Suitable for the food and beverage industry FACTOR 1 sensor

Turck Q130WD uprox introduced a new sensor has washing resistance characteristics. The rectangular proximity switch to meet the demand of the food and beverage industry, having a high degree of protection (IP68 / IP69K), for monitoring the production of beverage and food cans stream on many occasions.
Turck degrees of protection IP68 and IP69K Q130WD uprox sensors are ideal harsh environmental conditions
Q130WD based Turck uprox patented technology, have the same for the detection of all metals from the large switch [ 123] Copyright control Engineering , so it is suitable for detecting aluminum and tin cans. With a long stroke, the sensor is also suitable for all standard beverage and food cans without gaps detected. Q130WD switching frequency up to 250 Hz , it can detect up to 900,000 per hour cans. Q130WD shell FDA approved plastic material CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , has high resistance to all common acid cleaners. The inductive sensor may also reliable operation in an ambient temperature range of -30 to 85 ° C. And operating voltage switching signal as a monitoring design angle LED, and thus can be viewed from any angle. The factor 1 sensor rectangular design, suitable for topical flush-mounted CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a height of 40 mm Copyright Control Engineering , typically attached to perfectly aluminum rail between applications.

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