What happens to the cabinet with a layer of aluminum foil? okorder

As one of the important storage items in the kitchen, cabinets play an important role in improving the kitchen experience. I often hear people say that a layer of aluminum foil can be laid under the cabinet. Is this all the more, is it really practical? let’s figure it out together.
You may be wondering why the cabinets are covered with a layer of aluminum foil. What is the statement? In fact, the main role of aluminum foil paper is moisture-proof and waterproof! When the cabinet encounters water, it will become moldy and swell, and it will rot under severe conditions. The aluminum foil paper is generally installed under the sink cabinet, which can effectively isolate the water leakage and water vapor under the water tank, and achieve waterproof effect and delay service life. .

Some people will think that this is a lot of work, my family is not posted, the cabinet is still used well! In fact, the most fundamental reason is the plate used in different cabinets. If the cabinet is made of ecological board or multi-layer board, it has a good waterproof function. The tin foil is just a icing on the cake, and there is no problem if it is not laid. However, in addition to the waterproof function, the laminated aluminum foil can be easily cleaned. Wipe gently with a rag. There are no aluminum foil cabinets, and the bottles and jars in the kitchen will be more or less left with print marks. It can be hard to wipe.

Of course, avoiding the scratching of the cabinet panel is also the main function of the aluminum foil. After all, the cabinet wood is easy to rub with the furniture when it is used. When the aluminum foil is laid, it is equal to the formation. A protective film and a film on the surface of the phone are also a principle.

How to install aluminum foil? It is usually laid before assembly, or it can be installed after completion. If the cabinets in the home have been used for a long time, the interior of the cabinets has long been mottled, and it can be cleaned and then covered with aluminum foil. To a certain extent, to prevent further deterioration, of course, there is also aesthetics.

So, if the home is being renovated, you can consider installing aluminum foil in advance in this way, because the decoration is always better for your future life. If you pay attention to the quality of the cabinet at the beginning, you can A lot of trouble for the future life.
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Analysis of the status quo of wooden furniture industry okorder

Wooden furniture refers to furniture except for decorative parts and accessories in the main parts, and the rest is made of wood materials such as wood and wood-based panels. The wooden furniture is light in weight, high in strength, easy to process, has natural texture and color, feels good, and makes people feel intimate. At present, the types of furniture produced by Chinese furniture companies are very rich. According to the materials, there are mainly solid wood furniture, panel furniture, plastic furniture, metal furniture, bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, stone furniture, etc., all kinds of new materials have been applied. According to the purpose, there are mainly bedroom furniture, hall furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture, public furniture, outdoor furniture, hotel furniture, etc., and all kinds of furniture for use are produced.

Furniture use and classification

   According to statistics, China’s furniture production in 2014 was 7,778,700, and the output in 2015 was 7,696,300. The national output in 2016 was 79464.1 million pieces, in 2017 China’s furniture production increased to 800.735 million pieces. In 2017, the number of furniture manufacturing industry in China reached 6,000, of which 608 companies suffered losses, and the average loss of loss-making enterprises was 3.701 million yuan. In the first half of 2018, the number of furniture manufacturing enterprises in the country has increased to 6,217, including 958 losses, with a loss of 15.4% and a total loss of 2.06 billion yuan. In the first half of 2018, China’s furniture industry enterprises above designated size achieved a revenue of 392.76 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7%, reaching 43.37% of the main income for 2017. Looking back at the operating income of furniture manufacturing industry in 2012-2017: In the past six years, the operating income of China’s furniture manufacturing industry has maintained a steady increase, but in 2013-2016, the growth rate of China’s furniture manufacturing business revenue has decreased year by year, but the growth rate in 2017 has unexpectedly rebounded. , an increase of 0.5 percentage points. In 2016, the output of China’s wooden furniture was 256.517 million. In 2017, the output of China’s wooden furniture was 27,709,900. In the first half of 2018, the output of China’s wooden furniture was 1,229,900.

   The upstream of the wood furniture manufacturing industry is mainly the wood processing industry. China is a Shaolin country, and there is a big gap in the supply of wood. At present, China’s wood furniture industry has a high dependence on the import of raw materials such as logs and sawn timber, and Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America are the main sources of timber imports. Since 2010, Russia’s restrictions on the export of logs have caused Russian timber export prices to rise. Due to the influence of the international market, major materials such as domestic forestry products have also increased in price. Because China’s wood furniture production is generally small, lack of scale benefits; at the same time, the price of raw materials for wood furniture production has increased, so it has an impact on the profit of China’s wood furniture industry. According to FAO statistics, driven by economic growth, new capacity in Eastern Europe and bioenergy demand, global production of major wood products rose sharply in the seventh consecutive year in 2016, an increase of 3% to 6%. The production of major wood products in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe has grown the fastest. The furniture industry is an important civilian production industry and an industry with significant international competitiveness in China’s national economy. It plays an important role in meeting consumer demand, improving the quality of life, promoting international trade, fully absorbing employment, promoting regional economy, and building a harmonious society. With the increase in the income level of residents and the gradual emphasis on the living environment, consumers’ individualized demand for furniture and household items is increasing. Customized furniture has become a new and rapid growth point in the field of furniture consumption in recent years by virtue of the efficient use of home space, the ability to fully reflect the consumer’s personalized consumption needs, and the sense of modernity.

   The driving factor for the development of China’s wood furniture industry:

  1, has a huge market base. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the consumption level of urban residents in China has increased rapidly. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of urbanization rate in China, the consumption group of China’s furniture industry has been increasing, providing a huge market space for the furniture industry.

  2, the proportion of wood products increased faster. In recent years, with the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the proportion of wood products in the overall decorative materials has gradually expanded, which has also brought greater market space to the wood products industry.

  3, wealthy people drive the demand for high-end furniture. With the continuous development of China’s economy and the substantial increase in the income level of residents, China’s affluent population is also rapidly emerging. At present, China is gradually becoming the main force in the world’s high-end consumer market. High-end consumer groups have a rational sense of consumption, and they are very different from other people in terms of consumption attitudes and behaviors. Their demand for products and brand measurement have risen from a single price field to a spiritual level. They agree that high prices are The performance of brand differentiation, but requires high prices must have subsidiary products to set off, such as brand culture, product concept, product connotation, unique packaging, technology, technology, functions and so on. The growth of wealthy people will drive the demand for personalized and humanistic craft products to grow.
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Ceramic sheet, find out okorder

Now many homes are using tiles when decorating living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen floors and walls. Users will pay more attention to the appearance when selecting tiles, thus ignoring quality issues. However, if there is a problem with the quality of the tiles, it is likely to cause water leakage on the ground. Therefore, the choice of tiles is very important. So what are the ceramic sheet selection techniques? What are the advantages of ceramic sheets? Here is a detailed introduction.

First, ceramic sheet selection tips

1. Look at the appearance: high-quality tile glaze should be smooth. Very good, shiny glaze, radiant, matte glaze soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural or fluorescent light, the bricks should be placed vertically at a distance of 1 m and no visible glazed defects should be visible. The color pattern of the patterned tiles should be exquisite, realistic, and there are no defects such as misalignment of the dotted lines that are obviously lacking in color. The quality of the high-quality ceramic products on the back of the texture is obviously complete, and there is no glaze or defects at all.

2. Inspection label: The product packaging box should be marked with the factory name, website address, product name, after-sales service telephone, specifications, quantity, trademark production date and implementation standards, and purchase. When using ceramic tiles, check for 3C certification mark for interior decoration and tile decoration. It is recommended to select a radionuclide product that meets Class A requirements.

3. Stitching effect: Good tiles usually have small dimensional deviations. Users can place a batch of products vertically on the plane to see if there is a jagged shape. Observe the flatness and press the edges of the two bricks together to see if there are any gaps. The quality products will not be deformed basically, and the brick surface will be flat and beautiful after laying. In addition, the user can also look at the color difference of the product, put a few bricks together and look at the light carefully, the color tone between the products is different, the overall effect after the paving is poor.

Second, the advantages of ceramic sheet

1. Low water absorption: water absorption is only 0.06%. Compared with stone, the water absorption rate is lower. No color difference, no radiation, simple structure, cost saving, no cracks, more environmental protection, simpler maintenance and durability.

2. Lightweight and energy saving: normal area 600×1200mm, thickness 4.8mm, weight 8kg. They are light and thin, can save more than 60% of raw material resources, and reduce overall energy consumption by more than 55%. 1/3 of the ceramics greatly reduce logistics costs.

3. Reducing the load: effectively reducing the load on the building itself, and the impact on high-rise building projects is more obvious. For example, with an area of ​​10,000 square meters, the weight of the thin plate is more than 130 tons lighter than ordinary thick bricks.

4. Easy to cut: The cutting process is more convenient and the cost is lower. It can be precisely cut into various sizes with professional hand broaches or glass knives, giving designers more design space, especially in terms of size matching or mashup.

5. Super heat resistance: higher hardness than wallpaper. Moisture-proof, long-life, fire-resistant and heat-resistant, but the floor heating and air-conditioning, because of its thin bonding layer, its own material is thin, the floor heating effect is better, the energy loss is small, and the temperature rises fast.

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How is the fire-resistant high-temperature paint “what is sacred”? okorder

The new type of paint is not a flammable or explosive dangerous product. It does not change when it is heated for thousands of degrees. This is true, what kind of paint it looks like. For example, the paint used in the fire can be used. The coating directly faces the flame. The coal has a high temperature of 1600 ° C in hot burning, 1700 ° C in high temperature, and 1600 ° C in molten steel. These high temperatures are for us. Very high temperature, but now there is a kind of high temperature paint, the above temperature is pediatric for him, his coating can reach 2600 °C high temperature for a long time, the coating is non-combustible and non-volatile organic matter at high temperature, the hardness can be painted at Any inorganic material is resistant to high temperature and oxidation. This magical paint is ZS-1021 high temperature resistant anti-oxidation paint. It will not burn or explode at high temperature. This is the new high temperature paint.

The paints and paints that are common in our lives will explode and burn when the temperature is over 100 degrees. Some paints and paints can not be used in the flames of burning fuel, especially for paint. It is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Now I can tell you that some paints are more resistant to temperature than flames, are not flammable, and do not explode. Water-based inorganic paints, this is the special high-temperature paint developed by Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. for many years. Protective coating, model is ZS-1021 high temperature resistant anti-oxidation paint, long-term temperature resistance breaks through 2600 °C, can protect metal and refractory materials in high temperature flame without corrosion, high hardness and impact resistance.

Fireproof high temperature paint is composed of nano ceramic powder and high temperature resistant resin. It is a high technical, inorganic water, environmentally friendly and energy-saving paint, long-term fireproof and fire resistant, high temperature resistance of coating, ZS -1023 ultra-high temperature anti-oxidation paint can reach 3000 °C high temperature for a long time. However, high temperature paint is a difference between fireproof paint. Both of them are resistant to high temperature. The difference between the two is that high temperature paint is a commonly used refractory high temperature material, which is required for a certain substrate to withstand external temperature. One or several layers of coating film, different high temperature resistance with different high temperature characteristics, such as 1091 high temperature resistant insulating paint, high temperature resistant thermal insulation paint, 811 high temperature resistant anticorrosive paint, high temperature resistant adhesive, high temperature resistant anti-oxidation paint, It can withstand high temperature for a long time; fireproof paint is a kind of flame retardant material, only short-term high temperature resistance, can not be long-term barbecue.
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Overall operation of construction machinery okorder

This year, both in June and January to June, construction machinery sales reached new highs. In the past few years, the sales of various types of excavating machinery products in the past market, the real estate industry and large-scale infrastructure projects are the two main consumer markets. But in 2018, the year-on-year figures for these two downstream sectors were not as beautiful as they were supposed to be. The trend of mechanical substitution artificial in the rural market shows that the proportion of consumer demand driven by it can be estimated to be 40%-50%. The arrival of the inventory market renewal cycle has also pushed the construction machinery industry to record new highs.
The overall operation of construction machinery

There were 25 mainframe manufacturing enterprises that were included in the statistics from January to June 2018, and sold a total of 120,123 various types of excavation machinery products, a year-on-year increase of 60.0%.

In the first five months of 2018, China’s loader sales totaled 49,278 units, 13,461 truck cranes and 3,774 bulldozers, all of which have reached record highs. After experiencing the bottoming out of 2016, China’s construction machinery industry has reached record highs in terms of total sales, sales, and corporate profit margin.

The construction machinery products are out of stock, and the notched products mainly include lifting machinery, pump trucks and large excavator products.

Rural market boosts development

In the rebound cycle from 2016 to 2017, excavator products increased significantly, while concrete and crane products increased relatively little. The market with the main position in the countryside is one of the driving forces for China’s construction machinery industry to continue to improve. This is also an important factor in the industry’s prosperity this year, which is different from the previous round of the rising cycle.

The upgrading of the construction machinery industry is another major consumer of the construction machinery industry. The life cycle of general construction machinery products is 8-10 years, and the sales peak of the previous round was concentrated around 2008. In addition, with the tightening of national environmental protection supervision, it has also promoted the upgrading of products. Taking excavators as an example, the current market holdings are about 1.3 million units, and the cumulative sales volume in 2017 is about 130,000 units. The gap is expected to be gradually replaced in subsequent markets.

Corporate shuffling to increase industry concentration

In 2011, more than 100 construction machinery companies and even some consumer goods companies across the country entered the construction machinery market. After the last round of shuffling, only more than 20 companies survived, which increased the concentration of the industry. Therefore, it is reflected in the situation that the enterprises are expanding their demand.

From the customer base of Sany Heavy Industry, the sales of small excavators account for a higher proportion. Large excavators focus on the expansion needs of some companies. In terms of pump trucks, sales of small and low-priced pump trucks are generally larger, while in cranes, large-tonnage cranes are mainly used for wind power hoisting, while small-tonnage cranes are more suitable for the general market.

For the future market forecast, the industry is also relatively cautious. The future market is difficult to decline, but it will enter a relatively stable cycle. From the market segment, excavators and cranes may have entered historical peaks relatively, while concrete machinery has been adjusted most in the last cycle, and its peak is not yet expected. When you reach it, the boom cycle will last longer.

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Ceramic enterprises enter new markets in rural areas okorder

Today, remarks about the saturation of the home market have continued to ferment, and in this state, stores and businesses have to actively seek transformation. For ceramic companies in the industry, starting from the rural market and looking for new channel models may be a good way to change the status quo.

  Over-saturated home market
   According to Qin Zhanxue, executive vice president of China Building Materials Distribution Association, The home building materials market in many places in the country has entered the red light warning zone, which is in an excessively saturated state. The Beijing home building materials market enters the yellow light zone and is in a saturated state.
   This year, furniture store giant Hefei Oriental Building Materials Home Plaza faces closures. The well-known large-scale furniture stores in Wuhan have difficulties in internal and external affairs. Sales of several home stores have been declining, and they have been forced to transform, and they have begun to introduce new formats such as auto 4S stores, cinemas, and restaurants. There are also some home stores. Due to bad business, the capital chain is broken, and huge debts are owed. It is currently in a semi-closed state. The lively examples that are in front of you, one of the most distressing phenomena, are the epitome of the worrying situation of the home market. This can not help but remind people of a few months ago, Wang Linpeng said that the home industry reshuffle is just around the corner, more than one-third of small and medium-sized furniture circulation enterprises will withdraw from the market. It’s only a few months since the predictions, and watching the news in various places in the news, can’t help but cause worry. Is the reshuffle period of the home industry coming? The oversupply of the store is a common problem in the industry. The media, dealers, and manufacturers have repeatedly stressed, but excessively The pace of expansion has never stopped. Judging from the deserted scenes of the major stores, the period of self-sufficiency may come early.
  Ceramic enterprises enter the new rural market
   In the face of the reshuffle situation, there is no room for ceramic companies to rise? Of course not, ceramic enterprises can start from the rural market , looking for new channels. First, ceramic enterprises should face up to the rural market and understand the development status and prospects of the rural market. That is, the demand for ceramic products in the rural market is gradually increasing, but there are still problems in the market. Ceramic enterprises must Develop a corresponding development plan for the rural market situation.
  Secondly, after recognizing the huge but remote problems in the rural market, ceramic enterprises should determine the correct development plan, such as focusing on establishing online shopping demonstration sites, forming demonstration effects, showing the advantages of enterprises, and then connecting Expanding the network of rural enterprises in the form of lines and connections; finally, after the ceramic enterprises have formulated the correct development plan, they need to start from the details and build each part of the development of their own personnel capabilities, service levels and logistics after-sales. Steady development.
  Industry analysts believe that the rural market has entered a new era, with huge market demand and huge market potential, ceramic enterprises must seize development opportunities, understand the rural market, develop development plans, and implement The details, in the strategizing, won a thousand miles.
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How can we increase the confidence of the market in water-based paint? okorder

The door to the paint market has been opened to water-based paint products, and the keys are in the hands of companies and distributors. In addition to the rapid development of diatom mud and art paints in the decorative materials of the building materials market this year, many flagship stores and specialty stores of water-based paint brands have been established throughout the country. However, dealers and consumers still have doubts and confusion about the characteristics and quality of water-based paints. The main reason is that there is still a significant gap between water-based paints and oil-based paints. Among them, the painters who are mainly responsible for the oil paint application have a higher say. They report to Xiaobian that the hardness of the paint film of most water-based paints is not up to the level of oil paint, and it is more than the oil paint. Applying several sides, the construction is more demanding than oily paint. For most painters, they are more accustomed to using oil paint.
In fact, the manufacture of water-based paint is the same as that of oil-based paint. The process is not complicated. It is a high-speed synthetic resin core material plus additives such as leveling agent, defoamer, matting powder, etc. Stir at high speed and disperse. However, the core of water-based paint production technology is water-based resin technology, which directly determines the quality of water-based paint products.

In China, only a small number of companies can synthesize high-quality high-end water-based resins. More synthetic resin companies can only produce low-end resins to meet low-end demand. Coupled with the tightening of the market for water-based paint products, the market opening of high-quality high-end water-based resins is far from sufficient. As long as the core technology of water-based resin can be broken, the high-quality water-based paint produced can be comparable in performance to oil-based paint.

However, in the market, the coating film coated with low-cost water-soluble resin can be dissolved in water, which becomes the soft rib of water-based paint production technology and directly affects the confidence of the market. According to Xiaobian, under the strong temptation of low input, high output and large market, many enterprises avoid heavy weight and give up the essential aspects of resin core technology and coating demand. The technology is not advanced enough and the quality is not fully met. In the case of water-based paint products, and rushed to the market, many consumers are skeptical about the use of water-based paint. Some business people admit that they produce a small amount of water-based products in the dealers, more for publicity, to show that “I can also produce water-based paint”, but for the sale of water-based paint, do not expect too much.

Improve market confidence

How can we improve the market’s confidence in water-based paint? Only practice can solve the problem.

A dealer has reflected to Xiaobian. After years of practical application, it has been found that the problem of water-based paint can be compensated by technical force. “Now the world’s water-based paint technology can be comparable to oil-based paint, and even in some respects has surpassed oil-based paint. It can be seen that the advancement of products requires a practical process to improve product performance in practical applications. This process requires our tolerance. “

The dealer also admitted that water-based paints do not have a small gap in oil performance with oil paints. It takes time to change continuously; the production cost of water-based paints has been high, resulting in products. The price/performance ratio is not as good as that of oil paint. This requires us to look for ways to reduce costs from the actual production process and look at the water-based paint market in the long run.

There are also business people who have seen the dawn of development. In recent years, with the progress of the economy and the deterioration of the environment, people’s requirements for environmental protection and healthy living have become stronger and stronger. Since 2008, three conditions affecting the development of waterborne wood lacquers – technology research and development, market demand, and policy Support has gradually matured. “The development of water-based paints has once again been put on the agenda by the industry. Fortunately, more and more furniture companies have used water-based wood lacquers, and more and more dealers have a new understanding and understanding of water-based paints.

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There are so many kinds of paints, do you make them? okorder

The types of paints are:

  (1) according to the form of the paint, it can be divided into water-based paint, solvent paint, powder. Coatings, high solids coatings, etc.;
  (2) According to the construction method, it can be divided into brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, electrophoretic coating, etc.;
  &3; According to the construction process, it can be divided into primer, medium paint (second primer), top coat, varnish, etc.;
  (4) can be divided into decorative paint according to function , anti-corrosion coatings, conductive coatings, anti-corrosive coatings, high temperature coatings, temperature coatings, thermal insulation coatings, fire retardant coatings, waterproof coatings, etc.
  (5) can be divided into architectural coatings, can coatings, Automotive coatings, aircraft coatings, home appliance coatings, wood coatings, bridge coatings, plastic coatings, paper coatings, etc.
  (6) Household paint can be divided into interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wood paint, metal paint, floor paint.
  (7) According to the film properties (anti-corrosive paint, insulating paint, conductive paint, heat-resistant paint…)
  (8) according to the film-forming substance (alcohol Acid, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic, polyurethane, ethylene……)
  a) According to the type of base material: can be divided into organic coatings, inorganic coatings, organic-inorganic composite coatings. Organic coatings are classified into organic solvent-based coatings and organic water-based (including water-based and water-soluble) coatings because of the different solvents used. Common coatings in life are generally organic coatings. The inorganic coating refers to a coating produced by using an inorganic polymer material as a base material, and includes a water-soluble silicate system, a silica sol system, a silicone, and an inorganic polymer system. Organic-inorganic composite coatings have two composite forms. One is that the organic and inorganic materials are used together as a base material to form a composite coating; the other is that organic and inorganic coatings are combined in the decoration construction.
  b) Classified by decorative effect: It can be divided into: 1. Flat smooth surface coating (commonly known as flat coating), which is the most common construction method; 2. The surface is sand-like decoration The effect of the sand wall coating, such as real stone paint; 3. The formation of a three-dimensional decorative effect of the multi-layer decorative effect, such as relief.
  c) Classified according to the parts of use on the building: divided into interior wall paint, exterior paint, floor paint and
   ceiling paint.
  d) Classified by function: can be divided into general coatings and special functional architectural coatings (such as fire retardant coatings & emsp;   materials, waterproof coatings, mildew coatings, road markings) Paint, etc.).
  e) Classified according to the color effect: such as metallic paint, transparent varnish, etc.
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What is the difference between primer and topcoat? okorder

What is the difference between primer and topcoat?

Paint is an essential material in the decoration. I believe everyone knows that there are many types of paint, such as wall paint, primer, exterior paint, topcoat, etc. The kinds of paints have different uses, and many people don’t understand the difference. Then let’s take a look at the difference between the primer and the topcoat and the paint brand.


I. The difference between primer and topcoat

1, Primer: Primer It refers to a coating that is applied directly to the surface of the object as a solid foundation for the topcoat. This material requires a strong adhesion to the object surface, and it can also increase the adhesion of the top coat. It can be used to improve the decorative finish of the top coat. According to the coating requirements, it can be divided into the first primer, the second primer and the like.

2, topcoat: This is also known as the final paint, which is the last coating applied in multi-layer coating. This product has very good resistance to external conditions, must have the necessary hue and decoration, and has a protective effect on the undercoat. If it is a topcoat for outdoor use, it is recommended to use a paint with excellent weather resistance.

3. Different composition: Primer is used as auxiliary paint for top coat. The transparent paint and solid color primer are composed of film-forming substances, fillers, solvents and additives. The transparent tinted finish in the topcoat is composed of a clear topcoat and color paste. The difference in composition between the primer and the topcoat also has its own characteristics, properties and uses. The decorative effect of the topcoat and the anti-aging effect are strong, and the primer also has a relatively strong adhesion and texture.

4, different performance: primer and topcoat have great difference in performance, among which primer is generally divided into sealer and primer, and sealer is mainly used as Sealing the substrate, protecting the sheet and ensuring the quality of the coating, and the primer is mainly used to fill the pores, increase the thickness of the coating film, reduce the amount of the topcoat, etc.; the function of the topcoat mainly serves as a decoration and protection, and must Guaranteed light, color retention, hardness, adhesion, leveling, etc.

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Carpet daily maintenance cleaning okorder

1) Place a cleaning pad at the entrance to the room and replace and clean the cleaning pad when the office carpet becomes dirty.

2) Protect from light and avoid direct sunlight from the carpet net to avoid aging and fading of the carpet.

3) Anti-fouling, the office carpet should not be contaminated with oil, acid, etc. during use. If it is contaminated, it should be immediately wiped off with high-quality carpet cleaning paste.

4) Dust removal, the carpet in the carpet of the carpet of the carpet, easy to accumulate dust, should always be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner along the direction of the hair.

5) Prevent the hair from falling; if the carpet appears to be inverted, wipe it with a clean towel and wet it with a hot towel, and comb it with a comb, and iron it with a wet cloth to restore the original shape.

6) Anti-concentration point pressure. In use, when the leg of the furniture carpet company touches the carpet, the cushion should be placed or the furniture should be changed frequently.

7) The carpeted room should be ventilated and moisture-proof to prevent the carpet from becoming worms and mildew.

8) Regularly red carpet cleans the air filter system and the filter in the heating system.

9) After the carpet is used for a period of time, the carpet surface will be dirty, and the color home carpet will become dark. To make the carpet update as before, you can use the method: take the fine salt and sprinkle it on the carpet. Use a cleaned wet broom to sweep the fine salt and remove the household carpet salt and dust carpet with a vacuum cleaner for 10 minutes to be clean and shiny.

Special maintenance: (mold and anti-mite)

1) Anti-mildew and anti-mite of chemical fiber carpet: the so-called chemical fiber carpet is nylon, polypropylene, acrylic carpet And other materials. The living environment of microorganisms such as aphids requires protein content in hotel carpets, while chemical fiber products cannot provide protein, so such carpets do not cause mildew and mildew. Basically, without any professional maintenance, only the carpet design should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every week. The chemical fiber carpet can be washed. If it is a small carpet in the living room carpet, you can put it under your feet and “steam” with you when you take a shower. You are clean and clean.

2) Anti-mildew and anti-mite of pure wool carpet: Generally speaking, the nylon carpet in the middle part of the carpet is not easy to be worms, and the PVC carpet in the corners and around 0.3-1 meters is easy to be wormed. Because this part is not often pressed, there is a certain space in contact with the ground car carpet, and there is dust and air to make the carpet insects survive. However, all parts of the carpet that was handed over and handed over may have insects on the Shanghai carpet. This is because the carpet design between the latitude and longitude lines behind the carpet has a gap, and it can still flow into the air carpet market after contacting the ground. In addition, carpets laid on wooden floors are more likely to be hand-carved than carpets laid on cement, tiles, and terrazzo. The reason is that the wooden floor is easy to absorb moisture, thus providing the growth conditions for the insects. The part of the carpet that is pressed under the furniture is also a part that is prone to insects.
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