Dean of College of B & R Automation: digital twin will completely change the machine and process development strategies

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Dean of College of B & R Automation Headquarters Mr. Franz Enhuber
Franz Enhuber is deep in the automation industry experts for 37 years, he not only has a wealth of industry experience, but also has a far-sighted vision and pattern. September 26, 2019 B & R’s annual user conference, Mr. Franz Enhuber do the “innovation-driven future of automation,” the keynote speech. He noted that the digital twin (Digital Twins) will become the new machine design strategy enablers Control Engineering Copyright , it will completely change the machine and process development strategies, to provide for your products throughout the life cycle stand by. To give you insight into Mr. Franz Enhuber frontier point of view, we’ve put together according to the live presentation recording translated into Chinese version of the text Record, hoping to bring you inspiration. The following is the full text of the speech Record: Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to discuss with you automate under the vision of the future of automation as well as some of the trends. When we consider the needs of the industry and most people here believe has too many topics. But that is not the case, these industries are looking for a common goal that they want to bring innovations to market, in order to ensure their success on their level. Therefore, when we talk about these, everyone is on the quality of the productive forces, are interested in investing in the future, but the market is driven by the consumer.
Many consumers change is very fast, so a feature agile and flexible for the whole company is very necessary. If you use some existing technology and new technology to take an open attitude, which will be on your investment in the future offer a guarantee. As we have just said Xiao total, in this market, if we just provide customers with hardware, then this can not meet the needs of customers, we want to provide a solution. With this solution, but it is not suitable customized to achieve our speed and innovation. The speed of technological change is now very fast, and now the whole production of a demand, changes in hours, provided the product is also based on this rate pushed into the market company. In most cases, our innovation is focused on hardware products, but this is very important and engineers. Let’s say we’re talking aboutIT and OT, we need to address is, say there is bandwidth. But for different expectations, so that some of our engineers with different capabilities, they would sit together to find such a solution. After
a challenge for our future, how do we ensure that our knowledge is still available within 20 years. For a management life cycle of our products, and the circumstances under which more physical product is not related, it is more of a management employee. As a decisive factor to be able to support such a life management, all of our applications on such a level for our products is very important. Our entire technology must be supported in the entire development process, but we also have to take on some of the technology used in our operating such a machine. Easy to use, most make us more able to provide some security and efficiency faster. For staff training this is very difficult, so if we take into account in the development of such an application level, which will greatly reduce the input of one of our support for the operator’s. It’s a commitment to the compatibility of such a long-term product strategy, which will make you a better investment sustainability.
If you do not know your goal, then how can we find a way to correct it? In other words, you must first define your goals. In terms of investment and time to optimize, to achieve such a way that you accomplish their goals. We can say that dreams and visions for these two concepts are sometimes very similar, but for the dream, it’s just an imagination, it does not have a clear structure to express how to achieve such a dream. But for the goal, the whole vision is very clear, throughout the achievement of objectives among all of its nodes which are controllable. For the future of innovation is necessary for such a process, finding the right product and process innovation, this is a long one adjustment. We matter what kind of a job to do, we have to be the right way to manage our such an innovative project. We must pay attention to our entire costs, and to realize that we control such a risk of a Control Engineering Copyright , and brought the idea of ​​innovation.
Current digital twin is a very popular concept, particularlyAnd visualization of point refers to put our thoughts and innovative ideas into reality is a primary task. Digital here is a good choice, you can solve such a demand. why? Because most people who may have been a person of such a visually-oriented. Relative to the text, one can better understand the video and pictures. For the simulation, we can use it to help us better or more detailed to understand such an idea. Twin is a digital model of your vision, in which the software, we can at any time as needed to carry out a simulation. We just need to build a digital model appropriate for your idea, then simulation. However, if a machine is a real part of this, or a model, you can only choose to do all of them have achieved, or do not do, you have no way to make such a compromise between. If you can change the current notion that you will get a completely new idea.
for one of the biggest benefits of such a digital transformation, what is it? You can start a new project in a company, you can put all of these people related to this project can participate in the same conditions to it. You do not need to consider these people, one of his standing among the entire project, a specific gravity such that it occupies or imagination, these are not very important. In addition, it allows digital twin it in stages, so that a sub-organization of development, will make this a feedback loop your whole becomes more efficient at all levels of the team, its acceptance will be greatly improved. A concept of change, every time a proposed new issues, which will be a guide or export of such a new idea. The team in the process of discussion, everyone he will propose different such a problem, this is the whole of our innovation is very helpful. Next, I will bring a new video of a change in the manufacturing side of our Austria to everyone, the name of the production line is called the universal assembly line 2020. We look at what it can do. For assembly lines, our custom object is to give our customers expect it to make bulk equal to 1, that is, a single batch of a custom control system. Many of our customers are ordering customized products from our side, they are only one batch.If we robot, and the Trak system are integrated together, mutual cooperation between them, so as to give our customers a batch of such a product. Why invest in such a virtualized common manufacturing line 2020 do? This is for us to provide more effective solutions. Generally speaking, we may need different departments, with different disciplines, different people have the knowledge, they will be able to work together to achieve. We hope that the manufacturer of a very early, at a stage of development of the project, from the entire machine, the whole of our ultimate owner of the process, including our service engineer or operator, we are able to provide them corresponding such an opinion.
The digital twin and work with him to pay a little extra work? Of course a lot will change in the process of our work, but more so we should say our mentality. Because the virtual analog or one of its foundation is a drawing of our machinery, then these drawings in the process of our manufacturing machinery nearby, this is a must, without it can not manufacture these parts. But the difference is, if you just need simulation, simulation or some of these steps, then you only need these steps, or that some of these parts of the drawing is enough. We can work step by step, but in a real mechanical or physical, this is impossible. In the details, we can spend a relatively large time, we can put to one specific detail among the simulation, in which the whole design process, we can carry on a discussion of a more complex or clear.
These are our investment in the entire project or part of which R & D, in any case this is the future we need to do, and found new requirements as soon as possible as soon as possible, faster, more efficient, high-speed introduction of our new technology . This virtual reality and augmented reality technology, under the current circumstances our industry should be said also become some help. In some other industries now, say in the automotive repair this industry, we have seen the use of augmented reality in some of them. Of course, technology can also use this technique in some other smart devices as well as other areas. Current technology still has some limitations, we say these augmented reality glasses. It is not acceptanceVery high , the glasses are very heavy, and too limited angle of view, the operation time is limited, the light is relatively strong under the situation may be more difficult to use. But for AR and VR software, it is now very strong, then it is very easy to use to some extent. And in recent years, a computing power of our hardware and algorithms have a very big improvement, it can provide a different level of simulation. All in all this is to get technology can be achieved, or is a technology coming, not to say that only exists in some other areas. So this I think we need to carry out an investment on this software, we have to break trough the entire industrial sector, we need our hardware or software for an improvement. Here to give us an example Control Engineering Copyright , which is a packaging line, is a virtual simulation, the women are using a virtual reality of a lens, that is VR. She stood in an empty room inside, but he took the shot put with a packaging line rendering to her original size so that he can see. He is now in operation throughout the machine, she just might put the whole automatic mode of a machine, she might first suspended, and the operation of a bow and arrow, put it on the conveyor belt, and then start up automatically.
What you’re seeing on the video and just not the same, this is an augmented reality technology, you can see this is a production line, it is a simplified model, applicable to customers in our training among. If it is truly one of a physical system like this, it is hard to say to everyone, because his number may be limited. But if we can use this model, he is easily able to, say, in this case, we just used directly in the office, the whole of reality so such a model simulation and he put us around combination of circumstances. In this example, we put the real world and the virtual world made such a combination. The whole experience can make us better.
4.0 inside the entire industrial, digital transition is a hot topic. Among R & D process, digital twin will push this process to develop, we will adjust a policy of development, so that our research and development become more accelerated, more costSuch a profitability. Digital twin without the need for investment in physical hardware, you can verify us an idea, the design of the entire mechanical process and electrical and automation, they are these different jobs, they can stay at the same time this agreement, in our digital among twins, they can be carried out simultaneously. Most of us will experience these changes in demand in development, this is a future goal. Digital twin will help us to become more agile, able to enhance our research and development of such an effect.
If you have a new idea, here I give you an example, let’s say we were designing the machine, when I said I needed to recognize me such a product. It is currently a very hot topic, is a very big change. A piece of investment in machine vision, whether it is to increase our market among a diversity of our equipment, or that we need more machines for a flexible, automated vision to bring a lot of something. More and more of our application, we ask that we be able to say, track machines. B & R we say this integrated vision system, you can get a function in which this part. Let’s say we want to print or packaging, our measure of visual function will help us improve a separation and a visual monitoring of the overall quality. Then use this identification system, you can go and save our traditional use of, for example proximity switches, light curtains or a piece of cost. Also integration will affect our entire, for example, among the entire material flow logistics and transport system such a concept.
If we go back to digital twin, I can say that this is not just a development of a method which only need to use, it can support a your entire product life cycle. In different stages of a product’s life cycle, it needs to have such a different requirement. In this process, a digital twin of investment, can give you a get more revenue. For example, when doing a custom product, at the time of the early design, you can use digital twin share your thoughts with our customers, which is very helpful. In addition the entire feedback loop will become a more efficient, in R & D will reduce a possible misunderstanding, and make my solution as much as possible and be close to my expectations. For existing machines, it can help us digitize TwinsSales team and customers to discuss, even at the exhibition. Because your real machine is limited, or that there is no way to conduct a show complete an action or work, but if you use a virtual Such technology such digitized twins, you can go to show the machine all function. For a service engineer or operator, the use of digital twin to a virtual simulation training CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , this attraction is very large, because everyone he could at the same time such a simulation environment to work under, without the need for a lot of people to such an expropriation or only the actual physical device called a few. And it can imitate the real machine anytime, anywhere, to imitate some of their mistakes, but throughout training which it is very safe, there will be no danger.
Before we make any decision, in fact, most of these decisions are a result of a compromise, which in fact is a compromise for us to assess the strengths and weaknesses, and to achieve the best of a program. Visualization is to assess or consider this one of the most intimate of a method, in such an event reality among these entire relevant stakeholders have different priorities and a specific demand. A good an idea or an idea, but because one of the reasons the cost of a final product, resulting in failure of the entire program. For from the real hardware is concerned, because of a physical limitation, including for example the speed, the demand for energy, heating or material that ultimately is a compromise, a compromise will eventually get a final result. For these we have a design of the whole machine, this one is a very high degree of responsibility.
or some other very forefront of a number of cutting-edge technology, so far we are not ready, but we should make this a corresponding preparation, to which we apply it to the current device. From the initial to the final share of the plant, if successful production, this we have a very long way to go. We do not know when this goal, we are not clear objectives, we can not find a way true. So the whole machine design which it is a visual and automated, this can be very good to help us to understand which of our machines as well as a production complexSex. Digital twin today and the future will provide a shortcut to development, shorten the entire investment, or that our development time, reduce our costs. Finally, I was a fan of Confucius, he said thousands of years ago saying “forewarned is forearmed and without prejudging the waste”, and now they are actually useful. Since ancient times we say that there is a dream, vision and imagination, these principles have not changed. I want to say here, if we have some strategies, none of these preparations, we will not be successful. thank you all!

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