Last year, a large potential demand for industrial robots robot output reached 148,000 sets

The pace of development of the robotics industry beyond most people’s imagination. Thanks to the new technology of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, networking and other fast forward, robots have been widely used in industry, services, special industry and other fields, continued growth in the overall size of the market. And other scientific and technological development is not the same, while the liberation of the human robot hands, it also raised more concerns: Will robots replace manual? Robot not to comply with the laws and regulations of humanity? Robot should or should not enjoy the rights of human beings? If the robot’s intelligence continues to evolve, even more ethical issues involved. However, the solution to these problems is still held in human hands, the proper use of robots is that human beings should secure direction. Exposure robot 2019 World Assembly venue site of the exhibition, as if you came to the future of the world. In the factory floor, workers gone, a robot deftly lifted a metal car frame, welding, combinations, painting in one go; the hospital operating table, much in the “thousands of miles away,” the doctor-patient surgical robot together to complete before suture; in the office, you ordered a cup of coffee CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , an unmanned delivery vehicles parked in front of the office, and this cup of freshly brewed coffee is the grinding of a robot; in home help after you’ve organized your messy room, you let your robot to dance ……
Beijing, Yizhuang, at about 52,000 square meters of exhibition area in the General Assembly, more than 700 sets of all kinds of robot together, let us see a picture of the future picture of life. Various robots flourishing trichotomy won industry recognition in stadiums display area, Gree robots and robotic barista band started performing, the robot’s hands no less human, on the keyboard, flexible whipped the strings, on drums rhythmic percussion. Superb playing skills and the sounds of music, so that the audience stunned. “Robot band and we are committed barista just tip of the iceberg intelligent equipment manufacturing products.” Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance (59.830, 0.49, 0.83%) Marketing Co., news director of Lung Cheung told the “Economic Information Daily” reporters, the company self-developed “industrial robot with high performance servo motor and drive” has reached the international advanced level. Depending on the application environment of the robot, the robot International robot coalition is divided into industrial robots kimonoService robots. At this stage, taking into account the response to natural disasters and public safety events, with special robot relative prominence of the needs of our country will be divided into robot industrial robots, service robots and special robot three. “China Robot Industry Development Report (2019)” (the “Industry Report”) shows that the industrial robot refers to an articulated robot or multi-degree of freedom robot for the industrial sector, the implementation of some of the monotonous replace humans by automatic control in industrial production process frequent and repeated long operations, including welding robots, handling robots, spraying robots. Reporters saw at the booth Yaskawa robot Shougang Co., stocked with a complete set of intelligent robotic arc welding production lines, demonstrating multiple types of industrial robots. Large load handling robot long as several long arm “monster”, flexible gripping jig and the workpiece, welding station for the loading and unloading. Weld simultaneously, with the completion of the transfer robot further more workpiece size line detection process, weld quality detection line, to achieve the automatic workpiece transport between the various stations. In the medical industry stands Innovation Center in Beijing robot, a sophisticated robotic arm to rotate on the head model to simulate surgery. “We had a neurosurgery robot R & D team after 10 years of research crystalline, has cooperation with more than 300 hospitals across the country, the clinical use of up to more than 5000 cases.” Chen Siyu, Branch precision (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the Government Affairs , “in the future, the use of robotic surgery will be more and more widely.” another operating table, such as fine hook robot “finger” in stitches in a grape deftly. “This is a laparoscopic surgical robot system, breaking the ‘endoscopic surgical precision operation’ this ‘strangle hold’ key technology for urology, thoracic, general surgery and other departments, significantly reduces the trauma to the patient.” Beijing Rui surgery technology Co., systems engineer Lu Jingxi said. Industry Report made this definition of service robots, which refers to the provision of essential services to humanity in the unstructured environment of a variety of high-tech integrated advanced robots, including domestic service robots, medical robots and service robots public service. In the special robot exhibition, CITIC Heavy Industries Kaicheng intelligence company with the fire, inspection, underwater robots and other 10 types of special new appearance. Seemingly leisurely stroll of mine inspection robot, but in reality charged with intelligent inspection work coal mine and other dangerous workplaces. “Sure-footed “explosion-proof inspection robot is wheeled petrochemical station unmanned patrol protagonist. Special robot is that these robots replace humans in high-risk environments, including military applications, robotics, robots and limit job emergency rescue robots service robots up international standard industrial robots “big but not strong” robot known as the “Pearl of the crown at the top of the manufacturing sector.” the industry generally believes that with information technology, industrialization continued integration control Engineering Copyright to robot technology as the representative of intelligent industry booming, has become an important symbol of modern scientific and technological innovation, has become an important entry point for a new round of global technological and industrial revolution. international robot Research Foundation, Xiwusama Khatib said in recent years, countries around the world significant measures to boost the development of robot technology and industrial development, such as the United States issued the “national robotics Initiative 2.0”, China issued “robot industry development plan (2016-2020)”, write “robot White Paper” Japan, Germany, to develop “industrial strategy 4.0 “and so on. robot Surgery has been on a global scale is positioned as an important strategic direction and priorities selected areas. Around the world market, continued growth in industrial scale robots, service robots usher in the golden age of development. Industry report shows that in 2019 global robotics market is expected to reach 294.1 billion dollars, while China’s 2019 robot market size is expected to reach 8.68 billion US dollars. “China is the world’s largest industrial robot applications market, China’s technological innovation and cooperation processes robots is accelerating. “Osama Khatib said. From our market, the robot into the high growth period, industrial robots for seven consecutive years to become the world’s largest application market.” China’s output of industrial robots in 2018 reached 148,000 units, accounting for global production It accounted for more than 38%. Service robots are also increasingly rich product type, it has penetrated into all aspects of home life and daily work. “Industry and Information Technology Department official said. According to the International Federation of Robotics statistics, industrial robot density of 97 units / million in 2017, more than the global average, a robot density in China is expected to exceed 130 units in 2021 / million and reached an average level of developed countries. President of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics manufacturing Institute wisdom Tian Miao Wang believes that although China’s industrial robots market is large, but technically compared with the developed economies in Europe and America, is still in the running with the stage,The core components and heavy-duty performance and international level, high-precision, high reliability industrial robots there are gaps in the research and application of service robots regard, China has maintained and developed economies synchronization Control Engineering Copyright [ 123], even in the lead. Experts said that China’s industrial robot market will further expand the huge potential demand for service robots, advanced robot applications scenarios significantly expanded. In recent years, the core components of the robot localization process continues to accelerate, has formed part of the technology of large-scale products, and has obvious advantages in some areas. Service robot market as a whole slowdown is expected to grow exponentially in recent years, the international environment for development of economic, industrial robots global slowdown, while the robotics industry in the development process itself is also facing many problems and challenges. Many experts said that with the acceleration of global consumption upgrade and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading of the pace, especially in technology innovation and expand the field of application of robotics to enhance and expand the scale of demand of supply capacity, the robot industry will continue to maintain a rapid development momentum. Chinese Institute of Electronics statistics show that in 2016 to 2018, the annual output of industrial robots from more than 70,000 units / sets increased to 140,000 / sets, with an average annual growth of more than 40%. 2018 China’s industrial robot density reached 137, compared to the 34.3% increase in 2017. However, since the second half of 2018, China’s industrial production increased by robots slowdown. Ministry of Information Industry and the responsible person that, for many reasons, including environmental degradation, international trade, global economic downward pressure, automobile, electronics and other major industry downturn and other applications. Deeper look, the robotics industry has entered a deep adjustment phase, develop new applications, improving efficiency has become an urgent demand for the healthy development of the industry. Robot industry slowdown will not last? McKinsey’s senior managing partner Ai Jiarui answer is no:. “Growth in China’s robot industry overall is very strong,” he thought, with the arrival of China’s aging society, the youth labor costs become higher and higher, while the robot the cost will be lower and lower, which makes robots become more competitive. In addition, the robot can greatly improve production quality and increase labor productivity. Experts believe that China’s robotics industry will continue to grow rapidly, the robot continues to enrich the product mix, continued extension scenarios. Robotics industry chain gradually to the high-endAggregation, creativity in the field of new materials, core components, the main chip, operating system and autonomous learning, cooperative algorithms, and has become a central element of the professional direction of global competition in the field of robotics. The next five years, the growth of industrial robots is relatively stable, but the service robot market size exponentially rising trend, market size or 4 times to 20 times the moment. Softbank Capital Partners Zhangyue Peng said China, the application of industrial robots become more mature Control Engineering Copyright , the scene is relatively clear application, acceptance is increasing. However, it remains to be user experience, enhance service robot, after five years to eight years of development, service robots is expected to grow exponentially, the market size will exceed industrial robots. Some experts said , China should pay attention to ecological robotics industry, foster innovation soil. Robots are emerging disciplines, to promote cross-border integration, innovation and efficient pattern of organization, efforts to build a comprehensive technology, capital, market factors and the growth of talent the public service platform to expand trade and technical service, technology transfer and promote the transformation, really promote the “production Gakken “new ecological integration of good development. At the same time, the evolution of intelligence ethics of science and technology can not be ignored, the current state of science and technology ethics committees established to promote ethical system will benefit the construction of science and technology, is conducive to abide by the ethical bottom line of the balance between development and progress of science and technology.

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