Honeywell’s MES gain another victory in the field of fine chemicals help create wisdom Sunon chemical factory

June 27 – Sinochem International’s Sunon Chemical and Honeywell hold “” Fine Chemical digital transformation, improve sustainable competitiveness “,” Tongling factory activity in Shengao An emblem, marking Honeywell’s advanced control technology help Anhui Sunon toward the goal of wisdom factories and a major step forward. With the completion of automation transformation and Honeywell intelligent production management execution system (MES) of the successful deployment, Anhui Sunon already have acquired to promote more production data management aspects, to achieve “Chi-made production of power”. Through the deployment of Honeywell’s intelligent production management execution systems, Anhui Sunon not only to achieve efficient production operation management and intelligent production, more importantly, to enhance operational excellence and profitability, contributing to the digital transition. Sunon chemistry information technology as an important support and upgrade management strategies jumped, in recent years, but also to respond positively to the call of “two of integration”, continue to increase investment in building information.
communication at the media, general manager of Sinochem International, St. Austrian chemical chairman Liu Hongsheng speech
Sinochem International general manager attended the event, Sunon chemical chairman Liu Hongsheng, said: “The party nineteen major report clearly pointed out China is accelerating the construction of ‘manufacturing power’ to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing, to promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, the depth of integration. Sinochem international Group uphold the core values ​​of ‘scientism’, and we are pleased to Hall Honeywell joined forces in the field of fine chemicals, chemical plant in the digital transition process and improve their competitiveness. “Sunon chemical is a subsidiary of Sinochem international member companies, is a leading global polymer additives integrated service provider, Anhui Sunon is St. Austrian subsidiary of the third largest chemical production base. With outstanding achievements in building information technology, Anhui Sunon selected for the Ministry of Industry “qualification Pilot 2017 integration of the two Management System” Business Directory.
Sinochem International Vice President, Su Fu (second from left), CEO of St. Austrian chemistry, general manager of Sinochem International, St. Austrian chemical chairman Liu Hongsheng (third from left), president of Honeywell China Yu Feng (left D), vice president of Honeywell process Solutions Greater China and general manager Chen Yan (fifth from left)
Yu Feng, president of Honeywell China, said: “first into the Expo in November 2018, the Honeywell signed a cooperation agreement , fine chemicals boost the digital transformation in China’s Sinochem and chemical division, today we are proud to show the bilateral cooperationSome of the results. As a global high-tech companies, Honeywell in China and improve their level of intelligent manufacturing , and actively support the expansion of the Chinese government in 2019 presented the report ‘Smart +’ for manufacturing enabling the transformation and upgrading. “As Sunon chemical integration of the two pilot projects, the implementation of Honeywell’s intelligent production management system project successfully landed in Anhui Sunon. Sunon Chemical accordance with the requirements of information technology, Honeywell provides a facility for Tongling the entire manufacturing execution system solutions. the solutions can capture real-time plant-wide distributed control system (DCS) data, data integration platform, SAP data, packaging data and data quality, the establishment of a plant-wide data center and a unified information publishing platform , dynamic real-time display the whole factory process control, quality inspection data, production operations, the completion of production orders, and inventory, etc. Meanwhile, Honeywell intelligent production implementation of SAP management system will also connect with the production control system, the complete reunification of operational processes. after the system on-line running, Anhui Sunon achieve material entry and exit operations automation, quality inspection and efficiency gains of 30%, inventory efficiency improvement of 78% for statistics of labor costs dropped more than 60%. “Honeywell’s intelligent production management execution system At the same time, Anhui Sunon help regulate the production operation, simplify production management processes, improve management efficiency, but also improve the ability of collaboration between the various departments and positions, to ensure the smooth implementation of Sunon chemical plant intelligence information technology pilot projects. “Sinochem International Vice President, Su Fu Sunon Chemical CEO of Honeywell Process Solutions, vice president and general manager of Greater China, Chen Yan, said:.” Honeywell’s intelligent production management system based on the implementation of China Chemical industry characteristics, is committed to helping companies achieve digitization, automation, intelligent production management and production processes of lean management, information technology, intelligence and transparency on the same platform. We are pleased with the deepening of cooperation Sunon chemical, process industry drive the digital transformation and intelligent production change. “
Shengao An emblem Tongling plant control room
With the deepening of practice, by enabling data will further tap the quantitative indicators of production, equipment, safety, quality, personnel of the two sides are trying to restore the data from the perspective of factory production and management of every GuanKey elements, and accordingly digging room for improvement to further enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, we are committed to a model of the St. Austrian chemical enterprise intelligence to fight the fine chemical factories. The event , Sunon chemical also officially released the “2018 Sustainability Report”, which is Sunon chemical since 2015, sustainability reporting fourth consecutive time, this logo the simple pursuit of profit growth is not the sole responsibility of Sunon chemistry CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , holy chemical always put corporate social responsibility as a core competitiveness of sustainable development, with suppliers, customers, employees, etc. value chain partners, shared resources, create value and share growth, enhance inclusive and sustainable development of the industry, to become the optimal choice of polymer additives users worldwide.

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