Maintenance heating hits the floor, easy to crack the wall, easy to turn yellow okorder

Different floors

Humidity requirements are different

Solid wood flooring has won the favor of many consumers with its natural texture and high durability. However, geothermal heating users who have used solid wood flooring may find that after a winter and summer, there is a crack in the floor.

Xin Quanfeng, manager of Sunshine Branch of Shengxiang Group, said that solid wax on the floor can solve this problem. The inside of the solid wood floor often retains a certain amount of water. In the case of the geothermal heating in the winter, the floor loses water and shrinks, and the gap between the floors increases. At this time, the solid wax on the floor will reduce the extent of the expansion from the seam. ‘Because the winter weather is dry, the floor crack is too large. The owner should increase the indoor air humidity while enjoying the warmth.

Need to be reminded that if the home is using floor heating, in the initial stage of heating, it is necessary to give the floor an adaptation process, and slowly raise the temperature. ‘In the process of heating the floor, the sudden cooling will also cause damage to the floor. It is best not to exceed 10 °C per day. ‘Xin Quanfeng’s suggestion

‘The maintenance of bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring is not exactly the same. It is necessary to maintain a ventilated and dry environment. Do not wash with water or use a wet rag or mop. ‘Da Zhuang bamboo floor Rizhao general agent manager Wang Xiaozhong said.

Leather sofa

Keep away from radiators

‘Listen to a friend who said that his family’s leather sofas became loose soon after they were bought, and the color became much deeper than when they were bought. Later, I went to see his house. It turned out that his family had a honeycomb stove and the sofa was next to the stove. ‘The general manager of the Kafund furniture Rizhao store, Liu Xian quality, said that this is the result of the typical local heating of the cortex. The solution can only let the skin slowly cool down and look at the contraction. If the retraction is not good, you may have to return to the factory. Repeated finishing fixes. ‘The same reason, the sofa should also be kept at a certain distance from the radiator. ‘

In addition, do not use tap water to scrub the leather sofa. After a long time, the cortex will harden and lose the soft feeling. Also, don’t use a detergent to clean the sofa. You should ask a professional sofa cleaning company for cleaning and maintenance.

Heating smoked yellow wall

baffle to solve

Nippon Paint Rizhao agent general manager Kong Fanlian told the author that many owners who use radiator heating will face such a problem: near the wall above the radiator It seems to be smoked by the heat, and the black or yellow makes the walls very ugly.

‘This is because the static electricity caused by the rise of local air is absorbed by dust. After a long time, the wall looks like it is blackened. ‘Confucius said that in this case, you can take the method of wrapping the radiator to avoid. If you don’t feel good, you can make a few small baffles on the wall above the radiator, so that you can put on the beautification space on the baffle, and also solve the problem that the wall is easy to be smoked.

Wooden furniture

Keep away from humidifiers

Liu Xian quality introduces that wooden furniture insulation can prevent cracking, but be careful not to let the humidifier directly on the wooden furniture, which will cause local moisture in the wooden furniture. Moldy, swelling and other issues. Because wood is hygroscopic, place it in a cool, ventilated place with moderate temperature and light.

‘Although the sunshine in the winter is relatively soft, do not place the wooden furniture in direct sunlight, which will cause partial fading of the paint film or premature aging of the wood, so for wood furniture Relatively cool and ventilated place is the best choice. ‘Liu Xian quality said.

In addition, the maintenance of the paint film is also the key to the longevity of wood furniture. In general, it is not recommended to use a hard rag to wipe the surface of the furniture to prevent damage to the paint layer; and it is recommended to apply a layer of protective wax to the wooden furniture every six months of use, which can play a good role in curing.

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China Flooring Association wants to apply to cancel the consumption tax on solid wood flooring okorder

The China Flooring Association is preparing to submit a report on the application for the cancellation of the 5% consumption tax on solid wood flooring to relevant government departments. Industry insiders admit that in the case of the downturn in the flooring industry, the elimination of the consumption tax on solid wood flooring will help boost sales and promote industry development.

A person familiar with the matter disclosed to the “First Financial Daily” yesterday: ‘The China Flooring Association has drafted relevant reports and is ready to submit it to relevant government departments. ‘The insider also said: ‘At the time of the initial collection, the floor industry had higher profits. Many flooring companies did not care. Now the profit margin of flooring companies has shown a large decline. Many enterprises have difficulty in operating, and the entire industry has cancelled the consumption of solid wood flooring. Big. However, to cancel this tax, the difficulty is still large. ‘

It is understood that in 2006, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice to impose a 5% consumption tax on solid wood flooring. At present, the taxed products account for about 30% of the total floor consumption.

Zhang Lin, former president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, said that at that time, due to the shortage of global forest resources, with the increasing awareness of forest environmental protection in the world, the export control of timber was generally strengthened. Consumption, the introduction of the consumption tax, at the same time, solid wood flooring at that time as a high-end consumer goods, the consumption tax is also necessary.

However, as the market developed, the original situation also changed. Li Jiafeng, president of the China Flooring Association, said that first of all, nearly 90% of the raw materials for solid wood flooring come from North America and South Africa. The consumption of wood in the country is very small. Even if it is domestic wood, it is also a regenerative forest, and it does not damage the environment. Wu Bi, secretary-general of the Jiangsu Wood Industry Association, told the author that some areas in Jiangsu are planted with fast-growing tree species such as poplars. Because China’s fast-growing forests are very suitable for producing solid wood flooring, fast-growing forests are economic forests. If the two-year cycle is not cut, it Naturally decaying, it wastes resources and has become a cash crop to some extent.

In recent years, the call for floor companies to cancel the consumption tax has always been there. A chairman who called for the cancellation of the solid wood floor consumption tax for five years told the author that the country’s increased consumption tax will eventually be added to the consumers. The wood used in solid wood flooring is recycled by reforestation. Plunder the resources of trees.

At the same time, the elimination of the consumption tax is also conducive to boosting the current sales floor industry.

Release date: 2011/12/20 11:55:11

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Can the branch management model become the mainstream channel for the flooring industry? okorder

The flat reform of the channel will be the focus of many flooring companies in the next one or two years. However, the current branch management model is still in the exploration stage, and the traditional agency distribution system is still the mainstream channel for flooring companies. mode.

In the field of flooring, the gap between first-line brands and second-line brands is getting bigger and bigger, and many companies are caught in the bottleneck of sales stagnation. Faced with fierce competition, channel reform is imperative. For the current downturned flooring market, the implementation of the branch office model can make the marketing policies and game rules formulated by the manufacturers directly reach the execution level of the channel terminals, and target the individualized guidance according to the actual situation of the market, instead of being subject to At the level of logistics operators.

Faced with fierce competition, channel change is imperative. The ‘branch mode’, although it is only a product of the exploration phase, may not become the mainstream channel model in the future, but it can also be a way to explore the channel transformation. The times are changing, the market is changing, and the channel model needs constant innovation. Admittedly, only by dare to have more attempts, the development of the flooring industry can go wider and smoother.

Release date: 2012/1/11 10:28:38

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Three-layer parquet flooring and six factors that are popular around the world okorder

Recently, China Forest Products Industry Association released the “White Paper on China’s Three-Layer Solid Wood Composite Flooring Consumption”, “Three-Layer Solid Wood Composite Flooring Pavement Guide”, “China Three-layer Solid Wood Composite Floor Consumption Research Report” and other related documents, three-layer solid wood Composite flooring has attracted more and more attention from the industry and consumers. But when and where did the three-layer parquet come from, and why is it popular around the world?

In 1941, the Swedish royal family secretly married Gustav & Co., the oldest wooden family leader in the country. It turns out that many solid wood floors in the palace have not broken and deformed during use, resulting in many gaps, which have seriously affected the noble and majestic image of the royal family. The royal family hopes that Kang Shu can solve this problem as soon as possible.

So Kang Shu began to think about the solution to the meditation, and finally inspired from the structure of the arched door of the representative building of ancient Rome, creatively stacking the three layers of solid wood in a crisscross pattern, and interlacing according to the upper, middle and lower layers. As a result, due to the balanced structure of three layers of solid wood, the shrinkage, expansion and deformation can be reduced, thereby solving the problem of cracking of the inner palace floor. In this way, the world’s first three-layer parquet was born in Sweden in the mid-19th century.

Three factors of three-layer solid wood composite flooring popular in the world

Since 1941, three-layer solid wood composite flooring has developed in Europe for 70 years and is now popular in Europe. Has been widely concerned around the world. In China, three-layer solid wood composite flooring is recognized as a representative of new trend categories. It not only has a practical significance for the effective use of timber resources, but also opens up a new situation for the sustainable development of the country and the entire industry. More importantly, it provides consumers with a new situation. An environmentally friendly and comfortable home environment and a green and healthy consumption atmosphere.

First, excellent environmental performance

Wood is a carbon-soluble, renewable, recyclable, degradable natural material, is the world’s four major materials (steel, wood , the most sustainable use of green materials in plastics and cement. The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of solid wood and environmentally friendly adhesive, and is processed through advanced production technology. Therefore, it has excellent environmental performance and has become a new choice for environmental protection.

Second, rich natural decorative

Three-layer solid wood composite floor surface is made of high quality natural hardwood wood, with unique color, pattern, surface hand scraping, smoked, handmade Surface treatments such as coloring create a variety of decorative atmospheres such as natural, antique, and rustic, and the introduction of dyeing technology makes the decorative performance more colorful.

Third, strong dimensional stability, can do geothermal floor

Three-layer solid wood composite floor has good stability, using a unique design of three layers of criss-cross structure, is conducive to the release of wood Internal stress, suitable for ground heating floor.

Fourth, high-quality materials, durable and refurbished

Three-layer solid wood composite floor surface is made of high-quality natural wood; the core layer and the bottom layer are mostly fast-growing materials; usually more than 70% of the products are Fast-growing wood, less than 30% is high-quality wood. The floor adopts advanced production technology, the thickness of the panel is usually 3~4mm, and the service life is long. If the paint is worn out due to long-term use, it can be refurbished.

5, paving simple support personality DIY

Three-layer solid wood composite floor usually has a large format size, and can be installed directly without suspension with a keel, thus making the installation more Fast, greatly reducing installation costs and installation time. At the same time, because of its simple paving, consumers can also DIY decorate their homes under the guidance of professionals.

Sixth, to create a more comfortable home environment

Because the production process of three-layer solid wood composite flooring is complex and advanced, it is generally processed with high-precision equipment and the product quality is good. At the same time, it has good properties of heat preservation, sound absorption, insulation, etc. It has proper elasticity, moderate friction coefficient, comfortable foot feeling, and can partially adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, so it can create a more comfortable home environment.

Today, the ‘low carbon economy’ has become a hot spot in the world’s economic development. For the flooring industry, green, low carbon and environmental protection have always been the key words. With its superior quality and decorative effect, and its characteristics of green, environmental protection and low carbon, the three-layer solid wood composite flooring has become the mainstream of high-grade solid wood flooring, and is increasingly favored and sought after by consumers.

Release date: 2012/1/16 10:43:08

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Exposure free floor maintenance scam okorder

Ms. Zhang, who lives in Longdong Avenue, bought a brand of solid wood flooring in Yijia Road Jiajia Building Materials Market. When installing the floor, the worker provided a card that can enjoy a free maintenance service. On the 22nd, according to the free maintenance service provided by the door-to-door installation worker, she contacted the other party’s on-site service. After the maintenance, the other party introduced the promotion with a preferential introduction, asked Ms. Zhang customer member, and finally Ms. Zhang paid 998 yuan and signed a contract. The contract was paid for Forest Trading Co., Ltd.

On August 1st, Ms. Zhang once again received a phone call claiming that the brand’s floor provided maintenance services, and told the other party that the floor had been maintained, but the other party immediately confessed that she had encountered before. con man. The investigation found that Forest Trading Co., Ltd., which had signed the contract, did not have any relevant information on the search engine. All the contact numbers were also unanswered. The mobile phone of the employee who signed the contract was also unanswered.

Free maintenance must see the head of the household

Ms. Zhang introduced to the author, on October 22, after all the renovations of her house, she arranged the responsible master to contact the floor maintenance. After the maintenance worker went to the house to carry out simple maintenance on the floor, the other party insisted on seeing the head of the household, and said that only the signature company of the head of the household can confirm. When Ms. Zhang rushed home from the unit, the maintenance staff began to introduce the related products he brought, and suggested that Ms. Zhang join the customer members, saying that after joining the members, they can enjoy more value-added services. ‘The other person claimed to be the employee of the brand floor, and he was also very sincere in the communication. In addition, considering the need to regularly care for the floor, he agreed to join the room member. ‘

Ms. Zhang signed a membership contract with the other party. After receiving the membership fee of 998 yuan, the other party opened a receipt. When Ms. Zhang asked the other party for the invoice, the other party claimed to return The unit will be sent immediately. ‘Invoice has not been received, on the morning of August 1, I received another call, the other party also claimed to be the brand floor manufacturers, to provide her with free maintenance, when I told each other, free maintenance has been done, and she Now that I am a member of the other party, the other party said that I was cheated and the previous maintenance staff was fake. ‘Afterwards, Ms. Zhang tried to contact the other party according to the contract, and all the calls were not answered.

author investigation: all the contact information on the contract is invalid

Ms. Zhang and the other party signed the contract, the company’s payment for Shanghai Forest Trade Co., Ltd., maintenance workers signed Yang Min, in order to attract Ms. Zhang to join the membership, Yang Min also changed the floor on the original contract for one month to two months, and changed it to half a month. The author enters ‘Shanghai Forest Trade Co., Ltd.’ on Baidu search to search, there is no information about a related company. According to the company’s telephone number and complaint telephone number left on the contract, no one answered after the call.

The author dialed the phone that Yang Min left for Ms. Zhang. When the author indicated his identity, the other party claimed that he was not Yang Min. The explanation was that he borrowed the other party’s mobile phone and then hung up the phone in a hurry. When you dial again, the phone has been turned off.

Floor company: on-site service staff is not an agent partner

Then contacted the brand flooring company, Miss Xie of the customer service center explained that the company does not have related floor maintenance products, There is no value-added service for free maintenance for customers. ‘The company’s agent in Shanghai, the foreign economic and trade company signed a cooperation with Mrs. Tai Tai cleaning company, contact information on the back of the installation documents, Ms. Zhang contacted the maintenance staff is not the staff of the polyester wife. ‘Ms. Xie said that the company has received many reports of customers being defrauded about free floor maintenance, but every time it is verified, it has nothing to do with the company, and hopes that customers can be vigilant.

Consumer Protection Committee: customers need rational consumption

Chen Min, the complaints department of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, said that the unit of the member’s contract is Forest Trade Co., Ltd., which was originally purchased. Brand floor has nothing to do with, Miss Zhang should make a question mark when signing, especially when it is necessary to pay the money, it is necessary to fully verify the true identity of the other party. ‘The method of liar is generally to attract customers with small profits. Everyone can avoid being cheated as long as they are rational in the consumption process.

Release date: 2012/4/26 8:57:02

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Teach you daily cleaning and maintenance skills okorder

Modern urban life is busy and tense, and a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can you make your home warm and comfortable? With a little skill, you can easily create a pleasant home. Xiaobian has prepared a series of fashion information from house decoration to home decoration to help you have a relaxed and comfortable life.

self-dosing agent. In a large pot, add soft soap, bleaching earth, 450 grams of soda, and 2270 ml of water, mix well, boil them and simmer them to half the original volume, then cool and store in a can. Use a hard brush to brush the smudges on the floor. Usually you can brush along the lines of the floor, then wash it with hot water and let it dry.

salad oil, milk and tea. When wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor very bright. Or add a little vinegar with sour milk, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be very bright. In addition, the dirt on the paint floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice. Wipe the smudges on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash, then smear the vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor, and it is easy to remove the smudges.

concentrated alkali water. The floor is maintained with oil traces such as grease. It can be washed with a boiled aqueous solution of concentrated alkaloids. Then the dough is covered with bleaching earth and hot water, and kept clean for one night. Repeat if necessary. get on.

fine salt. There are egg marks on the floor. You can sprinkle some salt on the egg stick. After 10-15 minutes, sweep the floor and the egg marks on the floor will be easily removed.

Adhesive tape and vacuum cleaner. The shards of glass scattered all over the floor are very dangerous. If visible to the naked eye, stick it with sticky tape; if it is powdery, it should be sucked up with cotton dampened water, or sprinkled with some rice grains, glued it up, and then sucked up with a vacuum cleaner. On the glass floor, you can also wipe it with a piece of wet soap. The glass shards will stick to the soap bar, scrape it off at any time and press it until it is finished.

With a candle. The remaining candle heads are stored. When a certain amount is collected, the wick is cut and removed, and the amount is added. The same amount of turpentine is added to the wax and placed in a pot containing cold water to boil. The candle is melted, stirred, poured into a tank and cooled for later use. In order to make the floor easy and effortless, the floor wax can be heated slightly before use.

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Living room floor purchase common sense and daily maintenance methods okorder

In the home environment, the living room is the place where people gather the most and use the most. Therefore, the floor maintenance of the living room is also very important. Curing the floor is an important step in floor maintenance, but how to maintain it? What kind of maintenance is scientific and reasonable maintenance?

Good floor needs good maintenance

Good floor needs good maintenance, which is just like good car needs good maintenance. The floor must be used officially after 48 hours of installation, such as: placing furniture, cleaning the floor, etc. It is recommended that the floor be cleaned and maintained after 48 hours of installation to improve various physical properties. If you do not stay in time, you must ventilate the room every day. This is a preliminary work before the official use, which plays an important role in the maintenance of the floor in the future.

The daily cleaning of the floor plays an important role in the service life of the floor.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the floor

The daily cleaning of the floor is important to the service life of the floor. The role. In daily use, it is strictly forbidden to use hazardous chemicals to clean the floor, such as: dusting agents with unknown ingredients. In daily cleaning, the surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth with a moisture content of less than 30%. If the floor is stained, such as vinegar, salt, oil, etc., use the special cleaning products of Golden Eagle Iger. Do not use gasoline. Perhaps, your biggest concern is the temperature and humidity problems in the room. Golden Eagle Iger flooring experts recommend that you keep the indoor temperature at 16 °C ~ 24 °C, indoor relative humidity ≤ 40%, should take humidification measures; indoor relative humidity ≥ 100% It should be ventilated and dehumidified, and the optimum air humidity is between 40c/o and 70c/o.

Floor professional maintenance is essential

Floors are affected by various natural and human factors, and should be regularly maintained. Therefore, we propose that ‘floor is a living body, need The slogan of timely maintenance. Floor maintenance experts pointed out: In order to maintain the original color and texture of the floor, the life of the floor is further improved, and maintenance should be carried out regularly. Generally speaking, after the installation of solid wood flooring is completed, it is necessary to maintain it once, and it is necessary to use professionally-supported skin care products. For the flooring of different materials and different surfaces, the maintenance products for maintenance are not the same. For oil-faced flooring, Golden Eagle Iger has pure natural skin care products extracted from plants such as soybeans and coconuts. It is an ideal cleaning and maintenance product for oil-faced flooring. This product is also environmentally friendly and can be used on all untreated wood to maximize the protection of the wood surface, to thoroughly clean the surface of the woodwork, and to clean the painted floor.

The expert reminds you:

The balcony or direct sunlight should be properly shielded;

A serious scratch and damage can be used with color Repairing cream repair;

It is recommended to install the floor before check-in. Do not leave the floor vacant for a long time after installation. If you do not stay in time, you need to ventilate the room every day;

Wood floor with log physics Characteristics, color difference, expansion and contraction with the season are normal.

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Matters needing attention when selecting laminate flooring okorder

There are many precautions for purchasing laminate flooring. For the more concentrated purchase links, list the strategies for consumers for reference.

1. When purchasing composite wood flooring, you should know What are the main technical indicators?

When purchasing composite wood flooring, the main technical indicators that should be understood are: 1. Wear resistance; 2. Impact resistance; 3. Resistance to stains and stains; 4. Resistance to smoke; , the wear of the contact surface; 6, the scratch of the chair caster; 7, the volume expansion rate after water absorption; 8, the amount of formaldehyde released.

2, how to understand the amount of formaldehyde released?

Formaldehyde is a chemical gas, the content of air to a certain concentration, it will cause harm to the human body. It is mainly used in the manufacturing process of composite materials to act as a bonding agent. The formaldehyde contained in the floor will not evaporate immediately, but will slowly evaporate due to different temperature and humidity conditions, and the volatilization time is more than ten years. Long-term living in an environment where the concentration of formaldehyde exceeds the standard, formaldehyde will cause obvious damage to the eyes, nose and respiratory system of people or cause skin diseases. Animal experiments have also shown that excessive levels of formaldehyde release can also cause cancer of the nose and respiratory system.

Therefore, countries have strict standards for the amount of formaldehyde released from plywood products. For example, Japan and the European Community countries require that the amount of formaldehyde released per 100 grams of plywood must be less than or equal to 10 mg, otherwise it is not allowed. Listed sales; China’s formaldehyde emission standards for plywood products (GB/T18102-2000) stipulates: Class A (excellent products)? D? D per 100 grams of plywood formaldehyde emission must be less than or equal to 9 mg; Class B (qualified products) ?? D? D per 100 grams of plywood formaldehyde release is greater than 9 mg, less than 40 mg.

3. What should I pay attention to when installing?

Answer: 1, can not be installed on uneven or wet ground, such as kitchen and bathroom. 2, can not be installed on the newly laid cement floor. 3. The concrete floor should be dried for at least 80 days. 4. Use a polyethylene mat that is at least 2 mm thick. 5, can be laid on the plumbing floor, but can not be laid on the electric heating floor.

4, why must the strict installation conditions?

A: If the floor is installed on the ground that does not meet the specifications, the following consequences will result: the floor is drum, uplifted, and the floor is uneven.

5, why should we go to the construction site survey in advance?

A: Professional and technical personnel conduct surveys according to the standard, in order to ensure that the ground conditions meet the specifications before the installation of the floor, to ensure the best installation results.

6, Q: Why should we implement a 24-hour delivery system?

A: In order to adapt the floor to the temperature and humidity difference between the indoor and outdoor of the user’s room, the floor will not be deformed after installation, and the installation quality will be guaranteed.

7, Q: What is the difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring?

A: The biggest difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring lies in its structure. Composite wood flooring is a composite structure with high surface wear resistance and good moisture resistance; while solid wood flooring feels good, paving It feels luxurious after loading, but it tends to be deformed when it is long. Both of them have their own characteristics, but because of its unique advantages, and the selection of wood flooring from the fast-growing forest, it can protect the natural resources of the environment to the greatest extent, so it has been received by many consumers around the world, especially Environmentalists are welcome. Since the birth of laminate flooring in 1985, sales have been rising rapidly. By 1998, it has reached 180 million m2, and it is likely to become the most important material for floor decoration in the near future.

8, the formula for the number of baseboards required:

The number of square meters of the floor used in the room floor / 2.4.

9, the indoor cost of the installation of stairs should be calculated as follows:

(floor meters used in the floor of the room + floor meters used for stairs) ☆ unit price + stairs level ☆ 70 yuan .

10, Q: How to determine the purchase area when buying the floor?

A: Add 8% or so of loss to the actual use of the house. The final settlement of the project is based on the actual installed square meters.

11, Q: What is the green core moisture-proof function?

A: There are two main types of composite wood flooring, one is particle board, the other is quality intrusion 8. 呙芏 呙芏 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 小 是 小 小It is pressed down and is used now. Among them, the density of medium density board is 550 kg-880 kg/m3, the density of high density board is ≥880 kg/m3 or more, and ‘Ruijia’ is a high density board. Since the core layer of the composite wood floor is wood, it is still afraid of water and water. To this end, ‘Ruijia’ flooring has added special moisture-proof additives in the production process of high-density boards, so that the floor water absorption thickness expansion rate of the ordinary core layer is smaller, and it has a comprehensive moisture-proof effect. In order to distinguish, the moisture-proof core layer is usually dyed green, which is the green core floor seen by consumers.

12, Q: Is the green core moisture-proof floor not afraid of water?

A: The composite wood floor is moisture-proof, and it is also woody. The wooden things are all afraid of water. The green core moisture-proof floor mainly plays the role of strengthening moisture. Some composite wood floors can be soaked in water because these floors are excessively increased in the amount of urethane resin or processed using phenolphthalein. However, the addition of urine aldehyde resin glue will inevitably lead to excessive formaldehyde, and phenolphthalein rubber is highly toxic, and it is strictly forbidden to use indoors in foreign countries.

13, Q: How to care.

Daily care is very simple, no need to polish, wax and paint, just use a vacuum cleaner to clean or wipe with a damp cloth, mop. If you are accidentally soiled with nail polish, ink, alcohol, etc., just use a nail polish remover or detergent to clean it. Special Note: Never use water to wash the floor; not corrosiveThe cleaning agent is used to clean the floor. The wear layer is aluminum oxide. It is an amphoteric oxide that reacts with acid and reacts with alkali. Avoid alkaline substances, scrub with rice water is a good way. Avoid sanding, waxing or painting on the floor.

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Teach you how to use floor wax! What should I pay attention to when using? okorder

Flooring on the floor: It is on the solid wood floor, pvc (plastic) floor, stone floor (marble, granite, terrazzo), etc., and the surface is coated with a layer of wax. After the wax is solidified, the air, moisture and dust are sealed. At the same time, it plays the role of anti-slip, anti-wear and anti-static, so as to better maintain the floor and extend the service life of the floor. Waxing is divided into two types: solid wax and liquid wax. Floor waxing requires professional waxing, wax layer, wax liquid should be evenly distributed, moderate thickness, so that the floor is bright and smooth.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171722920.jpg”>

The role of waxing:

Removal of stubborn stains on the floor, by waxing the material itself from the air, reducing damage to the material caused by oxidation or exposure to harmful substances in the air, prolonging the service life of the material and The purpose of the beauty of sightseeing is more important. The mirror surface is particularly durable and can prevent the damage of detergent, scratches, slips, heel friction, etc., and after polishing, the wax surface is harder and more resistant.

waxing operation procedures:

1, vacuum: in addition to the attachment on the surface of the floor and some adhesives, glue, cement, paint points, etc.. P>

2, cleaning: use electric mop, sauna machine, sterilization, cleaning, no damage to the floor.

3, waxing: for different floors, use different wax, even Wax.

4, Polishing: Professional operation + polishing machine is completed.

Wood floor waxing method:

1. Sunny waxing


The humidity in the rainy days is too high, and waxing will cause white turbidity.

When the room temperature is below 5 degrees, the floor wax will become hard.

Before waxing, do not wipe the floor with a rag containing chemicals, which will result in poor adhesion of the floor wax.

2. Remove dirt from the floor surface

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the floor surface.

Use a diluted neutral detergent to wipe the stain on the floor.

When it is difficult to remove the stain, it can be wiped with the water.

To prevent the detergent from accumulating in the groove, the rag soaked with detergent should be wrung out as much as possible.

Floor wax remover will cause stains and bulging on the floor, absolutely not to be used.

3. Wipe with a damp cloth

Use a rag that is wrung out to wipe.

The surface of the floor, especially the grooved part, should be carefully wiped, do not leave detergent.

If the residual detergent and moisture, it will lead to whitening and bulging.

4. Fully dry

The surface of the floor and the groove are completely dry and can be waxed. The time varies depending on the season, but it takes about half a day.

If not fully dried, the floor wax will not adhere to the surface of the floor, affecting the appearance and whitening phenomenon.


Shake the container with the floor wax and mix well.

Before the entire floor of the room is waxed, perform a partial trial at the corner of the room, and check for any abnormalities.

In order to prevent floor wax from polluting the wall skirting and furniture, cover the above parts with tape paper.

Use a clean rag to fully dip the floor wax, so it is better to not drip.

Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce traces and loop marks.

Carefully apply according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor, do not leak or thick and uneven.

too small amount of application will cause unevenness in the shade, too much smearing will lead to poor film formation.

Keeping thin and even is the key to waxing.

Do not dilute the floor wax with water.

waxing tool can use waxing special mop, easy to operate, and ideal results.

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Three reasons for laminate flooring to exit the market okorder

Reason one: more than 90% of households have unqualified air quality after renovation

Many people choose floor, wardrobe, plywood, paint and ceramic tile for decoration. The quality of the products conforms to national standards, and some products even Obtained the green environmental protection certificate and the national quality exemption certificate, but why the air quality of the renovated home is still not up to standard, often exceeds the standard several times, dozens of times. You send these products to the inspection, most of them are qualified, but why can’t the air quality be achieved? Qualified? The reasons are: the country has no commitment when formulating product standards, and the products produced by this standard can make the air quality qualified. It only means that the products that meet the standards are less harmful than the products that do not meet the standards. The products that meet the standards do not guarantee that the harmful substances they emit will not cause illness and will not exceed the standard. For example, brand-name cigarettes are produced by large state-owned enterprises, and the quality is exempted from inspection, national superiority and other honorary certificates. Do you say that smoking brand-name cigarettes is not harmful? Is it possible to smoke brand-name cigarettes for good health? Strengthening composite wood flooring has the effect of releasing formaldehyde and pollution. The shortcoming of air, it will not be harmless because it is qualified. Laminate flooring is like ‘dichlorvos’ as an insecticide, and it will be eliminated as people know it.

Reason 2: 75% of households are not up to 90% of the leukemia children have just renovated their homes.

The major newspapers in the country are reporting that there are 25 major harmful substances causing air pollution in home decoration, and there are four major pollutions. Source (1 splint 2 composite wood floor 3 panel furniture 4 paint). Experts call on the owners to use the above materials as little as possible. The air pollution in China is quite serious. 90% of the new homes are not up to standard air quality, 30% of the newly renovated households are seriously exceeding the standard, and the highest exceeds the standard by 120 times. Currently, 60% of the diseases are caused by air pollution, and 90% of the diseases are caused by air pollution. The child’s home has just been renovated. It’s not hard to imagine how regretful and painful the parents have lost their lives because of their home decoration. Most of our families are only children, it is a darling, it is the responsibility of parents to create a healthy environment for them. If we continue to default the pollution of home decoration, we can not explain to children.

Reason 3: Foreign countries have begun to phase out

In May 2004, South Korea implemented higher technical standards, prohibiting MDF, plywood, and laminate flooring from entering home renovation. Because these plates are the main cause of indoor air pollution. In China, the sales of fortified wood flooring are very large, and the Chinese have the habit of protecting large enterprises. Although the product is indeed harmful to consumers, many people will not take compulsory measures to eliminate these backward products. Consumers have information asymmetry when purchasing products and belong to vulnerable groups. Therefore, understanding the defects of the product is particularly important for consumers.

Release date: 2012/5/29 9:48:35

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