Zhang Ping renamed Xiaoyu Hot Pot to the “inside” behind Xiaowei Xiaoyu

“ A pot of red, fire all over the country. Hot pot, nowadays as a kind of food sought after by the whole country for food and food, is occupying the entire diet market with lightning speed. As one of the origins of hot pot, Chongqing is famous for its unique Chongqing old hot pot, which enjoys a good reputation in the restaurant industry. Among them, Yan Wei Xiaoyu (Xiaoyu Hot Pot), as the representative of authentic Chongqing old hot pot, is widely praised by consumers.

Behind the popularity of Xiaoyu, many people noticed such a detail, Zhang Ping before 2014 Xiaoyu called “Xiaoyu Hot Pot,” and after 2014, it became “Xiaowei Xiaoyu.” As everyone knows, the name change has a great impact on a brand. It is very likely that the previous glory will be wiped out on the Internet. So faced with such risks, why did the founder Zhang Ping still rename the “Xiaoyu Hot Pot” to “Xiaowei Xiaoyu?” What are the stories and secrets behind this? Let’s reveal them one by one.

In April 2014, “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” was aired on CCTV, this time except Volkswagen In addition to the well-known Chinese food, the debut of the hot pot can be said to make a good eye for the show. At that time, the hot pot that appeared on the show was what we said today, “Xiaoyu Hot Pot!”

& ldquo; Zhang Ping opened a hot pot restaurant with his wife’s name and relied on this store to have a stable Life and your own next generation. As stated in the program, the name of Xiaoyu Hot Pot is taken from the homonym of Zhang Ping’s wife Xiong Xiaoxuan —— Xiaoyu. The husband and wife, both husband and wife, have been diligent since 1995, and the rich and the poor have always insisted on using the best quality ingredients to restore the most authentic Chongqing taste. It is precisely because of their ingenuity for the hot pot and the attitude of life’s resoluteness that the tongue tip 2 selected them as representatives of Chongqing hot pot.

Tip of the tongue The communication effect of 2 makes Xiaoyu hot pot become the object of popular pursuit of the public. The hot pot lovers in Tiannan Haibei gather in Chongqing, just for the authentic Chongqing taste of Zhang Ping. No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie Street has become a hot pot place for Chongqing travel card to experience.

However, after Zhang Ping’s Xiaoyu hot pot was bursting red, all kinds of counterfeit “Xiaoyu hot pot” appeared on the market. Under the banner of authentic Chongqing “Xiaoyu hot pot”, everywhere “scraping and swindling! Deceive consumers, and all the responsibility has been pushed to the real “Xiaoyu hot pot.”

Really “Xiaoyu Hot Pot

Counterfeit "Xiaoyu Hot Pot

Have to say The flood of counterfeiters made Zhang Pingwan so distressed. At that time, he really understood that commercial swindling was far more complicated than he was cooking. In desperation, Zhang Ping can only give up his own carefully operated “Xiaoyu hot pot, renamed it”, “Xiao Wei Xiaoyu, the name represents both Chongqing, and did not abandon the original heart of their own shop and their favorite. wife.

Although the name was changed, Zhang Ping’s ingenuity for the hot pot has not changed. “Dining materials are things that are worth doing for a lifetime. Zhang Ping is not tired of this.

“ Really can’t be fake, fake can’t really, for the counterfeit “Xiaoyu hot pot, they can copy the name, Zhang Ping is not able to copy, and Zhang Ping is ” Xiaoyu hot pot is the real soul! We also believe that “the evil is invincible, one day, the counterfeiting” Xiaoyu hot pot will disappear in the market, only relying on high-quality ingredients and Zhang Ping’s indulgence In order to be in an invincible position in the Chongqing hot pot market!

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Is the Cloud Token platform reliable? How to register? Cloud token

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1. What is the cloud wallet?

Simply put, the RMB has interest on the bank, and the electronic digital assets have the benefit of the balance. The cloud wallet is the world’s first deposit in 4 Ethereum. The wallet of the currency, that is, the "Yuebao" in the blockchain.

2. Why choose Cloud Token

1. The gold coin goes with you, and there is no return to it.

2. The income is cashed at any time, no routine

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The first chain-based wallet created by Ronald, the fourth-generation public chain founder of the industry, Cloud?Token Decentralized smart wallet, 2019 preferred investment project.

3. Where does the profit come from?

1. From the Cloud? Token market value management (AI robot 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, high-frequency quantitative hedging, brick arbitrage, strategic trading), earned It is the money of the entire currency circle (this is a common means of making money in large institutions, the currency market is the same, the stock market is also the same), AI robots gain 30% to 50% of the month (total drawing ratio of 25% to 27%) without burns, no foam .

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Cloud?Token’s perfect business model and mechanism to effectively solve the supply and demand relationship of CTO coins, so that CTO achieves a high degree of global consensus, widely apply circulation, and seek greater than supply, so that CTO coins continue to appreciate!

IV. Project Background

Cloud Token is named by Daniel Csokas in English, Daniel in Chinese, High School of Oxford University and Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC for short) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), the four most influential venture capital companies, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, Ronald spent a total of half a year together Created a decentralized blockchain chain on the wallet.

Ronald is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer. He was also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He is also a technical consultant for a certain wallet.

In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system is still in the process of research and development, a small salon meeting held in China, China, and Guangzhou. The invited guests have a lot of blockchains. The expert, including Mr. Zhao Sheng, also came to the scene. (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Mr. Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference. The world’s first decentralized stable currency DUSD (referred to as the (USD) legal currency public chain founder, equivalent to China’s USDT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency security Wait, in the currency world is the character of Taishan. At the salon, Mr. Zhao Sheng personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) I think Cloud Token is decentralized as a carrier. The chain wallet developed on the BBS public chain, grafting more development plans for application landing is an inevitable trend of future blockchain development.

V. Technical strength

Cloud The Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP.. : Briefly explain APP: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Although it is also stored in mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.), In fact, you are actually looking at the numbers in your own app, and the real assets are in the address of the project. DAPP: familiarity: decentralization, is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanism and Reward mechanism. Can not be tampered with, so the real decentralized wallet, the main currency stored by the user are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

VI. How to join the Cloud Token

1. Find Your referee, ask him for the invitation code and download link, and the operation process

2. After downloading and installing the wallet, create an account, fill in the invitation code, and register your personal wallet account (make sure to save it) Mnemonic)

3, download in the mobile application market & ldquo; Google Authenticator and background account binding (must save the Google private key)

4, deposited into your Virtual currency to your Cloud Toekn personal wallet

5, after completing the deposit, click to enter the plan, it is to open the smart quantification, wait for the CTO income!

VII. Modes and systems

1. Static income, deposit money to make money, and monthly income of 6~20% is not capped every day

2, share revenue

Take a generation of 100%

2 generations of 50%? 3-21 generations of 5% of income are not capped every day

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Save more than $500 as a valid account

The above bonus settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

Currently, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated before the end of the year~ 20 times to buy and earn

8. What are the core advantages of Cloud Token?

1. Rich global project operation and investment experience, Cloud Token Ecological Fund is Cloud Token Fund The professional certification fund, which is established to focus on the investment of global quality assets, is managed and operated by the Cloud Token Foundation Investment Committee, which invests in closely anchoring high-quality physical assets and equity (such as high growth). State-owned real estate, high-return cultural art assets, Nasdaq-listed company equity, quality films, books, IP copyrights, etc., securities-based certificate assets (STO) and high-return digital assets in the global digital money market, Committed to Cloud Token and help members share the huge dividend of the times in the context of digital assets, helping members to create more revenue and asset appreciation. The Cloud Token Eco-Fund consists of digital assets managed by the Cloud Token Foundation and digital assets invested by members. Members can invest the surplus digital assets into the Cloud Token Eco-Fund, which will be operated by the Investment Committee and return the investment income to the Fund in a timely manner. Investors, while investing part of the proceeds into the development of Cloud Token, create long-term value for the development of Cloud Token. At present, the Cloud Token Eco-Fund has established offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc., and has already reached cooperation and investment intentions with the Cambodian government and many top commercial real estate. The Cloud Token Ecological Fund will always walk in the times and The forefront of the world, based on the background of the digital economy, to explore and invest in global quality assets, to create high value returns for the Cloud Token ecosystem and members.

2, multi-encrypted secure storage technology, Cloud Token encrypts the hot wallet, separates the hot and cold end, and stores multiple cold wallets in multiple places to form a multi-center cryptographic signature scheme. At the same time, using multiple signals P2SH and financial privacy BIP32 technology, all data information is encrypted and transmitted. In addition, Cloud Token also creates multi-signature algorithms such as rate limiting, address whitelisting, webhooks, etc., and combines with the financial process system and the approval authorization system to not only ensure the security of digital assets in all aspects, but also make the entire coin-coin process more efficient. Convenient. It is a wallet that is compatible with multi-currency decentralization. It uses SHA512-ZERO encryption technology and independent private key + dynamic verification code to ensure data security for Cloud Token network.

Cloud Token is a fool-style lie-making mode with no restrictions on the lockout. Currently supported Mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC USDT

Static earnings deposits make money and earn 6~12% of daily income

Share earnings

Directly push one generation Directly push 15 for 15 generations, and push 16 for 21 generations.

Take a generation of daily investment amount of 100% static income

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Up to 3 C4 communities, C5 community takes 5% of global community total performance

Storage value of $500 or more is considered a valid account

The above rewards and settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

At present, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated to be earned 5~20 times before the end of the year.

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Eight Revenue: The Benefits of the Fourth Generation of Public Chain Technology

There are many benefits, large user stickiness, and long-lasting pipeline revenue, and open Al Intelligent Quantitative Robot Trading to earn money to earn money!

Cloud Token

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Guge Dynasty Debut at the 2018 Asian Conditioning Foods Conference to empower the brand!

On July 10th, the 2nd Asian Conditioning Foods Conference, jointly sponsored by the magazine “Agriculture and Markets” magazine “Sugar, Tobacco and Wine Weekly” magazine, was grandly opened at Qingdao International Expo Center. In the three-day industry exchange meeting, the industrial business community gathered together to create a multi-value of the Asian food ingredients industry discussion, trend analysis, business opportunity interpretation, new product release, channel investment, industry evaluation, etc., to regulate the upstream and downstream of the food supply chain. The company builds a professional and efficient exchange and mutual assistance platform, a communication promotion platform, and a procurement collaboration platform. As we all know, today’s food industry is in the early stage of development, and it is a vague state for brands and channels. It needs more professional people to gather together to collide with the future development. Therefore, the Guge Dynasty team, which is known as the special product branding expert, was also invited to participate in the sharing and discussion of the meeting.

At 10 am on July 10, Zou Yong, co-founder of Guge Dynasty, brought the team to Asian ingredients. Condition the meeting. The grand opening ceremony made the atmosphere very lively. Thousands of new products and special products of hundreds of enterprises in the exhibition area are waiting for the installation, attracting many dealers to stop inquiries, and the scene is popular! Zou Yong also during the tour with Northwestern Natural Nutrition Food Co., Ltd., Meizhou Dongpo, Xiong Jian and other responsible persons had a pleasant conversation. As a special guest, Zou Yong also made a round of awards to the top 100 companies in the exhibition.

At 7:30 pm Beijing time, Gu Ge Dynasty Zou Yong held a unique sharing session at the Huize Hall of the Grand Mercure Nanshan Resort in Qingdao. The theme was “Brand Empowerment & mdash;— Gu Ge Dynasty Category Innovation Case Sharing the night. In this sharing session, Zou Yong cited the success stories of the Guge Dynasty in terms of category innovation in recent years, including the squid brand rapeseed oil, Zhang Fei beef, Bairuiyuan Museum, and Mr. Taking the market as the direction of thinking, planning the origin, understanding the needs of consumers, separating competitors’ brands, and collecting their own resources, these four dimensions explain to many food manufacturers and enterprise representatives how to solve market problems in a new way of thinking. Let the brand look new.

At the entire sharing session, the heads of corporate leaders in various food industries responded enthusiastically, around the special product brand and the present. In the food industry market, everyone also raised their doubts about Zou Yong’s problems that his company could not solve, and Zou Yong answered them in a sincere manner and kept sharing the dry goods of various industries. The collision of thoughts of many professionals made this sharing night of the Guge Dynasty extraordinarily meaningful.

In addition to sharing the case, the presenter Zou Yong also expressed his high praise for this Asian food conditioning conference: “This is I have participated in a small scale for more than ten years, but it is the most professional sharing exhibition. In the small town of Jimo, Qingdao, the semi-closed communication method, with exhibitions, meetings, banquets, salons and other comprehensive forms, allows manufacturers, enterprises, and distributors to learn and share more time.

It is undeniable that in today’s increasingly deepening market economy, brands are especially important for the survival and development of enterprises. Brand strategy has become a magic weapon for many well-known companies to be invincible in the market competition. Especially in the specialty industries that have developed rapidly in recent years, branding is undoubtedly one of the core issues of establishing corporate image and enhancing corporate competitiveness. Today’s specialty industry has also moved toward the stage of “brand war”. Zou Yong’s explanation shows that more insiders and outsiders have learned that “brand is the core of enterprise development”. We also believe that the professionalism and concentration of the Guge Dynasty in the field of specialty foods can lead the domestic food industry to make another leap!

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“Made in China 2025” brings new opportunities to China-ROK cooperation

Over the past 24 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, trade and investment between the two countries have undergone many changes. The official implementation of the China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on December 20, 2015 has brought corporate cooperation between the two countries to a new level. At the moment, what new opportunities are brought to Korean companies by China, which is vigorously promoting “Internet+, “Made in China 2025”, and economic transformation and upgrading? South Korea, which is accelerating its development, will welcome other Chinese companies to invest and cooperate in South Korea. Will the cooperation between China and South Korea in IT and manufacturing reproduce a new model? On these issues, a few days ago, “China Electronics News” reporter interviewed Hong Zhang, deputy general representative of the Greater China Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

Sino-Korean Business Cooperation

Entering the Age of Hand-in-Phase

Hong Zhangxi said that the cooperation between Chinese and Korean companies has undergone a lot of evolution, from the initial factory investment, The strategic partners of deep cooperation in industry and technology to the present are entering an era of hand in hand.

According to the introduction, Korean companies are mainly divided into investment and trade in China. The trade mainly consists of intermediate products such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, petrochemical products, auto parts and steel.

And investment is mainly concentrated in two categories: First, manufacturing. The cooperation and development of the manufacturing industry has also undergone many changes. Early Korean companies entered China, and more emphasis on China’s cheap labor market, so many Korean manufacturing plants came in. Over the years, as China’s labor costs have risen, many Korean companies have shifted their focus on investing and building factories to other lower-cost countries in Southeast Asia, and are increasingly cooperating with China at higher levels of technology, industry and markets. . The second is the service industry. The service industry is a very important investment area for Korean companies in China. At the beginning, more food, catering, cosmetics and other service industries came in. Nowadays, more and more modern service industries such as logistics, circulation and accounting are coming in.

With Hong Zhang’s observation, even though China and South Korea have established diplomatic relations for 23 years, there are still many Korean companies that do not understand the Chinese market. On the one hand, the Chinese market is very large and is an important market for Korean companies to expand overseas. On the other hand, China’s IT and electronics industries have developed rapidly and have already been in Korea with many companies. In this context, what kind of business model and new strategy should be used by Korean companies to cooperate with Chinese companies and the Chinese market has become a problem that must be rethought in the new era.

Hong’s suggestion is that the past “should be transformed into “manufacturing in China” and “co-made with China” from “made in China” to “made with China”. On the one hand, Korean companies participating in market competition in China should form differentiated competitive advantages with Chinese companies’ products, technologies and services; on the other hand, Korean companies should adopt joint innovation with Chinese companies and markets to satisfy China. Demand for the market; on the other hand, we should look at joint innovation from a larger perspective. Currently, many new industry standards have been introduced globally, and Chinese and Korean companies can cooperate under these standards at the fastest speed. Launch technologies, products and services that meet the global market.

“Made in China 2025”

What new opportunities for Korean companies

At present, China is vigorously promoting “Internet +, promoting “Made in China 2025” And what are the new opportunities for Korean companies in this context?

Hong Zhangxi believes that Korean companies have a lot of experience in smart manufacturing and green manufacturing to share and participate in China Manufacturing 2025 and China’s industrial transformation and upgrading. When it comes to smart manufacturing, you may think more about Germany’s “Industry 4.0, the US “Industrial Internet,” and in fact Korea has “Korea Manufacturing Innovation 3.0”. South Korea is a country that attaches great importance to the environment, so many environmental technologies, energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, new energy technologies, and air purification technologies can be introduced to China. In terms of smart technology, including intelligent manufacturing fields such as robots, Korea has many advanced technologies and experiences to learn from. Both Chinese and Korean companies have achieved cooperation through “cooperation”.

The Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office is located in the Wangjing Pohang Center, which basically uses Korean technology. In the building, the reporter feels the intelligence of the building in many places, from the strict security to the bathroom’s unusually sensitive automatic sensor light, showing its precision and intelligence everywhere.

Building Chinese and Korean companies

Platform for cooperation

Hong Zhangyu also admitted that Chinese and Korean companies are now more competitive than certain cooperation in certain areas. There is more opportunity for cooperation.

After Hong Kong and Chongqing believe that the implementation of China-South Korea FTA is in force, in the context of global economic integration, both companies will have more industrial technology and market cooperation, and China and South Korea are Close neighbors, and also a large trading partner, have a very large space for cooperation and development. He said that many Chinese products are selling well in South Korea. For example, Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi and other mobile phones and charging treasures have won the favor of Korean customers regardless of performance or price. For example, China’s Haidilao has already opened stores in South Korea, and many people line up to eat hot pots in Haidilao.

Hong Zhangye finally said that the Korea Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency was established in 1962. It is an important link for Korean companies to enter overseas and open up export markets. It is also an important platform for companies from all over the world to enter Korea. At present, 124 overseas branches have been established in 84 countries, providing comprehensive services from investment consulting to business incubation, and hope to continue to build a better bridge for Chinese and Korean companies and trade between the two countries.

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Steel and silver optimize regional development layout and play the role of “supply chain + procurement” model

On July 13, 2018, the 2018 (China · Henan) construction industry was jointly sponsored by Centennial Construction Network, Henan Fuhua Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Henan Yaxin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Wuyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. The bidding + material collection mode exchange meeting will be held in Zhengzhou. The meeting invited Li Xiuhua, Secretary General of Henan Iron and Steel Industry Association, Lin Hua, Deputy General Manager of Wuyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Gao Xianghui, Sales Director of Henan Yaxin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Hongmao, General Manager of Henan Fuhua Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Centennial Building Leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Zhu Junhong, Chairman of the Board of Steel & Silver E-commerce, and representatives of e-commerce platforms, construction contractors, and various building materials supply units, conducted in-depth discussions on the supply and demand model and procurement model of engineering materials.

In February 2017, the General Office of the State Council passed and issued the opinion on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry. (referred to as “Opinions”), pointing out the direction for the industry to further deepen the reform. As one of the main forces in the rise of Central China, Henan Province has adopted the “Opinions” to ensure growth and promote development as the primary goal, and introduced a number of preferential policies to encourage construction enterprises to become bigger and stronger. The conference focused on issues such as the supply and demand model of engineering materials and the construction of electronic bidding network system in Henan Province, which better integrated various high-quality resources and created an open, transparent and reasonable value system for the industrial chain, supply chain and service chain. To develop business for all types of enterprises, reduce costs, create better corporate and social benefits, and further promote the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry in the central region.

Steel and silver e-commerce as a representative of the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, Xu Rongjian, manager of the supply chain finance division The conference also delivered a keynote speech. In his speech, he mentioned that the construction industry in the central region itself has a unique development space, its own advantages and a good environment. As a backbone of the central region, Henan Province has a natural advantage. The data shows that there are 1090 key construction projects in Henan Province in 2018, with a total investment of 2.97 trillion yuan, and an investment of 812.5 billion yuan is planned to be completed in 2018. The central region has always been an important map in the national layout of steel, silver and e-commerce. At present, the platform’s service delivery service has been involved in the Zhengzhou Airport Port Area 2 District 3 Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Museum Project and Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Museum. Construction of infrastructure, people’s livelihood and cultural related projects. With its rich upstream steel plant resources and 40 service stations across the country, the Steel and Silver Platform will create a new model of supply chain + procurement, providing comprehensive and reliable integrated services from capital support, material procurement, goods distribution to quality assurance and after-sales. Fundamentally solve the steel trade enterprise procurement problems and capital turnover dilemma, and won the high recognition and affirmation of the partners, as of the end of June, the number of platform enterprise users has exceeded 90,000.

This year’s government work report clearly states that it is necessary to make the traditional advantageous industries such as the construction industry bigger and stronger, and promote the “Internet+, use new technologies, new formats, new models, and vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries. Develop new kinetic energy. Xu Jianjian said in his final speech that as the construction industry solves the last mile service platform, steel and silver will take advantage of the trend, optimize innovative supply chain services, improve the ecological chain of the entire industry chain, and provide better service to the industry chain users. The high-quality development of the construction industry contributes to its own strength and promotes the construction of brand building in China.

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China Consumers Association: Part of latex paint can be used to remove formaldehyde

On May 4th, the China Consumers Association announced the results of environmental protection and functional comparison experiments of the main brands of latex paint products on the market. Some latex paints claim to have the function of purifying formaldehyde, but the effect is limited.

This comparative test sample was randomly purchased by the China Consumers Association staff as an ordinary consumer in the market. Involved in Dulux, Nippon, Carpoly, Chenyang, Sanshu, Dufang, Bauhinia, Fuya, Laiwei, Signeo (Master of Poetry), PIGROL (Philadelphia), TIKKurila (Europe), California (Alice) and other 13 brands, a total of 20 samples. All 20 samples are white painted. Among the samples, there are 3 types of children’s paints, 1 sample with stain resistance, 14 samples with anti-fungal properties, and 11 samples with formaldehyde purification function.

The comparison test is based on the standards of “Interior stain-resistant latex paint”, “Indoor air purification function coating material purification performance”, “Antibacterial coating”, “elastic architectural coating”, “Building anti-graffiti anti-stick coating” and other standards. The coating film appearance, contrast ratio, scrub resistance, stain resistance, formaldehyde purification performance, anti-fungal performance, tensile strength, elongation at break, anti-graffiti and other items were tested.

The results showed that most of the samples had strong hiding performance, and the stain resistance of the samples was different. There were 13 stain resistances. One of the children’s paints showed stain resistance, while the other 19 samples did not show this performance, but 12 stains were also good. From the test results, the children’s paint samples purchased this time have better stain resistance.

According to the standard requirements, the washability of the latex paint needs to be 2,000 times after the wash, the paint film is still not damaged, in order to meet the requirements of use. Two of the 20 samples were scrubbed 2000 times and the paint film was scraped. They were the nominal Sanshu Paint Co., Ltd. purchased from Jingdong Mall and the nominal Beijing Fuya Coating purchased from Shilihe Minle Building Materials Market. Latex paint of the company. Other samples performed well.

The test results also show that the comparative test samples have good anti-fungal properties. Among the 20 samples, 19 samples had grade I resistance in the test, and 1 sample had grade II resistance in the test. Among the 20 comparative test samples, 14 samples claimed to have anti-fungal function, and their anti-mildew grades reached Grade I. The others did not claim to have anti-fungal properties and also had good anti-fungal properties.

After testing, 13 samples have formaldehyde purification function, 11 of which claim to have formaldehyde purification function, and their promotion is basically true. Need to be reminded that the removal of formaldehyde in indoor air, the role of net aldehyde latex paint is limited, the selection of environmentally friendly decoration materials is the most fundamental method.

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“The Xianghai – the 4th Painting Art Festival” sketches the second stop on May 6th in Weihai

“Jiangshan picturesque, Shengshidang song–“Naxianghai• The 4th Painting Art Festival Suluzhe and the three artists follow the April 25-28, Zhejiang Wuzhen, Shuyuan, Nanhu sketch After that, the second stop of the sketching activity returned to Weihai, from May 6th to 10th in the AAAA-level scenic spot of the Xianghai country, the Xianghai & middot; Jiming Island, Naxianghai · Great Swan Nature Reserve and smoke. There are many places in the Swan Lake and other places to create art.

& ldquo;The Xianghai • The 4th Painting Art Festival by Nanjing Mingyue Construction Group Co., Ltd. Hosted by Shandong Wanheng Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xianghai Dongtu Wenlv Co., Ltd., and the famous artists from Sulu and Zhejiang participated in the exhibition. The artist’s sketches will be opened to the public in the form of exhibitions at the opening ceremony of the 4th Painting Art Festival. The exhibition will be held in Weihai, Shandong Province on June 29, 2019. The AAAA-level scenic spot Culture and Art Center of Xianghai State was held.

Following the sketching in Zhejiang, the focus of this painting festival has returned to Weihai, Shandong, a famous art artist. Through sketching, we show the unique beauty of the seashore pearl of Weihai, the east of Qilu. The sea breeze on the beach, the fishing boats moored in the port, the quiet and comfortable village… The canvas on one side will perfectly show the style of the world, and a brush will outline the customs and humanities of Weihai.

In May, Weihai still has a slight cold in the spring. The sea breeze is so cold and cold, but the artists still want to depict the unique mountainscape, the fishing village, and the station at the exit or the hill. It will take three to five hours. Many teachers have not come to Weihai for the first time, but they are still full of curiosity and enthusiasm. “Weihai is so beautiful, the atmosphere in the north is different from the small bridge in our south. Take the ocean as an example. The color and feel of each season is different every month. Wu Ying, an artist from Jiangsu, said…

Weihai is located in the east of Qilu, history It has a long history and is one of the seven branches of China’s coastline. The AAAA-class scenic spot in Xianghai is located in Weihai. It has a 16-kilometer coastline and a 2.5-km diamond beach bath. It integrates six natural resources of ocean, island, beach, hot spring, pine forest and harbor. At the same time, the introduction of the cultural tourism industry has added the artistic and cultural charm of the Xianghai, and the AAAA-level scenic spot of the Xianghai country has become a beautiful postcard for Weihai city tourism.

<;The Xianghai • The opening of the 4th Painting Art Festival coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. On the occasion of the national celebration, this year’s festival is like a painting. The theme of the Song Dynasty is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the new China.

& ldquo;The Xianghai • The 4th Painting Art Festival takes art as the carrier and invites Su Artists from three places in Shandong and Zhejiang participated in the creation. Through exquisite techniques and vivid brushstrokes, the famous artists depict the beautiful scenery of the motherland, the long history of humanity and the rich folk customs, in order to show the glorious achievements of the prosperity and development of the motherland in the past 70 years. At the same time, this festival responds to the development of national culture and art, has both humanistic feelings and the mission of the times. It aims to promote the level of literary and artistic creation in the three continents of Sulu, Zhejiang and even the eastern coast through cultural exchanges.

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Talking about the Application of Outdoor Temperature Compensation Technology in Weieng Boiler

I. Basic Concepts

The design concept of the climate compensator is to automate the weather-related process to compensate for the corresponding adjustments, to achieve energy saving or to improve product quality. Further applied to all weather-related processes, the amount of control can be switching, analog, pulse, and the like.

II. Application Introduction

In the heat metering heating system, the free heat is effectively utilized, and the heat supply to the heating system is effectively determined according to the actual demand of indoor heating. The adjustment will help to save energy for heating. The climate compensator is the way to do this. He can automatically control the water supply temperature according to the set curve by the temperature change of the outdoor climate, the indoor temperature requirement set by the user at different times, and realize the climate compensation of the water supply temperature of the heating system; in addition, it can also pass the indoor temperature sensor, according to The water supply temperature is adjusted at room temperature to achieve room temperature compensation, and also has a function of limiting the minimum return water temperature. The climate compensator is generally used in the heating station of the heating system or in the heating system using the direct heating of the boiler, which is a powerful means for local adjustment.

III. How it works

When the outdoor climate changes, it is placed outside the building. The temperature sensor transmits the outdoor temperature information to the climate compensator. The climate compensator outputs the adjustment signal to the three-way valve according to the adjustment relationship curve under different conditions inherent therein, and changes the supply and return water mixing ratio so that the output meets the adjustment curve water temperature. . The climate compensation energy-saving control system controls the opening of the valve according to the outdoor ambient temperature change and the actual deviation between the supply/return water temperature and the user-set temperature. The DC0-10V signal or other analog signal is output through the PI/PID mode. That is, by adjusting the primary side cold/heat medium flow to achieve the purpose of controlling the outlet/supply air temperature, the primary side water supply flow rate is automatically adjusted, the secondary side water supply temperature is indirectly controlled, and the quantity adjustment control is adopted to achieve the purpose of temperature adjustment, thereby maximizing the saving. Energy, to overcome indoor temperature fluctuations caused by changes in outdoor environmental temperature, to achieve energy saving and comfort.

The climate compensation energy-saving control system is characterized by high automation, high efficiency and high applicability. According to the system, the energy saving rate is between 5~10%.

IV. System Composition

General outdoor temperature compensation system consists of four components

1) Climate compensation energy-saving controller

Climate The compensation energy-saving controller consists of a temperature controller and a time setter, and can also be integrated by a PLC controller.

Role: Climate compensated temperature control and time period setting based on supply/return temperature and outdoor temperature.

2) Immersion Temperature Sensor

Function: Detects the supply/return temperature.

3) Outdoor temperature compensation sensor

Function: Detect outdoor temperature.

4) Actuator

allows the electric control valve to also be used as a frequency converter for distributed secondary pumps. Its main role: for the liquid volume, gas system pipeline media flow analog adjustment, is AI control. (If the system medium is water, and the pump is running in frequency or the medium is steam, the valve generally adopts two-way valve body; if the system medium is water, and the pump is running at power frequency, it is recommended to use three-way valve body , to avoid damage to the operating conditions of the pump, to achieve the purpose of power saving), the specific use depends on the process structure of the official website.

V. System Differences

5.1 Traditional Heating System:

Working Logic:

Just according to the set supply and return water temperature To control the start and stop of the boiler, regardless of the outdoor temperature.


1. Energy waste is more serious

2. Heating comfort is lacking

5.2 Outdoor Temperature Compensation System:

Working Principle:

The heating system basically realizes on-demand heating, which can be realized during the heating season. Energy saving is about 10% or more. By adding a climate compensator, the heating system can be synchronized with the outside world, further narrowing the gap between heat supply and heat demand, achieving the purpose of energy-saving operation, and controlling the boiler group to achieve the best match of boiler load. The climate compensation system can realize the following functions:

1) Control and adjust the temperature of the water supply to the user according to the change of the outdoor temperature, to avoid the user’s excessive room temperature, resulting in increased energy consumption;

2) Make full use of solar radiant heat and human activity rules for time control;

3) Automatic segmentation adjustment of the running curve according to changes in outdoor temperature;

4 According to the equipment and maintenance structure of each boiler room, it can be adjusted at any time and conveniently;

5) The boiler operates at a higher return water temperature to avoid the occurrence of condensed water and prevent boiler corrosion. To extend the service life of the boiler.


1. Saving daily running expenses

2. Increased heating comfort

VI. Application Fields

1) Heating system heat exchanger or heat exchange unit;

2) Domestic hot water system;

3) Air conditioning water/wind system;

4) Thermal temperature control for living processes.

VII, Control System

Power Intelligent Boiler Controller ——turboCRAFT

Weineng intelligent boiler control system adopts Weieneng microcomputer controller, which can implement multi-level modular control of boiler system operation according to indoor and outdoor temperature in winter. Each group of boiler controllers is a microcomputer controller that controls the operation of the boiler based on the outdoor air temperature. When heating is required or the temperature is lowered, the controller automatically starts the boiler burner and sends a corresponding signal to the circulation pump. The controller has the characteristics of simplicity, generosity, convenient installation, touch screen and button coexistence, and can be used to set the running time and display various temperature and fault signals.

Features are as follows:

1) According to the preset heating curve and the thermal inertia of the building, the boiler outlet temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the change of the outdoor temperature. The indoor temperature is set;

2) The intelligent controller can be adaptively adjusted, that is, the controller can automatically judge whether the set heating curve is reasonable, and can automatically adjust to meet the set indoor Temperature;

3) The controller can control the 24-hour time of each day to meet the indoor temperature requirements of different time periods;

4) The controller has a fault recording function. It can make it easy for maintenance personnel to find the cause of the fault and facilitate the maintenance personnel to give corresponding treatment plan;

5) It has multi-level fault alarm indication to ensure the safe operation of the boiler;

6) With voice prompt function.

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Cloud token project, consult Li Yi teacher to join now!

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loud Token highlights

First, there is no lock for a long time, the principal is always in and out

Fool-style lie-making mode [strong][strong] with no restrictions on entering and leaving the lockout, currently supports ETH BTC BTH TUSD and other mainstream currencies

Third, all coins are on the public chain Global openness and transparency

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [strong] deposit money to make money to make money [strong] [ Strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generation 50% 3-21 generation 5% income every day Capping

3 Community Dividend Team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

4C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities, 10% of community rewards for C2 community

6 reaching 3 C2 communities, rewarding 15% for C3 communities

7 reaching 3 C3 communities That is, the C4 community will receive 20% of the community rewards

8 to reach 3 C4 agencies. The district is the C5 community

The community income takes 5% of the global community’s total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ one day is not capped [strong][strong] storage value is more than 500 dollars For valid accounts

[strong] The above bonus settlements are issued in the platform currency CTO [strong]

There may be a lot of friends talking to you

How good is CloudToken, but you didn’t understand it

Today we will use the empty cup mentality to get to know CloudToken. Wealth Business Opportunities

In 2019, blockchain users account for 0.3% of the global population. The future of the global digital wallet market is huge. Wallets are an indispensable part of the blockchain industry, along with blocks. The development and expansion of the chain industry has shown a phenomenon of parallel acceleration. More and more project parties have joined the digital asset wallet field. Compared with the global 6 billion people and 4 billion Internet users, the proportion of digital asset wallet users is still very small. The market potential in the future is very huge, of course, it means that the blockchain is still in the early stage of the development of the industry, digital asset wallets, as The supporting infrastructure is also in the early stage of the industry

Why do I choose CloudToken as my career today? Today I will talk about my views on him

Two reasons:

The first is because of its authenticity

The second is because its bonus system is powerful

So first of all its authenticity:

? First, what is CloudToken?

It is a super digital asset wallet and a decentralized trading platform

Developed by IBM, Nvidia and Samsung Samsung original technical team

[1] Authenticity

The CloudToken platform is the world’s top quantification by Singapore’s four most influential venture capital firms, DigitalCurrency Group, PanteraCapital, BlockchainCapital and AndreessenHorowitz. The team, as well as the technical talent of the Asian region, Ronald, spent more than half a year, using the latest fourth-generation BBS blockchain technology to create a decentralized wallet

The power of CloudToken


It is because he has three major characters for his endorsement

First Clo udToken has strong support from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is an internationally renowned investor and professor of finance

Wall Street Mankind

The founder of Quantum Fund is also the world Top investment stocks god

He has a legendary investment experience

with Buffett, Soros and the global three in the financial giant

is known as Wall Street mythology

At the same time, CloudToken’s technical director is the Asian blockchain technology genius RonaldAai Ronald, and Ronald is also the founder of the fourth-generation public chain BBS bit system


Here, let’s briefly talk about the secrets of identifying true and false wallets

Avoid being cheated in the future, and learn to recognize true and false

CloudToken is very different from the fake wallet items on the market, because many fake wallets are marked with blockchain,

let players store digital currency, but the real asset is In the hands of the project side and CloudToken decentralized DAPP wallet is to write everything Into the smart contract, all the data is real. It has a clear consensus mechanism and reward mechanism to allow users’ assets to be stored in the public chain rather than in the project.

First point, settlement time

The centralized fake wallet is a human-written program, and each picture and number is manually modified, no matter when you deposit money, It is a unified time to settle, because it is set in the manual background, and all the time is settled with a click.. The settlement procedure for the decentralized real wallet is based on the public chain, which is written into the smart contract and cannot be changed. Therefore, each member of CloudToke has different deposit time and different settlement time. The static income is settled once every 24 hours, and the dynamic is 48 hours. Then if it is a centralized wallet, 24-hour non-stop calculation will make the system load too much, and it will easily collapse.

The second point, verify from the address of the withdrawal

Centralized fake wallet, you don’t have to say more, directly open the player background to view the withdrawal record, you can find many different addresses, this shows This operation is a person? Auditing the money, the project side will have a lot of deposit address, so as many times the number of withdrawals, the address will change, you must be careful, and CloudToken is a decentralized real wallet. No matter what number you withdraw, the currency has only one address in the public chain. You can use the CTO platform currency to convert it to Ethereum. After the conversion is successful, he can immediately go to the official website of Ethereum to inquire about this withdrawal. Record, all the operations of your Ethereum will be the same address, the partner who has doubts can verify.

The third point, and the most important point is the difference in the speed of the currency. Verification

Centralized fake wallet, you convert the platform currency into Ethereum, it is the second, and it is not logged in the Ethereum official website. In fact, it is a string The number on the screen is only, if someone tells you that our cash withdrawal is fast, the second is paid, and there is no work-off fee, you have to be careful, to go to the centralized wallet, the speed of the currency needs to be confirmed by the node, impossible When the second is reached, for example, when the USDT is blocked, the node confirmation time will become longer, so some friends ask, how to record more than 24 hours, there is no profit, because it is 5 pm when joining the plan, but the network On the node, it is confirmed until 8:00 pm, then the system calculates the profit according to 8:00 in the evening. We can query the time of node confirmation on the public chain, and can track these public and transparent information, so CloudToken is true. Is a real decentralized wallet

[2] Bonus system

So after the authenticity, let’s take a look at this bonus system, the so-called rich and rich, look System

CloudToken requires only a simple action to do statics.

Put the digital assets you used in the past into our CloudToken wallet.

By adding AI smart quantification, we can make our monthly income range from 6% to 20%

and your static income will be credited every day

Your source of income , all the process of quantitative quantification

You can see all, simple, transparent, open

The profit of the principal goes in and out, safe and secure!

So dynamic, CloudToken, a model that can make a lot of money on a single line.

The first generation can be promoted to 100%, the second generation can get 50%, the third generation to the 21st generation can get 5%, then there must be someone here to ask, all percentages come from What? It comes from the percentage of each of our user revenues today,

that is, we don’t make any money, the individual’s principal, but a reward distribution after the profit component is generated. The 5% of the 21st generation is very impressive. And what conditions can be used for 21 generations? It is very simple, recommend one person to take one generation, two people to take two generations and so on, and when you push to the 16th person, you can get 21 generations, very deep Deep!

What is important? It is the benefit of the CloudToken community.

What is community income? It is the income of the entire team that you develop. It is very simple, that is to say, when your team reaches 200,000 dollars, then you can have your entire team unlimited generation. 5%, reaching a community level like C1. And when you have three C1 communities, you can achieve a level like C2, and so on. When you reach the C5 community level, you have 5% of the total global community performance, then our income is Issued through our platform CTO.

Well, after introducing the bonus system, let’s analyze the bonus system like today. How much can we earn?

First of all, our monthly static income is 6%. To 12%, what does this mean? It means that our annualized income can reach 70% to 140%

. When today’s project is low, a project that is stable enough in static and has a high-scoring plan, this project will definitely make you earn a lot of money, and because our bonus is in the form of platform coins. In the process of circulation, the platform currency can continue to rise. Moreover, the entire blockchain industry will usher in a new wave of bull market with the reduction of Bitcoin next year

Speaking of this is an opportunity, because the price of most mainstream digital currencies is not counted now? I believe that the skyrocketing of the platform currency will definitely far exceed the mainstream currency.

Having said so much, we can see CloudToken is a very ingenious revenue plan, no matter where you come from, no matter what industry you are in, whether you want to earn a safe and stable static income, or find a good project to develop your own team, CloudToken is Your best choice


Cloud wallet has just been launched in the market, and his influence has not been fully demonstrated. This year is a wallet hot, so thisIt will soon sweep across the globe, spread across the globe

The only truly decentralized quantitative wallet in the world

Cloud Token Download: http://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

Please use the browser to open the download registration, please fill in the referrer’s invitation code

Cloud Token Global Community Canada, Toronto, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Russia, New York, Myanmar Vietnam, more than 30 countries, the number of members has exceeded hundreds of thousands of people in a short period of time, this speed is too fast, our platform currency issuance price is 0.3 US dollars, the room for growth is very broad, this is the best opportunity, everyone Leaders keep up with this high-speed train, please don’t fall behind!

I think it will be familiar to everyone who is doing Internet projects or traditional projects in just three or five months. There is an old saying in China that is quite right. The martial arts in the world are not broken, but they are not broken. So in the project circle, they are also the same. They are only vying for the future, simply joining and quickly starting.

Cloud Token has the following four features:

Infrastructure: Building a digital asset industry The strongest and strongest infrastructure.

Service System: Provides the highest quality, safe, convenient and efficient service to owners of digital assets.

Application landing: popularization of blockchain technology in all walks of life.

Asset Management: Open up the blockchain life, social, and wealth management, and lead the asset management revolution in the new era of digital economy.

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet Features:

1. Atomic Exchange: Crypto-to-Crypto exchanges are located between different digital currencies and rely on real-time ratio redemption. All of Cloud Toten DAPP’s digital assets, such as BTC, ETH and other supported digital assets, can be seamlessly exchanged at CTO. To a certain extent, users can trade digital assets or implement digital assets faster and easier without having to make complex pending orders through different exchange platforms.

2. Over-the-counter trading: Over-the-counter (OTC) methods are called over-the-counter transactions. It refers to market trading entities trading on the basis of bilateral credit through independent bilateral investigations and bilateral liquidation. The transaction is not traded within the trading platform, but ends privately at a price above or below the trading platform price or other conditions.

3. E-Commerce: Through the Open Mall system, users can enjoy the online consumption digital experience of Cloud Token Mall through CTO. Buy everyday items, books, clothing, hats, toys, software, records, home appliances and other home delivery platforms.

Cloud Token Technical Features:

1. Cross-chain protocol plug-in: DAPP developers can use the Cloud Token smart contract protocol that supports multi-chain assets. To improve system efficiency, Colud Token adopts Based on the plug-in organizational structure, we added a cross-chain plug-in to help users use Cloud Token-based DAPP with out-of-chain assets.

2. Multi-chain chain wallet: In order to improve the Cloud Token user experience and convenience, we have designed a decentralized wallet that supports multiple blockchain assets, that is, users can use BTC Out-of-chain assets such as ETH use the premium DAPP developed on the Cloud Token chain through a multi-chain chain wallet.

3. Cross-chain consensus mechanism: Cross-chain Validator manages multi-signature escrow accounts by maintaining the security of multi-signal escrow accounts, ensuring that the extra-chain assets are fully aligned with the wallet on the chain.

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet is the world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology and can perform cross-chaining. Encrypted exchange, payment; AI arbitrage engine from well-known encryption market manufacturers, e-commerce and other products. The goal is to provide users with a focused social wealth ecosystem and become the de facto standard token for the blockchain industry.

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud wallet Dapp official download link: https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

Cloudtoken cloud wallet registration invitation code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken cloud wallet docking please add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

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Li Yi, the Cloudtoken project, a good project preferred by entrepreneurs

Cloudtoken Global Docking and Adding Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

How to start the joining plan to get the benefits?

A: Then you must first deposit the mainstream currency with a market value of more than 550 US dollars ( Currently supports USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. And so on. There are more and more mainstream currencies (more and more in the future, and dozens of mainstream currencies will be launched in the future). Join the plan to entrust Cloud Token intelligent robots to high-frequency exchanges. Quantitative trading and arbitrage.

What if I don’t have a mainstream currency?

A: No partner can buy some mainstream currency to go to the world’s major exchanges. Blockchain digital currency era mainstream currency long-term holding, then Cloud Token wallet is undoubtedly your best choice, deposit coins to live coins, wealth multiplier!

How long does the secret join plan run?

A: After joining the program, the intelligent robot will grab the different prices of the major exchanges 24 hours a day, and generate high-frequency quantitative transactions to generate revenue. Open the joining plan, and gain money every day!

How is the revenue generated by Cloud token calculated?

A: All the generated income is calculated in CTO currency. CTO currency can be directly converted into Ethereum currency at any time. Ethereum currency can be redeemed at any time without restriction, and can also be sold to the person who wants the coin! Static income and sharing The proceeds are settled daily in CTO currency. The current CTO currency is $0.30, and will reach $50 & mdash at the end of the year; $60.

How is the cloud token static revenue?

A: Cloud token static monthly income is in the period of 6%~12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO currency)

When can I return it?

A: No return One said, the money that is transferred in is with you, just like the money placed in the balance treasure, at your disposal, your own currency is your own, and the capital gains are free!

Benefits of Cloud Token Cloud Wallet:

1. The principal is safe

2. Profit is long-lasting

3. Time is free

4. Income is not capped

5. Making money is not dependent on relationships

6. Friends are more and more

7. Do not sell products without looking for people Money

8. Wealth is growing continuously

9. Ordinary people can participate

10. Everyone is grateful to you

This is us, a group of people with positive career energy, seize this wealth wave to change their destiny!

Cloud Token Wallet Eight Revenue!

One Revenue: Store Revenue

Double Revenue: Share Revenue

Triple Revenue: Community Reward

Quadruple Revenue : High-frequency quantitative hedging gains

Five-fold gains: Mainstream currency appreciation gains

Six-fold gains: CTO unlimited price increases

Seven-fold gains: revenue from human resources

Eight-fold gain: fourth-generation public-chain technology gains

A lot of revenue, user viscous, long-term pipeline revenue, open Al smart quantitative robot trading earning money to earn mode!

Cloud Token

Win in 2019, win 2019!

Cloudtoken has three absolutes

First Absolute: Determined by Blockchain Technology Absolutely safe. Don’t worry about going off the net. As long as the Internet exists, as long as there are nodes, cloudtoken is there.

The second absolute: like a bank, the funds are absolutely free to enter and exit, do not lock the warehouse! Twenty-four hours of funds freely in and out, their own assets, and everything can be operated on the phone.

The third absolute: that is, all the people involved, as long as you hold the cloudtoken in the medium and long term, it is stable and profitable.

cloudtoken: There are three stable incomes:

The first income: Smart income: It is a currency-bearing interest, and you can withdraw it at any time.

Second income: Link revenue: Link users have revenue, and the more links, the more revenue. The link is incredible.

The third income is: the appreciation of the cloudtoken itself. Cloudtoken’s ecological construction, business model is very clear and perfect, cloudtoken’s application value is unlimited

Cloud Token wallet eight-fold gain!

One-fold gain: storage revenue

Revenue: Share Revenue

Triple Revenue: Community Reward

Quadruple Revenue: High-Frequency Quantitative Hedging Revenue

Five-Year Revenue: Mainstream Currency Value-Added Revenue


Six-fold gain: CTO unlimited price increase

Seven-fold gain: revenue from human resources

Eight-fold gain: fourth-generation public-chain technology gain

A lot of income, user viscous, long-term pipeline revenue, open Al smart quantitative robot trading earn money to earn mode!

Cloud Token

Win in 2019, win 2019!

For more details, please searchSoo: cloudtoken Li Yi teacher, learn more

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