Non-slip brick, your home’s safety can depend on it

The non-slip tile is a ceramic floor tile with pleats or bumps on the front to increase the friction between the floor tile and the sole or sole of the foot to prevent slipping and falling. Anti-skid bricks anti-skid coefficient setting specifications, divided into five grades: anti-skid coefficient below zero three or four, is extremely dangerous, between 0:35 and 0:39 is very dangerous, at zero Zero to zero-nine-nine is dangerous. The anti-skid coefficient of 0.5 is in line with the “safety” level. It is very safe for more than 0.6.
The use of non-slip tiles
Anti-slip tiles are mainly used in water-filled spaces. Kitchen, bathroom and balcony floor decoration generally need to choose non-slip tiles, because in general, the tiles can be slip-resistant under dry conditions. In a humid and watery environment, the surface becomes smooth and easily falls. In addition, the owners of the elderly and children in the home, because the slip is harmful to the elderly and children, it is recommended that the bedroom, living room and other spaces, if not floor, also choose the anti-slip superior floor tiles.

Anti-skid bricks purchase tips
Eye-view hand touch: If the brick surface is flat and smooth like a mirror, the anti-slip property is generally poor; at the same time, touch it by hand, you can do it according to the feel The basic judgment is that the more slippery the touch is, the better.

Pedal test: When purchasing floor tiles, first discuss with the store, you can walk directly on the brick surface, test the anti-slip effect, if you walk to feel the slip, do not choose this brick On the kitchen and balcony.

Test water test: Spread two large pieces of floor tiles (some plants may have a layer of oil paper or wax on the bricks, you must first remove them), take a cup filled with water, and put the cup The water in the water sprinkled on the floor tiles, and then walked back and forth on the floor tiles that were sprinkled with water, and felt the feeling of slipping.
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What are the environmental countertops?

Life is alive, only food and love can not live up to it, my ideal is not big, that is, every day can eat hot and delicious food, and the kitchen is a key link in the production and production of delicious food, only to ensure the environmental protection of the kitchen In order to have a safe and healthy kitchen.
1. Which countertops are more environmentally friendly

Natural marble is a natural fine crack, which is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. And a little radiation, easy to cause harm to human health, granite density, hardness, surface is very wear-resistant, which to some extent reduces the possibility of dirt and dirt. Granite has better antibacterial regeneration ability. If you like natural materials very much, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, but you should pay special attention to the seam level of construction workers.

The stainless steel cabinet has the strongest anti-bacterial regeneration ability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Fireproof boards are also prone to become “hotbeds” of bacterial dirt. Low-cost fireproof boards cannot provide effective guarantees in terms of performance and environmental protection. Although the tile is very durable, it has certain limitations. For example, it is easily broken under the impact of heavy objects, and the object that is overheated or too cold will be damaged if it is placed on it for a long time. Splicing tiles will definitely have gaps. Even if it is a seamless tile, it will leave a much larger gap between bricks and bricks than other materials. It is very inconvenient to clean, the hidden dangers are self-evident, and the caulking agent is easy. Blackening, mildew may also occur in quality.

2. Which kind of cabinet plate is more environmentally friendly

The quality of the veneer, base material, glue and edge banding of the plate is the key to the environmental protection of the plate ring The bulk of the amount of formaldehyde released is not in the finish, but on the substrate. The glue used for the substrate and the edge of the seal are not good, which is the key to determining the amount of formaldehyde released. Therefore, when you buy cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. made of double-panel panels, you need to consider three factors: Is the suit color you like? Is there any damage to the edge of the sheet? Is the environmental protection grade on the quality inspection report reaching the E1 level? (If the glue is not good, it can’t be seen, mainly depends on the quality inspection report). If all three conditions are met, the order can be placed.

Which cabinets are really environmentally friendly

I. Stainless steel cabinets

First stainless steel cabinets can achieve true 0 formaldehyde, as well as countertop integration , will never crack, not afraid of the fire is not afraid of the advantages of water, the choice of 304 food grade stainless steel, you can think, 304 food grade stainless steel is what? 304 stainless steel is a nationally specified stainless steel steel can be used to cook food, The level of health and safety is high.

Environmentally friendly stainless steel cabinets

1 Don’t buy cheaper

People who know how to pay for each penny The price of the brand’s stainless steel cabinets is not the same, but the general price is 2-3 times that of ordinary stone cabinets. If the price of the merchant is too cheap, it must be tricky.

The first point is also the most important point! Don’t be tempted to be cheap.

2 See certificate

304 stainless steel cabinets are generally stamped with the word “304” on the surface of the stainless steel cabinet, check whether there is a word on the purchase, and ask the merchant for the relevant quality guarantee .

3 Magnetic measurement

The real 304 stainless steel is generally not magnetic or very weak magnetic. It is sold with a magnet and it is repeatedly tested on the countertop and side of the stainless steel cabinet. The 304 stainless steel is not very The obvious adsorption force, the counterfeit product is the opposite. Although this method cannot scientifically verify the true and false, repeated tests can identify unscrupulous merchants who have weak magnetic coating on counterfeit stainless steel to disturb the magnetic properties.

How to buy environmentally friendly cabinets

4 Identification of potions

The popular stainless steel identification solution on the market, by detecting Ni (nickel) elements in stainless steel The content is known to be of the type of stainless steel. Drop the medicine on the surface of stainless steel. Generally, 201 stainless steel shows dark red, and 304 will show colorless or light yellow. However, this method of identification is relatively old. It should be noted that the detection principle of the medicine is to identify the nickel element, so if the merchant If the surface is covered with a nickel-containing coating, it cannot be distinguished…

5 Hardware

No matter what kind of cabinet, hardware is very important, buy It is also the same as ordinary cabinets. Pay attention to whether the surface of the hardware is smooth and the hand feels thick. For hinges, slides and other components to check the smoothness of multiple opening and closing, the use of large brand hardware can also effectively avoid quality problems.

All aluminum cabinet

All aluminum cabinets are very environmentally friendly, why do you say that? All aluminum household aluminum profiles are extruded at 570 °C for a high temperature, and there is no glue inside. With methanol, after making furniture, with or without geothermal heat, it will not cause pollution such as methanol in the case of indoor temperature changes. Today, people pay more and more attention to health and safety, and life has one third of the time. It is spent at home, so the materials used in the residence should pay more attention to safety and environmental protection. All-aluminum households have become one of the preferred materials for more and more customers to decorate their homes.
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The development of LED products

LED product development history:

LED is widely valued and rapidly developed because it It has many advantages. For example: high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, easy integration, simple drive, long life, impact resistance and stable performance, its development prospects are extremely broad. It is currently developing towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance and luminous density, uniformity of illumination, and full color. With the development of people’s needs – a large-screen display device, so there is a projector, but its brightness can not be used under natural light, so there is an LED display (screen), which has a large viewing angle, high brightness, colorful features.

LED lamp bead type:

1, according to the color of the lamp bead: red light, green light, yellow light, etc.

2, starting LED lights: low-power LED lights (in-line, SMD patch), high-power LED lights. In-line low-power specifications include: straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, ellipse, tombstone type (2*3*4) bullet, flat head, (3/5/flat/bread) piranhas, etc. SMD patch: 3020/3528/5050 These are front light; 1016/1024 and so on are side light sources.

3, according to the characteristics of the light surface: round light, square light, rectangular. Face light tube, lateral tube, micro tube, etc.

LED lamp advantages:

1, the biggest advantage of LED lights is energy saving.

2, long life.

3, good applicability, because the single LED is small, can be made into any shape.

4, the response time is short, is the response time of the ns (nanosecond) level, and the ordinary luminaire is the response time of the ms (millisecond) level.

5, environmental protection, no harmful metals, waste is easy to recycle.

6, bright colors, pure color, narrow spectral range, and can be mixed into red or white light through the red, green and blue three primary colors.

LED lamp shortcomings:

1, expensive.

2, there is still a big gap between the light efficiency and the theoretical light efficiency that can be generally achieved.

3, there is still a big gap between the current life and theoretical life (10w hours).

4, there is still a certain amount of heat.

5, light decay can also be greatly reduced.
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About the cabinet, the best is the best

Since the Chinese people’s eating habits are different from those of foreign countries, the overall cabinet is very important for the practicality of the Chinese family kitchen. So what kind of kitchen is suitable for Chinese cooking and living habits? Here are a few practical kitchen items.
1.Super spice rack

Chinese tastes diversified, sweet and sour bitter and salty, the corresponding seasoning is also difficult to calculate, the bottle on the stove Ten bottles and eight bottles are indispensable, and it is best to raise your hand during the operation. Therefore, the spice rack placed near the stove is definitely a good helper.

2. A large number of lockers

Chinese people have a wide range of foods, such as grains, dry goods, dried meat, salted and soaked, etc., usually eat, season, and more It is bursting, there is a strong amount of food, there must be a large number of powerful lockers! The storage of cabinets must be divided into categories, so that it is more convenient to use.

3.Drawer basket

The refrigerator is not a panacea, some foods do not need to be placed in the refrigerator, such as: potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, store them, as long as Dry and ventilated, the best use of space is the drawer basket. This way you can put more ingredients and enjoy the fun of cooking at any time.
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Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good or plastic steel doors and windows, which one do you choose?

When we are decorating the house, the doors and windows are very important, because the doors and windows are things that protect our privacy and protect us. There are many materials for the doors and windows. And plastic steel is a common door and window material on the market. Many consumers are hesitant to choose doors and windows. Whether it is to buy the doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum or the steel doors and windows is good, then Xiaobian has prepared a brief introduction about the plastic steel window and the broken bridge aluminum and how to buy the broken aluminum doors and windows, I hope to help each one. People, then let’s take a look!

1. Broken Bridge Aluminum This is an approved door and window material. It belongs to the fifth generation of new products for modern doors and windows. Plastic steel is the fourth generation of doors and windows. It is always an upgrade compared to steel doors and windows. Broken bridge aluminum and plastic steel have always been the mainstream doors and windows on the market. The specific choice of which window is mainly based on the window form and decoration style, as well as the family to determine the needs of doors and windows.

2. Broken bridge aluminum is also called insulated bridge aluminum, insulated aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite window. It has better performance than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles. Broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite door and window adopts heat-insulating aluminum profile and insulating glass, imitation European structure, beautiful appearance, energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof function.

3. Plastic steel is the abbreviation of plastic steel profile, the main chemical component is PVC, so it is also called PVC profile. It is a new building material steel widely used in recent years. This material has excellent properties. Easy to handle is widely used. Due to its physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance, and excellent anti-aging properties, it is commonly used as a good alternative to non-ferrous metals such as zinc and aluminum. Mainly used for the push-pull of house construction, the application of swing doors and windows, guardrails, pipes and ceiling materials.

How to buy broken aluminum doors and windows

1. From the aspect of profile surface quality, profile cutting structure and profile insulation strip, good broken aluminum profile The surface has a texture, the surface coating color treatment is also natural, and the hand feels smooth and good. The geometrical angle of aluminum alloy door and window profiles is accurate, the profiles are not bent, twisted, and the angle is positive. The quality of the insulated aluminum bars and doors is good, high temperature resistance, good low temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity.

2. Compared with the brand, the brand’s things are more loved by customers, the big brands are trustworthy, ordinary broken aluminum doors and windows, domestic brands are: Guangdong Feng Aluminum, Guangdong Xingfa, Guangdong Bodybuilding , Liaoning Zhongwang, Beijing and other brand products, Broken Bridge aluminum international brands are: Germany Schüco, Germany Mercer, Germany Hansnock and so on.

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Children’s room decoration about the choice of tiles

Tiles are one of the most used decoration materials on building materials. Nowadays, tiles are used in many places. In the decoration of children’s rooms, many people do not recommend the use of tiles. It is a radiation problem that is worried. Which tiles can be used in children’s rooms? ? Today we will introduce you to the knowledge of ceramic tiles in children’s rooms.

   With people’s attention to the living environment, people are worried about the issue of ceramic tile radiation, which has also attracted great attention. In the decoration of building materials, China has also formulated a national mandatory standard “Building materials.” Radionuclide Limits (GB 6566), the radioactive levels of building decoration materials are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. Among them, ceramic tile products should be divided according to these standards. Building materials manufacturers have to improve production and ensure environmental safety. At present, the qualified ceramic tile products on the market have certain control of their radiation, and rarely have adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, in general, home spaces, including children’s rooms, allow the use of high quality environmentally friendly tiles.
  Children’s rooms can be paved with some safe and environmentally friendly tiles, specifically? First of all, according to the above mentioned, Class A building materials are the lowest radioactive, suitable for paving the common indoor, which is also the standard that children’s room tiles should meet. At the same time, it is recommended that children’s rooms choose matt tiles, because too bright tiles reflect too much light, which will affect children’s vision, especially when there is light, it will have a great impact on the eyes. When purchasing, pay attention to the solid material of the tile, no color difference, smooth and smooth brick surface, and good quality.

   In addition, children’s rooms should refuse to use pure white and dark tiles. The reason is: the whiter the tile, the greater the radiation; the darker the color, the greater the radioactivity, especially the dark red tiles.

  In the decoration of building materials, China has established the national mandatory standard “Limited Radionuclides for Building Materials” (GB 6566), and divides the radioactive level of building decoration materials into A, B, Class C, in which ceramic tile products are also strictly divided according to these standards. At present, the qualified ceramic tile products on the market have certain control of their radiation, and rarely have adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, home spaces, including children’s rooms, allow the use of high quality and environmentally friendly tiles.

  Children’s rooms can be paved with some safe and environmentally friendly tiles, specifically? First of all, according to the above mentioned, Class A building materials are the lowest radioactive, suitable for paving the common indoor, which is also the standard that children’s room tiles should meet. At the same time, it is recommended that children’s rooms choose matt tiles, because too bright tiles reflect too much light, which will affect children’s vision, especially when there is light, it will have a great impact on the eyes. When purchasing, pay attention to the solid material of the tile, no color difference, smooth and smooth brick surface, and good quality.
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Don’t wait until you come in, regret it, the waterproof work of the bathroom is very important.

Many owners did not do waterproof work during the renovation, so that there was water leakage in daily life. It was very troublesome to repair the bathroom after seeping water in the bathroom. Therefore, we must strictly follow the standards when doing waterproof work in the bathroom. Then what is the waterproof height requirement of the bathroom? What are the details of the waterproof construction of the bathroom? Let’s take a look at it with the small series!
What is the waterproof height requirement of the bathroom

1, bathroom wall The waterproof height requirement is generally 30cm high. If it is a wall of non-bearing wall, its basic waterproof height requirement is 1.8m high, and the wall waterproof coating is required to be 30cm high, so as to prevent water from seeping into the wall and causing moisture and falling off. phenomenon.

2. If the bathroom has a bathtub, the waterproof height of the wall of the bathtub should be 30cm higher than the height of the bathtub.

Bathroom waterproof construction attention to detail

1, before painting the first time waterproof coating, please check whether the ground is clean, dry, no debris, etc., after confirming that there is no problem In order to work on waterproof coatings. When applying waterproof coating, pay attention to full coating, and there should be no omission. The waterproof coating should be firmly combined with the base layer. There should be no cracks, bubbles and falling off. The height of the coating should be consistent and the thickness should meet the product requirements.

2, after the first time the waterproof coating is applied, wait for it to completely dry before the second time of waterproof coating. The specific time depends on the waterproof coating, if the interval is too short. , then the quality of waterproof coatings will be greatly reduced.

3. Laying the protective layer, in order to prevent the waterproof layer from being damaged after the subsequent construction, it is necessary to lay a protective layer on the surface of the waterproof coating, and cover the waterproof layer when the protective layer is laid. To live, make sure that there is no omission, and that it must be firmly integrated with the grassroots.

4, closed water test, so the water shut-off test should be done after the completion of the construction work, the waterproof height of the closed water test should not be less than 2cm, and the test time should be at least 24 hours, wait for 24 hours To check for leaks, if there is no leakage, it is qualified. If there is leakage, it must be redone. Do not neglect.

Summary of the small series: The above is about the waterproofing height requirements of the bathroom and the details of the waterproof construction of the bathroom. When you are doing waterproof work, the waterproof height of the bathroom must be strictly in accordance with the standard, and When leakage occurs during the test of water test, it must not be ignored. Otherwise, it will be even more difficult to deal with when there is a bigger problem in the future. I hope it will help everyone.
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The United States has imposed a wider range of tariffs on Chinese lighting companies.

The leaders of China and the United States reached a consensus on economic and trade issues between the two countries. The two sides decided to stop the trade restrictions such as upgrading tariffs, including not raising the existing tariff rate for each other, and not introducing new tariff-adding measures for other commodities. This means that China and the United States will not continue to impose new tariffs on goods, which means that Sino-US trade frictions that have lasted for more than eight months have begun to turn around! What is the impact of this news on the LED lighting industry?

The stock market is moving higher

Affected by the cessation of new tariffs by China and the United States, the Asia-Pacific market has risen across the board at the beginning of the day. US stock futures stock indexes have risen across the board, and major stock exchanges have shown an upward trend, which is like spring for investors.

It should be noted that this time it is only “stopping new tariffs”, but the previous taxation is still valid, and it is 3 months to stop adding new tariffs. the term. Only when the two sides continue to sit down and negotiate an agreement can they advance the benefits. Otherwise, the changing US government may continue to impose new commodity taxes after the end of the three-month period.

American lighting companies have suspended price increases

from China Since the US trade war, relevant enterprises in China and the United States have been affected to varying degrees, and LED-related companies are also taking possible countermeasures. Since May of this year, a number of lighting companies have implemented price increases on products. After China and the United States suspended the mutual tariff increase, the two companies announced a moratorium on price increases.

According to foreign media reports, Current announced that the price increase originally scheduled for January 1 is tentatively scheduled for April 1.

On December 5, Acuity issued a notice announcing the suspension of the price increase. The notice said: “In November, due to the increase in the cost of our products, including the impact of tariff increases, we announced that we will raise the price from January 2, 2019.

But after the Sino-US trade negotiations on December 1st, the Trump administration announced that it would suspend the new tariffs during the 90th period of the trade negotiations. Therefore, we will not increase in January now. The price plan. All other price increases previously announced and implemented have been fully implemented and will still be implemented. If the tariff is increased within 90 days, the 15% increase we announced previously will be implemented during this time.”

United States imposes customs duties

March 22, 2018, USA The White House officially signed a trade memorandum to China, announcing that it will be possible to impose tariffs on US$60 billion of goods imported from China and restrict Chinese companies from investing in the United States. On April 3, 2018, the Office of the US Trade Representative announced the list of Chinese goods subject to tariffs based on the results of the “301 Survey”, involving imports worth approximately US$50 billion annually from China. In this round of taxation, it actually involves LED upstream, PCB, passive components, discrete devices and semiconductor equipment. However, Chinese companies have a small proportion of such products to the United States, so they have little impact on the industry.

On September 18, 2018, Trump instructed the US Trade Representative (USTR) to impose additional tariffs on approximately $200 billion of Chinese imports. Effective September 24, 2018, 10% before the end of this year, will increase to 25% from January 1, 2019. In the second round of the 200 billion tax collection list, the LED products involved cover a wide range, including more than 10 kinds of LED and lighting items, and the trade amount is also relatively large. In this round of taxation, a total of 33 categories of lighting products were included in the tariff list. According to industry data, the export volume of tariffed lighting products accounts for about 75% of China’s total lighting products exports, exceeding US$30 billion. Among them, exports to the US account for nearly 80% of China’s total lighting products exports to the US, exceeding 80%. One hundred million U.S. dollars. As the largest export destination of China’s lighting products, the United States has imposed a wide range of tariffs on Chinese lighting companies.


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What emerging markets can the “new fulcrum” of the home industry incite?

After experiencing rapid expansion in the past few years, China Home has ushered in the opportunity to meet the industry 4.0, innovative technology, innovative channels, innovative products are coming. In the context of today’s new economic cycle, what aspects of the big home industry should focus on in order to continue to develop steadily? In order to explore the new program, on December 13th, the “Decoding Archimedes – 2018 China Home Industry Development Forum and New Wave Awards Ceremony” jointly sponsored by Sina Home and Leju Home was launched in Beijing. Nearly a thousand elites in the home industry gathered to talk about industry trends, explore innovative solutions for the home industry, find promoters in the home industry, and keep up with the times.

   In addition, Wei Xiaofei, general manager of Leju Home Media Group and general manager of Sina Home, released the “Three New” strategy in 2019, deputy general manager of Leju Home Media Group and editor-in-chief of Sina Home Dai Wei published a content plan around the home 2.0 layout and a Sina home media strategy release speech. Sina home tracking reports throughout the entire process, bringing the latest exclusive information.

  Focus: A new strategy under the new home cycle

  In the era of multi-industry integration and digitization, innovation is getting farther and farther, new The efficiency brought by the model is more prominent. At the meeting, Wei Xiaofei, general manager of Leju Home Media Group and general manager of Sina Home, released the development strategy of “New Media, New Advertising, New Tools” in 2019 to create a comprehensive media platform.

   In terms of new media, Leju Home will redefine new media with media credibility, platform penetration, industry insight and user aggregation. The two major platforms in 2019: Sina Home and Leju Finance will be positioned as an integrated marketing platform with media attributes and a leading position for branding and communication of home enterprises.

   In terms of new ecology, Leju Home will further realize the content of advertisements, and let consumers be willing to accept advertising behavior through professional ability; use big data and artificial intelligence to achieve accurate dissemination of content; At the same time, resource integration and intelligent delivery are used to achieve coverage of the scene; in the end, efforts are made to turn the audience into fans and generate “power of onlookers”.

   In terms of new tools, in 2019, Leju will launch a mobile social intelligence marketing solution called “Lighthouse”. Its main functions include: intelligent marketing tool matrix, cross-platform content push, data management and personal IP creation, and finally set up a new application scenario, releasing all social energy.

   Wei Xiaofei said that Leju will help brands deliver the most accurate users through marketing and brand-level media and smart advertising platforms. Especially in terms of media content, Wei Xiaofei said that Sina Home will create a comprehensive media platform from the three dimensions of resources, channels and users, and launch a trump card to serve consumers. And Leju Finance will launch several major columns in 2019, such as “7 × 24 hours”, “70 years 70 enterprises”, the distribution of high-quality content to different platforms, in order to maximize the effect, content accuracy. LeTeng Home was released at the end of 2017. Today, the 2.0 version of LeTeng Home will be fully upgraded from the perspective of new ecology and new tools in 2019.

  Speech: Content Economy and Brand Potential

  In the oligarchy that resources and capital are increasingly concentrated, the home industry needs not only If you invest in hard power, you need to develop soft power. Content and brand is the breakthrough point for home furnishing enterprises to take a higher level. At the conference, deputy general manager of Leju Home Media Group and editor-in-chief of Sina Home, Dai Wei, and Ma Qi (global) co-founder of brand management, Wang Zude, respectively brought the “The Opening of the Home 2.0 Era: Sprint Marathon Run” and “Let Brands become competitive, and share their thoughts.

   Deputy Director of Leju Home Media Group and Sina Home Editor-in-Chief Dai Wei said that at present, there are three major changes in Chinese society: one is that unique content has become a new traffic portal. Second, the rise of mainstream consumer awareness; Third, the popularity of mobile Internet tools makes it easier for friends to build. The media has played an important role in this trend, and the media’s strategy of focusing on speed and depth is very consistent with the characteristics of these times and generates great value.

   At the same time, Dai Wei also announced the 2019 Sina Home’s media strategy, including news, information and design. Currently, these three sections have representative columns. In the future, we will continue to deepen and expand the scope of content innovation to witness the new development of the home industry.

   Maggie (Global) brand management co-founder Wang Zude brings a speech on “Let the brand become competitive”. In today’s highly globalized era, the importance of brands to business development is self-evident, and the brand competitiveness of the home industry is gradually emerging. How to shape the brand, build the brand, and promote the brand, Mr. Wang brought enough examples and analysis.

   Mr. Wang from the safety of IKEA Huawei, and then to the secrets of longevity of brands such as LV, Rolls Royce, Burberry, Mercedes-Benz, etc., shows the commonality of brand building: It is a team, one As a result of the creation of a group of strivers for a goal, the brand connotation is therefore broad. In today’s business climate, business owners not only need to operate brands externally, but also internal, because successful brands are often generated from within the company and become market-seekers.

   Forum Focus: Innovation in Retail, Channels and AssemblyThe border industry

   The home industry has been working for more than 30 years, and now it has ushered in the digital ability of the technology Internet forces. How to develop rapidly in the future in the new era? How can household enterprises adapt to the trend of technology and endogenous cracks become long? It is a topic worth exploring. At the annual meeting, the new retail and new channels, the two-package forum gathered a number of industry big coffee, and collided with many wonderful views.

   At the forum of “Finishing – Leaping Innovation of Advanced Products”, Chen Hui, Chairman of Dongyi Risheng, was the forum sponsor and moderator, and elaborated with many guests. The development and changes of the trend of the whole assembly. Participants included Wang Micheng, President of Hongyan Electric, Wan Xuebing, Vice President of Qijiao, Ye Long, Chairman and CEO of Ziguang Property, Tao Jupeng, Managing Director of Mango Tiles, Zhang Jingyu, Chairman of Meichao Group, and Wang Rui, CEO of Orange House.

  The forum site, the guests not only focus on the whole set, but also talk about emerging technologies – 5G, smart home and other aspects, as well as the transformation of the home industry The current ecological status and future trends of the overall industrial chain of the home.

   At the “New Retail and New Channels: The Stars of Home 2.0” forum, Li Jiacong, the general manager of Shangpin Home, was the forum sponsor and moderator, focusing on the home with the guests. The new retail has been shared and summarized. Zhao Jianguo, Chairman of Jimei Home, Lu Weijia, Chairman and President of Asia Group, Chen Wei, Vice President of Boss Electric, Wu Nani, Vice President of Qumei Home, Wu Xingjie, Executive Director of AUPU Op, Li Hongyao, Director of Federal Furniture Group, Zhang Yan, Deputy General Manager of TATA Mumen Participated in the forum together.

   A consensus in the forum discussion is that “new retail” has become a trend vocabulary very fast, and attempts in the home industry are still in the groping phase. However, the channel changes involved in the new retail industry will indeed have a major impact on the home industry. The entrepreneurs who are in the front line of the home have a deeper understanding and feel the same: to bring better products, services and experiences. To consumers, it will not lag behind the trend, but also the essence of business competition.

   In addition, at the forum of “Ask the Question”, Zhang Kai, Chairman of Jiusheng Floor, was the forum sponsor and host, and exchanged the frontiers of industry, life and times with the guests. explore. Guests include Jane Eyre Home Brand Director | Jane Life Founder Ye Zi, Yun Shi Tong Group General Manager Chen Guanhan, Bayfield International Chairman Luo Yiran, Grammy Group President Yang Yuan, Ou Ya Da Commercial Holdings Group Chairman Assistant and Supply Chain Peng Cheng, general manager of the financial company, Lin Yuanling, deputy general manager of the international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition, Lin Youyu, executive vice president of Champion Building Materials Group, Dai Xianyan, general manager of the current decoration.

   Highlights: “New Wave” insight into the past, leading the future

   The highest moment of the annual meeting belongs to the “New Wave” festival. The 30-year development of the home has created a wave of leaders who are catching up with the trend of the times. They have created a benchmarking enterprise in a sub-sector, or they have led a trend with a new type of product innovation. Undoubtedly, they are the era of innovation. A group worthy of attention.

   At the annual convention, the conference first revealed the “2018 Home Innovation Marketing Award”. “Red Star m+, China High-end Interior Design Competition”, “Fussenmei Home – New Youth·Dream”, Qumei “still rejuvenating, ecomagination” green box three projects, because it represents the design field and content innovation Award winning.

   The most important thing in the festival is the “New Wave” award, including the character award and the brand award. It is reported that the selection has been evaluated by national experts and scores. In the end, a national jury composed of authoritative academic research institutions, financial and economic fields, mainstream media and a number of heavyweight experts composed more than 200 experts selected the final winners to ensure fair and objective management of corporate CEOs in the home industry. The professional selection has won continuous and enthusiastic attention from the whole industry.

   “New Wave” is divided into characters and brand awards. Among them, the character category includes 10 groups of awards, industry drivers, elites, youth pilots, and store managers. A total of 100 industry leaders won the award; the brand category includes brand reputation, influence, and consumer trust brands. A total of 29 annual awards, including product design innovation, and 290 outstanding brands were on the list.

   In the final session, the “Special Contribution to Industry – Thinker” special award was also presented, honoring industry experts who have followed the home industry for many years. In the new development period when the “new economy” has become a gathering point, what new markets can the “new fulcrum” of the home industry be able to shake? We will wait and see in 2019.
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Bathroom products need to confirm the installation location before laying tiles and wall tiles

  When is the home improvement bathroom installed? The industry mainly understands that the bathroom is a big concept, the bathroom contains a lot of items, different bathroom installation will be different, so we must first understand the specific value refers to the bathroom Which one can give the most correct installation time guidance, let’s follow the small series to understand it!
   sanitary ware basin installation time

   First, confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin: Before laying the floor tiles and wall tiles, it is necessary to confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin. Since the sanitary ware basin is to be perforated in the wall, the water inlet hole and the drainage hole are also required. Once the installation is generally unable to move the position, it is necessary to confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin.

   Second, when purchasing the sanitary ware basin, confirm the shape and size of the sanitary ware basin according to the installation position: after the position of the sanitary ware basin is determined, the shape and size of the sanitary ware basin can only be determined according to the installation position. .

   Third, look at the pipeline diagram of the water pipe and the wiring diagram of the wire: When installing, use the air drill to punch holes in the wall, so confirm the pipeline diagram and wiring diagram before installation. Important, if you break the water pipe or wire map, you will open some of the wall tiles, causing unnecessary losses.

   Fourth, confirm the installation height of the sanitary ware basin: the standard installation height of the general sanitary ware basin is 80~85cm, which is calculated from the upper part of the floor tile to the wash basin, the specific installation height It is also determined by the height and habits of the family members, but is the most appropriate within the standard height range.

  5, the accessories and installation of each sanitary ware basin are different, that is, the same type of punching size (the size of the hole to the wall) is not the same, but the installation The process is basically the same.

  When is the renovation of new homes?

  Many people think that during the entire home improvement process, sanitary ware products need to be installed in the later stages of the project. Because it has to go through people’s house inspection and a series of civil construction before, and the bathroom is naturally important for its waterproof performance, after the work is completed, it will involve the installation of sanitary ware.

   However, professionals pointed out that the choice of sanitary ware products should be determined after the overall decoration style of the room, that is, before the overall renovation of the home, because only in this way, can be selected in the construction process The specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the sanitary ware products are reserved; in general, the sanitary ware products of different sanitary ware manufacturers have different requirements on the installation conditions. For example, the faucet needs to be pre-buried with appropriate pipelines, and the toilet needs to consider the drainage hole and the wall. The distance between the faces and the shower room needs to consider the bearing wall and the floor drain position. These must be done in the home decoration process, otherwise, the sanitary ware products are difficult to install and use.

  Basic common sense of sanitary ware installation

  Sanitary ware installation and construction process: sanitary ware inlay wall tile→ceiling→laying floor tile→installation Toilet, washbasin, bidet → installation and connection to the drain pipe → installation of lamps, sockets, mirrors → installation of towel rods and other hardware accessories.

  The process of the toilet: check the ground drain pipe → align the nozzle → level the alignment → draw the mark → punch the hole → put the putty → set the rubber pad → Screw on the nut, → mark the two sides of the water tank on the back of the tank, → punch the hole → insert the bolt → 捻 → → back the water tank to hang up and find the right → screw the nut → install the water tank elbow → install the eight-word door → put The mother’s lamp is well bent → insert the drift door and the eight-word door → tighten the nut.

   Washbasin process: expansion bolt insertion → 捻 → → basin tube rack hangs → put the washbasin on the rack to find the level → water connection: washbasin → straighten → Connected to the water.
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