Christmas staircase decoration is a good idea

In the last few days, we are preparing to celebrate Christmas and make the space full of joy, such as the kitchen and dining area. But there are also some areas that we have ignored. Another area of ​​the house can make a huge visual impact. Although most of us think that stairs are the only function. In addition, it clearly plays a great aesthetic role in entering the living room, or sharing space with other areas. This Christmas, make sure you give it a grand remodeling accessory: wire, lighting and a lot of more accessories!

The unique design of the stairs means that you have the opportunity to create a grand and gorgeous interior full of Christmas atmosphere Turn the stairs into focus. From garlands and wreaths to socks, you can decorate with almost any stair you like. With only a few days left for Christmas, we have amazing inspiration that will help you decorate the stairs!
The first thing to do is to consider the style of your home, and the decoration of the stairs will echo the overall Christmas theme. Gorgeous and more innovative staircase garlands look lively and lovely in modern and contemporary homes.
For a rustic look, turn to natural materials, branches and burlap. If you have a lovely Scandinavian style with an all-white background, think about some hand-blown glass ornaments, shiny gadgets that add color while maintaining a clean, neat look.
If you still have to stick to the tried-and-tested staircase with green garlands and sparkling red ornaments, there are plenty of things to do! Elegant DIY wreaths and decorations complement the staircase next to your holiday Christmas tree to give the interior a more coherent and glamorous atmosphere.
On the other hand, with the interior design, when decorating the stairs for the holidays, don’t forget the lighting. Light strings are the obvious choice, and it hardly takes any effort to bring them together with a beautiful garland and some unique feel.

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Selection of restaurant seats

In the design of a restaurant, most of the reviews are for the right restaurant seats. The table can even be basic, glass or wood in a simple shape, and the chair must be careful. The choice of design and color will determine the style of the environment, whether basic, bold, classic or otherwise. You can choose to mix aliquots or separate sets, and it is important that the chair is present in the composition.

In addition to the type and color of the chair you choose, it is also important to cherish comfort. They must have good ergonomics, that is, sitting comfort, with the right time and good position, seat and backrest. It can’t be too heavy, one must move them and it’s easy to move around.
Last but not least, don’t forget the solidity of choosing a product. Chair items are widely used in everyday life, it is an important piece, it is strong and has good durability.

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Banana Business Building was transformed from a food warehouse

The world of architecture can also show a serious discipline, and sometimes it can suggest the development of architecture from this state of mind. A more fun and evocative way in this concept. In the meantime, Paris practitioners such as Claude · Nicholas · Ledu wanted a formal operation, resulting in a geometric shape that would indicate its internal function. Looking into contemporary culture, U26 Architecture Studio has applied similar design principles to the Philippine food warehouse.

The facility is designed to accommodate a collective business center and hub. Different production companies can hold meetings and hold seminars. meeting. Referring to these activities, the building is tapered at each end to mimic the combination of tubular bundles of banana bundles. Part of the complexity and spatial experience is partitioned by offsets and along the planes of the x, y, and z axes. This is structurally capable of splitting subordinates and supporting elevated platforms by adding two trusses.

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Furniture needed for bedroom inspiration

Affordable items can turn your bedroom into a quiet place to worship. Just as we update our wardrobe every season, occasionally our bedroom needs to be taken care of. Simple and cheap way to illuminate some of your bedroom inspiration.
Some decorative pillows can instantly enhance the room if you are looking for a quick way to make the room full of color, otherwise the boring bedroom is infused. Arrange several colorful techniques with some bold fabrics to match the quilted patterns of orange, turquoise and green.

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Infrared sauna: the health trend of modern bathrooms

Infrared sauna is a great contemporary, in addition to modern residential design. The cabin infrared sauna, which looks warm and glamorous, makes the modern bathroom design more functional and allows to clean up the toxins in the comfort of your home.
Infrared sauna, cleans the body of the big city by the exhaust gas and industrial waste gas. The sauna helps people get rid of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances from food and air. The penetration of harmful substances occurs through the skin, mucous membranes and lungs. The sauna is a great way to help the body prevent dangerous substances and toxins from accumulating inside the cells.

Contemporary infrared heaters are an extra tool that helps the body stay healthy and beautiful. SPA and beauty treatments, gym, therapist, sauna and swimming pool are great for exercising and looking fresh and youthful. The sauna has a positive effect on the human body and speeds up recovery from physical damage. Infrared saunas, or infrared heaters in sauna cabins, are an effective tool to improve one of health and mood.

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What are the Japanese style bathrooms?

All of our time, the favorite Japanese style bath? This compact, spa-like bathing in Auckland, New Zealand, by space architect Andrew · Lister. The recreated look contains the following elements:
1. Vintage curtains hang into textiles to add color to a house. For similar things, please visit Cloth & Merchandise in Portland, Oregon (we will choose a logo that uses historical Japanese technology and is completely organic and sustainable).

Pendant” width=”550″ height=”548″ src=”/Upload/Other/apanes1g.jpg” />

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Suspension chair constructed by caged birds

This wonderful cage bird chair has it. This is alive because it is a bird cage. And you sit here, open with the door, and fly at any time. You are loaded, but not closed. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this fascinating hanging nest is available in different colours from coloured steel plates to suit your own style.

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Fire prevention measures as the best way to protect your home

There is no way to guarantee 100% fire protection in your home, but needless to say, everyone should take any precautions, they can. The US Fire Services Administration estimates that more than 3,400 people died and 17,500 injuries occurred due to annual fires in this country, and this has not taken into account property damage. At the same time, the American Red Cross reported that the loss of fire exceeded other natural disasters. But there are also many simple steps you can take to improve the fire awareness of your family and your family.
Don’t smoke indoors
Obviously, smoking can make you more susceptible to a variety of nasty health conditions. But smoking indoors, especially in a bedroom, ignited cigarette butts as a possibility of contact with flammable materials. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association cited the number one cause of smoking and fire.
Running monthly fire drills
Everyone knows to keep at least one smoke detector in their home, but when you hear anyone who tested their fire alarm for the last time? Deliberately activate your smoke alarm once a month to check if the battery needs to be replaced.
Focus Area: Kitchen
US disease control and prevention draws attention to the kitchen where fire hazards may occur. The agency recommends wearing a short-sleeved shirt, or at least a dress, without leaving anything to cook in the dangling flame. Also, you should never leave food in the burner.
Educating younger
Some children like to play with matches, but it is very important, parents discourage them from the fire thinking as a source of entertainment. Children are more vulnerable to destruction. Make sure that any matches or lighters in your home are stowed away from small hands and are concerned about the dangers of fire.

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Punk-style Dutch showroom is changeable and playful

The Dutch Rodrigues Studios recently showcased their newly built showroom in the Netherlands. The playful interior design, the chandelier cables are radial, and the entire showroom has a stylish steampunk style. The purpose of this exhibition hall is to present the design philosophy that their studio has adhered to since 1990: to do valuable design. The Rodrigues Studios in the Netherlands refurbished a two-storey building in 1910, taking part as a design studio and part as a showroom and retail store. This mixed space has many possibilities. The style of the exhibition hall introduced to you is varied, but it is full of playful and cheerful atmosphere.

Good design is undoubtedly self-evident, no need to explain and elaborate, everyone can understand, use, enjoy. Integrating design and art, achieving use and efficiency, embodying extraordinary quality in a simple aesthetic, cutting the user’s vitality.

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Madison built a home for the homeless

A non-profit organization in Madison, Wisconsin, has used the re-used materials to build a small house for the homeless. The 96-square-foot home was built in just two months and cost about $3,000. It can be installed on a trailer parked in Madison. It has a bathroom, a kitchen with a fridge and a microwave, which is powered by electricity and wood.

Madison’s tiny homes are made from recycled wood and materials that are salvaged throughout the city. The siding is made of waste pallets, and the home is fully equipped with lamps and kitchen counters made of different materials. Most of the small house projects are funded by social donations. After the efforts of Madison City officials, it became a church property.

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