Singapore cuts export growth forecast okorder

Singapore lowered its export growth forecast for this year on the 12th, on the grounds that the slowdown in China’s expansion will curb demand for Singapore’s products. However, driven by the service industry, the economy grew by 15.5% in the second quarter, which was better than expected. Singapore has revised its annual economic growth forecast to between 2.5% and 3.5%.
According to the statement of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), non-oil domestic exports may be flat or up 1% this year, not as good as previously forecast growth of 2% to 4%.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry said that non-oil domestic exports have not yet shown signs of recovery, but the recession compared with the same period last year has slowed down in the second quarter; with global demand expected to gradually recover, trade and non-oil domestic exports will also Moderate climb. The top three export destinations in Singapore are Malaysia, the European Union and China.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry also announced that the gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter increased by 15.5% compared with the previous quarter after seasonal adjustment and annualization, which was better than the 15.2% estimated in the previous month and the revised in the first quarter. 1.7%. If compared with the same period last year, the second quarter GDP expansion of 3.8%, slightly better than the initial estimate of 3.7%.

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Arbor Networks at Black Hat USA 2013 okorder

Let’s go back to Edward · Snowden FileTrek & ldquo; Hero or villain? & rdquo; On the side of the black hat sponsored Hall voted how the vote results. The friendly representatives said that at the end of the first day, they were amazed at the geo-goods count and found an even split-91-91 hot (participants voted by going on the chip whether it is “hero” or “small man” ; cans FileTrek table).

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Nobel Peace Prize, Snotton was recommended okorder

Snaughter, a former US National Security Agency (NSA) employee, was arrested by the authorities for revealing secret surveillance by the US government. It is believed that he has been hiding in Moscow airport and has not applied for asylum to Russia. A Swedish professor nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize on the grounds that Snowdon had paid a great personal price. At the same time, the British Guardian reporter, who was the first to report on the surveillance program, said that Snowdon had a blueprint for the organization and operation details of the National Security Bureau, but he insisted on not publishing this part.
Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald told the Associated Press in a hotel room in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 14th, revealing that the number of documents in the hands of Snowdon’s hands was basically about NSA. How to operate the instruction manual will let the person browsing the file know how the NSA listens, thus avoiding the way of being monitored or copied. He believes that exposing the contents of this batch of documents will not harm the Americans or their national security, but will harm the US government, but Snowdon has always insisted on not making it public.
After arriving in Moscow from Hong Kong on June 23, Snowdon has been hiding in the airport transfer area. He made his first public appearance on July 12 and expressed his intention to accept the conditions opened by Russia. In exchange for Russia to give temporary shelter. Russian Federal Immigration Service (FMS) Director Lomodanovsky said on the 15th that he has not received a patent application from Snowdon. In addition to booking a room in the Transit Zone Transit Hotel, Snowdon is also said to be able to use the dedicated lounge for duty staff, where both people are protected. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Snowdon will leave Russia as soon as possible.
Stefan Svallfors, a professor of sociology at Umea University in Sweden and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, wrote to the Norwegian Nobel Committee to nominate the Norton Prize for Peace. The letter praised Snowdon. Exposing the US government’s extensive monitoring is a heroic act that pays a great personal price, which can be compared with the Nuremberg Grand Judgment in 1945. The nomination of Snowden is also symbolic. It not only shows that individuals can stand up to defend their basic rights and freedoms, but also demonstrates that the award is willing to defend civil rights and human rights. Even if it may cause global power dissatisfaction, it will help to recover from the 2009 award. After US President Barack Obama, the outside world lost some respect for the Peace Prize. However, this year’s Nobel Prize nomination list has been closed on February 1, and the Nobel Prize Committee may consider this nomination next year.

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The thinnest building in the world of the scrawny house in Poland okorder

Sit in the gap between the existing two structures and present a story from the street to sit on an unlikely structure and then propose to build an incredible living as an artist resident/work residence Courage and design ingenuity.
We have seen the skinny houses and other buildings, such as before Japan, but did not match this narrow fantasy world, even in the bed barely wide enough to sleep in a single unit.
Transparent, translucent and a tall, sloping roof make the interior feel more important. A bedroom, lounge, bathroom and office are all included in the level, giving it a sense of separation, despite all the spaces (necessities) that are running along the same plane.
The exposed beams give each wall a layered feel, direct eyes upwards and downwards, enhancing the illusion of openness. Is the Polish Modern Art Foundation inspired by the design of the art center of Baltekcha? An extreme short story writer Etgar Carret.

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Wood floor waxing precautions okorder

Many people will put wooden floors in their homes during home decoration, which will make the living atmosphere more comfortable and comfortable.

So, although the wooden floor is good, it needs maintenance and waxing? How to maintain the wooden floor? How about the price? What should you pay attention to? Let’s take a look.

How to wax the wooden floor?

1, preliminary preparation

Before construction, the relevant tools should be prepared first. If the room is relatively large, it is recommended to prepare a waxing machine and a soft cloth. Small, you can use the dust or soft cloth directly, this will not affect the waxing effect, in addition, it is best to prepare the floor wax suitable for your own floor in advance.

2, clean the ground

Generally speaking, the debris or furniture in the living room should be arranged before the operation. If the conditions permit, it is best to move out of the space. Area, otherwise it will easily affect the construction operation. In addition, the floor surface should be cleaned with a wrung mop or a soft cloth, and then the floor should be completely dry before waxing, otherwise it will affect the waxing finish.

3, official waxing

When the purchased floor wax is shaken vigorously and fully stirred, it is covered with a soft cloth, and at the same time, it is required to ensure the floor wax during construction. It will not drip on the floor by itself. It is also recommended to conduct a partial trial in the unobtrusive or concealed area of ​​the space area during formal full construction to ensure that the floor wax is no different and then waxed as a whole.

4, polishing

Repeat the operation twice in the previous process, but it is important to note that each waxing must wait until the last time it has dried out. After completely drying, polish the surface with fine sandpaper or a soft cloth.

1, when selecting, should be based on the floor material in the home, for example, like the office room and the area with high frequency of walking, need to maintain regular cleaning and maintenance, you can choose hand spray bottle or wax Machine to operate, the price is generally between 20~40 yuan, if the floor in the home is solid wood material, it is recommended to choose natural wax, the price is slightly expensive, generally 100~150 yuan, if it is composite floor, you can use synthetic resin floor wax, The price is between 40 and 80 yuan.

2, because the technical content of these products is not high, so the products on the market are also mixed. In general, the floor wax is divided into pressure canned floor wax and hand spray bottle wax according to the packaging. , high-grade wood wax, etc., should be purchased according to their needs when purchasing.

Wood floor waxing precautions:

1. When cleaning the floor, in order to prevent the detergent from accumulating in the groove, the rag soaked with detergent should try to Wring out. It is best not to use floor wax remover, as this will cause stains and bulging on the floor. The surface of the floor, especially the grooved part, should be carefully wiped and no detergent left. Such as residual detergent and moisture, it will cause whitening of the surface and bloating.

2. Everything should be carefully dried, especially in the groove. If it is not fully dried, the floor wax will not adhere to the floor surface tightly, which will cause whitening and affect wood. The overall beauty of the floor.

3. The wooden floor should be waxed at least three times, and the floor should be rubbed with a cloth or waxer without fluff to make the wax penetrate into the wood. In order to get the result of shining, every time you hit the wax, you should use a soft cloth to polish it gently. After each shot, after drying, polish the surface with a very fine sandpaper, wipe it clean, and then play it again.

4. Wood floor waxing tools: steel wool, sponge, rag, vacuum cleaner, waxing machine is not necessary to wax the home wood floor.

The above is the answer to the questions about the price and precautions of the waxing method of wooden floor. You can refer to it.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The bathroom did not check these. The renovation was equal to the white renovation. okorder

  Buy a second-hand house to erase the mark of others;

  The house is too old to reload;

  The way the home looks a bit tired, you need to change a new look;


   whatever the reason, the house Renovation requires more attention than the renovation of new homes. Renovation is not a simple matter of repainting the surface. Renovation is a safety check on the entire house to identify potential problems. So what should you pay attention to when renovating the bathroom?

  The most important thing in the renovation of the bathroom is hydropower inspection

  If the house is older, be sure to watch Whether the water pipeline is still using the galvanized pipe that has been eliminated.

  Check if the waterway is matching the new bathroom layout.

  Check if the water pipe is aging or rusting.

  Must take 24-48 hours for the bathroom The water storage side leakage test , to check the waterproof ability of the bathroom, if the water leaks, it is necessary to redo the waterproof project.

   The original circuit of the bathroom should be able to see if it can withstand the electricity demand of existing home appliances. Especially in the bathroom, smart toilets, bathroom cabinets, etc. have been introduced.

   In fact, Xiaobian still wants to suggest that no matter whether the original circuit can withstand the power demand, the circuit of the bathroom is best re-routed when renovating, after all, the circuit is related to household safety hazards. And it’s best to replace all the wires, and aging wires or aluminum wires can cause fires.

 Check for the “concealed project” in the bathroom

   According to the construction master, if there is a quality problem in the home decoration 80 % is caused by improper construction of “concealed works”. Therefore, the concealed works of the bathroom must not be ignored.

  Checking the “concealed work” of the bathroom requires ventilation The pipes, lines, and equipment of facilities such as warm air outlets should be sealed. , and the insulation and resistance of electrical appliances should be tested. Check that the connection of each circuit is not firm, the joints meet the current standards, and the “concealed engineering” problem that may be left in the bathroom is completely solved.

 Do you need to replace the doors and windows of the bathroom?

  This can be divided into three situations:

   First, if the decoration style changes too much, the doors and windows are incompatible with the new style. That is still changing!

  Second, if the original doors and windows remain intact, the style is very like, then repainting should not waste money.

   The third door window is peeled, deformed, cracked, etc., it is necessary to consider re-newing.

  Does the bathroom appliances need to be replaced?

  Electrical appliances have a lifespan.

  The safe life of the electric water heater is 8 years, and the safety hazards caused by the service life include “explosion accidents, Electric shock and electric shock accidents, product spontaneous combustion accidents.”

  The life of the washing machine is 10 years. Overage may cause problems such as water leakage, electric leakage, and body heat.

  The toilet has a service life of 8 years, and the aging toilet may burst or even explode.

   However, most of the renovations will generally choose to buy new appliances to replace. The most tangled one should be whether the toilet buys a normal or smart toilet or can directly purchase a smart toilet cover directly on the original basis.

  If you want to try the intelligent toilet, you are a little worried about whether you will get used to it, or if the ordinary toilet in your home has just changed for a few years, you can choose to try it. The smart toilet cover is affordable and can experience the function of a smart toilet.

  Renovation is equivalent to a one-time solution to home security risks, so it is not possible to simply refresh the surface. Refurbishment inspection of the bathroom, you should not ignore the various inspectionsCheck it out!


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Bulletin of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumers Association on the development of smart door locks okorder

Just copy a fingerprint, IC card to open the smart door lock? In response to the current security risks of smart door latching, this morning, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumers Association reported that it has issued a product quality and safety risk notification and test report to relevant manufacturers, and talked about the quality and safety of smart door locks. Venture companies require enterprises to rectify the security risks of products.

Before, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei District Consumers Association’s sales to the e-commerce platform The smart door lock products were tested comparatively. The test results show that there are several security risks in the smart door lock sample: 1. The risk of unlocking with the duplicate fingerprint; 2. The risk of unlocking with the duplicated IC card; 3. Under abnormal conditions, the door lock is abnormally unlocked and cannot be unlocked. Risk; 4, under the condition of magnetic field interference, there is abnormal reaction; 5, in the low temperature environment of -40 °C, there is a situation that cannot be unlocked.

The brands of the interviewed companies include PUXIN Pu Xin, Haier, Kaidis, Midea, Dinggu, Gule, Bida, Mingmen, 360 Intelligence Door lock, Zhongheng, Luke, Samsung, Guojia.

When the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region cooperates, it publicly criticizes Wrigley, Gute, Golden Point, and Dormakaba, which are sold in Tmall, No. 1 shop and other e-commerce platforms. , Karma, Kabe, TCL, Yili Atom, Sakuragi, Durable, HERON/Black Dragon, Mingkai, Yingjia Royal, Cardilong and other brands of intelligent door lock production enterprises, did not participate in the Consumer Association interview, ignore consumers Safety of life and property.

Sandi Consumers Association requires the above-mentioned brand product manufacturers and e-commerce sales platforms to take measures to immediately carry out rectification, eliminate product safety risks and protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.


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What are the types of electrical switches? okorder

Different electrical controls in the decoration require different types of electrical switches, which requires us to have a clear understanding of the types of electrical switches. At the same time, in order to be able to switch to the quality of the electrical switch market, the quality of the electrical switch also requires us to understand the relevant purchasing skills. So what are the types of electrical switches? What are the electrical switch buying techniques?

What are the types of electrical switches

1 An electrical switch refers to a low-voltage electrical appliance that is infrequently manually turned on, as well as a switch that breaks the circuit, or as a power supply in the machine circuit. The type is distributed electrical appliances: mainly used for control in low-voltage power distribution systems. It is required to operate accurately and reliably and reliably when the system fails, and has corresponding dynamic stability and thermal stability under the specified conditions, so that the electrical appliance will not be damaged. Commonly used power distribution appliances include knife switches and transfer switches, fuses, and circuit breakers.

2, control appliances: mainly used in electric drive systems. It requires long life, small size, light weight and fast, accurate and reliable operation. Commonly used control devices include contactors, relays, starters, main electrical appliances, electromagnets, and the like.

Electrical switch purchase tips

1. The quality of switches and sockets is related to the safety of household electricity. Some products that have been certified by the electric power committee and other testing institutions can be trusted. Consumers can ask the salesperson about this and it would be better if they could provide a copy. At the same time, you can also ask the internal materials of the switch and socket. The conductive parts of good quality products should be made of phosphor bronze and the contacts should be made of composite silver.

2, structure, some imported or joint venture products have eliminated the traditional screw line, and use the plate type terminal block, so It can increase the contact area of ​​the wire, improve the conductivity, avoid the screw to damage the core wire, and the single core and multi-core wire can be used.

3, logo, pay attention to the logo on the base of the switch socket, including 3C certification, rated current and voltage. Packaging, product packaging should have a clear manufacturer address phone, with instructions for use and certificate of conformity.

4. Look at the contact point, which is the contact point of the conductive part during the switching process. The size of the contact depends on the size (the bigger the better), the second depends on the material. There are currently three main types of contacts, silver-nickel alloy, silver-cadmium alloy and sterling silver. Silver-nickel alloy is an ideal contact material at present, and its conductivity and hardness are relatively good, and it is not easy to oxidize and rust.

What are the types of electrical switches and shopping tips? Everyone should have a general understanding, I hope everyone can understand according to different The appliance selects different types of electrical switches, and at the same time, it can use the purchase technique to purchase good quality products, so that the electrical switch can be safely and safely used. Otherwise, it is very dangerous to use in the process of purchasing inferior switch products. .


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Quartz stone is standard on the countertop okorder

As human development and eating habits change, the “cooking” event becomes More and more refined, the variety of cooking utensils, tableware and ingredients required for preparing meals is becoming more and more diverse. The countertops have become the most used area for daily use, and people have higher and higher requirements for cabinet countertops. Among all the construction materials of the cabinet, the quartz stone can be said to be the standard for the countertop.

The appearance of quartz stone, very Quickly replaced the once used earth and brick countertops, becoming the protagonist of the kitchen countertop. What is the best for quartz stone countertops? I believe that the used family “cooking women” has the most right to speak. Take the experience of the quartz stone countertops of the whole kitchen. For example, it is not only resistant to dirt, scratches, fire, but also has a natural stone-like texture. The patterns are varied and can greatly enhance the kitchen value.

Improve the kitchen value

Modern kitchens are more like a place to showcase the style of life. Quartz stone has a natural stone-like texture and texture, and different styles of quartz stone countertops can be cleverly matched with cabinets for a more harmonious and natural visual experience. As a countertop, it can greatly enhance the kitchen value and enhance the aesthetics of the whole kitchen.

Quartz stone not only has a variety of styles, but also helps families to “cook women” to crack the kitchen mess and other problems, with dirt and easy to clean, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and high temperature, so that people can not put it down.

High temperature resistance

quartz stone melting point up to 1300 degrees with artificial stone countertops The unmatched high temperature resistance is not damaged by contact with the high temperature of the kitchen, effectively extending the service life, and it is safer to use in an open fire kitchen.

Scratch resistant

Leading quartz stone surface hardness up to Mohs hardness of 6, dense structure design, do not have to worry about the kitchen weapon will cause it damage.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Leading quartz stone material is safe and environmentally friendly, and can be directly in contact with food without harmful effects on the human body. The high-hardness countertop can also be used as a cutting board for safe and convenient daily use.

The quality of the countertop directly determines the comfort and decoration quality of the people. The real high-quality quartz stone countertop has the advantages of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and good anti-fouling, which is very suitable for the kitchen use scene. It is standard on the countertop. The quartz stone in the test also has the “face value” and strength. It is safe to use and is the best choice to improve the quality of kitchen life.


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How to deal with scales in bathroom ware? okorder

Scale or water mist condenses. Over time, this inevitably caused a lot of trouble for us to clean up. However, after mastering these small tips for cleaning the bathroom, we were able to carry out a general cleaning of the bathroom, so that the dirt disappeared. Here are a few tips for cleaning the bathroom, let’s get together and have a look!
In life, tiles often leave a lot of water stains because they are close to the shower head. At the same time, when we use shower gel or shampoo, we will leave the foam on the tile. Over time, it will leave a layer of gray dirt, not only on the surface of the tile, but also on the surface of the tile. Tile gaps.

If the water quality in the home is hard, it may even leave some yellow water stains on some tiles. In fact, this is called scale. If there is no normal rag to clean, these scales are difficult to remove. In fact, we can clean the tiles with the toilet bowl that cleans the toilet every day. We only need to gently spray the toilet bowl on the dirty tile and then scrub it repeatedly with a toothbrush. Soon you will find that the scales and stains on the tiles are swept away. The tiles have restored their original luster. After that, we only need to rinse the tiles repeatedly with water.

And the toilet spirit can even leave a protective film on the tile to prevent the scale from being splashed by the nozzle in the future.

On a daily basis, the toilet is often prone to some unpleasant dirt, or watery yellowing. At this time, many people choose to buy toilet blocks to put on the toilet. Do the cleaning. In fact, I can completely put a small piece of soap or soap in a stocking and then put it in a water tank with soap or soap. Due to the decomposition in the water tank, each time we flush the toilet, the soap or soap foam is flushed into the toilet. This not only serves to clean, but also cleans and prevents scale on the toilet wall. If the stain is stubborn, we can use the toilet brush to gently scrub and remove the scale.

Every time we take a shower, we will find that the bathroom mirror is always covered with hot water vapor. As a result, we are unclear. In fact, we can use a semi-wet towel to clean the glass first. Then apply evenly on the mirror with soap. Finally, wipe it gently with a clean paper towel or a clean towel. The soap bubbles on the mirror apply a protective film to the mirror, and even if we take a shower in the bathroom, the water mist will no longer contaminate the mirror.

In daily life, we often find that the head will be clogged. This can cause people to feel a headache. In fact, we can unscrew the shower head and soak it in lemonade or vinegar. . By dissolving the scale in the shower head with vinegar, it is possible to prevent the shower head from being clogged again.

For some of the more stubborn scales, we can also use the embroidery needle to clear them one by one.

These tips on bathroom sanitation are closely related to our lives, not only the secondary use of our daily necessities, but also make our bathroom hygiene more clean and tidy. Do you remember these few tips on cleaning up dirt?
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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