Vipshop will promote social e-commerce transformation, financial business welcomes new imagination

On May 15th, the US-listed e-commerce Vipshop will announce the Q18 financial report for 2018. The financial report shows that Vipshop will achieve 22 consecutive quarters of profit, with a net revenue of RMB19.9 billion in the first quarter. With a year-on-year growth of 24.6%, it is actively promoting the transition from shelf e-commerce to social e-commerce, from diversion thinking to fission thinking.

During the quarter, the financial business sector developed rapidly, further embodying the driving force of the growth engine. The ARPU value of the product will drive the price of the VIP shop, increase the user’s stickiness, etc., showing a strong strength. At the same time, with Vipshop to promote the transformation of social e-commerce and focus on the rejuvenation strategy, Vipshop is expected to gain more traffic and scenario users, providing more room for innovation and deeper deployment of financial business scenarios.

Digging deeper into user value to help e-commerce platform continue to make profits

Financial report shows that Vipshop’s per capita consumption in the first quarter increased by 25% year-on-year; per capita orders increased by 25% year-on-year; The rate was 86%, up from 77% in the same period last year, and 96% of orders were purchased by repeat customers. A stable, highly viscous, strong purchasing power group is inseparable from the effective help of financial business.

During the quarter, by continuing to dig deep into the financial value of Vipshop Mall users, Vipshop provides financial services including supply chain finance, consumer finance, payment, wealth management, internet insurance, and credit reporting. A variety of financial services, effectively pull the unit price of Vipshop Mall, improve user stickiness, and make an important contribution to enhance the ARPU value of Vipshop users. Vipshop will open the sale for 24 hours. The amount of money paid by users using Vipshop will account for more than 22% of the total sales of the store. The average customer price of users using Vipshop is 107.97 yuan higher than that of non-Vipshop users.

Deeply cultivating young customers 95 Financial users are growing rapidly

Vipshop will deeply cultivate the post-90s customer base and focus on the younger user strategy. Since mid-2017, after the 90s, it has become the highest proportion of Vipshop users. As of the first quarter of 2018, the number of customers after 90% accounted for nearly 40%, and nearly half of the new users were after 90. With the increase of age after 90s and the diversification of social roles, the gap between the customer price and the per-capita order and the whole station is gradually narrowing, and the trend of becoming the main consumer is clear.

At the same time, the consumer finance business also reflects the trend of rejuvenation of e-commerce. According to the data of the first quarter of 2018, Vipshop will use the highest proportion of users after the 90s and 95s, which are 13.1% and 12.4% respectively, higher than the users after 80s and 70s. Among them, the proportion of the post-95 Vipshop users’ installment purchases to the total consumption amount is 1.8 times that of the overall users.

From the perspective of the age distribution of users who purchase Vipshop financial products, in the first quarter of 2018, the 90% users who purchased wealth management products through the Vipshop platform accounted for the highest proportion, 40.3%.

In the future, Vipshop will also work together with Vipshop Mall to make more active attempts from commodities, products, brands, services, etc. The attraction of the group.

Deepening innovation and exploring multi-channel empowerment to form a joint force

This quarter, in accordance with the strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent and JD, Vipshop’s flagship store in Jingdong APP on March 14th The full display of the home page, the WeChat wallet entrance is also open to all WeChat users in April, which is an important achievement of the tripartite strategic cooperation.

“The traffic brought by the cooperation portal will have a gradual process, and it needs to cooperate with more refined operations to achieve the matching of new crowds and scene requirements. In the future, Vipshop will adhere to the quality e-commerce model of quality and e-commerce, and build a younger, more gameplay and more advancing with the times based on the advantages of younger customers and active exploration of social e-commerce. Vipshop, this will give Vipshop a new imagination.

On the one hand, actively explore the VIP business of social e-commerce, from diversion thinking to fission thinking, and together with Tencent and Jingdong to create a more complete e-commerce ecology, all-channel empowerment of the ecosystem, Vipshop Finance is expected to target more users and further expand the user base and business scale;

On the other hand, as Vipshop will be based on high-quality young customers, changes in consumer behavior and consumption In the insight of the main group iteration, increasing efforts to promote the younger brand’s younger strategy will bring more precise users to Vipshop Finance and provide more room for development of financial business scenarios and deeper deployment.

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EXP ASSET Report Center – EXP ASSET to find God of War teacher docking

EXPASSET Continental Teacher God of War

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The core idea of ​​EXP ASSET

We are convinced that honesty is the basis of mutual respect. Mutual respect is the root of effective cooperation. Effective cooperation makes us pursue perfection… Pursuit of perfection is the embodiment of EXPASSET leadership, and the effective leadership of EXP is based on the integrity of everyone.

EXP ASSET is engaged in the capital market, cryptocurrency trading, innovative investment and IT startup investment and investment education An active professional manager, a team of traders and professional analysts. The company is registered in the UK with a total capital of 250,000 pounds. EXP ASSET is a company that manages an Internet platform for investment and training, with a focus on investing in capital markets and money markets? Investing in the cryptocurrency market? Investing in IT startups cryptocurrency market profiting EXP ASSET Ltd. offers unique tools and Training programs to support transactions in capital markets and money markets.

Static Income Statement

Calculated according to the percentage of fluctuation (0.5%-1.5%) every 24 hours on Monday through Friday, depending on the EXPASSET Profit. After the expiration of the package, the profit stops.

Two-track marketing plan

After purchasing the package, each user will receive a partner program, which will be obtained through sharing promotion. More extra bonuses.

About the company:

Welcome to EXP Asset!

-EXP Assets to trade (forex and cryptocurrency transactions) The online education format provides products.

EXP Asset Ltd. is a UK-registered company with active law in the top legal office in Poland

Office audit

-Legal company Legal office location:

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-Over 12 years experience in the foreign exchange market

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From the era of single products into the era of the scene, in 2018, can smart homes ushered in a burst of time?

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Mature technology and single product It’s popular, so many smart home practitioners have concluded that smart homes are about to usher in their own explosive moments. In 2018, where will smart homes go? How to break the dilemma of single product interconnection and how to install in the process of home decoration Scene-style smart home?

In 2017, smart door locks and smart speakers became the explosive items of the major e-commerce platforms. At the same time, as smart homes enter the scene era from the single product era, the good wishes of smart families in science fiction movies begin to show signs of gradual success. However, in 2018, smart homes that are undergoing technical iterations can use the new consumer scenes and new floor-to-ceiling windows to achieve explosive growth like mobile Internet and smart phones, and usher in the explosion of the entire smart home sector. However, it is still suspenseful to be solved. Because it restricts the three major ills of smart homes: network coverage, interconnection, and security issues, it may still be difficult to get a fundamental solution in a short period of time.

News background: Where will smart homes go?

Four years ago, Google acquired Nest, Nest, a smart home company founded by Fader, the father of the iPod, for $3.2 billion. . Overnight, smart home has become the focus of attention for everyone. Subsequently, technology giants and innovative companies have stepped into their own smart homes, including the mobile phone-centric Apple Home Kit, Huawei Hilink, Xiaomi Mijia, Huawei O PenLife, which is centered on technology and empowerment. Home appliances-centered Haier UHome, Midea Msmart, Ou Ruibo, Nanjing IOT, Morgan and other smart home equipment companies.

However, in the past four years, in addition to the smart door locks, smart speakers, smart scales and other explosive products that are being promoted by e-commerce platforms, smart homes are not as mobile as the Internet. Explosive growth like smartphones. In the practice of smart scenes, there is no real sense of interconnection between individual items, and people’s ideas about future smart families fall into difficult dilemmas.

In 2018, where will smart homes go? How to break the dilemma of single product interconnection? How to install smart homes in the process of home decoration? With these problems, Sina Home and famous home improvement enterprises 靓Home and technology giant Huawei held the “People’s Future 2018 Smart Home Industry Innovation Summit and China Smart Home Improvement Application White Paper Release Conference”. At the meeting, including Zhou Jun, Secretary General of China Smart Home Industry Alliance CSHIA, Jin Yongtao, Vice President and Director of the China Association for the Promotion of Intelligence, Jin Jintao, Secretary General of Shenzhen Wisdom Family Association, Zeng Xiaolong, General Manager of Huawei OpenLife Wisdom Family, and Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Yunmi Haikang fluorite CEO Jiang Haiqing, the chairman of the home of Zhai, Zeng Yuzhou, etc., have made a passionate feast for the future of smart homes.

In-line Focus: Smart Home Redefinition: Entering the Scene Age from the Single-Product Age

In the view of Zhou Jun, Secretary General of China Smart Home Industry Alliance, the change of technology affects smart homes With the maturity of independent network technology and AI technology, smart homes will bid farewell to the single product era and enter the real scene era.

 The past home appliances are a feature machine era, just like the previous mobile phone button type, help you lower the temperature and help you achieve food refrigeration; now the home appliances realize the stand-alone intelligence, that is Mobile APP to the remote control, through the remote control of the mobile phone to achieve temperature adjustment, open the fan, the future of home appliances is based on scene linkage. According to Chen Xiaoping, founder and CEO of the whole house Internet appliance founder Yunmi, the scene-based smart home is essentially a matrix of interconnected products, so that you have a whole scene experience, not a single product. There will be more algorithms, applications, and experiences between them, and artificial intelligence and big data applications can be cross-used. In the intelligent scene based on artificial intelligence and big data, the future home appliances will no longer be island-type functional appliances. A bunch of electrical appliances can chat together, can communicate, and can learn. These interconnected appliances can bring people more. Extraordinary smart experience.

Wang Wei, vice president of Haier Home Appliances Industry Group, revealed that Haier’s smart family plan was officially released in 2017. The plan consists of two dimensions. The first is a smart kitchen, a smart living room, and wisdom. The bedroom, the smart bathroom, there are different wisdom solutions according to different physical spaces in the family; the second is the whole house dimension, including the whole house air, the whole house water and so on. These two dimensions constitute a family-focused, holistic solution. In addition to Haier, Midea, Huawei, Ou Ruibo, and Zhi family have also launched corresponding smart home solutions.

Experts at the conference predicted that the emergence of scene-based intelligence will not only enhance the consumer’s smart home experience, but even change the format of new home appliances retail. For example, to achieve the same price online and offline. For example, the second store is no longer a shelf-style display, and it is necessary to build a scene-linked experience to the user. Under the guidance of scene-based intelligence, the future home consumption will tend to be a total solution for the integration of home appliances, home improvement and furniture, making users feel convenient and easy. At the same time, this cross-border will also break the boundaries of the original industry and reconstruct the retail format.

Smart homes must meet the three major difficulties in the moment of blasting.

The maturity of technology and the popularity of single products have made many smart home practitioners conclude that smart homes I am about to greet my own explosive moments, evenThe guests made this explosion point accurate to the second half of 2018. However, in the face of the current situation of smart homes, it is still difficult to have a clear timetable for how long it takes for smart homes to really approach the homes of ordinary people. Because, according to the “White Paper on the Application of Chinese Wisdom Home Decoration” released by the Preparatory Committee of the Smart Home Industry Alliance on the same day, the three major ailments that restrict the popularity of smart homes are still difficult to be solved fundamentally in a short time.

Network Coverage

If a family does not have complete signal coverage, what kind of intelligence is it talking about? At the same time, the home network coverage solution requires very professional, different home space, area The size of the building is different, and the layout of the building space is different, resulting in completely different coverage and attenuation of the network signal. This means that it is difficult for consumers to evaluate and own a smart home solution for their own.


The conference site, whether it is Zhai Yuzhou, Chairman of the Board of Directors, or Wang Hao, Vice President of Haier Appliance Industry Group, or Jiang Haiqing, CEO of Haikang Fluorite, emphasized The importance of single product interconnection. In Wang Wei’s view, the interconnection of single products is not a technical issue in nature, but a process of commercial restructuring. In the final analysis, it is a commercial interest issue. Therefore, it is not easy to integrate high-quality products with open platforms and high-quality services to the C-end.

Security Issues

In the field of Internet of Things, because the entire smart home landing process is still in its infancy, as the industry progresses, it must face and solve a security problem. During the entire IoT landing process, there are many more security vulnerabilities than the previous Internet, and the impact of a security incident may be much more severe than the previous computer virus intrusion.

& ldquo;The mechanical arm of the gas was broken. Gas poisoning is a very serious matter, and the sound and optoelectronics involved. These things are intruded and controlled, and the impact on our users is very serious. How to solve this problem? Wu Limin, general manager of the Home Smart Home Center, believes that security issues include data privacy, process security operations and management, and authentication and authentication of keys, which need to be systematically networked by multi-vendor platforms. solved problem.

Trend Forecast: Smart Homes Will Display Four Major Trends in 2018

From smart homes to smart homes to smart homewear, there are new technology iterations and consumption behind concept conversion The evolution of the scene, as well as the emergence of new landing windows. Zhou Jun, secretary general of China Smart Home Industry Alliance, pointed out that the PK of smart home ecology in 2018 will present the following four trends:

The ecological battle of smart home will expand from product Internet to full platform. p>

“What is the whole platform? It is neither the whole platform of technology nor the whole platform of the so-called giant ecology. I think it is the whole platform of sales channels. In Zhou Jun’s view, when the building materials hardware industry such as smart locks and smart bathroom integrated systems began to become more intelligent, it means more than the category of smart home products Internet cooperation, and the original smart home consumption path will also occur. Great change.

Smart items will be optimized and perfected

Zhou Jun believes that with the maturity and popularity of smart homes, the optimization and improvement of single products will be another for smart homes in the future. one direction. Taking smart locks as an example, what functions do we need for the next generation of smart locks, what software control interfaces, technology upgrades, and big data feedback can make future smart locks even better.

Content interaction and smart home integration

Driven by explosives such as smart speakers, 2018 will usher in a year of audio copyright revenue. Because from the long-term development path of smart home, only the interaction of content is a real strong interaction for users.

Home improvement channels and real estate channels will become a powerful pusher to promote smart homes

Real estate giants are pushing smart communities, home improvement industry, especially the home improvement companies represented by Internet home improvement In the accelerated entry into the smart home industry, the launch of a variety of smart packages. Taking Qijiao as an example, following the launch of Zhizhi Butler in 2017, the company entered the smart home and established the Institute of Industrialization to cultivate the smart home decoration. In early 2018, the home was once again led by the establishment of “Youjia” to better undertake smart home decoration in the future. Landing service.

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渝味晓宇 goes on and on to create a real Chongqing old hot pot

In 1995, the mountain city of Chongqing was not so luxuriant at present. The great army of the mountain city has not disappeared. Every day, the number is still shouting through the various households. Most of the people in this city have not yet emerged from the predicament of poverty, and they still live a tight life every day. This year, for all people, it may be ordinary and ordinary, but for Zhang Ping’s Xiaowei Xiaoyu, it is a time that is always worth remembering.

At that time, Zhang Pinggang was laid off from Chongqing Tram 402 Road, and Xiong Xiaoyu, who opened the grocery store, gave birth to this love about hot pot, about the entrepreneurial legend of the two.

In 1995, Zhang Ping and his wife set up a simple spicy shop in the main street of Lushan. Later changed to a hot pot shop with four tables, the name selected the homonym of the wife’s name — — Xiaoyu hot pot (the predecessor of the Xiaoyu Xiaoyu hot pot). After more than ten years of research and exploration, countless times of late night cooking, sweating, so that Zhang Ping gradually realized the essence of Chongqing hot pot. Even though the shop did not make much money in the past ten years, Zhang Ping and his wife still regard this place as the economic source of life, and they are hard to maintain, just because they are not afraid of life and their persistence in Chongqing hot pot. pursue.

In 2008, it can be said that Zhang Ping’s life is a gloomy year, and he is striving to change. I and my wife have accumulated a little savings over the years and went to Beijing to start a business. However, this time the action was taken to make him lose his blood, and the gradual departure of the people around him made him realize the indifference of human feelings.

Under the wife’s indomitable and constant encouragement, in 2009, it became a year of Zhang Ping’s counterattack, and it became a year of Xiaoyu hot pot rebirth. Still at No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie, Zhang Ping, who is still in the alleys, is still floating in the city. The last time the store opened in the north failed, so that Zhang Ping knows more. “Only with high-quality raw materials, can we produce the most authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

Reinvigorating and returning to Xiaoyu Hotpot, spicy and full of aftertaste The diners are even more raving about it. Under the word of mouth, even though the location of No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie is not in the bustling business district or food street, it still attracts most of the mountain city’s food.

Regardless of the previous ten years or the current twenty years, Zhang Ping’s one for hot pot Perseverance and persistence made him the identity of the hot pot chef, and he also appeared in the screen of “China 2” on the tip of the tongue as a representative of Chongqing hot pot in 2014.

In the program, Zhang Pingtong’s bitterness of the hot pot base and the thick smile of the couple were deeply impressed in everyone’s mind. It is not a story of a hot pot restaurant, but a story of a poor couple’s hard work. It is the insistence of Zhang Ping and Xiong Xiaoyu on the persistent pursuit of Chongqing’s old hot pot, and it is also the true portrayal of the hot and fortitude of Chongqing people.

The broadcast of the program made Zhang Ping’s “Xiaoyu Hot Pot” red all over the country, but counterfeit The appearance of the person is to make this pair of simple little couples miserable. Forced to helpless, Zhang Ping can only be renamed “Xiaoyu hot pot” in August 2014 officially renamed “渝味晓宇火锅, continue to use their own hands to prove “&味晓宇’s authentic Chongqing old hot pot taste .

“Ingenuity, keep the heart. From the four tables in 1995 to the stores all over the country, Zhang Ping has never forgotten the original intention of the original hot pot ingredients. Countless days and nights of hard work, “Xiao Wei Xiaoyu inherits the authentic Chongqing old hot pot. Spicy and delicious, really out of the mountain city, to the country!

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How to share Xiaomi Tao to make money? Chu Chu push Fuzhou team

What is Xiaomi Tao?

   Xiaomi Tao is based on mobile social retail, seamlessly integrating online malls, offline stores and unmanned containers to form a new scene. Retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trust and security back/book for social retail, which is enough to break the current prejudice and cognition of new social retail. When all merchants are based on the blockchain-based shared trust system, based on credit and trust as a bridge, the platform can be seamlessly cross-bordered to jointly create quality products. When the value of the shopper’s sharing and communication is digitized, each consumer can bring benefits to itself, and naturally generate loyalty to a platform.

Introduction to Xiaomi Tao Project!

What do I think should be met by a good project? :

Tianshi —— in line with country/housekeeping/strategy, mass innovation, entrepreneurship! Meet the current trend, blockchain, social new retail!

Location —— Longliqi, Scene Technology Valley 2 billion-level enterprises, Internet genetic operations! Hangzhou is the main battlefield, China’s Internet frontier position!

People and —— top-level architecture, elites from all industries, for the whole small Honey Tao indicates the direction! The direction is wrong, and the effort is in vain!

Xiaomi Tao official website national market order center / one-handed docking – Xiaomi Tao God of War system

New project, (now just inside the row Registration, officially launched on May 20,

Xiaomi Tao blockchain new gameplay, full / ball head / home (A / Li data team) online and offline combined with Wanjia physical store … … /p>

Three big billion groups to create + direct sales brand + 360 degree intelligent scene high-tech technology + e-commerce (super Jingdong Taobao) + APP mobile search directly download government / government support ( Sticking 1 billion) + block chain clothing, food and shelter application + entity landing (100,000 square meters of luxury exhibition area) big strength, big trend, small investment earning thousands of long-term pipeline income, static no loss (only 398 million ), dynamic various long-term consumption of recurring income, the next hundred times coin … … “Honey coins, international market at the end of June, measure the issue of 1 billion”!

What is Xiaomi Tao?

   Xiaomi Tao is a mobile social retail-oriented, seamlessly integrated online store, offline store And unmanned containers form a new scene smart new retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trust and security back/book for social retail, which is enough to break the current prejudice and cognition of new social retail. Based on the blockchain-based shared trust system, all merchants can use the credit-based and trust-based bridge to achieve seamless cross-border integration and create quality products. When shoppers share digital value, every consumer can Bringing benefits to yourself, naturally generating loyalty to a platform

  The boundaries between retail and offline will become increasingly blurred, and the contradiction of development It is no longer the competition between online and offline. The essence of the retail industry is to return to “providing consumers with more efficient, convenient, higher quality and better price.” To evaluate the quality of a retail model, the standard is also cost Both efficiency and shopping experience are determined. The new blockchain social retail model created by Xiaomi Tao will greatly increase the consumer user experience and meet customer demand while saving a lot of cost. By creating a safe, convenient, open and fair, consumer-investment social consumer network, a new definition of social retail is created, opening a new era of consumption.

Next, introduce China Scene Technology Valley, which is the fifth key project of Hangzhou Bay Information Port. The 4.0 model industrial park invested by Hangzhou Sci-Tech Valley. The infrastructure of the park has been basically completed, and the investment in the light scene technology valley has reached 6.7 billion. It is an industrial park suitable for work, suitable for business, livable, suitable for travel and suitable for learning. Scene Technology Valley is at the center of the Hangzhou Asian Games section, at the G20 summit meeting place, the main venue of the Asian Games —— the Olympic Sports Expo block, covering an area of ​​100,000 square meters. The park will be officially opened on May 1 this year. We will hold a small investment event at that time. The opening ceremony will be held at the top of Zhejiang Province.

Our team’s daily training is complete and detailed, so that each agent can quickly become a big coffee from Xiaobai!

   We have a strong gold medal instructor group;

   second. We have our own dedicated news promotion platform,

   third. Join all members of our team to enjoy the promotion policy,

   fourth. The team’s two-day course makes it easy for you to make big coffee,

   The team backed up to hold more than 3,000 network promotion companies to lay the foundation, and help each member to do it. We are the support that all the micro-business teams can’t give at present. Learn more, please join us and ensure all the support policies of our team. Let you develop a lot, teach you how to post on Baidu, search for dogs on the major search.

Xiaomi Tao official website national market report center micro signal: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Tao National Operation Center _ one hand docking _Xiaomi Tao undertakes the national team docking

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Beihai joins Hainan Green seaplane crosses the Beibu Gulf

On May 2, 2018, Mayor Li Yanqiang of Beihai City issued business to Guangxi Tianchen Company. License

In the near future, in the beautiful Qiongzhou Strait, there will be a big bird named “Seaplane, which will carry tourists gracefully to take off and land on the blue sea. Dance with the seagulls. A few days ago, the Beihai Municipal Government issued the first business license after the reform and approval of a seal in 2018. The award was awarded by Guangxi Tianchen General Aviation Co., Ltd. under the Zongshen Group. It is reported that the company is based in Beihai to develop a water airport and plans to open a Beibu Gulf seaplane tour route. As a recognized green transportation method in the world, seaplanes are expected to fill the gap between the Beibu Gulf and the low-altitude three-dimensional traffic across the Qiongzhou Strait, and promote the rapid interconnection of Beibu Gulf regional cities and Hainan International Tourism Island to achieve high-quality development of tourism in the region.

The seaplane will see the blue beauty of the Beibu Gulf.

“In addition to being convenient and quick, the experience is better. Zongshen’s seaplane can also make our sea more blue. The navigation expert said. It is reported that it takes 12 hours to ferry from Beihai to Haikou before the seaplane settles in Beibu Gulf. During this period, during the waiting and running of the motor boats of different sizes, tourists and ships have been in contact with the water for a long time. Exhaust gas, garbage, waste oil and other pollutants have the opportunity to pollute the sea water, while the seaplane only uses the water surface during take-off and landing. Operation, the pollution of water quality is minimal.

In addition, compared to the huge ferry boat terminal, the area occupied by the water airport is also small. The relevant person in charge of Zongshen Navigation told the reporter that the seaplane of the Cessna 208B used by the company is generally about 2000 meters in length. It is only necessary to set a certain area to carry out water flight activities and occupy the waters. The area is small. In addition, the construction of the water airport does not require large-scale hardware facilities. It only requires a simple floating dock on the water. It has a small volume and takes up less space on the water surface and will not cause damage to the waterfront.

Stones from other mountains: there are seaplanes in the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

According to relevant navigation experts, in fact, the more attention is paid to the world, the more places that focus on ecological environment protection, the more Discover the figure of the seaplane. In Dubai, Maldives, Sydney, the Great Lakes region of the United States, and Vancouver, Canada, seaplanes have become part of a beautiful environment with local oceans and waterfowl, glamorizing the hearts of tourists around the world.

Scenes of Vancouver Harbourside Seaplanes and Seagulls

Among them, the 2.5km coastline waterfront hub of Vancouver Central Harbor has more than 500 yachts, large cruise terminals (including integrated five-star hotels), water airports, helicopter landing points, railway passenger stations, etc. The transportation site constitutes a composite three-dimensional transportation hub, which reflects the economic influence and development radiation of an international metropolis.

In addition, the Great Lakes in North America are the key protected water bodies in the United States and Canada, and are important drinking water sources in the region. Their water quality requirements are comparable to those of China’s first class, and many indicators are better than domestic ones. The requirements are more demanding, and the five major lakes have built a floating airport. The seaplane has been operating smoothly for many years.

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Telescopic Truck Straight arm crane with 10T

Great wins come back! Tianhe original Foshan station signed a record with the brush, not convinced!

On March 25th, the 2018 Tianhe Fujia Channel Strategy Series Summit was held in Foshan Shunde Jinmao Ramada Plaza Hotel. Nearly 400 dealers from three branches in Nanning, Shenzhen and Guangzhou gathered at the party.

It is understood that this meeting is the last stop of the Tianhe March series of investment conferences, and it is also the most “thick”. The number of people on the scene was overwhelming, and many people stood and listened to the meeting. The meeting, which was scheduled to end at 16:30, was extended for half an hour because of the excessive number of people who signed the money.

Dealer: The helper policy makes me perfect transformation

At the meeting, one Lin, a distributor from Guangzhou, shared his experience. “Before joining Tianhe Original, I have been engaged in weak electricity and security projects. After going to Tianhe headquarters, I will join Tianhe with the recognition and judgment of the prospects of the photovoltaic industry. . From a layman who has no experience in the photovoltaic industry and no experience in township distribution, after the D90 training, the first promotion achieved good sales. This also proves that Tianhe’s products are indeed good reputation and excellent quality.

It is understood that in order to enable dealers to quickly master professional knowledge, operation and maintenance capabilities, and marketing skills, Tianhe Fujia has launched the D90 nanny-type business support model at a cost, that is, for each newly added distribution. The company has developed a set of business plan that is in line with its local conditions.

Many agents are in the industry before joining Tianhe Fujia. It is under the impetus of the D90 business model that they have completed a perfect transformation and transformed into a wealth of millions or even millions of dollars. talent.

Dealer is playing the original Call, crazy signing

Sharing of seniors, peer recommendation, third-party protection, Tianhe original leadership speech … these let dealers A clearer and more intuitive understanding of Tianhe Fujia. They learned about what kind of products are needed in the home PV market, what is original, and how to do the original and other important issues.

After the meeting, the dealer madly signed the order and the turnover was broken!

China Photovoltaic Industry Association Household Photovoltaic Committee Co-director, China Household Photovoltaic Brand Promotion Alliance Chairman, Trina Solar Vice President, Tianhe Household Business Value Group President Zhang Bing wonderful speech: “Real home PV system In the hands of users, in addition to the hardware, the quality control of the customized design and the entire installation process, including the long-term commitment to the customer after-sales and operation and maintenance, these four links are indispensable. Selling products alone can no longer satisfy the market. What we need to do is to provide a complete set of solutions for home PV, to maintain the iteration and evolution of quality and service. At present, Tianhe Fujia is entering the era of 3.0 intelligence, that is, through the intelligent cloud platform and cloud butler service, the home system forms a closed loop in the brand, products and services, and truly cultivates a benign channel ecosystem.

(China Photovoltaic Industry Association Household Photovoltaic Committee Co-director, China Household Photovoltaic Brand Promotion Alliance Chairman,

Vice President of Trina Solar, Zhang Bing, President of Tianhe Home Business Value Group ▲)

Shun Tai Finance: Original to provide long-term stable income protection

Not long ago, Shun Tai Financial Risk Control Director Chen Zong said in an interview, “I am very optimistic about the development prospects of the domestic PV market, especially for the original home PV brand. In the original hardware, Tianhe Fujia’s key equipment is from Tianhe brand; in the original design, the drone site survey, using 3D optimization design to create the best installation plan for users; in the original delivery, the whole process management of the product Incorporate Tianhe’s regulatory system; in the original after-sales, big data monitors the power generation and operating efficiency of each system in real time. The original can provide long-term stable income protection, and Shuntai will only cooperate with enterprises that value brand, quality and after-sales.

Original After-sales: Smart Cloud Butler 7 X 24H Uninterrupted Service

Just as Shun Tai According to Mr. Chen, the director of financial risk control, Tianhe original won the market with perfect after-sales service.

It is understood that Tianhe Fujia invested nearly 100 million yuan to build a smart cloud housekeeper that has been put into operation. Through the collection of big data and the monitoring of the cloud platform, it is possible to quickly find problems and generate work orders in time. Nearly 1,000 county-level dealers and tens of thousands of township service outlets have been deployed in the country for 48 hours. The users are worried and worried, and the users are happy.

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Furniture export encounters bottleneck, overseas sales dilemma remains to be solved

Image from “

Domestic Nearly 90% of the furniture exports are OEM products. In recent years, with the increase in domestic labor costs and the increasingly strict requirements of importing countries for the quality evaluation of furniture products, the gross profit margin of furniture exports is very low. Since 2017, the price of furniture raw materials has been rising, further squeezing the gross profit margin of furniture companies. The survival status of export enterprises is worrying.

Following the first negative growth in China’s furniture exports in 2016, on January 24th, the “Daily Economic News” reporter learned from Zhang Bingbing, secretary general of the China Furniture Association, from January to November 2017. China’s furniture industry above designated enterprises completed a total of 82.810 million yuan of main business income, an increase of 10.24%; the cumulative export of enterprises above designated size of 46.393 billion US dollars, an increase of 5.29%.

However, the reporter of “Daily Economic News” learned that China’s furniture exports suffered bottlenecks and could not break through in the long run. For the status quo of furniture exports, on January 25, China’s Liansu (02128, HK), the head of the global home of Qinshang, said in an interview with reporters that most of the domestic furniture exports are OEM (OEM OEM) ), the profit margin is very limited. “Do not make an OEM profit, no order without OEM.

Industry: Furniture export gross margin is low

On January 24th, the report “China’s furniture industry status and future development trend” was released. According to the report, from January to November 2017, the above-scale enterprises in the furniture industry completed the main business income of 828.106 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.24%; the accumulated total profit was 49.586 billion yuan, an increase of 9.42%; the cumulative output was 735.059 million pieces. The year-on-year growth was 3.47%. In terms of import and export, from January to November 2017, the cumulative export value of enterprises above designated size in the furniture industry was US$46.393 billion, up 5.29% year-on-year, and the cumulative import volume was US$2.758 billion, up 15.72% year-on-year.

Guangdong Province is a major province for furniture production and sales in China. On January 24, Wang Ke, president of the Guangdong Furniture Association, told the Daily Economic News that the total sales value of furniture in the province in 2017 is expected to be about RMB420 billion, a year-on-year increase of 5.5%. Among them, furniture exports were about 137 billion yuan, up 4.1% year-on-year; domestic sales increased by 6.2%.

In 2016, China’s furniture exports declined negatively. From the 2017 data, the national furniture export situation seems to have improved. However, Qin Xu told reporters that China’s furniture exports are “do not make OEMs profit, do not make OEM orders.”

This sentence points out the long-standing predicament of the Chinese furniture industry. According to Qin Xu, nearly 90% of domestic furniture exports are OEM products. In recent years, with the increase in domestic labor costs and the increasingly strict requirements of importing countries for the quality evaluation of furniture products, the gross profit margin of furniture exports is very low.

The reporter learned that the traditional market for furniture export in China is mainly concentrated in the EU, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions. In recent years, Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, which have a strong cost advantage, are also crowding out the share of China’s original export market.

Overseas sales dilemma to be resolved

At the beginning of 2018, the furniture industry sent a heavy news. Dongguan Taisheng Furniture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongguan Taisheng), a well-known furniture OEM in Dongguan, announced that it will start production on February 1, 2018 due to the decline in business. Subsequently, Guo Shanhui, the chairman of Taisheng International Group of Dongguan Taisheng, responded specifically to the press conference. The Dongguan factory was shut down because of the intelligent manufacturing and transformation and upgrading. It is expected that the Dongguan plant will be put into production soon. Exports are converted to domestic sales.

In Qin Xu’s view, since 2017, the price of furniture raw materials has been rising, further squeezing the gross profit margin of furniture companies. He also said that Chinese furniture manufacturers do not know enough about overseas markets, which is an important reason for the difficulty in opening up overseas markets.

He said that the low gross profit margin of Chinese furniture exports also includes the high transparency of the Chinese furniture market. “They (foreign buyers) know too much about what they need. How much money is there for your template, how much is imported paint, they all know. Chinese furniture first came into contact with the international market, basically starting from the exhibition, so there is no profit margin, competition is big, everyone will grab each other.

“The influence of our own brand has been hampered, including channels. We are only doing the last step of production, production is the simplest, and the lowest profit, really difficult to break through, is controlled by the buyer, is channel sales, advertising packaging, etc., this (inside) is a huge profit. Qin Xu added.

Yihua Life (600978, SH), which focuses on overseas exports, also said in its 2017 semi-annual report that due to the high cost performance of domestic furniture, many domestic furniture companies have seized overseas markets and imported in recent years. The state-owned enterprises have formed fierce competition, which has enabled importing countries to increase trade barriers to China’s furniture products. Various trade barriers in the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions have frequently increased the export cost of furniture products in China.

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Nicholas Rebirth of Guo Jiaxue, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Business Leaders Association

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 9

Dongsheng Chairman Guo Jiaxue has confirmed attendance Sponsored by the Business Media Group, “Great Change and New Beginnings —— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum. He will share the theme on the glory and dreams of entrepreneurs in the afternoon of the forum on the afternoon of January 24th.

It’s the saint who climbs up in the mud pit, and the blazing bird is the phoenix.

Re-examine the past: 21-year-old became the first person to resign from the public office in Shaanxi Province, 33-year-old chairman of the company with a listing value of 10 billion, 38-year-old from heaven to hell, carrying 4.8 billion yuan in arrears, At the age of 46, he paid off his debts and started all over again. Today, Guo Jiaxue, who is over half a year old, is becoming the nirvana of the phoenix.

Shaanxi Province resigned from the public to be the first person to go to the sea

In the 1980s, there was a jingle in the north: “Set a small stall, better than the county magistrate; the horn sounded, no Be the governor. Although a bit exaggerated, it vividly reflects the entrepreneurial wave at that time.

In 1987, Guo Jiaxue, who was a teacher at the university, was probably influenced by this wave of tides. He resolutely resigned as a teacher and became the first person to resign from the public office in Shaanxi Province.

After resigning, Guo Jiaxue returned to the village to raise pigs and vowed to be the first person to raise pigs scientifically. He gets up and feeds pigs less than 4 am every day. In order to stably deliver 6 feeds, he can only sleep for 4 hours a day. After a few months, the pig was fat and strong, and Guo Jiaxue was as thin as a monkey.

Just before he was preparing to engage in large-scale farming, the leader of the animal husbandry station poured a cold water. “You don’t have a road there. You can raise 10 heads and you can go back to the supply and marketing cooperatives, but raise a thousand heads.” 10,000 pigs, can you go out?

If you can’t raise pigs, Guo Jiaxue will change the contracted land to plant Chinese herbal medicines. In order to grow Chinese herbal medicine, he carried more than 30 workers to cut wood in the ice and snow of minus 20 degrees. A month later, Guo Jiaxue’s ten-finger joints were all swollen, and even the chopsticks could not hold. After seeing her mother, she felt distressed and wiped her tears. She tried every means to persuade him to change his business and go home to farm.

In order not to worry about her mother, Guo Jiaxue decided to leave the countryside and go to Xi’an to see.

In the years of Xi’an, Guo Jiaxue ran through the stalls and was chased by the city management to hide in Tibet every day. Later, by selling computers and medical equipment, he accumulated a fortune.

In the first decade of entrepreneurship, Guo Jiaxue tasted the hardships.

The road to crazy acquisition

In 1996, Guo Jiaxue finally ushered in the first important turning point in life.

This year, he acquired a state-owned pharmaceutical factory in Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province, which opened the development of Dongsheng Group.

At the end of 1999, Guo Jiaxue led the Dongsheng Group to start a strong development path. Three years later, the company acquired Tongren Aluminum, a listed company in Qinghai, for 60 million yuan, and changed its name to “Dongsheng Technology” to complete the backdoor listing. At that time, 33-year-old Guo Jiaxue became the chairman of China’s youngest listed company.

In addition, Jiangsu Qidong Gaitianli, Qinghai Pharmaceutical, Livzon Group and Hubei Qianjiang were acquired. Pharmaceuticals; In 2004, Lectra Huayuan, China Resources, Fosun and other big names in the industry entered the cloud medicine group, and the momentum reached its peak. A whole industrial chain covering pharmaceutical R&D, production, marketing, logistics and health care products has begun to take shape.

Strong acquisitions, rapid asset growth, and aggressive listings have made Guo Jiaxue see the dawn of his dream of reaching the top 500 companies.

However, Guo Jiaxue, who is full of ambition, does not realize that the danger has been hidden.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Dongsheng Group gave guarantees to two state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi. However, in 2005, the two companies went bankrupt almost overnight, and the entire Dongsheng Group’s accounts were all seized. The chain is also broken.

In addition, in 2004, the entire pharmaceutical industry was hit by the economy, gross profit margins fell sharply, and losses continued to expand. Dongsheng’s revenues were deeply hit.

In order to solve the urgent need, Guo Jiaxue had to borrow the usury and eventually owe huge debts of 4.8 billion yuan. The Empire State Building in Tung Shing is about to collapse.

8 years to pay off 4.8 billion in arrears

Guo Jiaxue, who was in a desperate situation, once thought about jumping off the building and decided to liberate himself, but considering that more than 20,000 employees could not be resettled after his death. He had to grit his teeth and pass.

After the heavy blow, Guo Jiaxue concentrated on dealing with the problems left by Dongsheng. The most well-known of these is the first 20-month period to create a foreign-invested M&A case in China’s pharmaceutical industry, and sold Baijiahei to Bayer in Germany for 1.264 billion.

But not every sale of assets is as valuable as white plus black. For example, Dongsheng sold 67% of the shares of Yunnan Baiyao at a low price of 750 million yuan. At that time, the total market value of Yunnan Baiyao reached more than 16 billion.

After completing a series of “subtraction”, at the end of 2012, all the arrears were finally completed.

Recalling the hard years, Guo Jiaxue said that two books are supporting him. One is “Ikeka Autobiography”. After being ousted from Ford by Old Ford, Aikeka took over the bankrupt Chrysler company. It took only a few years to lose Chrysler from the annual loss of several billion dollars. , turned into a multi-billion-dollar auto giant; the other is the Japanese Buddhist master Song Yuantai’s “Life Planning from the age of 50 to 100”, according to the life experience of himself and the people around him, Matsubara Tata believesFifty years old is the time when life really begins. He writes at least one book every year after he is fifty.

“ When I fell, I was less than 40 years old and could fight back like Aikeka, and I had time to complete this counterattack. In those past years, Guo Jiaxue has inspired himself many times.

Phoenix Nirvana

After the rebirth of the fire, Dongsheng Group has lost the strength to compete with foreign advanced companies for Western medicine. Guo Jiaxue decided to transform the Chinese medicine market and make Shanxi Guangyuyuan the best quality of the group. Assets and established as strategic commanding heights.

Guangyuyuan is a long-established Chinese medicine company with a history of nearly 500 years. Its main products are Dingkun Dan and Guilingji, both of which are state secrets. It was also a company acquired by Guo Jiaxue during the Great Leap Forward. In 2006, Dongsheng Technology controlled Guangyuyuan with 95% of its shares, and inadvertently laid the groundwork for the restructuring after the reorganization.

Guo Jiaxue has devoted almost all his energy to the reputation of Guangyu. After moving to the Chinese medicine market, Guangyuyuan’s development focus was set to “Large data banks to cultivate Chinese medicine consumers, combined with Internet technology, using big data to portray consumers.

In fact, as early as in the era of Baijiahe, Guo Jiaxue has explored consumer portraits. Baijiahei is a white-collar worker. Through the analysis of the behavior of consumers, white-collar workers go to work during the day and spend most of their time with customers after work. The time for arriving at home is about 9:00 to 10:00 pm; after reading the news, the white-collar workers will usually be at the portal. Spend about an hour on the website and see if you have the latest news. To this end, the eyes of advertising are naturally directed to the evening news and major portals.

On the basis of the past, Guangyuyuan Group has established “data banking” to provide more accurate advertising and marketing.

Nowadays, Guangyuyuan’s product line already has two national secrets: Guilingji and Dingkundan. Formula and three intangible cultural heritage brands, as well as historical brands such as Angong Niuhuang Wan, Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, and Bao Ying San. Guangyuyuan has also grown from a loss of 300 million in 2008 to a company with a market value of 12 billion, becoming a well-deserved tycoon in the pharmaceutical industry.

After experiencing a big ups and downs, Guo Jiaxue is no longer fierce and rushing, eager to expand the capital path, but to inject all the energy into a company and do a good job. This may be the biggest change he made during the post-Dongsheng period.

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Ssc shared life circle national Recruitment Agent

ssc sharing life circle, whether you accept it or not, the current innovation represented by the sharing economy is quietly coming, and will soon lead a kind of “consumption relationship model, our purchasing methods, payment tools, marketing channels are all In the era of change!

Entering this revolutionary era of change, as a consumer in the past production and consumption of the role of consumption will also be transformed, upgraded to become a consumer. Such as the rapid development of WeChat, from its gradual display of the power and penetration of it is not difficult to find, such a new consumption model & mdash; & mdash; & quot; consumer are gradually forming, and rapidly expand the influence.

I thought that the Internet makes technology and humanity contradictory, ssc shares the life circle Internet to suppress and dilute human emotions, but in essence, the Internet is the same tool as cars, if it is used alone, it is cold transportation. If it is sharing, it is a humanistic exchange full of rich emotions. This is the existence of the new era of sharing the Internet.

Team Support:

Other teams have support policies that we will definitely be better than others More, and better and stronger, online and offline coverage, combined with online and offline marketing, hands-on church Internet marketing, teach popular, give a set of marketing treasures, SSC share life circle platform, you win me to win everyone to win. Sharing glasses SSC sharing life circle officially designated the identity of the national first-hand docker, more participants will pay attention to the use value of the corresponding products and services, rather than private, exclusive value. The sharing economy will revolutionize new production models, consumption patterns, and operating models on a global scale.

Strategic Planning for SSC Sharing Platform

1. Focus on market demand and innovative customer value

2. Online platform and offline activities For the wiring

3. The investment partner, the channel party, the consumer customer side serve as the service party

4. The sharing economy integration, exquisite acquisition and merger, project resource docking Development, healthy ecological communication, network franchise chain for business sector

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