Boost the manufacturing industry to accelerate the digital transformation of Internet innovation and development

The Internet is the wave of the digital industry, the depth of integration of industrial system and Internet system product, is the key to supporting a new round of industrial revolution, but also to promote supply-side structural reforms in our country, and accelerating the conversion of kinetic energy of the old and the new starting point. The State Council attaches great importance to the industrial development of the Internet, launched a series of work on top-level design, pilot projects, cluster development, ecological building, formed a co-ordination guidelines, positioning and differentiation, upper and lower linkage, multi-coordinated development pattern. In recent years, the political research with the joint efforts of all parties, the development of China’s Internet industry to accelerate into the rooting stage of practice from the popularity of the concept, the formation of strategic guidance, planning guidance, policy support, technical innovation and industry to promote good interactive fortunate situation. First, the Internet industry to promote the development of great significance (a) the economic development of the Internet industry to provide new high-quality support for economic development present, China’s economy has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality development stage. Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, the development of high-quality manufacturing is the focus of economic work in 2019. Internet industry has a strong permeability to the manufacturing sector as a starting point, and gradually extended to the real economy, energy, transportation, agriculture and other areas of digital, networked, intelligent new upgrade essential infrastructure and become change the development mode, optimizing new ways of economic structure, transforming growth momentum. Relying on the emerging Internet industry highly innovative multi-level public platform, aimed at breaking the “islands of information” to promote the integration and sharing, to achieve broad interoperability across the enterprise, cross-cutting, cross-industry, production resources and a greater range of services resources, and more high efficiency, more precise optimization, to promote the secondary and tertiary industries, medium and small enterprise development facility, and provide important backing for promoting economic development and improving people’s livelihood and quality. (B) Industrial Internet to provide new momentum for the Internet industry transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector through cross-device, cross-system, cross-plant and inter-regional comprehensive interoperability to achieve total factor, the whole industry chain, comprehensive connection of the whole value chain, drive industrial data full flow, data flow driven technology to achieve flow, capital flow, personnel flow, material flow, build data-driven networked industrial manufacturing and service system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , effective upgrading of traditional industries the development of quality and efficiency, promote the development of the manufacturing sector to achieve the transformation. At the same time, the Internet industry to promote optimal allocation of factors of various types of resources and industry chainClose collaboration , guide enterprises to tap the potential market demand, and help companies create value from a simple model of supply products into providing “product + service” service-oriented manufacturing new models, industrial production Prosumer integration, collaborative manufacturing, service extension and intelligent decision-making, and constantly gave birth to new formats, new models, new industries, boost manufacturing industry moving to high-end. (C) Industrial Internet digital economy is the key to open up a new blue ocean data resources digital economy. Internet industry has greatly opened up the boundaries of cyberspace, the network connection object extends from person to machinery and equipment, industrial products and industrial services CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Internet application areas extend from the virtual to the real, to extend the life of production, the amount of data connections, throughput, volume calculation showing explosive growth exponentially, greatly enriched the types of data resources, and constantly open up new digital economy blue ocean, explore new space for economic development. Second, China’s Internet industry into the rooting stage of practice from the popularity of the concept of (a) the basis of their ability to support increasingly sophisticated industry internet network upgrade initial success, the basic telecom enterprises to actively explore how to construct a foreign-oriented industrial enterprises, enterprise resource isolation of high-quality backbone network; narrowband Internet of things (NB-IoT) basic realization of the national network of city and county comprehensive coverage, industry PON, IPv6 and other technologies continue to be applied to network transformation, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing and other five countries within the corporate identity resolution line test run on the top-level nodes. Internet industry increasingly sound platform support system, the initial formation of technological innovation, evaluation platform, platform management and other public services. National, provincial / industry, industrial enterprises three Internet security technology to protect basic system, Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu Province, is building seven provincial industrial platform for Internet security, Internet and synchronize the promotion of industrial safety testing, public service platform construction work . Continued evolution (two) three functional system of industrial Internet network top-level design gradually improve, new research network technology steadily, industrial Internet identity resolution initial formation of “East and West,” the top of the layout, in Sifang, Xugong information, aerospace cloud network, Haier Group, Foshan Xinxing two nodes and a number of construction starts, initially covering the field of high-end equipment, construction machinery, aerospace manufacturing, high-speed trains,Identifies more than 50 million registrations. Industrial development platform speed Internet market, the total number of domestic Internet platform has a certain industrial sectors and regional influence more than 50, the average number of devices connected to the focus of the platform reached 59 million units, to accelerate the pace of innovation in industry APP. Industrial Internet security management system and accelerate the establishment of standards, enterprise security awareness, as well as security monitoring and protection technology was further enhanced. (C) the vertical industry applications to speed up the exploration on the one hand about the characteristics of the industry, actively promote the industry to explore innovative Internet: high-end equipment and other industries such as products based on complex, high-value, long cycle life and other characteristics, conducting applied to reduce costs, improve production efficiency, etc. practice; iron and steel, petrochemical and other process industries are focused on meeting the raw material and product prices fluctuate frequently, high-value assets, production safety requirements higher application requirements. On the other hand the Internet industry a new model emerging new form of cross-border innovation and gradually rich: as based on “Platform + financial” industry Internet platform application form to solve the difficult problem of a large number of loans to SMEs Control Engineering Copyright [123 ], as lending banks precise escort; engineering machinery enterprises and insurance companies to form Insurance accurate pricing of cross-border applications, to provide for the financial security equipment buyers based Internet data analysis, sharing of investment risks. (Iv) multi-level industry ecosystem gradually formed since 2016 to guide the establishment of the Ministry of Industry anus Internet industry alliance to date, the number of members from 143 to 1027 rapid development, including industrial manufacturing enterprises accounted for 26%, industry solution providers accounted for 34 %, information and communication enterprises accounted for 17%, accounting for 5% of the security companies, universities, research institutes, associations accounted for 9%, accounting for 1% of the investment and financing institutions, foreign enterprises accounted for 5%. It has formed a “12 + 9 + X” organization, the Internet industry around the network, aspects of the platform, the three security system, from the industrial Internet top-level design, technical standards, test bed, industrial development, international cooperation, promote the industry and finance etc. to carry out work and conduct in-depth research and exploration industry practice in the application of light industrial electronics, electronic information, construction machinery, high-end equipment, iron and steel manufacturing, energy, power, shipping, construction, automotive, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical and other industry segments, for the production Gakken gradually build multi-level eco-industrial joint development of the Internet industry. Third, to further promote the industry think the next steps of Internet innovation and development of China in recent years of China’s Internet industry and the government’s attentionUnder the guidance and the joint efforts of the industry, and achieved remarkable development achievements, is ushering in a rare development opportunity, the future still need continuous efforts to further improve the industrial supporting capacity, application services capabilities and eco-building skills. (A) to promote the joint development of a new generation of innovative information technology and manufacturing technology breakthrough first, to expedite the implementation of new network technology within the construction and transformation of enterprises, foreign networks, industrial organization by all parties work together to create a joint laboratory, to build a network technology and industrial integration the test bed, etc., to accelerate the development of network technology industry. The second is to create innovative open source community identity resolution, integration of resources to promote key technologies identity resolution, development of a safe and controlled identity registration and identity resolution and other core hardware and software products to enhance the supply side of the service identity resolution capabilities. The third is to further strengthen the industry intelligence, digital twin, industrial development and other industrial APP platform for Internet application technology development and industrialization, improve platform evaluation, industry monitoring, data transaction management and other support services capabilities, to promote the prosperity and development of ecological platform. Fourth, the formation of industry Internet security technology innovation system, through the establishment of a new security model innovation centers, laboratories, colleges, enterprises and to promote the complex, innovative personnel training, speed up vulnerability discovery, equipment trusted access, data security, situational awareness, attack source tracing and other key technological breakthroughs. (B) based on industry needs to speed up the application of innovation and promotion of First Focus Features production industry pain points and business issues around 5G, identity resolution, integrated platform for innovative applications of the Internet industry, Internet security industry and other new technologies for intelligent production, network collaborative, service oriented extension, customization and other scenarios about a number of strong influence, can replicate the pilot mode of application and outstanding cases. The second is to build an integrated technology innovation, functionality standards development, certification testing, demonstration, industry promotion, international cooperation and other open public service platform, promote industrial applications of iterative optimization, service innovation and industry landing. The third is to fully tap the full social innovation resources, relying on 5G Application Contest, Industrial Big Data Innovation Competition, Industry APP contest, Industrial Internet Security contest, and actively building industrial Internet applications developer ecosystem, to further tap the business application needs, improve practical skills. (C) play a role as a link to create a good alliance with eco-industrial development of the Internet industry alliance as the carrier, relying on industry clusters, to play a “war system” advantage. The first is the existence of the business in the development of digital transformation process issues and problemsFurther promote research with the synergies Control Engineering Copyright , to enhance the joint development capability. The second is to speed up the test bed construction, promote research with the parties to establish a joint simulation environment, new technologies, new products, new standards, new models to carry out preliminary tests and test support, accelerate the resolution of technologies and business models mature programs, promote resolve ongoing innovative solutions. The third is to strengthen international cooperation, to further implement the cooperation memorandum about the content and IIC, AIOTI, IVI and other organizations to sign, multifaceted enhance the influence of the Union, to create a healthy environment for sustainable industrial development of the Internet industry.

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