Family Inipi sauna designed by Eoos

The Inipi sauna designed by Eoos is a perfect combination of style and happiness. Cool and minimalist lines, but they are equipped with the latest electronics, such as a light and music set with a remote control. The bathroom design expert Duravit created the line features. It has a simple and functional design, and the glass walls are also a nice detail.

Sauna is what everyone wants. Unfortunately, a home version of the sauna is not easy to get because few people have enough resources. Anyway, let’s go back to the design of this sauna. This is a very beautiful creation, with a clean and beautiful line that gives a refreshing image. The white color looks very fresh and modern.

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Qatar to renovate the stadium for the 2022 World Cup

Basically, every World Cup game will be paid attention to by people all over the world. This is not only the result of paying attention to the results of the competition, but also the people who pay attention to the competition, but also pay attention to the honor of the country and pay attention to the spirit of sports.

2010 FIFA Chairman Lat has already announced that Qatar has won the right to host the 2022 World Cup. Therefore, in order to better host the World Cup, Qatar has transformed the Burj Khalifa International Stadium and expanded it to accommodate 40,000 spectators and new cooling technologies to keep the stadium. At a comfortable 26 degrees Celsius. In the eastern part of the stadium seating area, there will also be a food court, shops, multi-purpose rooms, VIP lounges, and a sports museum.

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The waterbed is still loved by many people.

In the US, if you are at an age, you may remember the waterbed. Maybe your parents have them, when you are a child, you have vague, disgusting inducement to be sleepy in a huge mattress recall filled with water. Or maybe you have your own waterbed, because at the time, you thought it was the coolest thing.

Whatever the reason, the waterbed is a sure thing in the 1970s and 1980s, so we decided Re-examine this beloved property to better understand why so many of us want them. The waterbed was invented in the 1968 paper project. Charles · Hall invented the Waterbed, his master’s thesis project at San Francisco State University. And even if the popularity of the waterbed has dropped, Hall said: he still only sleeps on the waterbed. In the house, I have a waterbed, which is the most comfortable bed around. It is recommended to use an outdoor hose or bathroom faucet to pour them. this is correct. The waterbed may not be a “something”, but they are still on sale. It has “wave reduction & rdquo; and “ feeling of weightlessness rdquo;.

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Rotating green roof designed by Nanyang Technological University

The rotating green roof was installed as the design of the art school of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, as one of us must fulfill the fantasy, the grass above! A structure that is located in the west of Singapore, designed to pass the CPG consultation is a “non-architectural” that looks more like a hill, comparing a school from multiple angles.

We visited the School of Art Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University as the organizer. We always know that the 5-storey building has a spectacular roof greening, but during our visit, we also learned that this is a green certification and energy saving feature. The mixed-use space has an estimated annual energy savings of 119,134 kWh and an estimated 1171 cubic meters of water conservation. We also listened to the surrounding buildings and found that the public areas had minimal air conditioning and the bathrooms were cooled by fans. Rainwater harvesting systems are also in place.
In the interior, the daylighting space is used for a variety of purposes, including teacher offices, lecture halls, libraries, classrooms and research areas. In addition, a gallery is displayed in front of the building where students can present their work. Adventurous students and professors can also climb the green roof of the building and pass the stairs from the ground.

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A transport vehicle overturned on a highway in Clay County, Florida

Florida is a state in the southern United States. An accident occurred on the highway in Clay County, Florida on Thursday morning, when a transport vehicle overturned, including 43-year-old driver Gary · Johnson was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

At about three in the morning on Thursday, the Florida Highway Patrol found a transporter overturned. . According to a member of the patrol team: “The transporter is transporting furniture. The car has turned over, causing the furniture inside to spill onto the road. The home inside has a table, a chair, a desk, a dressing table, etc. It was initially determined that the reason for the rollover was that the driver was driving carelessly. Therefore, people must pay attention to safety when driving, especially the car that transports goods needs more attention. ”

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Portuguese minimalist house

This house is a modern residence located in Portugal. It covers an area of ​​283.81 square meters and was completed in 2012. It has a minimalist design and has a very clean air. The exterior of the house is completely white, which makes it stand out.

Its function is very simple. There is a space next to it that divides the house into two parts and it organizes other interior spaces. Half of the houses in Western countries are a large horizontal space that opens into the garden. This includes a restaurant and kitchen. The east is a vertical space that is the living room of the house. This is a more private area.
The two parts of the house seem to be the opposite. One is horizontal, the other is vertical, one is open, and the other is a private garden, one connected to the ground and the other to the sky. But even if these spaces are so opposite, we can still see the continuity of the entire house. The overall design connects all the spaces to give them a beautiful, minimalist structure.

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How to arrange the living room in red

This is a living room designed in red tones, which is very noble and luxurious. This living room is located at the door of the room, and there is an aisle leading to the stairs.

The floor of the living room is a reddish brown wooden floor with a large round table in the middle. Put pots, paper towels, table lamps, plates and other sundries. Below are some small cabinets, where you can place some large items. Against the wall is a row of cabinets, a row hanging on the wall, and a row under the wall, red and bright, very festive, noble.

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Brooklyn loft refurbished in an irregular form

Although the symmetrical structure can bring a harmonious feeling to the family, the irregular design will give people a different feeling, just like the refurbished Brooklyn loft.

Initially, the boss just wanted to renovate the bathroom, but when I saw the original place with beautiful tiles, there was a The simple, clean design attracted them, so they decided to continue to transform the whole place. The team successfully demonstrated the full potential of the apartment and completely reorganized the internal structure. There is now an extra room and an additional cloakroom, plus a washroom, and plenty of built-in storage. This is still designed with tight budgets. When renovating, the architects found that some rooms had nearly one-meter ceilings with unused space, so they removed the lower ceiling and made a lot of space, most of which became storage.
There are many interesting aspects about this apartment. It used to be a die-casting factory with some unique designs. During the renovation, the designer retained some original elements, and they skillfully mixed them. Modern in various details.

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Ball chandelier designed by Daniel Becker

The series is based on a one-off design, while Daniel · Becker in his research topic is “Ball Lights”, implemented at Rick University. This is a spherical chandelier consisting of about 150 tea lights with built-in miniature light bulbs. The inspirational design moved from the earliest satellites to shape, from the first in 1960. Two years ago, we discussed the mass production of this kind of lamp with the famous Dutch lighting manufacturers, the manufacturer quickly accepted.

Originally, the original idea had to be extended and optimized to develop commercial products. During the design process, the tea light was replaced by a faceted and polished metal reflector, which resulted in a more glamorous and precious appearance. All reflections are connected to the stainless steel profile, which can also be used as an elegant part. In addition to many diameter chandeliers, it is also available as a ceiling version as a standing light.

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Modern classic Vienna apartment hotel

Modern Classic Vienna Apartment Hotel

The 1400 square foot apartment, Vienna, named H+M, is equipped with the client’s own design and the creativity of the furniture design studio destilat.

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