawei, the third is Samsung, the fourth is OPPO, the fifth is VIVO, and the sixth is Xiaomi. There are four companies in China. After 10 years, the auto industry is not like this. I think it should be like this. It is not Volkswagen or Toyota that changes the car. Maybe 10 years later, half of the world’s top ten cars are from China, which is a huge vent.

The mystery of the three future leaders of the Chinese Internet. The first one, 10 years later, Baidu map and Gaode map, who can become the market leader? Definitely Baidu. The second one, 10 years later, Tencent Voice and Keda Xunfei, who can become a market leader, I personally think it is Tencent voice. Third, 10 years later, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud will win. I think the first is Alibaba Cloud and the second is Huawei Cloud.

The road to the future is more important than knowledge. Read Wan Wan Road, Wan Li Road, the book has its own gold house. The dean of the Renmin University of China Institute went to Europe and came back to write an article that spread widely. He said that this is an era of knowledge depreciation and value-added knowledge.

By 2050, everyone receives 10,000 times more information today. So 30 years later, the real winner is someone who can process information quickly. Today, things around the world are not inadequate, but surplus. Algorithms are more important than data, and imagination is more important than understanding. What really determines the future is imagination, and imagination is the source of the future.

A lot of people ask me, you talk about so many trends about technology, what kind of track do you tell me the most important? There are about 120-140 technologies in the future. I personally think that there are four technologies that are most important. The first is smart manufacturing, the second is blockchain, the third is artificial intelligence, and the fourth is cancer treatment. These four tracks will be able to see 10 billion in the next 10 years.The emergence of hundreds of billions of dollars of companies, especially the current blockchain, re-constructed production relations.

The second chapter, the source of the cognitive revolution. Three fundamental questions about future cognition, who am I? How do I connect with the world? How do I imagine myself?

The connection between everyone and the world today is based on two points: the first is cognition, the first The second is perception. If there are chips in the head, there are two ways we interact with the world, one is the way people interact, and the other is the way artificial intelligence interacts.

On how to imagine yourself, this question is open-ended. In the future, everyone can look at the definition of cognition. Cognition is the hottest word at the moment. Cognitive science spans six disciplines and produces 11 interdisciplinary subjects. The artificial intelligence profession spans more disciplines and becomes the most important profession in the future.

Artificial intelligence talent is now very expensive, artificial intelligence talent is limited in the world, and all enterprises will become artificial intelligence enterprises. Artificial intelligence is a penetrating technology, and the underlying is data and algorithms.

The biggest feature we read today is fragmentation, and WeChat reading will make us superficial. Robots They are discussing religion, philosophy and beliefs, human beings become vulgar, fragmented and impetuous, and robots become more profound. Therefore, in the final stage of the development of artificial intelligence, the problem is not a legal issue, nor a commercial issue, but an ethical issue.

People are degrading, and all networked machine IQs can reach a thousand. We are slowly evolving according to evolution, and there are children with disabilities among the children born. But the machine is not like this, it can be optimized.

Alpha dogs can iterate over 16 versions in three months. The biggest challenge for us is that evolution is not so fast. The half-life of medical knowledge is 45 years. As a doctor today, the occupational impact is still small, but education, the Internet and other professions are challenged. This is an era of knowledge payment.

How is knowledge formed? The first is experience, the second is experience, and the third is travel. We saw some parents in Shanghai who took their children to France. They thought that these children stayed in France for a month, much better than staying at school for a year.

In essence, it is cognition, which is a contest of thinking patterns, not a contest of knowledge structures. There is no doubt that the gap between people and people has become greater, not smaller, and the pattern has changed as the human-machine-integrated artificial intelligence revolution has arrived.

In a second, people who can see the essence of the world, and those who can’t see the essence for a lifetime, live a completely different life. Knowledge, insight and cognition, knowledge is the first layer, knowledge is the second layer, and cognition is the important source of the gap between everyone.

The most important word in the next 30 years from Silicon Valley to China to Europe is cognition. Cognition is related to artificial intelligence. There is no essential difference between people. The biggest difference comes from cognitive differences.

The goal of every entrepreneur is to broaden the boundaries of cognition. I wrote books on the plane, wrote things before I got on the plane, and many of them were torn off after I got off the plane because my perception changed.

I have a lot of courses in China, many people ask me, what is science, what is technology? Science And technology are two concepts.

From science to technology, from technology to application, from application to business, is such a logic. The core of Germany is Industry 4.0, which originally sold equipment and now sells software solutions. Software and hardware integration, Germany most wants to sell the technical standards of the industrial bottom, we compete with Germany in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Japan is an ingenious country that does one thing infinitely well. My personal point of view, here is Chongqing, the robot made of Mapo tofu, may defeat all the Sichuan masters. If a robot can fire 200,000 times of Mapo tofu, it will calculate and summarize. It knows what kind of temperature, what kind of water will make the tofu taste better, this is artificial intelligence. Penetration in all industries.

We’ve been running around with mobile phones for the past ten years, and smart cars are taking us around for the next decade.

Everyone works 24 hours a day, three ways of working, the first is at home, the second is on the road, and the third is at the company. China Eastern Airlines and Air China have fully opened WIFI, so aircraft, high-speed rail and cars have all been redefined. Today, there are two words that are very hot, "redefined and "refactoring.

Global Technology Innovations: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Biotechnology. The United States is a robot, a human brain plan, and artificial intelligence. Germany is Industry 4.0. The ambitions of the United States and Germany, the future of the three countries in China, the United States and Germany are all based on basic research and development.

Six core technologies that affect the future, information technology, industrial technology, biotechnology, energy technology, materials technology and space technology.

Information technology has changed the world. German cars have not changed in the past 50 years. When new energy vehicles come, they start from another path, such as Tesla.

Biotechnology, the editing of genes, is called the scissors of God by scientists at Harvard University. Think of people as a piece of software that can be edited, including genes. So cancer is just a certain flaw in some aspects of our genes. It must be a high-tech company to get cancer. The logic is also the way to get the car.

Editing the word, the business media is a media company, the editor is divided into three stages, the first is the editor of the media, the second is the robot editor, and the third is the gene editor. There are many editors in the traditional magazine, the first stage edits the text, the second stage robot editor, the third stage to editgene.

Whether it is the Internet or artificial intelligence, human beings are transforming the outside world, but genetic editing is the outside of technology that changes people themselves. Powerful technology companies, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Tencent and Alibaba. They are not just a platform company, but an omnipotent super infrastructure company.

A company like Tencent will achieve the achievements of the British Empire 240 years ago. Perhaps we will usher in a company with a market value of more than $5 trillion, and Apple, which has the highest market value today, is worth $800 billion.

Artificial intelligence is the mechanism and law of exploring human intelligence activities, constructing artificial intelligence inspired by human brain. From the perspective of artificial intelligence, all industries should be redone once, and new productivity emerges.

From Internet + to Artificial Intelligence +, it penetrates all industries, finance, smart manufacturing, hospitals, education, transportation, energy and retail. We are ushered in a new era of cognition. Knowledge is more important than knowledge, and imagination is more important than understanding.

The future of technology trends, we are facing the United States and Germany, China has three companies with a market value of 100 billion US dollars in the Internet industry.

New species will be produced in the future. This is a golden age. I am completely optimistic about China. We are welcoming a robotic era in which robots and biological robots are symbiotic.

Will human society usher in the renaissance of the past? Will China use this round of technological revolution to complete China’s upgrade? Achieve a great Chinese dream? I personally think that the next golden age is in sight. .

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Macao’s famous antique collection brand China Root Mei Lion MGM branch opened grandly

The Old House Gallery has opened its doors in a grand style, and the opening reception will be held at 3 pm on March 3, 2018 (Saturday). Mr. Feng Lianhua, Chief Executive Officer of the store Ms. Feng Meiling, the general manager, led the opening ceremony. The banquet was honored to be invited to the CEO and executive director of MGM China Holdings Limited, Mr. Jian Boxian, and celebrities from all walks of life to attend the celebration.

During the reception, President Feng Lianhua personally visited and explained the rare and antiquities in the venue; under the witness of many VIPs and social leaders, the birth of China Root Branch will become a taste of Macao’s art. The new landmarks also add to the heritage of the Chinese antique industry.

Mr. Jian Boxian (middle), CEO and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, congratulates President Feng Lianhua ( Right 2) and General Manager Feng Meiling (Right 3) Grand Opening of China Genmei Lion MGM Branch

The picture shows Mr. Feng Lianhua, President of China Root, explaining the rare and antiquities in the venue for Mr. Jane Boh-hsien Grant R. Bowie

Feng Lianhua The President is Dr. Liu Zhiyi (currently Chairman of the Macao Economic Association, Member of the Legislative Council) to visit and explain the rare and antiquities in the field

“China Genmei Lion MGM Branch and China located in the Ruins of St. Paul’s The old store has a different style of calm and heavy weight. This time, it is inspired by the modern Chinese style. It combines the elegance of ivory and the simplicity of wood. The brand concept of a rigid and soft brand brings out the artistic sense of China’s long history and low-key luxury. Chinese style is elegant. The precious collections on the premises were carefully selected by President Feng Lianhua for many years.

President Feng Lianhua has been involved in the antiques industry for more than 30 years. He hopes that with his rich knowledge of antiques and his cultural history, he will let more young people understand the knowledge of Chinese antiques and promote it to Asia and other places to attract More people interested in Chinese culture come to appreciate.

On the opening day, celebrities from all walks of life attended the ceremony to congratulate the guests

<;China Roots Corporation for many years To accumulate tens of thousands of products, from the Stone Age to the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China era antiques, among which furniture and Qing Dynasty products accounted for the majority. Restricted new store venues, only some products are displayed. “China Root is mainly engaged in the collection and sale of Chinese antique art, including Chinese antique furniture, ceramics, bronzes, jade, Buddha statues and calligraphy and paintings. Among them, there are works of art from European and American collectors and top auction houses, which have certain collection value.

The entry into the Mei Shi MGM is an recognition of the company and the brand. Opening an antique art shop at the Art Hotel is an innovative breakthrough. Antique art is an industry with professional knowledge and a certain threshold. Although it is stationed in the Bo enterprise, the target source market is not a passenger, but a friend who is interested in art and antiques. Here, the beautiful Lion MGM is similar to the source of the store. The company has been established for nearly 30 years and has accumulated certain resources and contacts. The advantage lies in the large number of collections, and it has a professional appraisal team to confirm the authenticity, and can provide customers with comprehensive consulting services, consult and study together at any time.

Opening ceremony. From Tsinghua University, Sotheby’s Art Alumni attended the ceremony to celebrate the celebration

Macau’s largest local auction house“ Mr. Zhao Qiang (second from right), executive director of Zhongli Collection, and Mr. Xiang Liping (right one), a well-known antique art media, attended the dinner and celebrated the dinner.

& ldquo;Feng Meiling, general manager of China Root, said that he is optimistic about the prospects of the antique art market in Macau, and the investment in the store is up to nine digits. Art exchange platform. Antiques and art have been regarded as potential investment products in recent years. She said that the value of the investment and collection of antique art works complement each other. If the vision is unique, the experience is sufficient, and the trend of the industry is matched, the potential for appreciation of investment products is high.

Regarding the development prospects of antique art in Australia, she believes that the Macao antique art market is still in its infancy and there is room for development. In recent years, the government has vigorously promoted the cause of creative arts, and art is part of the creation of the text, with an ideal prospect. Only in order to promote the development of the industry, education is very important. It is necessary to cultivate an atmosphere of appreciation of art and enhance the public’s understanding of art in order to develop interest in the art industry. Looking into the future, we plan to consolidate the local market, lay a good foundation for the brand, and then develop into the international market to promote the ancient art of Chinese culture.

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[Chu Chu push] Tencent strategic investment social e-commerce platform

【Chu Chu Push】

Tencent Strategic Investment!

Root is Miaohong, trustworthy!

Legal operation, sustainable development!

Chu Chu pushed by Tencent strategic investment, following Softbank’s investment in E-commerce after Alibaba, Lenovo, GGV, New Tianyu Top-level investment stocks, C round financing valuation of tens of billions. The Internet has been escorted by the public, making Chu Chu a pioneering project worthy of attention in 2017. Chu Chu pushes the national operation center [official website] designated micro-signal: QQ9968134

The capital crocodile joint production Chu Chu push, Chu Chu Street, Chu Chutong belong to a company! The company background is strong! Ten billion enterprises, thousands of people technology Team! The platform that is absolutely safe and long-lasting! It is a reliable business worthy of your full investment and long-term development!

VIP Shopping Guide

299 yuan of self-selected products in the mall to become a VIP shopping guide

1, entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member reward 100 yuan (WeChat cash withdrawal seconds)

2, sales commission: enjoy shopping 20%-80% commission, self-buy to save money, promote to make money

Upgrade Director

VIP shopping guide direct push 10 people + total team size Up to 60 people (sales commission totaling more than 10 yuan) can be promoted to the director

1. Basic salary: This part of the income is reflected in the company’s OA system, and the monthly salary is issued on the 5th of the next month

2, entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member reward 150 yuan

4, the director entrepreneurship package commission: the team other people each invite a VIP, get 50 yuan

5, sales commission: enjoy shopping 20%-80% commission, buy and save money, promote to make money

6, team management award: team monthly income per capita greater than 2000 yuan, reward team All VIPs within the month have settled 20% of the total sales commission. More than 1000 yuan less than 2000 yuan, reward 16%. Less than 1000 yuan, reward 12%

7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Chu Chutui is a global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship platform. It relies on the old-fashioned e-commerce Chuchu Street and maximizes social power. It is the best experience and technology in WeChat. The best business model, through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operations capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, aims to create a business platform to gain rich income by promoting goods and creating communities. Chu Chu push the national operation center [official website] designated micro-signal: QQ9968134

Chu Chu push different from traditional e-commerce and offline supermarkets, cut off agents at all levels, intermediate links, saving advertising fees, logistics costs, personnel costs Equal-level price increases, eliminating huge profits, allowing quality goods to spread directly to consumers through community word of mouth. As the preferred brand of social e-commerce in China, it gathers high-quality word-of-mouth products from all over the world. The quality is guaranteed. There is no need to stock up, no delivery, no after-sales, so that everyone can use the fragmentation time, give full play to their respective strengths, and guide the circle of friends to rational consumption. Earn commissions, increase personal income, improve the quality of life, and realize your dreams.

Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, following Softbank’s only e-commerce investment in Alibaba, Lenovo, GGV, and New Tianyu’s top investment stocks, C-round financing valuation of 10 billion. The Internet has been escorted, making Chu Chu the most worthy of entrepreneurial projects in 2017.

Chu Chut is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship, invested by Tencent Strategy, and is also Softbank in Alibaba. After the only investment in the e-commerce sector. Through the Chu Chu push, buy yourself to save money, others to buy and make money, beautifully promoted materials are all ready for you, moving your fingers, the monthly income is over 10,000.

Tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected products, the world’s top buyers, first-hand supply, genuine protection, commodity commissions up to 20%-80%, truly self-buy, save money, promote Make money.

The core executives are all from well-known Internet companies and top micro-brand traders, and 2,000 professional teams are escorting your business. The sales director is one-on-one, with the hands to get you started, and the business school to help you grow quickly.

Company Profile & mdash;— Relationship between Chuchu Street, Chuchutong and Chuchu Push

Vinegar Technology was established in 2011, which was formed by Chuchu Street, Chuchutong and Chuchu The platform business group consisting.

As a powerful e-commerce platform APP, Chuchu Street has accumulated more than 100 million installations over the years. The annual advertising budget exceeds 200 million, covering all levels and users of all ages from urban to rural areas. The popularity and accumulation of tens of thousands of brands and direct factory suppliers is a unique advantage not available in the emerging platforms of the past two years.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, comprehensive protection of the promotion and purchase experience.

Chu Chu Push is a social e-commerce platform that recommends and promotes Chu Chutong’s goods. Through strong technical research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, it can be bought and sold. Recommended products save money, but also through the promotion of goods to get a lucrative business platform.

Company Honor & mdash;—

2014 “Golden Awards-New Shopping Platform Awards

2014“Post 90th Mobile Shopping Star

2015 International E-commerce Innovation Awards Aiqi Awards Greater China New Innovation Brands

2015 China Entertainment Marketing Awards Most Brand Value Spokesperson Award – Jing Boran

2015 Easy View International Annual Innovation APP

2015 GMIC Global Mobile Internet APP TOP50

2016 Golden Achievement Award & mdash;— Silver Screen Award for Best Multi-Screen Integration Marketing Case of the Year

2016 iResearch Awards Jinrui Awards & mdash;— Most Growth Product Awards

The 6th China Finance Summit’s Most Influential Brands in 2017

2017 Gold Coordinates The Most Competitive Platform Awards

Why is Chu Chutu a reliable career?

Chu Chu push is a mass entrepreneurial platform based on social e-commerce. In addition to adapting to the trend, Chu Chu also has a strong investment background. Chu Chu is promoted by Tencent’s strategic investment, and WeChat also belongs to Tencent. WeChat is the main battlefield of social e-commerce. Chu Chu pushes back the big tree to enjoy the cool, promotes the products in WeChat, and the technology and experience of Chu Chu push are top in the industry. It is the best choice to promote making money in WeChat. Chu Chu pushes the national operation center [official website] designated micro-signal: QQ9968134

In addition to Tencent, Chu Chu pushes the investor and softbank, Chu Chu push is the only investment in the e-commerce field after Softbank follows Alibaba. The industry is very recognized for the Chu Chu push, optimistic about the Chu Chu push to grow into the next Alibaba.

This kind of investment background is an unparalleled advantage. In the field of Internet e-commerce, well-known investment institutions are the most powerful endorsements for the company. At the same time, they are favored by Tencent and Softbank. Chu Chu push must be a company with long-term development and rapid development. The company has a strong training team and a comprehensive business school system to help you improve your knowledge and skills.

Excellent VIP shopping guide, you can directly sign a formal contract with Chu Chu push company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold, the annual salary is not a dream. This formal operation guarantees your business. Comply with the trend + capital endorsement + perfect training + formal operation, Chu Chu push must be a reliable career worthy of your full investment and long-term development.

Fans are at the touch of a finger and realize their dreams

Global Social E-Commerce Platform & mdash; Chu Chutong, is the opportunity to earn the first pot of gold on your entrepreneurial road. Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, moving his fingers in WeChat, you can make money by doing business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. Advertising can be spent on money, spokespersons can spend money, and fame can spend money on speculation. These are all replicable. Only investment relationships are truly unique and hard power.

For everyone who is interested in starting a business, starting from 0 to 1 is really a very difficult process! Today, you can use the platform to achieve your dreams and achieve your career. Take off.

The products that are shared are issued, billed … …

Chu Chu push all are Jingdong, Chuchu Street, Vipshop and other quality products, only factory direct sales and annual sales of 10 million are eligible to settle in, the rules of entry are very strict, the same product, cheaper than Jingdong, Tmall, more than 2000 Human technical team, Softbank, Tencent Investment, support for entrepreneurship.

It’s only 15 days on the line, the country is hot, this is a chance to change your life!

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Tianan Digital City T5: Building a high-quality development demonstration zone for industrial cooperation in Dawan District

Yu Anding, Managing Director of Fenggang Tianan Digital City

Building a high-quality development accelerator in Dongguan

In 2018, the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Dawan District took a substantial step. Dongguan, which is located in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, is fast-paced to promote high-quality development.

The recent work conference on deepening innovation drive and promoting high-quality development in the city proposed that the city must further strengthen its confidence in promoting high-quality development, seize the historical opportunity period, enhance its sense of mission and sense of responsibility, and firmly Remove the path of high quality development.

At the same time, with the deepening of the integration of the Dawan District, the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration will also usher in a special window period for the adjustment and optimization of the industrial layout. Under the tide of the times, how can Dongguan take the lead in the new era of high-quality development and win the initiative?

As a major project in the city, the Tianan Digital City T5, which is located in the unique location of the Wanshen Fair, is also thinking about this grand Proposition. This year, Tianan Digital City T5 put forward the strategic goal of building a high-quality development demonstration zone for the industrial cooperation of Dawan District. The aim is to promote the inter-regional development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District by means of industrial cooperation between cities in the Bay Areas such as Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou. The synergy, complementarity and integration of cross-industry and inter-institutional innovation resources will effectively promote the innovation industry of the urban agglomerations of the Bay Area from “formation” to “God gathers and boosts” Dongguan’s speed to “Dongguan quality jumps”.

“Relying on the advantages of location and resources, the park will build an important support platform for Dongguan to undertake a new round of industrial transfer and take the road of high quality development in Shenzhen. Yu Anding, managing director of Tianan Digital City T5, said that through the high integration and interaction of the five elements of industry, environment, resources, market and service, the park will gather in the emerging industries of high growth, high added value and high-tech content. Innovate the platform and innovative services to accurately meet the development needs of enterprises, cultivate enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of development, and lead the regional economic development quality change, efficiency change, and power change.

Promote “Dongguan speed jumps” Dongguan quality

Dongguan is the pioneer of national reform and opening up, and is at the forefront of the country and the province in the stage of rapid growth. Nowadays, with Dongguan moving to a high-quality development stage, achieving high-quality development of structural optimization, mode transformation, and kinetic energy conversion is more critical than the expansion of economic aggregate. How did high-quality development work? At the beginning of this year, Dongguan quickly planned to introduce a general path of high-quality development.

In January, Dongguan issued the “Opinions of the CPC Dongguan Committee on Deeply Implementing Xi Jinping’s New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics to Further Accelerate Economic Transformation and Promote High-Quality Development”, and published it as the No. 1 Document of the Municipal Party Committee in 2018. We will strive to explore more successful practices in accelerating transformation and upgrading, and be more proactive in promoting high-quality development.

At the same time as Dongguan has taken a step of high-quality development, with the acceleration of the integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Shenzhen-China Passage, the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration will also welcome the industry. Special window period for layout adjustment optimization.

In this context, Dongguan proposed that in the current and future 3-5 years of this window period, we must adhere to the concept of production city interaction and production city integration, and undertake the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District. A new round of industrial transfer in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Manufacturing is the foundation of Dongguan and the foundation of Dongguan’s modern economic system. In the new era, how to promote the agglomeration and fission of innovative industries and resources? How to promote the manufacturing industry to move toward the high-end of the global value chain? Or, what kind of platform and grasp is needed for Dongguan to take the road of high-quality development?

This is the subject that Yu Anding has been thinking about. Combining the regional industrial evolution pattern, Dongguan’s endogenous development needs and the park’s own resource endowment, Yu Anding proposed the strategic goal of building a high-quality development demonstration zone for industrial cooperation in Dawan District. The core of this strategy is to undertake a new round of Shenzhen for Dongguan. Industrial transfer, taking the road of high-quality development to create a model-leading platform, promoting the maximization of urban land value and industrial intensification, and helping Dongguan to form an economic system and development model with innovation as the main leading and supporting model, which is high in Dongguan and even in Dawan District. Quality development explores a viable path.

Creating an Innovation Platform to Connect Shenzhen Resources

Located in Yantian Village, Fenggang Town, Tianan Digital City T5 is an inverted triangle embedded in the Shenzhen map, which is irreplaceable in docking Shenzhen industry and resources. Great advantage. Therefore, in the planning of Yu Anding, Shenzhen-Wanghui industrial cooperation is an important way to promote the high-quality development of regional economy.

 High quality development means that the pursuit of growth rate and quantity is to a lesser extent, and the quality and efficiency of innovation and development of enterprises and industries are emphasized. Yu Anding believes that in the era of the gradual dissolution of the barriers to the flow of factors in the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the synergy, complementarity and integration of cross-regional, cross-industry and inter-agency innovation resources in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau will be promoted to create policies, capital and talents. The industrial docking point is a feasible path to promote the establishment of a modern economic system and achieve high-quality development goals.

With industrial cooperation as the main focus, Tianan Digital City T5 will build three functional platforms to promote regional economy and develop quality and efficiency from different levels.

The first platform is an important platform for Dongguan to undertake a new round of industrial transfer in Shenzhen. Tianan Digital City T5 will rely on unique location and resource advantages to connect with the innovative node resources of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, such as Dayun New City, Longhua Central District and Pingshan Central District, to promote the accumulation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong innovative industries in the park and help Dongguan in Dawan District. The industrial layout adjustment optimization period will seize the opportunity.

The second platform is the Shenwanhui Innovation Resource Transfer and Transformation Platform. “In the deep Guan Hui & lsquo;3+2& rsquo; Under the background of the deep integration of the economic circle, we will explore a new model of industrial gradient transfer, build a platform for the integration and transformation of innovative resources in Shenzhen and Dongguan, and promote the integration and innovation of the three enterprises and industries in Dongguan. Yu Anding said.

In addition, Tianan Digital City T5 will build a cluster of intelligent manufacturing (artificial intelligence) innovation industry clusters in the southeast group, gather industrial innovation talents, technology and capital, promote the acceleration of industrial chain, and promote Fenggang construction. Artificial intelligence features a small town, building China “ artificial intelligence technology development highland.

Fenggang Tianan Digital City Project Plan

“1+N+X Precision Service Enterprise

Attracting the deep industrialization of Shenzhen and Dongguan, helping enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of development, and promoting “Dongguan speed to “Dongguan quality jump …… one goal is achieved” A sound operational service system is supported.

According to Yu Anding, Tianan Digital City T5 will build a five-in-one value circulation system with industry, environment, resources, market and service, with innovation, intensive, green and integration as the core concept. Based on the innovative enterprise ecosystem and the “two-wing strategy”, the “1+N+X" operational service system is the starting point, and the “T5 operational theory support” will build a high-quality development of industrial cooperation in Dawan District. The strategic blueprint for the demonstration area became a reality.

What is “1+N+X?” According to Yu Anding, “1” is to build an operational service around an enterprise innovation ecosystem; “N is Nicety, precise, and will be developed by N innovation platforms. Together, they constitute an intelligent incubation system for innovative resources, so that resources and services can be truly implemented. “X means openness. The park will build an open dynamic service system, and continuously update and improve various services around the needs of enterprises. The total number of class services has reached 100.

In fact, industrial parks have sprung up in recent years, and various resource docking and service platforms have emerged one after another. However, the services of many parks are all in the air, and they can’t really connect with the development needs of enterprises. It is precisely this point that Yu Anding put forward the concept of precise incubation and cultivation, so that resources and services can effectively help enterprises.

In the innovation platform built by Tianan Digital City T5, it covers a city park, two major brand activities, three innovation engines and four resource docking platforms. Among them, the two major brand activities are the Enterprise Innovation Ecosphere Conference and the domestic and foreign black technology salons/forums; the three innovation engines include T+SPACE Leading Space, Shenwan Innovation Cooperative Production and Research Base and Tianan Intelligent Manufacturing Venture Capital Fund; The resource docking platform covers the T5 Technology Service Center, Smarter Smart Space, International Express and T5 Think Tank.

“ The construction of all platforms and the introduction of resources are based on a deep understanding of the needs of innovation and development of enterprises. Yu Anding pointed out that in the future, according to the continuous changes in the development needs of enterprises, Tianan Digital City T5 will also introduce more resources to provide enterprises with full life cycle, all-innovation chain and full-space dimension services.

T5 is an iterative work of the Tianan Digital City Deep Pear Pearl River Delta

Link: /p>

230 innovative companies have been introduced

Tianan Digital City T5 is a major project in 2018. As an iterative work of Tianan Digital City in the Pearl River Delta, the total investment is about 10 billion yuan. It covers an area of ​​about 400,000 square meters and has a total construction area of ​​more than 1.5 million square meters. After all of them are put into operation, it is estimated that more than 1,200 companies can be settled, mainly including electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, information technology, cultural creativity, software development and other industries.

Up to now, a group of the first phase of the project has introduced more than 120 innovative enterprises. The space of the second phase of the second group of about 240,000 square meters has also been customized, and more than 110 enterprises have been introduced. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to gather 50 listed companies with an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 2 billion yuan per year.

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Chain City Billion Purchases “Unmanned supermarkets have recently become a hot topic in the industry and public opinion circles. Will the chain city billion purchase mall reduce the labor cost and bring consumers affordable prices? Chain city billion purchase & ldquo; unmanned supermarkets will replace traditional supermarkets, open a new era of consumption?

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Chain City Billion Advantages of purchasing unattended convenience stores

The basic trend of technological progress and business progress is that consumers use goods and enjoy services, and the experience is more and more convenient and more labor-saving; producers produce goods and provide services. Mechanization, automation, and intelligence are getting higher and higher, and labor costs are getting lower and lower. When mobile Internet, Internet of Things, face recognition and third-party payment technologies developed to a critical point, “unmanned supermarkets” came into being. “There is no guide buyer or cashier in the unmanned supermarket, which not only saves the labor cost, but also allows the customer to enjoy the whole process without interference, quiet and private shopping experience, which may bring revolutionary changes in the shopping methods of supermarkets and shopping malls.

Advantages of the chain city to purchase unmanned convenience stores

At this stage“ Unmanned supermarkets achieve 24-hour unattended operation, which can save a lot of labor costs and greatly reduce the operating costs of supermarkets. Shops of the same size can be loaded with more items and a larger number of items. The unmanned convenience store has a small footprint and adopts a low-cost operation mode. The goods are uniformly organized and shipped, and the labor expenditure is small. Therefore, the cost is only one-fifth of that of a traditional convenience store, for example, the number of products of an unmanned supermarket of 20 square meters. It is equivalent to a 50 square meter traditional convenience store, but its operating costs are 40% lower. This way consumers can buy goods that are cheaper.

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Advantages of Chain City Buying Unmanned Convenience Stores

When new technology or business models first appeared, they were not mature enough, the scale effect had not yet appeared, or the market competition was not enough. Sufficient, it may maintain a temporary high price. I believe that with the unannounced flowering of the unmanned supermarkets, the cost of labor and renting will be benefited from consumers. At this stage, consumers benefit mainly from the enjoyment of “unmanned supermarket service upgrades: the free environment allows people to freely choose the products they want while shopping without being disturbed; the intelligent system through data collection and classification analysis, The products that the customer group needs are more accurately placed in order to take the customer’s shopping experience to new heights.

Investing 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to set a gift (imported red wine + tea gift box) to promote a consumer The company returns 16 yuan of coupons per day (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) and 100 cash withdrawals. The same day, the day arrives, more than one push! Nobody supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are a merchant You can stay in our online store for free! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more bonus systems!

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Wu Hougang, Chairman of the Annual Meeting of Business Leaders, Mr. Wu Qiangang, “The Undersea Bank”

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 3

Wu Hougang, Chairman of Zhangzidao Group, has confirmed participation Attend the “New Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. From January 24th to 25th, 2018, he will wait and see in the forum’s 40 years · the entrepreneur’s glorious and dream series speeches. I want to listen to Wu Hougang’s speech at the scene.

Bentham Fortress, the island of legend, the wind and waves, the soul of the soul, the sea for many years, the ploughing of the sea.

Zhangzidao Town is under the jurisdiction of Changhai County, Dalian. It consists of four main islands, namely, scorpion, scorpion, large consumption and small consumption. The total area is 14.95 square kilometers, and currently 15,000 people live in the island. Its 57.7-kilometer coastline is winding and winding, with reefs interlaced and abundant aquatic resources.

In 2009, the per capita annual income of Zhangzidao was more than 20,000 yuan. On the island, every islander can share dividends from the company’s stock; any islander’s children will automatically own 1,000 shares of the listed company; kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school are provincial standards, children from kindergarten The education to junior high school is free of charge; the children who enter high school have a subsidy of 1,000 yuan per year, and the annual subsidy for admission to the university is nearly 10,000 yuan.

Not only that, the ordinary medical care of the islanders is free, and if they are seriously ill, they will receive help. All elderly people are also free of charge. An elderly couple can get a pension of more than 10,000 yuan a year. Old people enjoy a free medical examination and a trip every year.

What kind of power is it that makes this edge of the island a primitive communist ideal?

All this, with the market value of the billion-dollar scorpion fishery group, and it The head of the company, Wu Hougang, is concerned.

Chieftain’s Reform

Wu Hougang is the son of Zhangzidao.

Like other people on the island, Wu’s ancestors were fishermen. Wu Hougang’s father was engaged in offshore fishing and has repeatedly set a record for production. Wu Hougang’s memory of his youth, the happiest thing is to catch birds with his friends when it snows in winter. The most sad thing is that the sea is seasick. This congenital incompatibility makes Wu Hougang’s ideal when he was young, “Let’s work on land.”

The booming fishing industry in Zhangzidao in the 1980s also led to the growth of the shipbuilding industry. After graduating from high school, the 17-year-old Wu Hougang was admitted to the shipyard, starting with a riveting worker, and then transferred to work to do cashier and financial work.

At that time, the fishing town of Zhangzidao was a typical township enterprise with a combination of government and enterprise. It followed the traditional management mode of the chairman of the township committee and the general manager of the town. At the end of the 1980s, Wu Hougang, who had already honed his financial quality, was transferred to the financial office of the Zhangzidao Fisheries.

Through half a year of budgetary estimates and accounting, Wu Hougang discovered that the income data of the fishery in Zhangzidao has experienced a large fluctuation, and even did not make money for half a year. He immediately realized a serious problem: the marine fishery resources showed signs of depletion!

At that time, the fathers and olds liked to call the young Wu Hougang as “Children, who won the trust of everyone, in 1996. In the year, he became the mayor of Zhangzidao Town and the general manager of Zhangzidao Fishery. He is like a chief of the island, and he is trying to lead the island to the simple dream.

However, as soon as the new bureaucrat took office, the blow came. In 1996 and 1997, Zhangzidao Fishery Company suffered a loss of 50 million yuan for a continuous year. If it continues, the entire company and even the entire industry are likely to lose all!

It is a drastic change in the external environment. Under the system of planned economy in the past, the state implemented unified purchase and marketing of fishery products and implemented a unified purchase price for fishermen. The market economy suddenly opened up the circulation. Some of the two traffickers came to the island of Zhangzi and set a high price, which drove the fishermen to privately sell the fishery products to them. This directly led to a decline in the production of the fishery in Zhangzi Island and a serious loss.

Wu Hougang recognizes the seriousness of the problem: the institutional enterprises have no way to live, and the extensive resource plunder is even more precarious. He took the initiative and began to implement the reform of the property rights system to privatize all fishing vessels.

The production enthusiasm of the fishermen was mobilized and the company’s management costs were significantly reduced.

Just one year later, Zhangzidao Fishery turned losses into profits, operating income of more than 30 million yuan, and the fleet size was rapidly expanded from 23 teams to 100 teams.

The remote and arduous environment of the island not only honed the spirit of the will of the islanders, but more valuable, gave them an open and long-term vision.

The journey of the industry chain

Abandon the official sea and fight back. Where does the son of Zhangzidao want to lead the fate of his hometown island?

In fact, Wu Hougang has already calculated a clear and orderly industrial chain journey: at the top of the industrial chain, let go of the scorpion The resource potential of the island fishery accumulated over the past 40 years, the implementation of resource integration in the upstream of the industrial chain, and then the processing of the middle chain of the industrial chain, as well as the downstream distribution channels, and ultimately the retail terminal of the industrial chain.

This journey is called “three tactics & mdash;— grab the sea, grab the market and seize opportunities.

The sea is limited, but the opportunities are limitless. In 2004, Wang Zhifeng, president of the Agricultural Bank of China Dalian BranchThe words woke up Wu Hougang: “If you want to grow your business, you must integrate external resources. You can’t have more seas, but you can have more resources and products.

How can I integrate and utilize more external resources?

A business model called “5 in 1” came into being. The five-in-one refers to the government and Zhangzidao fishery. The company, the Agricultural Bank of China Dalian Branch, the Dalian Fisheries College and the farmers are one in five. The specific practice is: every spring and autumn, the Zhangzidao fishery will inspect a certain number of farmers according to the company’s development and market conditions. Eligible farmers, with the approval of the government, signed a cooperation agreement with Zhangzidao Fishery as a breeding base or processing base.

The Zhangzidao fishery provides funds to farmers, and the Agricultural Bank of China Dalian Branch distributes special loans in proportion to one to one. All funds are used to expand production and seed purchases. In the meantime, Dalian Fisheries College provides scientific and technological support, and Zhangzidao Fishery promotes the scale, production and income of farmers through market, management and talents.

—— This is the most cutting-edge, most popular “crowdsourcing model” in today’s emerging business model.

In 2005, Zhangzidao Fisheries acquired more than 6,700 tons of raw materials such as scallops and bay scallops from a number of raw material bases around Dalian, an increase of 76% over 2004. This has led to the enrichment of 16,000 farmers in Dalian, Shandong and Fujian, and the scallop farmers in Changhai County have increased their income by more than 30,000 yuan.

While completing the upstream integration, Wu Hougang quietly manipulated the tentacles of the Zhangzidao fishery and extended to the processing link in the middle of the industrial chain. “Only through the processing link, fishery resources can become commodity resources and further close to the end consumers. From 2003 to 2005, Zhangzidao Fishery integrated several processing plants including Shandong Rongcheng Food and Dalian Haishi Food.

In May 2005, this tentacles finally surfaced. Jinbei Plaza, a fishery investment of 120 million yuan in Zhangzidao, was opened in Jinshitan, Dalian. This is actually a large-scale industrial park integrating product logistics, shellfish purification, food research and development and safety monitoring. Dealers no longer have to take a boat to order on an island 56 nautical miles away, while the scallops and abalone that have just been salvaged from Zhangzidao can reach 72 aquatic products wholesale markets in 20 hours.

The real name of the island is September 28, 2006. On this day, Zhangzi Island was listed on the market, and immediately became the first high-priced stock in Shenzhen with an opening price of 60.89 yuan. Subsequently, its share price continued to climb, with a record high of 151 yuan. It has been sitting for the third consecutive month, and the first high-priced stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

The banker’s “Sanqi Theorem

Dialogue with Wu Hougang is to talk about his life landscape, and to talk about his business logic flowing down the industrial chain. It is a dialogue about the economic history of Zhangzi Island for more than half a century.

When interviewing Wu Hougang, I often think of some familiar names: Wang Hongbin from Nanjie Village, Wu Renbao from Huaxi Village, and Xu Wenrong from Hengdian Village. Their common point is to fight for their whole life. The hometown of poverty has changed into a hot land of wealth. With their thick shoulders, they also provoke the burden of township parents and company heads, forming a unique business model of government-enterprise integration.

In 2002, the 38-year-old Wu Hougang finally decided to let go of his parents’ duties and lifted the burden of the head. From the perspective of the commercial system, this must be a kind of piercing and penetration, a far-reaching progress.

—— Therefore, it is just right to interpret Wu Hougang’s business “undersea bank” with the indispensable role of the banker’s modern business civilization.

During the interview, I was amazed that Wu Hougang told me that we are still in the entrepreneurial stage. It should be noted that at present, Zhangzidao Fishery has more than 5,000 employees and a market value of 13.1 billion yuan, which is a well-deserved hegemon of domestic fisheries.

Perhaps, for the island of Yizi with glorious history and heroic temperament, Wu Hougang, who walked from the remote islands in the stormy waves, “entrepreneurial” is full of inexhaustible significance.

Wu Hougang, chairman and president, is both thoughtful about strategic decisions and has to be at the executive level. The work madmen in the eyes of employees are like this. However, in a mature and sound modern enterprise system, decision-making and execution must be separated.

Wu Hougang said to me that decentralization and governance are inevitable. Every organization must have such a process, but it depends on the stage. At the present stage in China, there is almost no good cooperation between the chairman and the president. After all, there are two heads, two values, two criteria, and even two cultures at all. He also gave me examples of Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi and Yang Yuanqing.

He insists that the best system in China should be the chairman and president, but when the legal and market systems are up to a higher and more mature level, they must be decentralized. Governance.

Surprisingly, this unique Wu minority view appears almost at every key point in his career as a submarine bank.

For example, in 1996, in order to try the bottom-casting technique, he carried tens of millions of dollars to the sea with his nickname. In 1998, at the time of the survival of the company, he withstood the pressure and promoted the reform of the property rights system.

Wu Hougang proudly told me that if a decision is supported by 70% of employees, then it is likely to be wrong; but if 30% of employees agreeThis decision is likely to be correct. Because the times are improving, if 30% of employees and you are thinking synchronously, this primary and secondary is normal, but if 70% are thinking with you, it means that your leadership is behind.

—— This is the “three-seven theorem” that runs through the life of a submarine banker.

In the office of the chairman of the Lions Island Fisheries, a narrow cot is quietly lying in the corner. Wu Hougang said that when he is tired of work, he is here to take a nap.

It turns out that the submarine bankers have to leave at all times and can only sleep on a camp bed.

(This article originally appeared in “business” in August 2010, published this abridged)

Author: Cao party lights Pan

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Mousse held high and became a good brand of healthy sleep system in China

For healthy sleep, mousse is destined to be great.

Thirteen years ago, when people only knew about mattresses, Mousse created a healthy sleep system around the world. Just as Simmons invented mattresses in the world 100 years ago, Mousse redefines The soft bed industry.

Instead of simply producing and selling a healthy sleep system, a healthy sleep system is built with a tailored business model. When Mousse proposed and practice tailor-made, many of the peers still don’t know what tailoring is. In recent years, the custom tide that has arisen in the home field can be said to be a bit of a muse.

When the Internet developed rapidly, Mousse used the “customer-oriented Internet thinking”, which is the traditional marketing-centric and dealer-centric tradition with most manufacturing companies. Thinking, the difference is ten thousand miles.

Not satisfied with being the first in the domestic market. Mousse swept across Australia, Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions. In the process of internationalization, Mousse integrates upstream and downstream resources of healthy sleep industry in developed countries such as Europe, America and Australia. Many companies in Europe, America and Australia are mousse. Do OEM.

The scary thing about mousse is that it not only makes products, but also makes a unique healthy sleep culture. It is popular in multinational companies. “All resources will be exhausted, only culture. Life is endless.

In China, the bedding market is a highly competitive market. There are thousands of large and small enterprises. Mousse was born in such a market environment. Only one thing was done through 13 years —&mdash Create a brand of healthy sleep systems in China. This is a feat of the pioneer.

Redefining the soft bed industry

Wu Xiaobo said a word: inexpensive The times have passed and the new era has begun.

The economic rise of any country has a lot to do with the middle class. China’s current middle class will pay more and more for high-quality life. Everyone has a healthy and good sleep demand. When purchasing bedding products, more and more attention was paid to brand positioning, design concepts, and health and environmental protection factors, which became the performance of the middle class.

In line with the consumption upgrade of the middle class, Musi proposed a healthy sleep system as early as 2004, redefining the soft bed industry. Not only that, but also the concept of personal customization is displayed on the mattress of Mousse.

A healthy sleep requires five cycles from light sleep to deep sleep. Deep sleep depends on the fit of the entire sleep system. In the past 20 years, new shoes have to wear for a while to be more comfortable. Nowadays, the shoes are basically comfortable after wearing them. The core is to customize according to the size of the feet. The same is true for the mattress, which is tailored to the human body structure and characteristics.

The 5th generation of healthy sleep system & mdash;— TS smart healthy sleep system introduced by Mousse is called black technology for sleep. It quickly and accurately captures human data and is deeply matched to the millions of databases in the background. The TS Smart Healthy Sleep System emphasizes a one-on-one world customization experience.

The bedding industry has experienced decades of development. It’s not that there are no custom-made companies, but there are very few that can be justified. Mousse redefines the soft bed industry by tailoring a personal, healthy sleep system.

In addition, Mousse will also release a smart mattress system. With this system, people can automatically debug after lying down, and can measure the person’s sleep state, the number of turns, the heartbeat, the time of deep sleep, and so on.

On the road of global resource integration, Mousse has never stopped. Since the innovative introduction of 3D materials in 2007 to create a fully washable mattress, in 2017, Mousse and Toyota Group introduced a new material space resin. The ball material once again leads the subversive revolution in the material of the bedding industry.

Healthy sleep is a slow industry. Compared with the opponent, the speed of the mousse is the most “slow one.” In order to develop a smart mattress system, Mousse combined with three countries to complete the polishing in four years, and only evolved from birth to now. Five generations of healthy sleep systems.

Yao Jiqing, president of Mousse Bedding, said that Mousse has been focusing on mattresses, pillows and other products for 13 years, focusing on healthy sleep systems.

Creating a Healthy Sleep with Services

In addition to focusing on the product itself, the ultimate service Experience is also an important part of the customer center strategy.

Mousse launched the Golden Butler Service in more than 3,000 stores nationwide. Before the sale, sale and after-sales, customers can enjoy the installation, removal and other services. At present, there are 1000 service teams in the country and more than 800 service vehicles. Every year, Mousse will also present Christmas gifts to customers at Christmas.

This differentiated value-added service not only raises the threshold of competition, but also forms a closed loop of customer experience, which makes Mousse own its own moat and raises the service awareness and standard of the entire industry.

In the bedding market, most of the competitors use “experiential marketing as the main service model. When consumers enter the store, most of the shopping guides guide consumers to experience the comfort level of different mattresses. Achieve sales. However, such an experience does not allow consumers to get more guidance than to let consumers feel the difference between soft and hard.

In the terminal store marketing of Mousse, Mousse service personnel appear as professional consultants to provide customers with a healthy sleep reference. Test comfortable bed data according to different people’s height, weight, age, and sleeping position, scientific guidanceThe feer chooses bedding.

Not only that, but Mousse is surprisingly cut into sleep scenes, through the hotel to complete the experience service of Mousse, thus achieving a new “experiential marketing.”

Mousse’s layout of the heavy assets of the Mousse Hotel, only to integrate the experience process of the mousse products into the hotel service, allowing consumers to complete the mousse products without knowing it. Evaluation.

After the customer enters the hotel, the staff will measure the shoulders and neck of the customer, and according to the customer’s physical condition and sleep habits, send pillows that meet the customer’s physical data and sleep habits.

Guests can enjoy a top-notch sense of sleep at the same price as a star hotel. It is reported that the annual sales of bedding products of Mousse Sleep Hotel reaches 10 million yuan. Most consumers buy orders directly on the second day after the experience. Customer loyalty reaches 99.9%, and the introduction rate is 68%. .

The hotel industry is in the field of heavy assets. Mousse combines its products with the consumption scenes. It not only introduces a brand new sales channel, but also redefines the hotel’s “sleep standard”. Such extreme service and high cost are beyond the reach of most bedding industries.

The elite get the world

Successful brands sell not only products, It is culture.

Since 2009, Mousse has been holding a “sleep culture tour” around the world, striving to explore the sleep patterns of countries through travel, and to create a native sleep exclusively for mousse bedding. culture.

Among them, the six theories laid a solid foundation for the cultural exploration of Muse. Through the eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, nose, body, and mind, everything around them can affect people’s sleep. Mousse also launched the “Nine Roots Aromatherapy Sleeping Series”, holding the world-renowned home furnishing company HOLLANDIA. After three years of research and hundreds of debugging, it finally developed the Derucci sleep-sleeping series suitable for Chinese body and sleep habits.

Mr. Yao Jiqing, the leader of Mousse, said that Europeans live very calmly and have a lot of happiness. They enjoy the slow life, and the industry, technology and brand are doing very well. The slowness here is not inefficient, but slow work. It is this attitude that has given birth to the development of the entire European brand and industry.

In contrast, the Chinese middle class appears to be too busy, not aware of the importance of slow life and sleep, and lacks a healthy way of life. Many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are under great pressure. They realize that they gradually bring pressure to their favorite healthy sports. For example, Apple CEO Cook loves to ride a bicycle, Ma Yun likes to play Tai Chi, Wang Shi likes hiking and rowing, and Yu Liang likes it. Running, Vanke asked the management to participate in the long-distance running competition and incorporate the health of the employees into the assessment indicators.

Yao Jiqing, who has been studying sleep for a long time, reminds entrepreneurs that “sleepers” are more important than IQ and EQ. Emotional intelligence is affected to a certain extent, and sleepers can manage them the day after tomorrow.

For Mousse, to achieve the great mission of letting people sleep better, we must first change people’s attitudes towards life, let people slow down and enjoy good sleep.

There are two important brand activities in the cultural system of Mousse. First, “3.21 World Sleep Day, every year, Mousse will unite with the world’s leading sleep research institutions to hold a sleep culture forum; second, Mousse”, a global sleep culture tour, in addition to inviting superstars, celebrities from all walks of life to hold salons, will also go deep into Europe Countries, lead users to experience the local life and sleep culture.

Since 2009, Mousse“ The global sleep culture tour has been held for seven times, and has gone through 12 countries and 36 cities. In this process, Mousse has passed on the sleep products and brand concept to the world, and through the experience of Western lifestyles, constantly deepen its sleep culture concept.


Say goodbye to the industry’s extensive “bed buying and selling model, mousse with personality Transforming, intelligent and differentiated into a global healthy sleep resource integrator, inciting the 100 billion high-end bedding market, becoming a unicorn for healthy sleep.

Not only that, but Mousse will “healthy sleep” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It truly puts the luxury of “sleeping healthy” into the industry for 13 years and continues to innovate, creating a bedding industry. Another new air outlet.

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You Jie does not forget the initial heart, all the way “clean” companion

When the multi-purpose cleaning paste became the net of the cleaning industry, “The Crest’s 13-year-old brand has gained many fans.

Speaking of multi-purpose cleaning paste, a treasure has a lot to search for, but do you know its true origin?

That was the summer of 2007, already in the < In the field of daily chemicalization, Mr. He Yudong has been rolling and rolling for several years, and found that the existing cleaning products can no longer meet the diverse cleaning needs of people. Especially in the field of household cleaning, there is no professional versatile cleaning product at all. Wrong cleaning products will only damage these items without your knowledge.

In the field of daily chemical industry, most of the cleaning products used chemical and chemical ingredients. Although they achieved the purpose of cleaning, they also damaged our skin and caused harm to the human body. So, he began to have such an idea —— he produced a multi-functional cleaning product, changed the status quo of daily cleaning products, and took a new world on the road of green health and cleanliness.

With such an idea, Mr. He Yudong began to lead his brothers to conduct a large number of market research, how to satisfy consumers The diverse needs of cleaning can protect our skin, meet the needs of everyday cleaning and be able to carry it with you. Usually, when there is dirt in life, we all think of cleaning, but rarely care about cleaning supplies. “It’s okay to wipe off the dust! This is probably the cleaning requirement for most people.

Foreign households use different cleaning agents for different materials to achieve special purpose and protect the item itself. Most of China’s households are cleaned once a week. The main raw material for cleaning is water, but is tap water really a non-irritating detergent?

Actually, most of the items in life require professional maintenance. For example, leather sofas, tap water contains elements that damage the surface of the cortex, and cleaned with tap water for a long time, which will cause the leather to be dull and dull, with fading and cracking. Moreover, the friction between the rag and the dust will cause scratches on the leather that are difficult to repair. Knowing this, Mr. He Yudong immediately found a technical bull in the Japanese chemical industry. The two began to study a multi-functional cleaning product in a small room.

After two times of personal trials, the first multi-functional cleaning paste was born in Japan. The formula is the soul of a product. The traditional chemical and chemical ingredients will damage us to some extent. Hands. Aware of this, Mr. He Yudong deliberately abandoned the chemical and chemical ingredients, using a green formula, rich in natural extracts, coconut oil, Kaisong bactericidal preservatives, biological enzymes, effective removal of stains, and a layer of protection on the surface of the object. Membrane, let clean and maintain one step in place!

Such a green and healthy formula is not only easy to use, but also safe to use. Therefore, the Jiejie multi-purpose cleaning paste has successfully applied for the national invention patent (invention patent number: 200810232763.3).

Want to know what the multi-purpose cleaning cream can do? See the experiment:


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