Practical shelves and hangers

The Swedish brand Minus tio brings a range of practical shelves and hangers. Each shelf is designed and built in southern Sweden, with a Scandinavian aesthetic that fits into any entranceway or corridor and offers some additional features.
The Chip shelf has a dual mission, it can not only place your jacket, but also put your gloves, hat, scarf and anything else. It is inspired by the traditional Swedish fruit blue.
Arches is another hanger. It fits into a small entranceway or office, and the hanger contains a basket-like shelf in white, black, purple-red or subtle pink.

Open Hanger is designed to be based on an open bowl. These three bowls can support your hat, helmet, coat or clothes.

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Deadgood launches new products with personality

During the 2017 London Design Festival, British design brand Deadgood launched an eclectic collection of furniture and lighting, known as “products with individuality.”

Pop carpets are characterized by soft tones and bold patterns such as polka dots, swaying lines and curves, inspired by artist Keith Haring.

The Spun Light is a series of pendants released in 2011, and now it has a new surface. Each luminaire is made of aluminum

The new Marra table is available in three different sizes, such as a coffee table, a low table and a high table. They are made of ash wood.

These chairs are equipped with hard or soft seats and the back is designed to provide a comfortable dining experience.

The Tree table can be used in the office or at home. The design is inspired by the traditional farm table, but with laser-cut and steel legs, in sharp contrast to the table.

Anodised tables have a variety of new shapes, sizes and colors that give the 2008 design a new update.

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Sight Unseen OFFSITE Design Exhibition Part 2

Germans ErmičsThe glass and mirror show vibrant colors.

Eric Trine brings a variety of He products, including bathroom shelf, towel rack and toilet paper holder. In addition, he also brought a retro pink toilet from California.

Bower brings a mirror of the hall, giving visitors an infinite visual effect.

FELT+FATManufacture hand-made ceramics, from desktop items to more experimental works, such as Table. These new marbled pieces are brand new.

AVO brings incredible leather products such as their hand-painted wall tiles and pillows. The embossed pillow looks beautiful at close range.

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Inspired by the Korean monster’s stool

Metal cylinder seats are not common, but Jiyoun Kim, creative director of JiyounKim Studio, found a suitable place for them in Hanjiang Art Park in Seoul.
Kim decided to create 24 Dokkaebi stools. Dokkaebi is equivalent to a monster in European fairy tales in Korea and is also a source of inspiration for chairs. The stools are made of stainless steel and are polished to a mirror finish with eight different colour gradients, inspired by the color changes of the pine forests in different seasons. When the stool was placed in the park, the stainless steel mirror reflected the surrounding natural scene, creating an illusion that the colored top seemed to float in midair, which was mysterious and magical.

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Residential house surrounded by Norwegian spruce

Amantea Architects designed a home for a family of four in Ontario, Canada, with a bare backyard surrounded by Norwegian spruce. The purpose is to preserve the trees while incorporating privacy, and the home also includes a swimming pool, pool house, outdoor kitchen, lounge and gaming area. The pool house was built under the canopy of the trees. The wooden structure carries a Douglas fir screen that allows natural light to pass through to provide privacy.
A large white oak table is custom made and placed under steel and wood frames. The built-in flower pots are placed along the table and a fire pit.

The partially covered shower is built under an existing tree and introduces natural elements.

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When designing the Osler house in Brasilia

When designing the Osler house in Brasilia, the MK27 studio superimposed the two structures. This unusual configuration allows them to place the pool below the cantilever structure. The pool was partially covered and protected, which gave it a particularly intimate and comfortable charm.

Customers asked this lovely house in Vancouver, Canada to reflect his love of travel. RUFproject was responsible for the design and they chose elements from the West Coast and Oriental style. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, bamboo and water, and the swimming pool and pond play an important role in the overall style.

All important areas of this Texas Austin home can be directly connected to the outdoors, with garden space. The pool and deck are connected. The pool is integrated into a frame that connects to a backyard sleek bathtub.

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a set of sculpture vases and marble tables

StarchitectZaha Hadidfor Italian stone brand CitcoDesigned a set of sculpture vases and marble tables. The portfolio is at Salone del Mobile 2015 debut.

TauVases are organic and refined, with the appearance of petals, but their marble materials are unexpectedly Pleated groove. The vases are available in five sizes and are made of different marbles.
There is a gap in the center of the table that is ideal for placement in the corner. They come in five sizes and are made from four different marbles.

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Spring chair and stool series

San Francisco DesignerAndrew ChengRecently released his new spring collection, showing Springchair and SpringStool. They offer a cantilevered seat, constructed entirely of solid wood and plywood, with a wood texture and in different directions.

Plywood seats are placed on top of the legs that are joined by dowels to make them elastic, while the full front makes the knees comfortable.

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Ghent Festival of Lights

As part of the Ghent City Light Festival, from now on2Month1Day, artistKlaus Obermaier正Showcase a dance room, this is an interactive projection mapping and sound device that makes people The house can be twisted according to their movement. Standing in front of the projected display, visitors can swing or swing their arms back and forth, and as the body moves, the exterior of the building changes. Visitors can collapse the building or simulate the look and sound of the wind.

This will be the third lighting festival in Ghent, Belgium. ObermaierJust this year44One ​​of the different lighting artists, in the past few years, the Festival of Lights has welcomed more than one million visitors. The British Guardian previously listed the Ghent Festival as one of the top ten lighting festivals in Europe.

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Interactive installation allows visitors to create a “graphic salad”

Architect Robert MarinInvited to participate InstalArt / Obiect / 003, an exhibition held earlier this year, he designed a design called &nbspquo;Investigation in a Salad Bowl” works. The idea of ​​the work begins with Marcel Klamerdesigned salad bowl, his designer came up with a Low-tech machine, simulate making an abstract salad.

Guests were Allow interaction with machines and create their ownGraphic Salad, just like children’s spirograph toys. They insert different colored markers into the specified slots to get different results. They won’t get any instructions, so the finished product will be completely unexpected.
No models have been tested before installation, and the works are CNC cut and laid out.

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