Choose a switch socket, learn to see, test, smell, 掂

I want to see, test, smell, and 掂

I don’t know where to see the manufacturer’s selection of switch sockets. I think it’s very good. Very suitable for consumers, it is a look, two trials, three news, four.

Look at the look – first buy the look and feel, can Match it with the decoration at home, and then see if there are flaws, black spots, burrs on the switch surface, whether it is smooth or not, you can judge whether the material is good or not.

Try it is a test feeling – Generally buy a switch need to press the button to try the feel, if the continuity is crisp, the sound is crisp, there is no feeling of stagnation, the switch is very important is the test feel, some are very hard, some are very soft, some buttons are long, there are Short, although each takes what is needed, in general, you must choose the pass and break, the feel is not too hard or too soft.

Smell smells – – Many people know that buying a switch over the back to smell it, in fact, is to look at the material of the back seat, nylon 66 has a strong plastic taste, the general manufacturers have not used this material or low-end series will be used, ABS will also With a slight odor, the PC material is colorless and odorless.

掂 is naturally a component, the most important material in a switch socket is The current-carrying piece is the copper piece that everyone says. The thicker the copper piece, the heavier the weight, the better the toughness is. The more the insertion and removal times are, the more flexible and durable it is. Although it can’t be said absolutely, it is good, but it is consumption. A relatively straightforward judgment of a standard, some manufacturers are too potent, the entire socket is very heavy, but the weight of the plastic parts, the copper is not heavy, and the plastic parts are still very heavy black.

Insert the classification of the socket here

There are strong electric sockets and weak electric sockets according to the current intensity: the voltage above 36V is called strong electricity, and the voltage below 36V is called weak electricity. Telephone plug, computer plug, and network data plug are classified as weak. The shape of the plug is roughly divided into three types:

(1) flat plug; China, the United States, Canada, North America, and the like.

(2) Square plug; Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries in Oceania.

(3) Round inserts; mainly in some European countries.


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What impact does smart imaging have on the promotion of the media industry?

[Guide] In the past few years, the entertainment industry has experienced rapid development. Industry participants represented by content producers and video platforms are facing many challenges. The parties are still in the midst of changes in the industry. In the midst of groping, I hope to continuously improve my core competitiveness through the use of innovations in emerging technologies and applications. The application of intelligent imaging technology in the industry is becoming more and more in-depth and has become the core driving force for a new round of industry transformation.


   According to statistics, global IP video traffic will account for 82% of total network traffic in 2021. The video data produced so far has greatly exceeded the magnitude that humans can use. Under this trend, on the one hand, the excessive fragmentation of the content industry has caused the entertainment industry to enter a development bottleneck inevitably, and technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and automated image production is urgently needed to optimize the user experience. On the other hand, the way in which content is realized is very limited. How to effectively use the growth of content consumption to enhance marketing effects and enhance video commercialization capabilities has become a major challenge in the industry.

   Recently, Hunan Satellite TV’s new variety “My Prostitute” is being broadcasted. As always, how to achieve the unification of program viewing value and commercial value is still a platform concern. If you are keen on variety shows, there are many brand products in this variety show, such as the poolside, the McGee on the table, the VIPs on the coffee table, etc. In fact, these brand logos in the video And the product is not in existence, and it is not necessary to use human and material resources to put it into the live scene during shooting. Instead, through the video technology intelligent image production technology, the video or film that has been taken is scanned and retrieved accordingly. All image content is reconstructed and constructed to achieve intelligent overlay and seamless display of image content. The high integration of brand image and life scene not only damages the viewing effect of the program, but also enhances the brand exposure, so that the platform obtains good advertising revenue.

  This is the intelligent transformation brought by intelligent image production technology for video marketing: automatic creation of advertising scenes with content, automatic matching of advertising images with big data, and creation of new application scenarios simultaneously Business realization, obviously, this has largely opened up the advertising market for the platform side. According to the results of the first half of 2018 announced by Mango Super Media, the revenue of new media ads has grown rapidly, with net profit of 468 million yuan – 5.68 billion yuan in the first half of the year.

   Intelligent image production technology has a wide range of application scenarios in the film and television industry chain. Using intelligent image production technology, we can build intelligent IP operation monitoring models including stars and literary works, provide services such as accurate promotion and value prediction, capture popular content, and provide a large number of digital resources for downstream tasks for native video. Content marketing, game production, and the establishment of special effects, avatars and other online trading stores, integrated business, combined with online and offline terminals and entertainment such as KTV, including physical screen coverage and short video, long video one-button automation The generation of similar functional products that are automated and batch-produced seamlessly covers the line ends and all content terminals, bringing the original IP-based vision and content to the user, automatically generating new video scenes along with the content, and improving commercialization. The value of cashing.

   At the moment, global entertainment media companies are hit by streaming media and face the challenge of falling operating profits. According to the American Film Institute, Hollywood’s visual blockbusters only account for at least the total cost of special effects. More than 60%. Obviously, automating relatively standard content production with smarter production techniques will be one of the effective solutions to reduce costs. In fact, entertainment media giants including Disney, NETFLIX, HBO, TRONC and so on are all trying to replace the possibility of standard content production with artificial intelligence.


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Britain’s Taunton’s award-winning bridge is now open

The architect has completed Moxon: Castle Peak Green Bridge, located on the grounds of a scheduled ancient stone monument, in the market town of Taunton, England. The bridge has been shortlisted for the Beijing Capital International Airport [British Architecture Industry Award and the Royal Institute of British Architects Award is the winner of the consulting engineer ACE [guild] & ldquo; Building Excellence Awards & rdquo;.

The Castle Peak Green Bridge is a bridge design designed by Moxon Architects and the Meteorite and O’Neill engineers intend to be a coherent home infrastructure. Is the first one to complete. This pedestrian bridge simplifies the routing of Greenton and increases the readability of the site through adjacent land gardens and improves the quality of the public spaces, connecting the castles and rivers near retail and reconstruction. It is designed to be a respectful first-class medieval castle, now the museum Somerset.

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Dutch traditional luxury home

The house is a two-story building, traditionally planned, with the event area on the first floor and sleeping upstairs. The building is divided into three sections: a two-storey main entrance building facing the front garden, the courtyard and the connecting corridor as an open area.

The house is a yellow-and-white mixed brick mahogany window sill. The first piece contains the living room entrance and bathroom, utility room, storage room and office on the first floor of the sauna. On the first floor bedroom, bathroom and shower room. The first floor is so spacious, the traffic space, in addition to the cabinet wall, thus maximizing the free space in the bedroom, but also a large workbench. At this workbench, three children do their homework and use their computer. Encourage social contact within the family, but parents also provide the necessary social supervision. There is no street-oriented room in this room, which emphasizes privacy.
The entrance to the house is the connecting corridor between the second floor, tall office/sleeping volume and low residential volume. It also set up a staircase to the first floor and a cloakroom for the dormitory. The third volume is divided into three parts. Focus on the east side garden of the dining/TV area. Two long corridors were built and the kitchen living room dining room was separated. The above kitchen is a glass roof. There is also an indoor and outdoor fireplace in these rolls. The living room faces the patio and backyard and has a partially covered terrace facing south.
The various functions are divided into a number of interrelated blocks, and the house becomes very substantial. Amazing large glass windows, interior design and garden design.

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What are the precautions for the simple living room ceiling construction process?

Nowadays, most people are willing to adopt the simple living room ceiling in the decoration and design of the house. However, some people do not understand the distinctive features of the simple living room ceiling design. In addition, what are the precautions in the construction process of our simple living room ceiling? And their decoration ceiling form, and what skills we need to master, then let’s get to know each other.
First, which is the simple living room ceiling material

1.Gypsum board

Gypsum board has good sound insulation and fire resistance, is a common The ceiling ceiling material does not increase the weight of the wall during use, and can ensure the safety of the occupants. However, gypsum board is not suitable for use in an environment that is too humid, otherwise it is easy to absorb moisture in the air and deteriorate.

2. keel

The keel is an important material for fixing the living room ceiling structure, and it can be divided into wooden keel, steel keel, aluminum alloy keel and light according to its material. The four types of steel keels, friends can come to choose according to their own preferences, but generally everyone will choose to use light steel keel for installation.

3.Mineral wool board

Mineral cotton material has good high temperature resistance and decorative properties, even if it is used in a high temperature environment, it will not affect its The normal use effect, as well as the graffiti decoration on the material, increase the visual effect of the decoration.

4.Aluminum gusset ceilings

When installing ceilings, we usually use aluminum gusset ceilings. These materials are more traditional. The buckle method, the installation process is very convenient and fast, and is loved by many consumers.

Second, the advantages of the simple living room ceiling is

1, the simple style in the processing space is mostly emphasized that the interior space is spacious and has internal and external transparency in our space In the graphic design, the freedom to be restricted by the load-bearing wall is pursued.

2, wall and floor and ceiling and furniture furnishings, as well as lamps and utensils, etc. with a simple shape, pure texture and some fine craftsmanship is the biggest advantage of the simple style ceiling.

3. What are the precautions for the simple living room ceiling?

1.The style of the ceiling

When installing the ceiling in the living room, choose the whole house. The decoration style is consistent with the ceiling decoration, otherwise it will not only increase its aesthetics, but also easily conflict with other interior decorations, reducing the decoration effect of the living room, not worth the candle. If you really don’t know which decoration style to choose, you can find a ceiling company for consultation.

2.The number of layers of the ceiling

When installing the ceiling, pay attention to the height of the indoor wall, and design the ceiling according to the height of the wall. , it is not possible to install a ceiling in a large area, otherwise it is easy to create a sense of oppression of the space; if the height of the floor allows, the design of the multi-layer chandelier can be designed to achieve a better decorative effect.

3.Concealed works on the ceiling wall

When decorating the ceiling, pay attention to the air conditioning, lighting and audio wiring lines seen on the surface of the wall. Do a covert treatment to avoid affecting the aesthetics of the ceiling. Also pay attention to clean the surface, then the accumulated dirt will increase the difficulty of installing the ceiling.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The new pillow is an interesting craft

The new pillow is the quickest way to change the look of a room. Add colorful or unique pillows, and you give the audience a little more focus, creating a small pop-up in the room. Although you can easily buy decorative pillows so they can be a fun craft project, too. Here are the basic steps to make a pillow, and some ideas how to dress up.
Making a pillow
Making a basic pillow is very simple. First, cut out the rectangles of two identical squares or fabrics. Put them out and make the fabric “before”, which is about two pieces inside. Then, around the edge of the stitching machine or by hand, leave a small mouth in one corner.
Once both sides are stitched, put the internal organs out, so that the front of the fabric, now the appearance of the pillow, and the seams you only seam are hidden inside. Use a small open cotton padded pillow for things. Then sew and open.
Oh! A basic pillow can be used in about an hour as long as you use a sewing machine.
Sweater Pillow
To make a pillow with a great chunky knit look, use an old sweater fabric. Make sure the sweater is clean and then cut out your pillow pieces from the sweater’s torso. In order to keep the stuffing out, use a tight sweater, or sew a piece of nylon backing to form a lining that will hold the filling in place.
Photo Pillow
This is an amazing way to take a photo of the family. Buy a security cloth for your printer, go online, and use it to print any photo on your computer. Be sure to take the correct size of the photo, leaving the seam around the border of the fabric. Once it’s printed, sew the photo into a second sturdy fabric and follow the instructions above to create your pillow.
Side pillows
You can brush an ordinary DIY pillow by adding a beautiful ribbon or string border. After sewing your pillow completely closed, continue to manually stitch the border around the pillow. When you reach the opening again, squat at the end of the line and close the suture opening.
Stamping Pillows
Once your pillow is finished, add some detail by using a DIY seal. Take a template object and squat on the paint. Use a brush to evenly distribute the paint on the surface, or let it maintain a sheet-like retro look. Pillow fabric is designed and dried. The shapes of shells, flowers, stars, and leaves are great for creating pillows.

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What is the difficulty in refurbishing granite?

Granite, commonly known as granite, is mainly composed of minerals such as quartz, mica and feldspar. The Mohs hardness is about 6.5. Although it is hard in texture, it is prone to weathering and wear after long-term use, especially when it is often in contact with water. At this time, a small amount of concave pitting appears on the surface of the stone, and there is a feeling of unevenness when touched by hand. As the number of granites increases, the surface brightness of the granite decreases, losing its original luster. At this time, it is necessary to restore the luster of the stone by refurbishment.
   However, there are often many problems after the renovation of granite. The most common problem is that it will not be lit up after renovation. The first reaction of many people is that the polishing agent can’t be done. If you change the medicine, you can get out of it, but if you change the medicine, you still can’t emit light. What is going on? In fact, the refurbishment of granite has corresponding requirements for various aspects such as construction process, machinery and equipment, materials, etc. No matter which aspect is not operated according to the specifications, it is difficult to illuminate after renovation.

   Why is the polishing not polished after the renovation of the granite? First, analyze from the construction process:

   1. We should consider whether the granite has been used in the whole construction process, especially if it is coated with water before polishing. .

   If the protective agent is not applied, the water will enter the interior of the stone during grinding, which will not only cause polishing problems, but also cause other problems such as water spots and rust yellow. In addition, the solvent-based protective agent should be applied before the polishing process, and if it is not applied, the polishing effect will be affected.

   Second, it is necessary to analyze whether there is a jump in the process of granite renovation. There are two cases of the jumper mentioned here, one is that the number of the grinding plate is not increased step by step. For example, if 150# directly grinds 500#, the middle 300# is omitted, which will not only affect the effect of post-polishing, but if the dark granite omits 300#, it will also cause the color to be unrecoverable.

   In the second case, the jumper refers to the use of refurbished hard pieces in the early cutting, and the fine grinding of the pieces in the back, so that the scratches left by the previous cuts cannot be eliminated. It will cause the polishing to not shine later.

   3. No water absorption in time. This problem is often overlooked. If it is not possible to absorb water every time it is finished, the scratches will not be completely eliminated after the grinding, which will directly affect the later polishing.

   Secondly, from the analysis of polishing materials:

   1, “Workers must first sharpen their tools”, granite renovation Choose a special grinding machine for stone, and do not use non-professional equipment such as scrubbers.

   2. When the granite was refurbished, there was no special refurbished piece.

   3. The refurbished granite is polished on the basis of polishing.

   It can be seen from the above analysis that the factors that can not be polished after the renovation of granite are not only materials, we can from “people, machines, materials, rings, laws, books”, etc. Several aspects to analyze one by one.

   Among them, the most critical factor is actually people. Granite refurbishment has high technical requirements for construction workers. The machine needs people to operate. The materials need people to choose. The process needs people to formulate, implement and supervise.

   Therefore, if you need to deal with granite renovation projects, you must first train the construction personnel to master the standard process of granite renovation.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The old factory in the Netherlands turned into a creative office

US ARCHITECTEN EN stedenbouwers recently completed Fabriek Rotterdam, regenerating a huge factory and becoming a vibrant place for young, creative businesses. On the banks of the Stich Canal River in the bustling Dave Xiawen is an ancient, characteristic industry cluster that has lost its many years of luster and vitality.

Over the years, vacancy and neglect, the building clusters at the water’s edge have begun to deteriorate. The former steam laundry has two distinct faces, on the upper side of the street, a series of traditional houses, a factory on the river’s Schie canal, including a large masonry chimney.

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Modern architecture in the Swedish suburbs

The building is modern in style and has a good interpretation of livability, and the building is still very low-key. The interior is comfortable, the colours are bright and comfortable, while the ceiling is slightly arched. The main public room of the home contains a kitchen and living area that occupies approximately two-thirds of the space. The last third of the home consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom. Despite its small size, the house is complete and the basic amenities of modern life are complete.
The location of the house is slightly out of the way, but it is very flat, with its mirrored wood and metal exterior finish mirrored into the local dry vegetation and soil.
Because of the light of the house, some of the windows in the room are completely open, and ample natural light flows through the windows to the room, making the room bright and without a trace of darkness. A tall chimney sticks out of the roof, and the compact home almost has a traditional cottage feel that doesn’t look like most villas, but its overall architecture and interior design are modern. At the rear of the home there is a large integrated living space, as well as the children’s bedroom. Most of the tiny living sides are made of wood, and the rear window wall provides enough light, but the windows on both sides are still necessary. Its glass panels are made using accented silver technology. Inside, there is a variety of polished and colorful light, chic furniture and bright white walls that keep every room ventilated and lit. In the living room there is a three-sliding door, each leading to a different private room in the house. The room is reduced as much as possible in the room, and instead it is directly from the main leisure space to the individual rooms.
The kitchen area is isolated by a small wall, a combination of retro and modern architecture. It has monochrome appliances as well as a traditional tiled baffle and a fairly common cabinet.

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Use the sanitary ware selection method to help you save money and choose good accessories.

In addition to the necessary renovations, the bathroom accessories are an important part of the entire space. With the emphasis on the bathroom, a variety of exquisite sanitary ware and accessories came into being. These sanitary wares and accessories are made of different materials and prices. Some people think that sanitary ware and accessories are not expensive and do not need to consider saving money. But in fact, I want to really save money and decorate, and I can make a big fuss in the selection of sanitary ware. The following small series introduces you to several commonly used sanitary ware selection methods to help you save money and choose good accessories.
First, the toilet classification and purchase

The toilet, also known as the toilet, because of its humanized function, and the decorative effect is stronger than the toilet, has become the mainstream choice for bathroom decoration. Then the following Xiaobian will share with you the knowledge of toilet purchase, installation and cleaning and maintenance, hope to help you create a comfortable and beautiful home.

1. Toilet classification and comparison

There are many classification standards for toilets. Different types of toilets have their own advantages and disadvantages. The three main toilet categories are described below, and the owner can select the applicable product type according to his or her own situation.

By product structure: Siamese and split type

Split type toilet: more traditional, the production is connected with the screw and seal ring and the second layer of the water tank. The price is more affordable; the disadvantage is that the space occupied is large, and the joint seam is easy to hide dirt.

Siamese toilet: more modern and high-grade, beautiful in appearance, rich in choice, integrated, but the price is relatively expensive.

In the direction of sewage discharge: rear-row and bottom-row

Back-type toilet: also called wall-row or horizontal, you can know it according to the literal meaning Sewage direction. When purchasing the rear-mounted toilet, consider the height of the center of the drain outlet from the ground.

Lower-row toilet: also called floor-mounted or vertical-row type, refers to the toilet with the sewage outlet on the ground. The choice of the lower row of toilets should pay attention to the distance from the center of the sewage outlet to the wall.

Press water mode: Straight and siphon type

Direct flush toilet: The flushing pipe is simple, the path is short, the pipe diameter is thick, and the flushing process is short. Good water saving performance. The disadvantage is that the flushing sound is loud, the water storage surface is small, the scaling phenomenon is easy to occur, the deodorizing function is poor, and the selection surface is small.

Siphon-type toilet: The siphon-type flushing noise is small, and it is easy to wash off the dirt adhering to the surface of the toilet, and has a good deodorizing effect and a wide variety. The disadvantage is that the water consumption is large, and the pipe is narrow and easy to block.

2, toilet purchase method tips

Shopping preparation: measuring the toilet pit distance

Before purchasing the toilet, the most crucial preparation is to measure Out of the toilet pit distance. The pit distance refers to the distance from the center of the toilet pipe to the wall, generally 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, etc. Choosing the right toilet first has to choose the right pitch. If you are preparing a wall decoration tile, it is recommended to measure the hole distance after tiling, or measure the hole distance and then add the thickness of the tile.

Toilet quality inspection support

First check the toilet glaze, it should be smooth and smooth without blistering; secondly check the size of the sewage outlet, the caliber is large and the inner surface is glazed, no It is easy to hang dirty; finally check the quality of the water, and press it to the end to listen to the crisp sound.

Second, squatting pans and purchases

In foreign countries, squatting pans may be rare, but in China, most public toilets and some people’s bathrooms are installed. Toilet. The owners who prefer to choose the squatting pot, how much do you know about the squatting pan? Do you know its classification and purchasing method?

1, understand the classification of squatting pantry

蹲Toilet products are no more classified than toilets, and they have fewer categories. It can be divided into several major categories according to whether there is a trap, whether there is a front retaining water and the direction of launching.

Whether or not there is a water trap.

The toilet also has a split and a joint, but it is divided according to whether the water tank is connected to the toilet or separated from the toilet. The classification of split and conjoined squatters is based on whether or not there is a trap. It is recommended to buy a one-piece squat pan.

Separate squatting pan: The squatting pan itself does not have a trap and is separate from the trap. It is called a split squatting pan. The split squatting pan is easy to install, the water flow is large, and the impulse is sufficient. . The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to clean, and it is more difficult to remove when things fall. In addition, if the sanitary pipe does not have its own drainage bend, the odor of the sewer can easily spread up.

Siamese squatting pan: The squatting pan has its own trap, which is called a one-piece squatting pan. The biggest advantage of the one-piece squatting pan is that it can make use of the trap bend to create a “water seal” to prevent the odor backflow of the sewer. The disadvantage is that compared with the split squatting device, the squatting squatting device is easy to block and is not easy to clear.

According to whether or not the front block moisture

This classification is mainly from the shape. At present, the squatting pan without the front water retaining is relatively simple and generous, and the application is common. With the front retaining water, it can better keep the ground near the squatting pan clean. When purchasing, the main thing is that the owner has the need to block the water before.

Bathroom accessories

Press the water method

This is based on the way of launching. There is usually a sewage outlet reserved in the bathroom. The squatting device is called the front drainage squatting device near the sewage outlet, and the rear drainage squatting device is opened in the opposite direction of the front drainage. There are no advantages and disadvantages before and after. When purchasing, you need to choose according to your own pit distance. Generally, if the pit spacing is reserved, you need to choose the front drain.

2, squatting squatting pot selection skills
<brThe method of purchasing the toilet has been given in the front, and the purchase of the squatting pan is basically the same. Including the best choice of brand products; focus on the quality of glazed materials, take a look at the eyes, hand touch and other methods to check. Therefore, you can refer to the purchase method of the toilet, but there are two points to pay special attention when purchasing the squatting pan.

Important quality of squatting accessories

I believe everyone has noticed that the flushing of the squatting pan has both a water tank and a press or foot flush valve. Generally, the water pressure at the upper level is low, the water pressure is not enough to flush the toilet, and the water pressure of the water tank is relatively stable. For squatting pans with water tanks, the quality of the water tanks is also very important. Therefore, when choosing a toilet, you are advised to ask about the water condition to avoid trouble. If it is a foot or a valve, look at the quality of the parts.

Important squatting anti-slip performance

The squatting pan is no more than a toilet. When the water is around the toilet, if you are not careful, people can easily slip and even step into the squat pan. . Therefore, the anti-slip performance of the squatting pan cannot be ignored when purchasing. Increase the slip resistance, mainly by increasing the friction of the foot surface. When you purchase, you can try the slip resistance yourself. In addition, because the texture added to increase the slip resistance of the tread is easy to hide, you can choose a parallel pattern that is relatively easy to clean.

Third, the classification and purchase of basins

There are many kinds of basin products on the market, which is dazzling. How to choose? The most effective way is to understand the basic classification characteristics of the product, and then choose the most suitable product according to the situation of the family.

1, basin type classification

The classification of the basin type is mainly divided into basins, column basins, hanging pots, one-piece basins, etc. according to different installations. Among them, the basin is the most common, and the basin is also divided into a separate above counter basin, a built-in above counter basin and an under counter basin. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at it. The styles of the basins are basically the above. When consumers purchase, they can choose according to the characteristics of the products and their own needs. For example, a family with a small bathroom can choose a hanging basin or a column basin, and a larger area can choose a basin with a larger shape.

2, basin material classification

The basin can be divided into ceramic basin, glass basin, stainless steel basin, artificial stone basin and so on according to the material. Among them, ceramic basins are the most common and the price is average. The glass material basin is difficult to clean; the stainless steel material is easy to clean, but the style is single, and the artificial stone basin is expensive.

3, the key parameters of the basin

The basin is inconspicuous compared to other sanitary wares, but it cannot be purchased when it is purchased. Need to understand the important parameters of the product, such as length and width depth, water capacity, height, number of holes, etc., in order to prevent the purchase of an inappropriate basin.

4, wash basins need to know

The basin is often combined with a faucet or even a bathroom cabinet into a set of products. When purchasing, in addition to paying attention to the quality of other product parts, Focus on the quality of the basin itself. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a basin.

Clear the size of the installation space

When purchasing the basin, first consider the size of the installation space. If the installation space is less than 70cm, it is recommended to select a column or a hanging basin. If it is larger than 70cm, there are more types of products to choose from.

Familiar with the installation environment

Before you purchase, you should also consider the location of the water supply and drainage in the home, so as to refer to the surrounding space environment, with the basin. In addition, it is also clear whether a product will affect the switch of the door, whether there is a suitable drain outlet, and whether there is a water pipe in the installation position.

Select matching faucet

When choosing a washbasin, also consider the matching of the washbasin and the faucet. The faucet opening of some original imported basins is not matched with domestic faucets. Most of the domestic washbasins have a 4-inch faucet hole model, with a 4 inch middle hole double handle or a single handle faucet. If you prefer a unique 8-inch double-handle faucet, you can also order an 8-inch faucet hole washbasin. Some washbasins do not have a faucet hole, and the faucet is mounted directly on the countertop or on the wall.

5, basin selection skills

Ceramic material is the most choice of basin material, and there are many ceramic basin products on the market. So how do you choose a ceramic basin? Focus on the quality of its glaze.

When purchasing ceramic basins, focus on the glazed finish, brightness and water absorption of ceramics; you can take the method of seeing, touching, knocking and other methods for quality identification.

Glass has an extremely high hardness and therefore has scratch and scratch resistance properties. And the glass has excellent coloration and innate reflection ability, which makes the bathroom look more crystal clear. Therefore, it has also been welcomed by many people. So how should the glass basin be chosen?

Select the glass basin, first look at the thickness of the basin. The thickness of the glass basin is 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. If the economic conditions permit, it is best to choose a 19mm wall thickness product because it can withstand a relatively high temperature of 80 °C, and the impact resistance and breakage resistance are also good. In addition, when selecting a glass basin, attention should be paid to whether the shape is regular, whether the thickness of the basin is uniform, the color is uniform, and the surface is full and smooth without bubbles.

Since ceramics and glass are the two main materials for people to buy the basin, the above two products are introduced in detail. For other material products, when buying, I noticed that the formal sanitary ware market chooses professional brand purchases, and the goods are sold. In addition, by looking at the test certificate, generally more satisfactory products can be selected.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network)<

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