Winning the inaugural award as a smart and elegant design for university building

So come to end the annual award for our inauguration. No one is quite prepared for the excitement and responsiveness of this class, attracting an amazing array of entrants, from the grassroots, high-tech mobile boulder to the level produced by the small and sustainable building shells that sparkle in the desert. Grace our judging panel by several leading minds of the profession, including Paul · Dr. Kalkhoven’s Mikkel Kragh, Stephen Light, David · Richards and Steve · Watt. While the scale and technical complexity are safe enough for some of the facades on the list of places, this is a moderately sized, unobtrusive environment that has won the heart of the panel: Guy Hollaway Architects Burst Building Project, at Kent University in Canterbury campus.

Each judge admires this gleaming revolution, in addition to the original monotonous university four, using natural wind energy and thousands of dynamic aluminum crucibles. The wing gracefully reflects the constant flow of the following steps.

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US aluminum production in April fell 36.5% year-on-year

According to New York May 8 news, the American Aluminum Association said on Friday that the annual yield of primary aluminum in the United States in April was 1,764,641 tons, compared with April 2,779,160 in April 2008. The ton was reduced by 36.5%, down 2.5% from the 1,809,788 tons in March.

As of the end of April, the annual output totaled 1,948,969 tons, a sharp drop of 29.5% from 2,765,372 tons in the same period of 2008.

The actual primary aluminum production in the United States in April was 145,039 tons, down from 153,708 tons in March and 227,800 in April 2008. Ton.

The average daily aluminum production in the United States in April was 4,835 tons, down from 7,593 tons in the same period last year and 4,958 tons in March.

The average daily aluminum production in the United States was 5,340 tons in January-April, down from 7,556 tons in the same period last year.

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New York City’s next city park, Queen’s High Line

Public Land Trust and Admiralty Friends WXY Architecture + Urban Design with Dlandstudio announced today that it has been selected to lead the new Admiralty Park design and feasibility plan to put an abandoned railway in Queens, New York, 3.5 miles long. The company chose 29 proposals from far away in China.

Upon completion, Hong Kong Queensway will create a 3.5 linear park along the Old Long Island Railroad Path, stretching through the Central and Southern Queens . It will connect multiple communities to provide space for 250,000 people in the borough. The park will welcome the diversity of art, sculpture and food boroughs from around the world.
Trust Marc Matsil’s New York State Director of Public Land. Say: “Admiralty will be the next great park in New York,” our mission is to protect the land, this is a perfect fit for this goal. Two months ago, we found New York, the nation’s 50 largest urban park system ParkScore, ranking second in the nation’s urban park system. But New York should be No. 1, and this park will help achieve this goal. “
Our team is honored to be selected to assist with the public land trust and planning Admiralty Admiralty. This research is an important step in making vision recovery as a green connector and cultural corridor reality that Admiralty says Claire · Weiz, Principal, WXY Architecture + Urban Design.

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Singapore cuts export growth forecast

Singapore lowered its export growth forecast for this year on the 12th, on the grounds that the slowdown in China’s expansion will curb demand for Singapore’s products. However, driven by the service industry, the economy grew by 15.5% in the second quarter, which was better than expected. Singapore has revised its annual economic growth forecast to between 2.5% and 3.5%.
According to the statement of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), non-oil domestic exports may be flat or up 1% this year, not as good as previously forecast growth of 2% to 4%.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry said that non-oil domestic exports have not yet shown signs of recovery, but the recession compared with the same period last year has slowed down in the second quarter; with global demand expected to gradually recover, trade and non-oil domestic exports will also Moderate climb. The top three export destinations in Singapore are Malaysia, the European Union and China.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry also announced that the gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter increased by 15.5% compared with the previous quarter after seasonal adjustment and annualization, which was better than the 15.2% estimated in the previous month and the revised in the first quarter. 1.7%. If compared with the same period last year, the second quarter GDP expansion of 3.8%, slightly better than the initial estimate of 3.7%.

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OMA’s victory in Miami

The Miami Beach Convention Center was redesigned after a highly intense match between the two teams – OMA and Tishman Speyer, UIA, MVVA, Raymond Jungle and TVS, BJARKE Ingles Group (BIG) and West 8 Fent Reis, JPA and Portman CMC – it has been announced that the OMA-led team has won.

The name of the winning team to South Beach represents the ACE of Art, Culture and Entertainment. The 52-acre development is expected to cost $600 million and cover the entire county bond and hotel tax.

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The “new middle class” home consumption is different from the past

At present, the “new middle class” population is probably a group of people who have received good education, have a higher quality of life, and have higher emotional and cultural needs. They have certain spending power and a sense of life ritual. Their home consumption is different from the past, and it also shows new consumption characteristics.

Private customization

“New Middle School” has considerable enthusiasm for personalization, whether it has design Faner, whether it is different is an important judgment indicator of “new middle-class” household consumption, they are more willing to pay for the personalized design with unique aesthetics. “Customization is the future trend, and the customization market is also infinitely extended. Cabinets, wooden doors, home furnishings, sofas, and curtains are all covered. Especially after 80s and 90s, it is very popular with custom furniture.” A brand Kaifeng dealer said that nearly two In the year, custom brands emerged in an endless stream, and many home stores also introduced custom brands on a large scale. In 2017, there was also a small boom in the listing of customized companies, which also proved that the customization era has been opened. “I like my DIY daily necessities. I have my own ideas in my furniture. If I go to the mall to buy the same as others, I don’t think it is interesting.” Ms. Zhang said. Many merchants say that customers who pursue quality of life will have a lot of ideas, and they are more inclined to find brand consumption with a sense of design.

Like “temperature-sensitive technology”

The “new middle class” class is an early adopter of high-tech products, and they keep pace with the times. It is the trend leader of the times, and is more willing to pay for the “technology with temperature”. According to research data, more than 70% of “new middle-class” are willing to invest more money in intelligent equipment. “Intelligent home products can make my life more convenient and more efficient, and many smart home products are designed with a lot of temperature. For example, the dialogue with the intelligent audio ‘Little Love Classmates’ will make you feel that someone at home is really with you. “Mr. Shi, who is doing media work, said. According to industry insiders, many brands in the industry are now doing smart home experience museums. The main target group is the “new middle class” class that pursues intelligent life. Smart homes are actually constructing a new life scene; Talking about the light of the event is bright. After you have finished eating a light meal here, you can use the voice or function keys to dim the lights. The “new middle class” is more inclined to pursue this home atmosphere and taste.

Enthusiastic home products

The “new middle class” crowd is an early advocate of healthy lifestyles, they are more willing to put money Spend on health-related products and services. The same is true for household consumption. Many merchants of building materials, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories say that after customers enter a store to look at a product, they are more concerned about the environmental and health performance of the product. The “new middle class”, which pays more attention to the quality of healthy living, avoids harmful substances such as formaldehyde. In the face of these customers, the business will give priority to the environmental standards that the products meet.

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AZ91D magnesium alloy, very cool

AZ91D magnesium alloy concept:

AZ91D belongs to the cast magnesium alloy, which is mainly processed by means of pressure die casting and subsequent processing. It can be changed by surface method such as electrophoresis. It is characterized by high specific strength and corrosion resistance, which is greatly improved compared with pure magnesium. It is mainly used for housings of electrical products, small-sized thin or special-shaped brackets. A represents metal aluminum Al, Z represents metal zinc Zn, 9 represents aluminum content of 9%, 1 represents zinc content of 1%, and the final D is an identification code.

AZ91D magnesium alloy sheet use:

1. Magnesium alloy sheet is an indispensable material for aviation and aerospace industry. The economic benefits and performance improvements brought by aviation material weight reduction are very significant. The same quality of commercial aircraft and automobile weight reduction brings fuel cost savings. The former is nearly 100 times that of the latter, and the fuel cost savings of fighter aircraft are close to commercial aircraft. 10 times, more importantly, its improved maneuverability can greatly improve its combat effectiveness and survivability. Because of this, the aviation industry will take various measures to increase the application of magnesium alloys. The aluminum materials used in aircraft today account for about 85% of the total weight of the aircraft. High-strength, corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy plates perform better than aluminum plates and have advantages in aircraft applications.

2. Applications on vehicles, such as automobiles, trains, ships, etc., to reduce weight, save energy, reduce pollution, the country is vigorously developing.

3. Widely used in 3C products.

4. On the power supply, magnesium power products are high-energy pollution-free power sources, such as magnesium-manganese dry batteries, magnesium air batteries, magnesium seawater batteries, power supplies and power batteries.

5. High-potential magnesium alloy sacrificial anode plates are used for metal protection.

6. Civil use is also very wide. Such as environmentally friendly building decorative panels, sports, medical equipment, tools, high-end glasses frames, watch cases, and advanced travel goods.
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Smart hardware, another new discovery

In the smart home around the battle for control, there is another player. On November 24, 2018, the China Hardware Products Association Home Hardware Professional Committee was established. Intelligent cloud products such as intelligent cloud locks, intelligent hinges, intelligent slides and intelligent pulleys were unveiled and became a new force in smart homes. Experts pointed out that the core of the various materials connected inside the smart home is actually hardware. If the intelligent hardware can communicate with each other, it is not impossible to compete for the control of smart home.

Intelligent hardware new highlights

Before a sharp intelligent mirror system, a lot of curious people gathered, Chen Lei, CEO of Guangdong Zuofan Intelligent Home Technology Co., Ltd. patiently To the audience: “The smart mirror system in the bathroom will monitor your weight, measurements, skin and other conditions, and can display outdoor temperature, humidity and other information every morning, with a variety of intelligent interactive functions.”

This smart mirror is only part of the entire Zuo Fan smart home. In this “container” home space, intelligent products can be seen everywhere. A smart wardrobe uses an intelligent hydraulic buffer hinge, which has a smooth appearance and a thick hand. However, it uses the principle of hydraulic buffering. When it is closed to 60°, it will close slowly by itself. The hinge can reduce the opening and closing of the door. Impact force, that is, the use of force to close the door will also be gently closed to ensure smooth and silent movement; intelligent rotating rack cabinet, not only can automatically open the door, turn on the lights, but also built-in rotating track, automatically transport the required clothes to the wardrobe door; smart lift bed, Before going to bed, the bed is lowered from a height, and the bed is taken back after use. It saves space and is beautiful and fashionable. The smart lifting table is lowered as a coffee table, and it is used as a desk. In the future, the computer can be embedded in the table… These smart homes The key to the realization of the scene is the intelligent hardware. “If you compare a person to a smart carrier, smart home decoration is equivalent to human skin, smart home appliances are equivalent to human muscles, and smart hardware is human bones and joints, the human body can support, can move, and can do complex The movement depends on the flexibility of this joint.” In the “smart home scene”, from the hinge to the damping to the pulley, all of them reflect the intelligence and function. Chen Lei’s metaphor makes people understand the intelligent hardware immediately. The role.

Intelligent cloud lock as the core

“Intelligent hardware is the concentrated expression of intelligent cloud lock, intelligent cloud lock is also the first to achieve the most intelligent and intelligent hardware items Li Yu, general manager of the intelligent business center of Guangdong Huitailong Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that the main functions of intelligent cloud lock are intelligent linkage, remote authorization, user management, mobile phone control and abnormal state alarm, and more importantly, intelligent cloud. The lock can be remote firmware upgrade (OTA upgrade) through the cloud to adapt to the tide of smart home in the future, and linkage with all devices in the home to form a variety of customized scenes and modes.

Security is an important reason for consumers to choose smart cloud locks. “In the past, the definition of the door lock product was passive security. How do we make a lock to find a way to prevent it from being smashed, anti-collision, and anti-technique? But in the smart home, it is defined as active protection. On the one hand, when When someone comes to the door, the smart cloud lock can transmit the information to the owner in time. On the other hand, the built-in camera will record the person’s appearance. If the violent method is unlocked, the community security or alarm will be notified.” Guangdong Huitailong Technology Chen Hong, chairman of the company, said that the security of smart cloud locks needs to be coordinated by all parties. In the future, the entire security system in China will be plugged into the wings of the Internet to provide consumers with a more secure home environment.

If the significance of intelligent home products is to create an entrance, then the door is the main entrance to the whole home intelligence, occupying this entrance of the home means that there is opportunity to form intimacy with consumers. Relationships, competition for control of smart homes will go with the flow.

Join control battles

Data show that in 2016, China’s smart home market reached 60.57 billion yuan, and in 2017 exceeded 90 billion yuan. By 2018, the smart home market The scale will reach 139.6 billion yuan. According to industry analysts, it is expected that smart homes will usher in the next few years. By 2020, China is expected to become the largest smart home market.

“In the past few years, regardless of the direction of national policy or the need for upgrading the entire industry, the smart home market has become very popular, and the giants of all walks of life have joined.” Li Yu said frankly, whether it is doing Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, and the three major operators of communications, security companies, and home appliances have begun to cultivate their smart homes and smart security systems. However, due to the lack of uniform standards in the smart home industry and the fact that enterprises are in power, the smart home market is in a situation of melee. Consumers are unclear about the concept of smart home and dare not try it easily. The development of the smart home industry is not like Imagine so quickly. Qi Xinwang COO Mao Xinyong once said, “One big difficulty now is that single products can break through, but it is difficult to connect and grow bigger.”

“The core of all kinds of materials is actually hardware. The establishment of the hardware committee is expected to break the non-standard and disorderly single product competition from the supply chain.” Shenzhen Furniture Association Residential Guan Yongkang, dean of the Hardcover Research Institute, pointed out that under the trend of China’s building assembly, interior industrialization, and modularization of parts, home hardware is a key to twisting and closing different industries. “Now we are starting from the creation of intelligent hardware to export smart furniture items to the furniture enterprises, to build intelligent scenes, to form an industry alliance, ecological industry.” Chen Lei’s words seem to imply the China Hardware Products Association home hardware professional After the establishment of the committee, they will be interconnected and compete for smart home control with the joint efforts of intelligent hardware.
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Since 2018, many international sanitary ware brands have closed, sold and merged their subsidiaries or factories.

Recently, Moen announced that it will close its water tank factory that has been operating in the United States for 50 years. Since 2018, many international sanitary ware brands such as Vipshop, Suizhu, TOTO, Geberit, etc. have closed, sold and merged their subsidiaries or factories due to market shrinkage, operating losses, and lower production costs. .
Moen shuts down the factory to make concessions to the local IT industry

On November 27th, Moen celebrated its 50th anniversary at the sink manufacturing facility in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA. , announced that the manufacturing plant will stop production and close next spring. It is understood that this plant is Moen’s only factory in the United States that produces stainless steel sinks. Since 1968, it has opened more than 50,000 square feet. In recent years, it has produced 600 sinks per day and has more than 50 employees. As a good employer, Moen has always created stable jobs and economic benefits. Therefore, the closure of the stainless steel sink factory in Moen has attracted the attention of the local media and the government. According to local Moen employees, due to the increasingly developed IT industry around the factory, the provision of a large number of jobs has promoted economic development, resulting in an increase in the overall salary level in the region. Due to environmental pressure, Moen decided to close the factory.

The Moen parent company recently established a partnership with Elkay, a leading US sink manufacturer. It is hoped that synergies will be provided through the combination of products, while using distribution channels to promote the scale of manufacturing sinks. Moen hopes to accelerate growth through a series of strategic plans, while building multi-brand, multi-channel businesses that offer a wide range of products to customers and consumers. In addition to Moen, since 2018, many well-known international sanitary ware companies have closed their factories or subsidiaries due to environmental pressure, poor management, operating losses, and parent company business upgrades.

Geberit closes two factories in Europe
According to the semi-annual report released by Geberit in 2018, Europe is the largest source of revenue for Geberit, including Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. The growth rate is the largest. However, due to the poor revenue of Geberit’s sanitary ceramic products in Western Europe in recent years, the annual revenue fell by 2.3%. Geberit closed its two factories in France, one of which has been more than 60 years old. On the other hand, due to the rapid growth of sanitary ceramics in Germany, Geberit began to integrate the European ceramics division and transferred the production of some ceramics (Geberit AquaClean Mera) to the Wesel plant in Germany.

Victorian demolished 200-year-old production base to concession urbanization

In September this year, the German ceramics company Villeroy announced that the factory in Luxembourg will be demolished. . The plant is the main production base of Villeroy & Boch in Luxembourg and has been in the country for over 200 years. It is understood that the factory is located in the Rollingergrund area of ​​Luxembourg, has won the title of “Royal Ceramics Manufacturer” and has met with many queens and leaders. For a long time in the past, the Villeroy & Luxembourg factory has provided more than 1,000 jobs to the local area. However, due to the increasing popularity of automated production and increasing production costs, Vippo permanently shut down the plant in 2010. It is reported that the factory will soon be razed to the ground, replaced by a new residential community, office buildings and shops. The demolition marked the end of Villeroy & Boch’s “Luxembourg Times”.

The sale of the 3.6 billion subsidiary failed.

As early as August 2017, the company was due to its subsidiary Parmes Dilisha (Permasteelisa) The revenue is not good and it is intended to be sold to China Guangtian Holding Group at a price of 467 million euros (about RMB 3.66 billion). It is reported that Palmas Dilisha is a curtain wall enterprise headquartered in Italy. It has 40 years of history, more than 50 branches and 10 factories. According to the 2017 financial report, the company has total assets of 1.609 billion euros and operating income of 1.286 billion. EUR. However, since 2018, due to various reasons such as Sino-US economic friction, the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) has repeatedly rejected the sale of the squatting, which directly led to a net profit loss of 8.629 billion yen in the first half of 2018. About RMB 531 million, earnings fell sharply from the same period in 2017.

TOTO merged two subsidiaries

That is also the poor operation of the subsidiary, TOTO chose to merge the two. It is reported that TOTO AQUAIR and TOTO ENGINEERING, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of TOTO, are engaged in the construction, assembly and renovation of the whole bathroom and kitchen. Due to business overlap and poor operation in recent years, TOTO merged the two companies in February this year, and established a new company TOTO AQUA-ENG with a registered capital of 100 million yen, and started operations in April this year. It is understood that the two companies that have been merged have certain business overlaps. TOTO hopes to integrate the construction systems held by the two companies to improve service levels.

Capital operation is risky

In summary, the main reason for the closure of factories, mergers, and sales of subsidiaries of major international companies this year is to reduce the scale of production. Production costs continue to rise. Since the economic growth of European countries in recent years is much smaller than that of the Asia-Pacific region, most parent companies have chosen to re-integrate their capital, and their business has shifted from Europe and the United States to the Asia-Pacific region. However, capital operation is risky, and companies still need to be cautious when integrating major production operations. Taking the Group as an example, the company involved in the Zhongyu bankruptcy case several years ago, which led to a decline in performance. At that time, the tenant Xinxin replaced Fujimori Yoshiaki as the CEO of the group, and now the factor company’s sales and purchases led to a large loss, leading to the group’s CEO. Change again. Obviously, this is something that production companies need to pay attention to.
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The difference between the self-locking switch and the tact switch

In fact, the self-locking switch and the tact switch are used to describe the switching performance from different aspects; “self-locking” means that the switch can maintain a certain state (on or off) through the locking mechanism, and “tap” is used to indicate the operation switch. The size of the power.

Generally speaking, the mechanical switch may be distinguished as follows:

The switch is divided into knob type and plate type from the operation mode (including the button switch, Boat-shaped switch), button type; most of the knob and plate-type switches can be kept (locked) in the on or off state after operation, such as the daily use of the light switch, fan speed switch, such switches do not need to emphasize Whether it is self-locking, because there is obvious “direction of operation”; only button-type switches are used when pressed, most of the button switches are used to turn the circuit on or off when pressed, and the state is restored after release. Therefore, it is sometimes called “bell switch”. In order to maintain the “already pressed” state, the push button switch has the same self-locking device as the ordinary switch, and the self-locking function can be used to keep it on or Disconnected state, this is the switch with self-locking. Among them, for some needs, only a few switches are allowed to be connected when working. When the rest must be disconnected, several button switches are combined side by side and used. “Interlocking mechanism”, Wherein the switch is connected to allow a locked state, the other switch is pressed when the switch is locked, but the original lock switch is released (e.g., “play, fast forward, rewind” button on mechanical tape recorder). For these switches, the contacts may be one or more sets; there are also a plurality of locking mechanisms, wherein a plurality of spring hooks are used to slide along a heart-shaped groove, and the two tips of the heart-shaped groove correspond to the locking and releasing positions of the switch.

As the name implies, “touch” means that the state of the switch contacts can be changed without having to use much force, so the contact capacity is small, and the structure is simple, and the switch power can only be removed. Keep the original state, that is to say, it is a single-touch button switch that can be pressed with a small force without locking. At present, the membrane switch and the small micro-switch can be regarded as tact switches, and most of the structures are two. Conductive lines are printed on the films which are insulated from each other, and the lines are connected to each other by pressing; or the butterfly-shaped elastic pieces made of thin elastic metal are used to press the elastic sheets to connect the printed circuits.

The switch on the rice cooker and electric kettle is locked after being pressed, but after heating to the specified condition, the magnet or bimetal in the lock state is activated to reset the switch. Turn off the power (the rice cooker is switched to the insulated state), and may not meet the “reset after power off” requirement.

Reset after power off, that is, the locking mechanism should work in the power supply, and the finished product does not seem to be, because the requirement can be achieved by using a circuit composed of a general push button switch and a relay; Use a relay (or contactor), use a set of normally open contacts to control the power of the relay (contactor) working coil, use the relay balance iron as the switch button, press the balance iron, the relay control coil touch When the point is closed, the coil is energized, the relay keeps sucking (self-locking), and the other contacts control other lines; when the power is cut off, the relay is immediately powered off, the iron is reset, and the button is reset, and the relay balance iron needs to be pressed again. The power can only be turned on again. This relay is now a button switch with a live lock.

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