What kind of tiles do you use for bricks on exterior walls? okorder

Polished tiles

Polished tiles are a kind of brighter bricks that have been machined and polished.
It is also equivalent to a kind of external wall brick, but the surface is more polished.
Polished tiles are also hard and wear resistant and widely used.
This kind of exterior wall brick can be used in most rooms such as balcony and living room, and the decorative effect can reach the effect of imitation stone and imitation wood.

Polished tiles

The vitrified tiles have been polished and the surface is bright but not polished.
This kind of exterior wall brick conforms to the consumer’s pursuit of beauty, gives the visual experience of the large space, and shows the honor of identity.
The surface of the vitrified brick is smooth and clean, and the decorative effect is good, and the outer wall brick is easy to clean and maintain. There are many advantages that make people think of this kind of exterior wall brick as “the first floor tile.”

Open brick

Open brick production process needs to be split into two pieces, hence the name open brick.
This exterior wall brick production process is more complicated.
It is necessary to use ceramic materials to make aqueous wet mud, which is then produced by professional techniques.
Open bricks are divided into flat bricks and brushed bricks, which are determined by the smoothness of the outer wall brick surface, and the use is different.

How to match the color of the exterior wall tile

1, the exterior wall brick, not only the color, the outer wall is hot and rain, but also consider the strength and stain resistance. I recommend you use midtones.
Warm color is not resistant to dirt, giving a feeling of impetuousness. It is easy to feel old when the cold color is dirty.

2, the size of the outer wall brick is small, the mixing is unrealistic, it takes time and effort, as far as possible to represent the level by the line, the two colors in the color can not jump too much, the house looks like a whole overall good .
It is recommended to choose some natural stone color, which is naturally chic.
Try not to be a very pure color of red and white.

3, different space, tile paving style different living room floor tiles, heavy-duty wall tiles, style, modern living room, more and more attention to the simplicity, atmosphere or special style of construction, tiles in this process is a large area use.
From the ground to the wall decoration, the figure of the tiles is everywhere.

4, dark gray with light gray Zhuang is very resistant to dirt.
beige with pink warmth.
Sky blue with white clean and simple, sea blue with silver and white, red with black, golden luxury.
Orange and black are neat and eye-catching.
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Green and “national standard” are not equal to the relationship okorder

Due to the bright and diverse colors, the decorative effect is strong, and the construction is simple and convenient. In recent years, the paints that are deeply loved by consumers have developed rapidly and become an eye-catching industry. According to statistics, the annual production and consumption of coatings in China has exceeded 2 million tons, and the market capacity has exceeded 20 billion yuan. It is still growing rapidly. The huge domestic consumer market, coupled with the industry’s low entry barriers, low investment, and quick results, has thousands of companies producing coatings. Among the many paint brands that are confusing, “green paint” and “natural paint” have emerged, and some even claim that the volatile harmful substances in their paints are almost zero.
   The relevant person in charge of the China Environmental Labeling Certification Committee said that after the national standard of coatings was enforced on July 1, 2002, almost all coating companies said that they produced green products based on the national standard. In fact, the “national standard” is different from the “green”. The national standard is only the “access standard” for products entering the market. It is the most basic quality requirement. If this standard is not met, it will not be eligible to enter the market, while the requirements for green products are higher. In the national standard for coatings, the limit for harmful substances VOC (volatile organic compounds) is less than 200g / L. It is understood that when the VOC in the living room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc., in severe cases, convulsions, coma, and damage to the liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system, causing memory Serious consequences such as decline. Because of its harmfulness, in the paint industry, VOC once attracted people’s attention. According to industry sources, there are still some brands of low VOC products added to the phthalate raw materials. As a result, the VOC content of the coating did decrease, but the toxicity of the coating increased many times. The experimental data of the national authorities also show that the lower the VOC, the worse the scrub resistance of the product, and the more serious the powder falling tendency of the paint film. It has been pointed out that the so-called VOC ultra-low latex paint products only sacrifice the mechanical properties of the paint. Therefore, when choosing a coating, you can’t just look at the VOC content, but look at its overall performance, such as hiding ability, scrub resistance, anti-dusting, and residual odor. In the 10 mandatory national standards, there are no restrictions on the harmful substances of waterproof coatings. Therefore, some decoration companies often use cheap tar rubber, which is listed as a building decoration material that has long been eliminated by the state. Many consumers think that the indoor waterproofing treatment area is not very large, and there are cement and ceramic tiles on the inside, which is not easy to cause pollution. In fact, the waterproof layer must reach a certain thickness to be waterproof. Therefore, the amount of materials used is relatively large. Once the toxic waterproof coating is used in a large amount in waterproof construction, the indoor environment will be polluted for a long time.

  Industry pointed out that in recent years, although China’s paint industry has developed rapidly, from the market point of view, the number of enterprises is small, the scale is small, the marketing methods are relatively lagging, and the market strain is poor. Some small factories have various quality problems due to their technical strength. From the perspective of use, the current use of paint in the domestic market is only at the functional level, just to protect and decorate the wall or furniture surface, while foreign countries have developed to pay attention to color, the pursuit of home enjoyment and other higher levels of consumption. .

   From the current industrial situation, at present, no domestic coatings company can enter the world’s top 50 coatings, and the top 10 coating companies in the Asia-Pacific region have no domestic coatings companies. Figure. A considerable number of coating companies focus on the low-end market, rather than exploiting high-end markets with high technology content and high investment costs. Therefore, only a few brands have national popularity, most of the coatings are low-end and the regional brands are many. Although the paint market is colorful but not good enough, sometimes people are at a loss. Relevant persons of China Coatings Industry Association said in an interview that when buying paints, they should not be cheap, and should choose a reputable home market or a specialty store to buy products produced by well-known enterprises, and save the purchase invoices.

   Generally speaking, the quality of imported brand-name products and domestic large enterprises is more secure. In the interior decoration and decoration, the materials should be selected in strict accordance with national standards, and comprehensive indicators should be considered, instead of listening to the exaggerated publicity of the merchant on a certain indicator. Regardless of whether it is “standard paint”, “environmental paint” or “green paint”, it must first meet the national standards for hazardous substances. It should be said that standards-compliant paints are safe. Non-environmental coatings Due to the high content of harmful substances such as VOC and formaldehyde, most of them have pungent odor, which is easy to cause nausea and dizziness. Therefore, consumers should choose carefully if they smell irritating smell when purchasing. As a kind of water-based paint, latex paint has become one of the most widely used wall decoration materials because of its many kinds of colors, good gloss and delicate texture. Latex paint is the most safe material among many coatings due to the use of water as a solvent for coatings.

  Experts remind consumers that don’t be superstitious about the word “green” on paint packaging, we must carefully see the quality inspection report of the product, and pay attention to whether the clearly marked on the packaging is complete.
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What is the difference in quality between open paint and sealer? okorder

When we go to buy a solid wood bathroom cabinet, we always hear the salesperson introduce this: This is a closed paint, which is open paint. What does this tangled mean? What is the difference in quality between open paint and sealer? Today, Xiaobian will come to explain for you.
Open paints and sealers are common paint processes when dealing with veneer surfaces in bathroom cabinets. It is a major link that cannot be ignored. It is related to the beauty and use of furniture. Different painting methods have different characteristics. The application of sealer and open paint is a wooden bathroom cabinet. There are many pipes inside the wood. When cut, many holes will be formed on the surface of the wood. The definition of closure and opening is the blockage of these holes. .

What is open paint

Open paint refers to the natural characteristics of wood grain, the process of completely revealing the surface texture of wood, brown hole, this process will make furniture wood The hole is obvious, the texture is clear, and the natural feeling is strong, but the cost is high, and the spraying technology requirements are relatively high. Open paint is overly dependent on the texture of the original wood matrix, so it is relatively strict and demanding in terms of material selection. The cost is high, and the spraying technology is high. Generally speaking, the open hole requires that the brown hole of the wood must be deeper and more obvious. For example, the wood such as oak has a strong wood feel, and the scratch is not easy to see.

What is a sealer

The seal paint is a painting process in which the brown hole of the wood surface is completely closed by paint, which is characterized by the full, thick and bright paint on the surface of the wood substrate. Sealing paint is suitable for almost all wood substrates. Closed paint is a kind of finishing process that deeply buryes the wood tube hole in the transparent coating layer. Its main component is unsaturated resin, and the concentration is high. The hand touch material is particularly smooth, and it is very bright with high gloss paint.

The same material, open paint and sealer process price?

Not the same. Usually the price of open paint is higher than that of closed paint. The reason for this is that open paint requires high spraying technology and requires repeated processes of six or seven or even ten times.

Can the sealer not see the texture?

No. Sealing paints are not distinguished by the invisible texture. Many closed paints can see the texture of the wood. Of course, open paint will definitely see the texture of the wood.

Why can some wood be used as a sealer?

Generally, European birch, alder, etc. are not used for open paint. Because the brown hole is small, and the material is soft, it is not easy to make a brown hole. It is difficult to make the open paint feel concave and convex, so basically only the seal paint can be made.

How do you decide whether it is a sealer or an open paint?

Whether the brown hole of the wood is exposed determines whether it is a sealer. As long as the brown hole is closed and flattened, it is the seal paint, and when the brown hole is exposed, the hand can touch the hole and the texture, then we say that it is open paint.

The open paint is bright and beautiful, retaining the texture of the original wood grain, which is closer to nature. The disadvantage is that the construction is difficult, followed by the selection of the wood type, not all materials. All can be painted with open paint.

The surface of the sealing paint is smooth and bright, with strong anti-staining ability, easy care, good waterproof performance and durability. The disadvantage is that the texture of the wood grain is covered and the scratches are obvious.

Regarding the effect of these two processes, it is better to answer them according to personal preferences. Nowadays, the open paint is mostly European, and the closed paint is mostly modern and simple. You can choose your own decoration style.
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Big board marble, find out okorder

Tiles can be said to be a building material with a very high usage rate in home decoration, which is used by almost every family. However, netizens who have been renovated in recent years, if they go to the building materials market or tile brand stores to select ceramic tiles, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon, that is, in addition to our common square tiles, wood bricks, antique bricks, polished tiles In addition to the types, there are also rectangular tiles that are born out of the world. Generally, the specifications of 600*1200mm or more are called large-plate marble. The market currently has 600*1200, 750*1500, 900*1800, etc. Currently, the largest specification in the market is 1600*3200mm; usually the imitation marble line is the main body. The speciality of the slab marble is not only because of the “big”, but also has the following characteristics compared with other types of tiles.
The decorative effect is simple and the atmosphere is graded

Due to the thickness advantage of the large-plate marble itself, the choice of surface decoration technology is more and more flexible. Therefore, the large-scale marble statue is an actor in the ceramic tile industry. It has the ability to imitate natural stone from the inside and the outside, and to show the texture, texture and color of the natural stone.

Less left, easy to care

In terms of daily care, large-plate marble is called a lazy cancer patient and a late tranquilizer for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Due to the large area, it can minimize the collage marks when paving, reduce the dirt and dirt of the tiles, and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. It is more intimate than ordinary tiles!

Cutting freedom

This feature is also benefited from the “big” of the large-plate marble. Because it is large, the designer can cut according to the actual needs, and the cut and processed large-plate marble is generally designed to burst.

Diversified space applications, where to shop where

The practical application of slab marble is much wider than common tiles, except for the lower floor and upper wall. It is used in coffee table tops, cabinets, etc., such as artificial stone countertops that are commonly used in places such as sinks and cooktops. In addition to the applicable home decoration, the large-plate marble is also suitable for all kinds of tooling occasions such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. In short, you can’t think of it, there is no big-plate marble can’t be found~
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Advantages and disadvantages of hanging toilets okorder

Toilets are indispensable household cleaning equipment in the home life, but there are many kinds of toilets on the market, and the installation methods are different. Here we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the hanging toilets and how to do the cleaning and maintenance of the hanging toilets in daily life.
The advantages of the hanging toilet:

1. Compared with the floor-standing toilet, the wall-mounted type has no sanitary corners and is easy to clean.

2, toilet shift – shifting is more convenient, the layout is not limited.

3. For the bathroom with small area, the wall-mounted area is small and the space is more open. 4. Because of the wall barrier, the flushing noise is naturally weakened.

Disadvantages of hanging toilet:

1, the price is too expensive, the water tank and the toilet are bought separately, and the total price is two or three times that of the general toilet.

2, high quality, technical requirements, the quality of the water tank must pass, ordinary small brand products are best not to buy, water leakage is troublesome.

3, after the cover is the inspection hole, it is more convenient, but you need to ask the professional to come to the door.

Cleaning and maintenance of hanging toilets:

1, do not place in direct sunlight, near direct heat sources or exposed to soot, otherwise it will cause discoloration.

2, do not put hard objects and heavy objects, such as tank lids, flower pots, buckets, pots, etc., otherwise it will scratch the surface or cause cracking.

3, cover and seat should be cleaned with a soft cloth, disable strong acid, strong carbon and detergent cleaning. Do not use volatile agents, thinners or other chemicals to clean, otherwise it will corrode the surface. Do not use sharp objects such as wire brushes or blades to clean.

4, when the cover is installed in the water tank, low water tank, people can not lean back, otherwise it will lead to break.

5, the cover should be lightly opened and closed to avoid direct collision with the water tank to leave marks and affect the appearance; or may cause breakage.

6, the use of metal seat hinge (metal wire) products should pay attention to, do not let acid and alkaline solvents attached to the product, otherwise it is easy to rust.

7. The user cleans the toilet at least once a week.

8. If the water source of the user’s location is hard water, it is necessary to keep the water hole clean.

9, the frequent flipping of the toilet cover will cause the fastening washer to loosen, please tighten the cover nut.

10, do not knock, step on the Wei Tao sanitary ware.

11, close the toilet lid not fast.

12. Put the detergent into the toilet and do not close the machine. Close it with water rinse.

13, do not use hot water to wash Weitao sanitary ware.

The wall-mounted toilet is a unique toilet with a bottom that is not in contact with the ground and is easy to clean. Second, wall-mounted toilets save space compared to floor-standing toilets. Third, the wall-mounted toilet and the concealed water tank can change the position of the toilet in the bathroom, making the space more flexible.

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Copper sleeve has good casting function and cutting function okorder

The advantages of the copper sleeve are high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce a dead scene, good casting function and cutting processing function, and excellent corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. Wear-resistant parts such as connecting rods, bushings, bushings, gears, worm gears, etc., which can be operated under high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m/s).
Characteristics of the copper sleeve:

Compressive resistance: The compression resistance of the copper sleeve is also quite good. Its external pressure is very high, and it can accept the side pressure of the bearing very well. The high-load pressure condition copper bushing can also be operated, and it is suitable for low-speed heavy-duty applications.

Corrosion: Another feature of the copper sleeve is corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. It is primarily used in the atmosphere and fresh water, as this environment is still relatively good. In the process of using copper bushings, it is usually not easy to present a sedentary condition. The corrosion resistance of the copper bushing is mainly reflected in the chemical elements of the excavator boom copper sleeve. Its function is well compared, even in the absence of lubricant and water quality lubricants, it can still perform normal operations, in slidability. And the self-lubricating function can still be adhered to.

Abrasion resistance: The wear resistance of the copper sleeve is still relatively good, and the equipment with different raw materials has different characteristics. The internal arrangement of the copper bushings is still tightly contrasted, does not present a too loose scene, has no stomatal trachoma, and most importantly its hardness is relatively high.

The role of the copper sleeve is very wide, copper, used for sliding bearings, the bearing is more than a normal amount of savings, can withstand greater loads, copper sleeves, also known as copper bearings, oil lubrication bearings . It is made of various copper alloys for lubrication of mechanical parts. It is an important component of machinery on various large and heavy machinery.

There are many materials for copper sleeves. Commonly used are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, etc. The casting method can be divided into metal casting model, precision casting, centrifugal casting and sand casting.

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Can spotlights completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps? okorder

“The small size of the apartment, the use of complex fancy chandeliers is easy to pull down the height of the floor.” “Good-looking European chandeliers are difficult to clean and care, more trouble.” “The ceiling lamp is not enough lighting, you have to add a table lamp at night to do fine work”… … All along, the reporter’s reception of chandeliers and ceiling lamps is too numerous to enumerate. In this regard, the designers suggested: “It is better to give the lighting of the living room, dining room, aisle and hallway to the spotlights. It is energy-saving, easy to clean, easy to manage, good in maintenance, long in life and bright enough. Ingenious use of shooting The lamp will find it has advantages over single illumination sources such as chandeliers and ceiling lamps.”

   Spotlights can completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps

    In the old-fashioned decoration of many families, the spotlight is only an auxiliary light source for ceiling lamps or chandeliers. It is glare, high temperature and reflective, and it is a decoration with no practical use. “This is a misunderstanding of many owners of spotlights. Some old-fashioned spotlights do not handle the optical parts, causing user confusion. However, many homes now completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps with modern design spotlights. This has become a trend.”

  The light line has strong directivity, no lighting dead angle, the light is downward, the ceiling is hidden in the dark, and the layer can be visually raised. high. The reporter saw in the home store that the angle of illumination (beam angle) of the spotlights also has many choices, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and the beam angle is small, which will show a concentrated effect, and the spotlight is hard and suitable for photography. Bright specific items, such as the collection of home decorations; there are 120 °, 180 ° choice, the beam angle is large, it will show astigmatism, soft astigmatism, mainly used for lighting. “If properly matched and used, a group of spotlights can completely replace traditional chandeliers and ceiling lamps, and the price is low and the effect is good.”

  How to choose the right spotlight

  Common spotlights are not LED lights. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have higher photoelectric conversion rates, and LED lamps are more energy-efficient at the same brightness. According to the calculation data, the power consumption of the LED lamp is only 1/3-1/4 of the energy-saving lamp, which is more energy-efficient than the incandescent lamp. With LED lights, you can also design a lot of beautiful shapes. In the LED light, there is a COB lamp, which is not only better in the process than the traditional lamp, but the most important thing is that the use experience is greatly improved. In the near view, the bulb has no distinct glare and photoelectricity, but the light is uniform. No ghosting.

  When buying a spotlight, consumers need to experience it themselves and see if there is glare after turning on the light. According to industry insiders, the spotlights are highly directional, and optical refraction may have glare into the eyes. It is easy to glare and dizzy when used for a long time. If the luminaire manufacturer handles the optical part well, glare is completely avoidable.

   In addition, poor quality LED lights, blue light filtering is not easy to damage vision; and high-quality brand lamps will indicate product parameters, including color temperature, luminous flux (brightness), color rendering index, illumination angle These are very important indicators for consumers to buy. In addition to LED lights, traditional spotlights can also use halogen lamps, which is the mainstream product of spotlights in old-fashioned decoration. The principle of illumination is similar to incandescent lamps, which is highly recognized among older owners. This kind of lamp has good color rendering and low price, and it is still recognized by many consumers in the market.

   Spotlight installation method

   There are various installation methods for spotlights, and different functional areas in the room are suitable for different installation methods.

  Wall mounted spotlights, that is, the spotlights can be installed without the ceiling, the entrance hall entrance, the top of the bathroom corridor, and the top of the dining table are more suitable for installing the spotlights.

  Concealed ceiling light is installed in the ceiling of the spotlight. From the outside, the spotlight is directly embedded in the chandelier. This method is suitable for installation in the living room. Higher. Mr. Wang, the construction engineer of Huayou Decorative Water Circuit, said: “In the past, the ceiling was not moving at 10 cm thick, and a large part of the floor was eaten. Many families were hesitant to make ceilings. But now the ceiling of LED spotlights can be done. Very thin, 5-7 cm can be used for pure spotlighting. Therefore, young owners are more likely to accept this spotlight installation method.”

   But it should be noted that After the ceiling of the living room is concealed, the spotlights need to be evenly distributed so that every corner of the room can be illuminated, unlike the ceiling lamps and chandeliers, which make the room dark and dead. “If it is a living room of 10 square meters, 6-8 spotlights are enough for the house to be transparent. If it is a living room of more than 20 square meters, the number and position of the spotlights can be arranged according to the size of the living room. “Surprising lighting effect.”

  If you don’t plan to ceiling, you can choose the spotlights in the living room, the track can be conductive, and the spotlight can be illuminated on the track. The position of the lamp head can be changed arbitrarily on the lamp rail to facilitate the lamp replacement, lamp removal and lamp replacement in the future. This kind of track spotlight is suitable for living room and dining room, as well as dining table, bar, desk and other areas that need extra key lighting. When installing, a conductive track is arranged along the plaster line to the sides of the wall, which not only can illuminate, but also It can illuminate the coffee table, the side, the plants on the wall, the decorations, and so on. Walk a back-shaped track in a functional area, and the lighting has no dead ends. When installing, it is necessary to keep the wire position in advance during the hydropower transformation, and all the spotlight installation positions need to be fixed in advance to facilitate future construction.

  If it is the old room living room modified spotlight, you can directly replace the ceilingLights or chandeliers. When installing, install a spotlight with a base multi-lamp at the interface of the original chandelier, and it can be completely replaced. The spotlights can be directly inserted into the original ceiling lamp position, and the number of lamps can be adjusted according to the lighting needs. If you are renovating the spotlight in the old bedroom, remember to direct the lamp head directly to the bed or the end of the bed, and illuminate the space by reflecting light, so that the light is soft and not glare.
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Wooden doors can be divided into these three categories according to their structure. okorder

At present, there are many types of wooden doors on the market, and the name is also very confusing, which makes it difficult for consumers to purchase.
   wooden door classification: wooden doors can be divided into three types according to the structure: solid wood smashing door, solid wood composite door, and splint molded hollow door. Correspondingly, the wooden doors are usually divided into: solid wood doors, solid wood craft doors, molded doors and ordinary plywood doors. Let us start with the production process of wooden doors to see the quality of various wooden doors. The bedroom door doesn’t have to be as heavy and sturdy as a security door, but it also needs to be focused on its security and privacy. So, what kind of material is used to build the door of the bedroom door? Today, Xiao Bian introduces four materials suitable for the bedroom door, you can choose the most suitable bedroom door material. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch!

   one: all solid wood doors (original wooden doors, pure solid wood doors)

   the original solid wood doors are based on forests The natural wood is made into the door core, and then it is made by scientific processing such as cutting, planing, opening, drilling, engraving and shaping.

  2: Solid wood composite door

  The door leaf frame is made of fir or pine, filled with honeycomb paper, MDF grid, bridge mechanics Plate, solid wood and other structures, the surface layer substrate is made of medium density fiberboard or perforated particle board, and the surface is covered with various precious wood veneers, which are made by high temperature hot pressing and sealed with solid wood lines. The quality is lighter, it is not easy to be deformed, and the cracked materials and styles are more diverse.

  3: Paint-free door

   is similar to solid wood composite door, mainly low-grade wood for keel frame, external use The surface of the dense board or low-density board is made of paint-free PVC film, which is cheap.

  4: splint molded hollow door

   frame made of solid wood, with two sides decorated with decorative plates on the frame, Made by hot pressing. The price is more economical. Since the interior of the door panel is hollow, the sound insulation and hand feel are poor.

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How does the forklift for the initial conveyance of aggregates of sand and gravel? okorder

In concrete mixing plants, the initial transport of aggregates is usually carried out by forklifts. So how do you use the forklift safely?

First of all, the brake system needs to be checked before the forklift starts. The handle must be placed in the neutral position to check whether the oil and water are missing, to ensure the brake is sensitive. Reliable and functioning properly. The work can be carried out after 5-10 minutes of warm-up operation.
Secondly, before starting, you should first whistle to raise the bucket to about 0.5M from the ground. When working, you should use low gear. When driving with high-grade, you should not lift or flip the bucket. people. When driving at high speed, the first two-wheel drive should be used; when driving at low speed, four-wheel drive should be used. Avoid running suddenly to the bucket during driving, and do not make sharp turns or emergency braking when lifting after loading.
Finally, the loading should be determined based on the density of the material when loading. The bucket should be shoveled from the front, and the bucket should not be forced on one side; when unloading, the arm should be turned over and the bucket should be slow to move at a low speed. When working in a loose and uneven site, the shovel arm should be placed in a floating position to allow the bucket to advance smoothly. When the resistance is too large when propelling, the shovel arm can be slightly raised. When the shovel arm is moved up or down to the maximum, the lever should be returned to the neutral position at a speed.
In addition, the bucket should not be lifted to the highest position to transport the material. When carrying the material, the lower hinge point of the shovel arm should be kept 500mm away from the ground and keep running smoothly.
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Choose a suitable tile okorder

I believe that as long as I have experienced the decoration of the owner, I have been entangled in the selection of ceramic tiles, what is the whole brick, polished brick, glazed tile, vitrified tile? Listening to the names of these various tiles, my heart is in a mess, not to mention the dazzling feeling of them. I don’t know how to choose. We must not only start with the name and simple classification of the tiles, which will only make us more confused. Advise everyone that you must have a good understanding of the different tiles before you can pick the tiles that are most suitable for your own decoration. It’s not that my house has just been renovated. It’s been a good idea to have a detailed understanding of the tiles before the selection of tiles. Today, I will introduce some of our common tiles and their respective characteristics with my own experience. That sentence: There is no best, only the best for you. I hope to be helpful to the majority of owners and friends!
The first is the glazed tiles that are commonly familiar to the owners and friends. At present, the tiles made by the firing process are generally glazed tiles. The materials used in the firing of glazed tiles are clay and porcelain clay. So how do you tell if clay or clay is fired? In fact, the method is very simple, let me tell you a little trick: the color of the back of the tile is red, usually made of clay, and the white one is made of porcelain.

We need to know that the water absorption rate of glazed tiles made of clay is good, but the water absorption rate is not good for tiles, so the tiles are also used. Less, and the glazed tiles fired from porcelain clay are basically non-absorbent, and also have good strength and anti-pollution properties. Naturally, such tiles are used more. Therefore, I suggest that if the owners and friends choose glazed tiles, they must use the white ceramic clay on the reverse side of the tiles!

There is a whole body brick, which is actually a tile without glazing on the surface. Because of the lack of the outermost enamel, the natural surface is much smoother and therefore has a strong anti-slip performance. Now, our non-slip floor tiles, which are word of mouth, generally refer to such tiles. In addition, the whole body brick has better wear resistance, and it is better than other types. At the same time, its price is also a medium-priced tile, so it has become the choice of most owners. In fact, the so-called “bleaching body bricks” popular in recent years is actually adding patterns on the basis of the original whole body bricks, so that the effect of paving them is more beautiful and beautiful!

If the whole brick is simply polished, it becomes what we call polished tiles. As a whole, the hardness of the polished brick is stronger than that of the whole brick. The hard and wear-resistant characteristics are especially suitable for the kitchen and the bathroom. However, because of the polishing, the surface of the polished brick is much smoother, which makes the anti-slip performance not as good as the whole body. Brick is good. There is also a more common type of tile called vitrified tile. In fact, it is strictly a kind of whole body brick. It is also a kind of bright brick formed by polishing the surface of the whole body brick. Its hardness is relatively high, which is the hardest among all the classifications of tiles, and it is not easy to have scratches.

About the types of ceramic tiles are common. I believe that after reading it, the heart is already clear. As for whether it is a brick, polished or glazed brick. What? It still depends on your own needs.
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