AWE2018|Global platform detonates a new era of smart life

March 8-11, 2018 China Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show (Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE2018) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This annual and world-renowned technology feast attracted more than 800 well-known home appliances, consumer electronics and cross-industry companies. It will showcase the world’s cutting-edge development trends and innovative products in many fields such as household appliances, consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence, and the Internet, and outline the future smart life scenes and good life blueprints for consumers around the world.

AWE organizer, chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association Jiang Feng said that AWE has grown into a large-scale comprehensive exhibition that spans the home appliance and consumer electronics industries and integrates the best of the global industry. It has become one of the three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, and has become the most active in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics. The most innovative platform. She hopes that AWE will work with global partners to achieve a happier future through innovation and meeting the needs of consumption upgrades.

The scale of the exhibition will be a new high

AWE, hosted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, We always adhere to the concept of steady development and the first effect of the exhibition, and aim to create “user value”. The scale of the exhibition has been expanding year by year, and the influence at home and abroad has continued to increase. As one of the top three home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. AWE has formed a strong position with the German IFA and the US CES.

2018, AWE is showing the scale, the total number of exhibitors And the number of international brands, registered audiences and the number of overseas professional visitors has once again refreshed the previous record, and the overall level of new product display and corporate exhibition has reached a new high. This year, AWE has expanded to 10 exhibition halls with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 130,000 square meters. It is estimated that AWE2018 will have more than 250,000 visitors from home and abroad.

AWE2018 Pavilion includes Shanghai New International Expo Center E1 —E7 Hall and W1—W3 Hall, product categories include white goods, consumer electronics, 3C digital, kitchen and bathroom appliances, living appliances, environmental and health appliances, wearable devices, smart platforms, parts and other products and system solutions. The company includes most of the world’s leading home appliances, consumer electronics, IT Internet companies and core component suppliers, including Haier, Midea, Gree, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Oaks, Changhong, Boss, Fangtai and other local comprehensive Leading companies in the home appliance group and segment, Bosch Home Appliances, Siemens Home Appliances, AEG, Ariston, Philips, Kärcher, Whirlpool, AO Smith, GEA, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, LG Electronics, Kyung Nana Such as Europe, Japan, South Korea, well-known home appliances and consumer electronics brands, more Huawei, Tencent, JD, Lenovo, HTC and other global IT and Internet predators, as well as GMCC, 加西贝拉, Embraco, Highly, Huangshi Dongbei, Jiang, Zanussi, Tianyin mechanical and electrical industrial chain business, celebrate subjects, cloud-known sound of the sea known intelligent, witty, intelligent cloud solution providers and artificial intelligence start-up companies are also important players in the current AWE is.

AWE is not only showing companies the latest innovations and The show’s show is also a stage for competing to release new products, new technologies and new strategies: During the entire AWE2018, dozens of exhibiting companies will hold nearly 100 press conferences.

AWE’s value is not just about establishing and communicating brands Image, look at the trend of product technology in the industry, and is one of the most valuable business negotiation platforms in the global home appliance and consumer electronics industry. Haier, Midea and other companies are still inviting global partners and overseas customers to AWE again, and the number of registered overseas professional visitors of AWE2018 has reached a new high. In addition, leading domestic real estate companies have organized a delegation to negotiate business with AWE, and there are countless companies, institutions and individuals who come to find business opportunities.

In recent years, new hotspots such as artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing have emerged in an endless stream. These technologies are deeply integrated with the home appliance manufacturing industry, not only for the home appliance industry. The product design, function and business model have undergone tremendous changes, which has inspired the innovation boom in the home appliance industry.

As the world’s leading technology and innovation product display window, At AWE2018, the enthusiasm of exhibitors for intelligence is still increasing. During the exhibition, many exhibitors concentrated on the innovations with the theme of “smart life”. The entire exhibition area can see the results of deep integration of hardware products with Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The active service and human-computer interaction capabilities are increasing, showing a desirable future for a better life. At the same time, technical demonstrations such as unresolved, unmanned containers and smart logistics show us the future development trend of combining big data, artificial intelligence and new retail.

Based on AWE2017 to showcase the world’s first smart home appliance interconnection project, China Household Electrical Appliances Association and smart home appliances cloud interconnection in AWE2018 The project team members will release the latest results – Smart Appliance Cloud Cloud ID and Software Development Kit (SDK). In the smart home appliance interconnection and exhibition area of ​​W2 Hall, the audience can experience 9 brands and 16 categories of products presented in the family scene. Through the “Smart Appliances Cloud and Cloud Interconnection Standard”, a voice command can be used to realize the scene demand. Multi-brand product linkage. This interconnection and interoperability solution has been widely recognized by the global industry. At present, the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other home appliance associations have submitted the text of the “Smart Appliances Cloud Cloud Interconnection Standard” to the China Household Electrical Appliances Association.

The first technology park opened in 2017, at AWE2018 Still hot. This year, the Science Park has attracted more diverse and global technology brands, such as Internet giant Tencent, consumer electronics giant Sony and venture capital institutions, and will showcase richer cutting-edge smart life scenes, bringing artificial intelligence and wisdom. The latest technology and experience in the field of smart entertainment and sports and health bring consumers who come to visit.

In addition, during the AWE Epland Awards Ceremony, The head of Baidu’s Secret Business Unit will also give a keynote speech on its artificial intelligence innovation achievements and future strategies.

“If you say that smart life is still a Yearning for and testing for water, then this year, smart life is gradually becoming a reality. Jiang Feng pointed out that the power of technology and innovation is increasingly affecting all aspects of social and economic life. The rapid development and application of emerging technologies have made industrial boundaries increasingly blurred, and cross-border and integration has become a major trend in the new round of industrial upgrading.

Global Impact Strive to step up AWE to strengthen the status of top international exhibitions

Relying on the world’s largest home appliance manufacturing base and consumer market, AWE’s global influence continues to increase. Especially in recent years, China and the surrounding Asian countries have become the most innovative and dynamic regions and the most important consumer market for smart appliances, which has also made AWE’s position in the world rise rapidly.

This rise has prompted international giants to recognize the value of the AWE platform and have settled in. This year, Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony and the well-established Dutch home appliance and consumer electronics brand Philips officially settled in AWE; the Japanese famous company Matsushita, which celebrated its 100th birthday in 2018, moved the most important celebrations to the stage of AWE; international brandsThe posters of AWE exhibiting crazy screens after the Lunar New Year in 2018; more and more international brands choose AWE as the world premiere platform for new products.

Not only do international brands value AWE more and more AWE has also attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign media, foreign political figures and overseas peers. During AWE2018, in addition to CCTV, Dragon TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, and other national and local TV stations, newspapers, magazines, news websites, and self-media coverage of AWE, including CNN, Associated Press, and New York 35 internationally renowned media such as The Times, France’s Le Figaro and Singapore Straits Times will also conduct in-depth coverage of the exhibition; more than 10 national embassies and consulates in China and business counselors will also visit AWE. Witness the world’s top home appliances and consumer electronics event rooted in China; the German Modern Kitchen Industry Association (AMK) will organize a European delegation to AWE to gain insight into the future of kitchen development. Its members include more than a dozen AMK members such as Miele and Nobilia. Executives; Dyson, Braun and other well-known European home appliances and consumer electronics companies will also send their own senior management team to capture the trend of technological innovation.

Now, AWE is the world’s three major consumers and consumers One of the electronics exhibitions is increasingly consolidated, and as one of the youngest and most innovative of the three major exhibitions, AWE continues to grow and grow steadily with an unstoppable momentum.

Auxiliary events are brilliant stars Gather together AWE

After many years Development, AWE has not only been an exhibition showcasing innovative products and leading technology, but also a platform for the sharing of ideas, collisions, cooperation and business negotiations between the home appliance and consumer electronics industries.

AWE2018 will also host a series of supporting events Including the 8th China Appliance Development Summit Forum, AWE2018 International Media Day, Smart Appliances Cloud Cloud Logo and SDK Launch, 2018 China Environment and Health Appliance Summit Forum, GTIC 2018 Global AI Chip Innovation Summit, 2018 China Appliance Industry Chain Conference , 2018 China Real Estate Fine Decoration Frontier Forum, AWE Epland Awards Ceremony, 2018 China New Retail Leaders Summit.

As the top forum for AWE, from China The 8th China Household Appliances Development Summit, sponsored by the Household Electrical Appliances Association and co-organized by CCTV, will invite Liang Haishan, CEO of Haier Group, Chen Zhenguo, Vice President of Foxconn Technology Group, Senior Vice President of Jingdong Group and Yan Xiaobing, President of Electronic Entertainment Group, etc. Juzi, famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo and the founder of CCTV “National Brand Program”, director of advertising management center Ren Xuean, and CCTV financial commentator Liu Ge and other experts in the financial field, together “breaking the world and seeing the future”, together from the macro economy, From the perspective of brand communication and the trend of artificial intelligence technology, it analyzes the direction and future of the cross-border development of home appliance manufacturing.

AWE Epland sponsored by the AWE Organizing Committee The award is the most influential product selection and commendation activity in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics in China. It has been called the “wind vane of the development trend of home appliances and consumer electronics industry”. The AWE Epland Awards Ceremony, to be held on March 10th, will re-launch the Epland Awards, which represents the highest level of industry in the industry and the latest technology trends.

AWE is not only experiencing future technology, but also seeing industry trends Looking for a platform for cooperation business opportunities, it is also a national carnival with shining stars. During AWE2018, well-known performing stars such as Lin Zhiling, Gao Yuanyuan, Na Ying, Lin Xin, Shu Qi and Yang Mi, as well as Fu Yuanhui, Chen Aisen, Xu Jiayu, Shi Tingyi and other Olympic stars will also appear in AWE, adding entertainment elements to this technology feast; food, kitchen experience The live performance interactions of the event and model catwalk performances, calligraphy performances, hair styling salons, armor manicure experience, etc. will allow each AWE participant to take advantage of it. AWE will once again become “oneCity festivals, a consumer carnival.

“We firmly believe that AWE will promote cross-border integration of traditional home appliances and emerging fields, promote all-round multi-level interaction between industry chain and consumers, and guide a new smart lifestyle. AWE will also enhance the image of China’s home appliance brand, promote the innovation and upgrading of China’s home appliance industry, and achieve high quality development! Jiang Feng said, “We hope to work together with global partners to dig through and meet the needs of consumption upgrades to meet a happier future!”


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Visually stimulating printed letters

London graphic designerSilvia BazcreatedTypeworks, a series of visually stimulating printed letters. When you are very close, the black and white design makes the letters hard to see, but as you move back, they become more visible.

The letters are printed with black dots of various sizes, inspired by Goethe’s words, The most ugly thing is what is in front of your eyes.

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Bathroom cabinets to buy a collection, look at these!

  The bathroom cabinet with storage function makes the bathroom look neat and orderly, and a quality bathroom cabinet can make the finishing touch for the bathroom. . To create a high-quality, exquisite life, let us start by choosing a bathroom cabinet.

  Step 1: Look at the material
  The bathroom cabinets sold on the market are generally composed of cabinets, countertops, basins, etc. The bathroom cabinets are first viewed from the cabinet. Due to the large water vapor in the bathroom, high humidity, and high requirements on materials, it is necessary to select the appropriate cabinet material when selecting.

  1, moisture resistance

   When choosing a bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the waterproof and moisture resistance of the material. Because there are more water vapor in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet must be more resistant to moisture.

  2, environmentally friendly

  Bathrooms, especially those made of sheet metal, should pay special attention to their environmental protection. There are also differences in the environmental protection of bathroom cabinets of different materials. When purchasing, if the economy permits, it is best to buy environmentally friendly products.

  Step 2: Visual inspection
  The bathrooms are generally damp, so the quality requirements for bathroom cabinets are higher. When purchasing, after determining the material and style, it is necessary to look at the quality of the bathroom cabinet itself.

  1, see material

   Let the shopping guide show the plate sample to see which kind of plate it belongs to, what are the advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure, ask the clerk to take out the product inspection report and check the material type above.

  2, see the paint surface

   bathroom cabinets are often lacquered on the substrate, good bathroom cabinet paint must be smooth, can not have particles, roughness, oil, whitening, fogging and scratches , scratches, stains, pinholes, spray marks and other phenomena exist.

  3, see size

   Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you should first plan the size of the bathroom cabinet, and then after you see the bathroom cabinet product, measure the length, width and height of the bathroom cabinet with a tape measure that you carry with you. An important indicator to see if it meets the requirements.

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What about the Cloud Token platform? Docking cloud token

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

cloud token is a good project you are looking for. First of all, we choose a project, we will definitely look at the project side, the background is not strong, the technical team of the project is not strong, whether there is a long-term and clear plan, and whether there is core competitiveness.

From the background, Cloud token is the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, the four most influential venture capital companies in the United States, Singapore’s fourth-generation public chain technology team, the world’s top high-frequency trading professional team. And the Asian blockchain genius Ronald and the team of top international mathematicians, the economist team, spent more than half a year to create a decentralized smart wealth wallet, based in Singapore is also about to be around the world Open an office.

Ronald is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer. He was also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He also served as other wallets. The technical director has many years of successful quantitative technical experience, then the initial planning of the entire cloudtoken project. The test operation phase, the official version launch, and the subsequent business planning are all escorted by the top authorities in all walks of life. The project background is strong and the technical team is world-class. This is without us worrying.

cloud token is not just a wallet. It is a digital asset comprehensive service platform, which mainly includes three functional sections, Cloudtoken intelligent wealth management, consumption mining and general economic payment ecosystem. Then the first section of smart banking, that is, the cloud wallet we are using. It can store bitcoin, digital assets of different underlying technologies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Usdt, etc. It can conveniently manage multi-currency in one-stop, simple and easy to operate. He has cross-chain consensus mechanism and cross-chain encryption. Redemption, additional asset replenishment, and interaction between the coin and the underlying chain. The circulation details of all mainstream currencies can be queried on the chain, traceable, and transparent. This is the only wallet that is consistent with the blockchain principle, and users are safe and secure to use.

Our wallet is decentralized. Everything is distributed according to the smart contract. The clear consensus mechanism and reward mechanism cannot be falsified. All the main currency stored by the user are on the public chain. The fourth generation distributed ledger technology used by Cloudtoken wallet has a strong security system. Security firewall nodes have been established all over the world. The security level and the bank are at the same level. During the test period, the anti-pressure test has been passed through numerous times. The attack test is very powerful and the digital assets of the user are guaranteed to be maximized. Security.

Then, under the premise of ensuring the security of the user’s wallet, Cloudtoken has established the cloud head intelligent system, which is operated by the hedge fund company’s investment bank to create a coin-granting function for the investor’s coin quantification. It is a one-click quantization. It can realize intelligent financial management in the wallet, through automation, intelligent, high-frequency trading strategy trading, hedging transactions. Can achieve 100% stable profit. He rewarded most of the proceeds to the participants by giving them a platform CTO, which is the sector we are currently able to derive from. So in fact, we only need to do a simple action, that is, the digital assets in the wallet used in the past. Put it in the cloudtoken wallet and add a plan to quantify it. Intelligent quantitative trading, let our monthly income reach 6%-12%, every day to the account, and your source of income, your quantitative process can be seen, simple, safe, open and transparent.

At the same time, we have a superior bonus system for users who promote wallets. This allows the promoters to receive a steady stream of passive gains, just push it, in fact, monthly income is too simple.

The second sector is consumption mining. That is, a distributed upgrade based on the wallet system is based on a cloudtoken, storage, wealth management, transfer, and payment function. So cloudtoken has a fast and convenient flash payment function, and is the only safe storage technology that uses NFC storage private key and multiple encryption, and the security technology has reached the highest level. Then open the NFC function of the mobile phone, you can log in, you can log in safely and quickly.

At the same time, cloudtoken supports online and offline payment settlement, cross-chain settlement, cross-system settlement, cross-regional settlement, and the proceeds he receives can be carried out in any country in the world through HSBC’s bearer credit card. Withdrawal of consumption. It allows users to fully experience a global consumer experience in the digital asset era.

The third sector is the pass-through economic payment ecosystem. So cloudtoken, he built a shopping mall e-commerce ecosystem, and also built a decentralized business ecosystem. He bridges the use of digital assets to the value of physical business, and uses the platform to pass the CTO’s accessibility. At the same time, it builds a global digital clearing settlement network that combines a convenient offline payment experience with the perfect implementation of efficient internet finance. At the same time, he has CTO as a reward mechanism to stimulate a consumer’s consumption and A positive enthusiasm for promotion, then we can see many foreign stores, convenience stores, he can also support a settlement of the CTO already.

After experiencing the digital asset 1.0 era and the 2.0 era, cloudtoken has embarked on the forefront of the industry through its own business model that is second to none.In the continuous update of technology and services, the prelude of the digital asset 3.0 era is about to be unveiled. At this point in time, the biggest risk for us is to wait and see.

Adding cloudtoken at this point in time is your most correct choice. Because cloudtoken, he is in line with the future trend. In the next three to five years, he must be the blockchain world, just like It was the same as the e-commerce platform. In the blockchain industry, he has not really begun. His influence has not been fully demonstrated. Its influence is now only the tip of the iceberg. However, if you seize this opportunity and catch up with this wave, then you must be able to earn a full pot, and you must make a fortune.

We can see cloudtoken users, who are now globally distributed. However, in many national markets, he is still blank now, and he is waiting for one of our developments. Therefore, this project is worthy of your full efforts to fully operate the market. In my opinion, Cloudtoken is a project that can achieve a win-win situation. I think 90% of the people in the project circle are doing a project related to digital currency in the blockchain. So today Cloudtoken this project, he is not a loser. Because he only needs you to store your digital assets for a wallet. Then, by adding intelligent quantification, you can generate revenue. It is simple, safe, open, and transparent. Therefore, market recognition is certainly obvious to all. The communication cost is also very low, and the development team is very easy.

So the last point, I want to say, to do cloudtoken, choose Superman International System is correct, because Superman International System is a systematic, standardized, professional system, whether it is online or on the ground. We have the most powerful and complete investment training system, we have first-hand project information. Then we encounter any technical problems and market problems in the market operation, we can get feedback and help in the first time.

Friends, symbiotic win-win, early in the morning, Cloudtoken, is a good project you are looking for, Superman International System, the most professional system for Chinese people around the world. We welcome your participation.


1. Digital Currency Group Digital Currency Group is a block The most influential venture capital firm in the chain. Located in New York, the company’s investment in the blockchain sector exceeds all other blockchain investors. The company is not only the first blockchain venture capital firm, but the total number of investments in the past 12 months (15) has also exceeded the sum of the total investment of any other nine investment companies at any time.

2. Pantera Capital

Pantera is located in the Menlo Park area of ​​California, in the Bay Area high-tech and venture capital cluster. The company is a hybrid investment company of hedge funds and venture capital funds, which invests in seed-based venture capital funds in blockchain companies, as well as hedge funds that invest in tokens and cryptocurrencies.

3. Blockchain Capital Blockchain Capital is a venture capital firm in the blockchain sector. Like Digital Currency Group and Pantera Capital, the company is also an investment company focused on the blockchain sector. Their first investment was in the A round of financing for the first bitcoin trading platform, BTCC, at the end of 2013. Blockchain Capital is the venture capital firm with the largest number of investment blockchains after the Digital Currency Group. 4. Andreessen Horowitz

Andreesen Horowitz, also known as 16z, is one of the world’s largest venture capital firms and a venture capital firm that invests not only in blockchain or digital assets. Digital assets are part of their total investment assets, with assets valued at more than $4 billion. Andreessen’s first blockchain investment began in 2013 and is an angel round of financing for Ripple. They also financed other blockchain companies such as Basis, Harbor and Chia Networks. Andreessen recently announced that it will build a $300 million fund focused on cryptocurrency.

Technical Team

Singapore’s largest exchange, WBF Exchange, Singapore’s world’s top quantitative team, Asian blockchain Ronald.aai and international top mathematician, top international economist Create together.

Ronald.aai is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer and the top technical director of major well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He has also served as other wallets. The technical director has many years of successful quantitative technical experience.

Ronald Aai – A story of Asian technology genius

The fourth generation blockchain Bit Beta System (BBS) officially launched.

Cloud token wallet WBF Sheng Zhao platform recommended wallet

Technical Team

The Stock Exchange of Singapore’s largest exchange WBF, the world’s top quantify SingaporeThe team, the Asian blockchain Ronald.aai and the world’s top mathematicians, together with the world’s top economists.

Ronald.aai is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer and the top technical director of major well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He has also served as other wallets. The technical director has many years of successful quantitative technical experience.

Thank you for your review of Superman International. I hope you will gain wealth and realize your wishes in Cloudtoken!

Cloudtoken will break through 100 times as soon as possible! Come on! Create a total!

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8 kinds of tile paving solutions, the living room tiles are so beautiful, so beautiful!

How should the living room tiles be laid? Have not withstand the years of polishing, but also a good performance of a family’s life taste? These 8 sets of living room tile laying schemes, the friends should choose according to the actual situation!

resistant Dirty wear and care

Applicable to: families with more people and higher frequency of living room use.

Whole body polished brick: anti-slip brick made by pressing high pressure rock debris. Compared with stone, it has lower water absorption and better wear resistance.

wood grain brick: it has the characteristics of natural wood grain, natural and simple, and has the characteristics of ceramic tiles. The product has long service life, wear resistance and easy cleaning. It is a green and environmentally friendly building material.

Waterproof and non-slip security

Applicable to: families with elderly and children.

Antique Tile: In the general sense, the antique floor tiles refer to glazed tiles. The quality indexes such as anti-slip property, wear resistance and water absorption rate of the tiles are all tested and put into the market, waterproof and non-slip, and the safety is high. .

The space is brighter

Applicable to: living space with poor lighting and small floor space.

stone tile: The polished surface is smooth and smooth, and the light color makes the space brighter and cleaner, which creates a visual expansion.

Gloss glazed tiles: matte glazed tiles In comparison, it is more suitable for making clean effects.

Enhance spatial hierarchy

Applicable to: families who are fashionable and pursuing individuality.

Tiles: As the name implies, it is a tile with patterns. It has bright colors and a variety of patterns, which can make the entire plain space instantly exquisite.

Cloth brick: classic and stylish, delicate and soft, the cloth brick gives a comfortable and warm feeling, and conveys an elegant life concept.

Leather brick: it is a symbol of fashion and fashion. It can increase the level of space. Whether it is visual or touch, it breaks through the inherent concept of ceramic tile, real and warm. The unique texture is shocking.

In addition to making multiple choices on the material The design of the living room tile also has a lot of auxiliary elements. The unique decoration makes the living room look gorgeous and the charm doubles!

ground flower, horn flower



In addition, the decoration style, size and economic budget of the house are also important factors influencing the choice of tiles.

You want to be alone, but you want to Considering various factors, don’t ask the actual situation, and bring trouble to the future use, cleaning or maintenance.

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Jingjiang City’s new outdoor project strives to create a sponge city that will “breath”

   Recently, the development units of the new residential projects such as Yuejiang House, Longxin Homeland, Greentown Chunjiang Mingyue, and Rongchuang Yulan Mansion came to the Office of the Leading Group of the Sponge City Construction and submitted the special design plan for the Sponge City. The reporter learned that Jingjiang City is fully promoting the construction of sponge city, building a new outdoor project to implement the concept of sponge city, and striving to create a sponge-shaped square, park green space, landscape water system, building and community that will “breath”, so that the city has a face with more lining.

   Advancing the construction of sponge city is an important measure to implement ecological civilization construction, an important way to improve the quality of urban construction, and an important measure to improve the living environment. The provincial party committee and the provincial government have included the construction of sponge city as an important part of the high-quality development of urban and rural areas into the indicator system, and clarified the evaluation indicators of the “standard rate of construction of sponge projects in new projects”. In 2017, the city became a provincial sponge city pilot city. In order to ensure the city’s “new project sponge city compliance rate”, the city promoted the construction of sponge city according to the “2+N” pilot program.

   The “2+N” pilot will be displayed in two pilot areas of the Old City and Binjiang New City, supplemented by multiple projects outside the district, and comprehensively promote the construction of the sponge city. The pilot zone of the old city contains the core commercial section of the old city. Through the implementation of community renovation, pipeline standardization, river improvement and other measures, the sponge city construction effect will be realized. In the Binjiang New City pilot area, according to the new development strategy of the new city, combined with the sponge city construction concept, improve the water ecological environment, improve the water network system, and construct a special activity space.

   This time, in the sponge city design special plan declared by the relevant development unit, the requirements of the “Jingjiang Sponge City Construction Implementation Plan” were strictly implemented, and more sponge elements were used. According to reports, more and more “sponge” elements of the city are now integrated into urban construction. Some buildings and communities, park green spaces, urban roads, and river water systems are all integrated into the concept of sponge city construction. The Gongxing River landscape belt and the Xiaoqiaogang landscape belt communicate with the new city water system, which improves the water surface rate, enhances the ability of water storage, water drainage and drainage, improves flood control and drainage standards, and produces a large number of aquatic plants, which are beautiful and practical. Ecological revetment greatly improves the quality of water environment and ecological functions. The station road is equipped with permeable water paving of 7464 square meters, rainwater storage facilities of 1,721 cubic meters, and biological retention facilities of 160 cubic meters. It plays a role in reducing the total runoff and pollution load on the rainfall runoff flowing into the Bagua port, and protecting the water quality of the river.

   According to the requirements of the provincial government office, new buildings with a planned land area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters should be equipped with rainwater collection and utilization facilities. This year, the city’s new residential community, Longxin Homeland, and the United States’ Yuejiang House, all plan to construct rainwater storage facilities as required. The completed phase of Country Garden Phase II Phase III, Longxinyuan Phase 1, Greentown Phase I, and Tianzhu Palace Square The pool collects rainwater sedimentation suspended matter when it rains. The treated rainwater is used for greening and cleaning the road surface, which not only saves water but also reduces runoff pollution.


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The whole assembly is still in the process of exploration and trial and error, and no monopoly pattern will be formed in 10 years.

Image from “

For At the market demand side, the business model has always been expected, but its difficulty has also made some companies discouraged. At present, the whole installation is still in the stage of light testing of large enterprises, and there is still a long way to go from the real explosion.

About the whole problem, we have to think deeply about the 9 questions

1. Is the whole dress a trend or a gimmick? Is the age of the whole really coming? If it really comes, right? What does the custom home industry mean?

2. Will the home improvement company be the last batch of disbanded “eight-flag soldiers”, will this force also have an effect on the home industry?

3. Why are large enterprises and small enterprises in the sub-sectors keen on the whole-installation model?

4. Home improvement enterprises, custom furniture enterprises, and other building materials products companies all involve the whole assembly. So, is there an advantage for a company that has a product origin, or is it an advantage for a company that has a service origin?

5. What is the relationship between the whole house customization and the whole installation? What are their real points?

6. What is the cause of the catalyzed rectification model? What are the problems in more than 100 Internet homes that have been clearly degraded in 2016?

7. The whole package can solve the new generation consumption. The core pain point, but can solve the pain point of the industry itself? Will the huge industrial integration make the whole assembly a reason? The good start is a sad ending?

8. Is it a big business for the big companies to use the resources of their own advantages in trial and error or in the search for new outbreak opportunities? For some small and medium-sized enterprises, is it a castle in the air or a compulsive game that must be participated in the game?

9. What models can be really put in place? What are the pain points to successfully operate the core of the whole package?

壹: What caused the thermal phenomenon of the whole assembly mode

It is necessary to define what is the whole installation before talking about the whole installation? Because the whole installation is not strictly in the industry. standard. So in order to let everyone know more about the thermal phenomenon of this home industry, here is a definition for the industry.

The whole house is fully packaged, including basic and hard-packed, which means that everything other than the daily necessities of life supplies is included.

1. Base equipment: main body demolition, hydropower transformation, woodworking, tiling, wall paint, kitchen and bathroom ceiling, cabinet installation, wooden door installation, floor installation, wallpaper, radiator installation, Switch socket installation, lamp installation, hardware and sanitary fixture installation, curtain rod installation, pioneer cleaning, furniture entry, home appliance installation, home accessories.

2. Hard-packed: wires, water pipes, partitions, ceilings, doors, floors, tiles, wall paint, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, lamps, etc.

3.Soft: Easy-to-replace accessories such as curtains, sofas, cushions, wall hangings, carpets, bedding, lamps, decorative crafts, and home plants.

It can be seen from this definition that the so-called self-assembly is to help the owner to complete the decoration, furniture and decoration in one stop, so that the owner can achieve the purpose of easy baggage.

The wind of the whole assembly has begun to blow up

The 2017 “Investigation Report on the Development of the Whole Country Market of China’s National Equipment Industry” jointly published by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce and the media shows that In 2016, the average annual output value of sample-packed enterprises was about 593 million yuan, of which the highest annual output value was 3 billion yuan, and the lowest was 166 million yuan, which did not include enterprises that were not established in 2016.

According to the “White Paper on China’s Home Furnishing Design Trends in 2018” released by Life Home Decoration and Tencent Home, in the choice of decoration methods, “the ratio of self-made, self-determined is 20.81%,” The whole house is packed, and the occupancy of the bag is 39.6%. Among them, the choice of “all the whole house, the package to stay in the decoration mode, accounted for 43.57% after 80, and accounted for 38.93% after 90.

It can be seen that after 80s and 90s, it has become the main consumer group of the whole assembly. Some insiders have also said that the future home improvement will become the two largest markets, one is the hardcover room provided by the developer to the consumer, and the second is the big brand company’s “package mode”. (The above data is quoted)

01 New generation consumers have spawned the emergence of the whole-installation model

In the traditional mode, the industry mainly realizes that you can stay at least three majors. Links, hundreds of procurement and supervision procedures. This is a well-recognized home model in the era of the 60— 70s as the mainstream consumer group. This model is time-consuming and laborious, and it can only be accepted by the industrious old-generation consumer groups. It is only universal in the era when the family requirements are not too personal and the requirements are not too high.

But with the arrival of the new generation of consumer groups after 80-90, especially the upcoming 00 consumer groups, their consumption patterns have become very simple and clear: what do I want, how much Money can be fixed. They will not pay attention to these cumbersome things as the previous generation. From another perspective, with the improvement of living standards, the next generation’s ability to work at the labor level begins to decline, they will spend more time and energy. In the pursuit and enjoyment of yourself.

The attention of the new generation of consumers is no longer as much attention as the previous generation of consumers in the process of home improvement, they are more focused on the effect of home improvementIf the results are expected to appear above the home improvement, even if conditions permit, even more willing to pay more for this purpose. The self-contained model caters to this core consumer demand.

02 The increasingly marginalization of home improvement companies has spawned the emergence of a full-fit model

The profitability of home improvement companies is entirely achieved by service, and is an important part of the overall service process. The link appeared, the construction basically had no profit, and the main material was not profitable with the increase of market transparency. This directly led to the crisis of the profit model of the home improvement company, which led to the home improvement industry also seeking another profit model. The earliest prototype was that the home improvement company brought a single order to each product to achieve some profit, but this profit model is loose and impossible to control. Uncontrollable is reflected in two aspects: one is that the cooperation with the product supplier is uncontrollable; the other is that the quality of service provided to the consumer is uncontrollable.

Home improvement companies have a higher level of consumer access in their home business and a global advantage in consumer pockets, but they do not match the profits.

The situation of home improvement companies has a deeper reason for the consumption characteristics of China: consumption has higher and higher requirements for service quality, but it is not willing to pay for the invisible service results. Therefore, the home improvement company should use the service as an innate advantage to realize the profit with the actual product.

This has given birth to home improvement companies extending to the downstream product chain. However, the simple product extension can not solve this big problem, and the system service chain needs to be connected in series to meet the deep needs of consumers, which has led to the emergence of the whole assembly mode.

03 The extension of the real estate industry chain catalyzes the emergence of the whole-fit model

China’s real estate has experienced decades of high profitability after selling bricks. With the country’s increasingly standardized real estate policy and the increasing demand for living by consumers, the real estate industry is also facing a certain degree of transformation and upgrading.

The real estate industry controls Pang’s customer pool resources. Under the original profit model, this part of the customer value has not been redeveloped. With the advent of hardcover rooms, in fact, real estate companies have actually done the whole work. It is the lucky one who really masters the whole industry chain from the initial source to the last stage of consumption. In this era of big homes with the right to speak, the real estate industry will not let go of the secondary consumption opportunities of the customer pool. .

Three carriers of the business model of the big home industry, one is the rough house, one is the hardcover room, and the other is the old house. All the rough houses are from the beginning of the house, the inspection of the house to the residence, and at which node all the product manufacturers will appear. What is the function of each person is the entire home industry chain.

The first is to accept the house inspection, the second stage is the decoration company, the third stage, to the custom home, home decoration is the fourth link. The previous charging model was ruined by the real estate agent. The middle charging model was taken up by the home improvement company. After the two layers of hair were scraped in front, who would scrape the third layer of hair?

There are hundreds of models for charging in it. In all our rough houses, every link has people looking for consumers to charge. Future mergers will become more and more, and the real estate industry will naturally not miss this opportunity to merge similar projects.

It can carry this business model, that is, the whole installation, so the transformation and upgrading of the real estate industry directly catalyzed the emergence of the whole installation mode.

贰: Who can play this huge thing?

Compared with the demand side, the advantages of the whole package are obvious.

The whole thing is not a new thing. In fact, the home improvement industry already has the concept of half-package and all-inclusive. But this model is not a system solution, it still takes a lot of time and effort from consumers. Still can not solve the real pain points of consumers. This separation of design and material selection has caused unnecessary problems for home improvement companies and consumers.

The advantage of the whole package is to provide consumers with a one-stop service model that eliminates the time and effort spent on design, materials, construction and other aspects. It has changed the problem of separation of design and material selection in traditional home decoration, achieving the effect of unified style, comprehensive budget and direct communication. Under the consumer’s personalized consumption demand and strict quality requirements, the system coordinates the construction period. The essence of this model is more based on user needs, and the foothold is user thinking. After 80 and 90, the new generation has become the main consumer.

We can’t just look at the surface, and the disadvantages of the whole assembly are obvious.

The first core competitiveness of the whole package is the service capability. To achieve such a long service chain, a strong management background must be required. The bottleneck of the original home improvement company is that the service model is largely impossible. Reproducibility, the whole installation mode is not only the original service bottleneck to continue to face, but also to face the long product chain. This is an obvious management issue for many companies.

Among them, hard-packing, custom furniture, and soft-packing are three relatively independent service chains, requiring a company to seamlessly connect the three chains, otherwise it will fall into the problem of traditional home improvement mode. inside. That is to say, the enterprise must build a full-process service model suitable for itself to use a main line from the front end to the last end. This requires very standard and standard from management, team and operation.

Furthermore, the corporate headquarters must have sufficient product line width to match the whole assembly mode, which requires enterprises to have strong operational capabilities in the integration of the industry chain, which is true for most SMEs. It is also a headache.

For channel vendors, dealers who can take on this full-process service and product are more challenged. It is not only required to require the dealer to operate in a company. The installation mode requires the dealer to be systematically operated. Only through a perfect system can the real landing and operation of the whole installation be driven.The dealers are transformed into local service providers and channel operators, but most dealers do not have this capability. This is why many self-contained companies only appear in the regional manufacturer brand level.

The surface of the self-contained mode seems to be single-valued, but the cost of seeing and invisible services is also very high. If the management is not in place, it is easy to cause high costs and not make money.

So, who can play the whole thing? What is the focus of the different companies in the game?

Regardless of the original custom home, home improvement company Or as a real estate enterprise, the direct advantage of doing the whole assembly is that it can bring about the extension of the whole category of household consumption, so as to achieve the strategic goal of increasing the single value of consumption and achieving a substantial increase in the sales volume of the enterprise.

01 Real estate companies do the whole job

For real estate companies that are in hardcover rooms or bags, they are doing this, although many things are not directly done by themselves.

The one-stop solution for product integration into the house is to take the real estate developer as the leading factor, plus a one-stop solution for the home decoration, to achieve the bag.

When real estate companies are extending to custom homes, they are more likely to integrate custom homes into hardcover rooms or menu-style packages. His profit is mainly reflected in the profit margin of house sales, and of course there are real estate. The merchants use the advantages of the customer pool to separate the profit model of the customized home.

Real estate companies can integrate into relatively professional and obedient sub-contracting suppliers because of their strong voice. Of course, real estate companies are beginning to get involved in product-side production, such as Country Garden.

02 Home improvement company to do the whole installation

The home improvement company mainly uses its own mastery in the design process to integrate the customized household items, and more is to use its own The service role is extended, and the project that was originally profitable by the increase is turned into a free project, so that the customized home product is used as a profit carrier.

The home improvement company is doing the whole installation. The core is the original service as the entry point. It has advantages in the service side, but there is no advantage in the product side. There are many uncontrollable factors in the integration method. Because in the process of rectification, the service may have problems, but the product can also have problems. As long as the problem is uncontrollable in one link, the quality of the whole assembly is uncontrollable.

From this point of view, it is necessary for the home improvement company to make up the short supply of the product supply chain, which can be promoted through capital means such as investment and mergers and acquisitions.

Representative companies include Dongyi Risheng, Yezhifeng Decoration, Jiangsu Jinhua, Hunan Meidi and other enterprises. Such enterprises generally have better service chain integration capabilities and delivery capabilities, and “the introduction of self-contained products can bring in more traffic and turn into profits.

03 Whole house custom enterprise to do the whole installation

The advantage of the whole house customization enterprise lies in the product end, the disadvantage lies in the consumption entrance and the server side.

In other words, the whole house custom enterprise should have more room for development, and it is a problem that cannot be ignored to be more likely to approach the consumer entrance. The home improvement link is a middle ground for the whole house customization and consumer system solutions. If the whole house custom enterprise solves this problem, it means the problem of landing one-stop solution.

The whole house is customized to move forward to the traditional home improvement, and expand the business to the service of the system, paving the way for the development of the whole package. In the future development of the whole package, the very core foothold is customized in the whole house. Therefore, although the current development is in line with the development of the whole package, the final development of the whole house customization is still to be combined with the whole assembly. On a certain level, whole house customization is a buffer for the development of the whole house.

On the basis of the original product carrier, the powerful large-customized enterprise considers the disadvantages of the import resources to make up for the balance of product profit, and extends the extension to the server and extends the related products. For example: the European party proposed “a big home model to get it is actually this kind of strategic attempt. Since 2017, mergers and acquisitions of related categories by custom companies have also been based on the upgrade of this business model.

Throughout the development strategy of Ou Pai Da Home, it is divided into three stages and three forms:

1. The whole house space design and European custom products are the beginning of the big home. Form, this is the starting point for Europa to maximize the consumer’s one-stop space solution based on its own conditions. At this stage, the main goal of the big home is to break down the category barriers, integrate the European cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, bathroom, wallpaper, kitchen appliances and other high-quality resources to build a market-oriented home eco-chain.

2. The whole house space and the whole house product is the medium-term form of the big home, from custom products to non-custom products, from selling products to selling overall space solutions. Whether it is from the user’s point of view, or based on the original intention of the European-style home, one-stop shopping, one is the value and significance of the existence of the big home model, this time self-evolution, is the further form of the future of the industry Representation and clarification also make the European-style home with its own potential once again standing on the cusp of leading the development of the industry.

3. Now, after repeated explorations and market trials, Ou Pai Da Home has entered the third stage of development, and is also a form of mature business model — — The essence of the whole house is the one-stop home improvement in the true sense of the whole decoration chain. It is the ideal of many home improvement, home and building materials companies. The business form, and the true landing of this ideal business form, must be based on strong R&D, information, design and integration capabilities. (quoted from the European Party)

If the European Party cannot get from the headquartersTo the dealers to get through the industrial chain of home improvement, as well as in the cloud data link, the success is still unknown.

In 2017, under the wave of big home and whole house customization, Shangpin’s home delivery successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s GEM, and received the capital side’s admission ticket. The stock price was once high. It was in this year that the rise of the whole set of furniture brought new business opportunities to the furniture industry.

Since September, HOMKOO has begun to appear frequently in industry news. Through the S2B approach, the HOMKOO self-contained cloud platform can help home improvement companies solve problems such as hard and soft integration, multi-site management, supply chain integration and custom furniture products such as wardrobes.

The system consists of five major components:

1. The packaged sales design system, which is the key to achieving hard-wearing and soft-packing integration, rendering design and 3D effects; p>

2. Airport tower desktop central planning and dispatching system, which is the core dispatching system of the whole cloud, which can run through the entire process of construction management;

3.BIM virtual decoration system, ie facing construction Design software for the whole process;

4. Central kitchen supply chain management system;

5. Main auxiliary materials and custom furniture accessory supply chain platform.

From the perspective of the successful genes in the past, the information construction and database management and the understanding of the new generation of consumer groups are relatively advanced in the industry. If the whole equipment model is successful, it must break through. Let the channel business’s profit success model and terminal landing process control, which is relatively lacking in Shangpin headquarters.

Who can really play the whole installation mode?

In fact, the premise of talking about who can do this big task is to demonstrate a core: in the end is to make products A company that is born can do a good job, or a company that is a service-oriented company can do a good job, or a company that is a platform-based company can do a good job.

In the view of the three-grain education, the core of the whole installation is how to control the decoration process first, followed by the supply chain, and finally how to get customers. The process of assembly is too long, the participation and personnel are involved, the quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are low, and the process experience is poor, which affects the final result. And decoration is a difficult part of standardization.

Chengdu Yadu Home Hu Feihu always thinks:

At present, the opportunities are equal. It is very difficult to make a product to fill the service, especially the joining mode. To do the service, there are not a few serious services to do the decoration, high gross profit, low net profit, too high dependence on people, too little reputation in the field of decoration.

The platform may be more concerned with customer convenience and supply chain costs, and consumer pain points are not adequately addressed. The key to the success of the Europai Yibin store is not a short-term promotion into a single order, but how to deliver the quality and quantity on time. It’s still a disaster to get too many orders. personal opinion. The whole process of reform is imperative. This is a systematic project that allows trial and error to find experience!

The traditional decoration in the past is a fill-in-the-blank question, and the whole package is a multiple-choice question. The degree of controllability of the multiple-choice questions is higher, and there is still much progress. The fill-in-the-blank questions are very strange due to the different levels of competence.

A lot of home improvement companies just want to get out of this link and want to do it relatively easily. Finally, I found that this piece still has to be picked up as a competitive threshold.

The whole house customization encounters a breakthrough bottleneck. Everyone wants to go to the difficult road to achieve the strategic goal of avoiding competition and erupting growth in the blue ocean market.

This market is very big, but no company can solve these problems systematically. The current situation of the whole market is: the pattern of large market share.

From above Phenomenon to analyze, to be a product-born enterprise, to be a service-originated enterprise, or to be a platform-based enterprise to be able to do the same equipment.

叁: The five major bottlenecks to be overcome in the business model

01 The product model of the whole package

The core of the product model is: Service + Products, and the service as the entrance to the service throughout the entire process (especially on-site construction, delivery of services), the product as a profit carrier model.

The home improvement model has evolved from the original package cleaning, semi-package, and all-inclusive to the integration of furniture and soft furnishings and home appliances, and all the home elements are packaged in the whole house (the germination stage). The main material purchase is quickly iterated to the procurement mode. As the upstream of custom homes, the home improvement industry is more exposed to consumer groups.

The whole decoration of the house has completed the fixed furniture and the front link. The sales channels of various building materials will undergo great changes, and at the same time extend to the downstream industry, which will impact the custom home industry represented by fixed furniture. The home entrance is placed in front of the real estate developer, and the role of retail in the future will be less and less.

The product model will be in the form of a product package. Different companies will make a relatively free combination of product packages according to their own conditions and relative personalization according to customer needs. The specific product package is shown in the following figure:

02 Cost compression and efficiency improvement in the whole package mode

(1) Cost and efficiency of customer acquisition

Acquisition of small-scale or regional self-contained brands The customer channel basically relies on the network of contacts and word of mouth, which is a cost-effective way for small-scale enterprises, because more customers can not digest. However, if scale-up is promoted as a business model, the scale effect of the acquisition model must be formed.

This requires the whole equipment company to carry out the system normal operation in the brand packaging and promotion, and the construction of the drainage channel; this is not difficult for enterprises that have experience in brand operation, such as : European style, Shangpin home delivery, Dongyi Risheng, industry peak decoration, etc. For brands that originally operated in the region, an important issue is to be broken.

(2)The cost and efficiency of design

Consumers’ demand for the WYSIWYG of the self-contained model will be more obvious, which requires the whole enterprise to have information on the information construction of the terminal and the professional education of talents. Powerful back-end system to support.

Under the premise of the terminal design standards and scale system, the formation of a standard operating model to achieve standardized output for franchisees will be an important competitive manifestation.

(3) Product Cost and Efficiency

An important carrier of a packaged company is the product. If the product output is in a pure procurement mode, there will be many uncontrollable factors. .

Product cost is reflected in two aspects: one is the direct purchase cost of the product; the other is the cost offset of the product’s single value maximization at the terminal.

It is recommended that the whole company should master the core products or acquire them through mergers and acquisitions. The auxiliary products can be solved through supporting procurement, thus achieving the purpose of reducing costs and improving effects.

(4) Construction Cost and Efficiency

For consumers, the product effect is “three points”. The whole company must carry out the cost budget in the on-site construction process, because this link can directly reduce the after-sales cost. If the after-sales cost is increased, it will directly consume the company’s net profit.

Therefore, the whole company should put in a larger financial budget in the construction of the service team, including: treatment, rewards, training, supervision, etc.

03 Supply chain management and optimization in the whole package mode

The overall service efficiency of the packaged enterprise, the back end is dependent on the strength of the supply chain, and the front end depends on the field service system. powerful. That’s why the whole look at the industry is very good, but the core reason why many companies will be painful if they get involved. This is a model for testing the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

According to the current situation of the home industry, the improvement of the supply chain should take the following path: procurement & mdash; integration & mdash; strategic cooperation & mdash; capital M & A & mdash; platform operation.

This path is necessary for some small and medium-sized enterprises to go one step at a time. For enterprises with a large body of speech, they can go directly to the advanced mode.

The supply chain of the whole company has two majors: one is the supply of product system; the other is the warehousing logistics system; the packaging model has not yet formed its own supply chain system, supply chain standards, supply chain integration model The supply chain operation model, the supply chain price system, and the supply chain service system are all in their infancy, and more companies are needed to explore the path for this model.

04 On-site delivery capability of the self-contained mode

The on-site delivery link is the core key to determine whether the entire installation mode can truly land.

Whether the whole package mode can be realized, the first priority is whether it can effectively solve the problem of on-site delivery, followed by product and supply chain issues. As for the customer, it is the icing on the cake.

For the self-contained model, consumers are required to accept the entire service experience and presentation, rather than the delivery of a single product. The core of this is the complete standard management of the pre-sales, pre-sales, and after-sales.

From a management perspective, including the following:

1. The job responsibilities and behavioral standards of the installation technician

2.Installing the scheduling specification

3. On-site installation process

4. On-site installation technical standards

5. On-site installation operation standards

6. Acceptance management

7. After-sales management

8. Order management

In other words, in order to achieve high-quality delivery standards, OEMs must establish strict operating practices in the service chain. And regulatory measures can guarantee delivery capacity and efficiency.

05 Channel Control Capability in Package Mode

The biggest difference between a package and a custom or simple decoration is that each market is a factory system docking to complete the delivery of the entire order.

In this sense, the development of franchisees is not just to develop a dealer with only front-end operational capabilities, but to replicate the entire plant system. This is a custom-made home enterprise that has not been fully managed by many custom factories. For many on-site management of its own decoration, there is no home improvement enterprise that can be standardized and copied. For platform companies that can only lead the supply chain management, they are all A big challenge.

The whole assembly is to copy a factory, not just a dealer system!

So the whole installation must be completed, and the factory layout in the target market must be completed first. Complementing the systematic management of the entire assembly process, combined with the franchisee’s operational capabilities, the channel is truly possible to achieve relatively healthy operation and management.

肆: The single product model will not die, the whole house must be transformed, and the giants may not be monopolized.

The home industry is competing with the industry at the same level as more and more interveners Increasingly fierce, industry differentiation and industrial upgrading are inevitable.

As the origin model of the development of the home industry, the single product model can be sure that this model will not die, but it cannot exist in the current mode; it will be more targeted and niche. Ways exist:

Targeting a particular group, because the Chinese consumer group is extremely rich in categories, and the consumption categories are also extremely diverse. For example, a group of groups likes to do everything according to their own ideas, only to get through one The category can have better returns; just like the earliest clothing is customized, and all the industrial production is behind, and it is found that the brand that has customized clothing is also very good..

Positioning a particular market, China’s huge market territory, no matter what kind of policies the country introduces, it is impossible to achieve an absolute national period, then a certain market still has a great operation. space.

Positioning a specific service, the so-called whole house, the so-called uniform, is actually aimed at the first-hand housing market, but the stock of the second-hand housing market in China is so large, their decoration needs are mostly local. Big and full is not necessarily just needed, and the price/performance ratio is not necessarily the most appropriate.

The transformation of the whole house is inevitable. The whole house customization can be said to be a form of transitional existence, which only solves the problem of the addition of categories. It is not as flexible as a single item, and it is not as good as a system. The factory needs to have a huge back-office system for the whole house customization, but the whole house customization mode of the products does not maximize the single value. This situation must be broken.

The transformation of the whole house customization has two directions: one is to open the entrance and service links, and cooperate with the real estate developers to do the whole house customization. This is a transitional mode, which avoids its own disadvantages to some extent. The basic equipment link; the second is to open the home design service, integrate mobile furniture and decoration to provide consumers with a total home design solution.

The whole assembly is the ideal model that everyone is yearning for. Whether it is for consumers or for the company, we hope that this model can be realized. But this model is just an ideal before the home can not be industrialized. In terms of the size of the entrance and the market, it is a matter of fact to solve the problem of realizing the monopoly of the industry.

But it is difficult to find this pain point in the field. There is no systematic solution at present. The road to monopoly is still very long. The resolution of this pain point depends on two factors: First, China’s housing standards are becoming more and more standardized, which reduces the requirements for on-site construction; second, the technology and model for solving field problems are becoming more and more perfect.

Don’t look at the fact that many companies are so loud in their own installations that they are actually exploring and trying to make mistakes. Based on the above judgments, within 10 years, it is unlikely that the home industry wants to form an absolute monopoly.

Wu: It’s beautiful, but it’s just on the road

It’s like a beautiful story. We can’t arbitrarily judge whether it’s right or wrong, the future is good or not. Not good, because the same model produces different chemical reactions in different companies.

For the market demand side, the business model has always been expected, because this is the driving force for China’s consumption upgrade and consumption habits. If purely from a marketing point of view, who can meet the consumer’s inner needs and push their products to the consumer as soon as possible, whoever has the market opportunity.

But there is still a problem, not every consumer needs the ability to meet. The whole assembly mode is a systematic project that requires enterprises to have strong service capabilities, on-site management and control capabilities, product integration capabilities, operational management capabilities, and brand promotion capabilities.

It is an advanced form of custom-made whole house, and only the companies that can control can make the whole-installation model work effectively and get a good market return. This can be obtained in many companies that have fallen. experience.

The whole assembly is still on the road, and the home people have been working hard! Here, the three-grain education hopes that the whole enterprise and the enterprises that are about to enter the whole assembly industry will be all the way!

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   wallpaper, undoubtedly cheap, rich in pattern, very suitable for bedroom decoration and wall decoration, is the most used Wall material. However, its controversy lies in the use of glue, good quality glue contains low formaldehyde, the general glue formaldehyde is too serious, so the environmental protection is very low, although the decoration is beautiful at home, but the long-term residence has a great impact on health, in addition, The life of the wallpaper is short, and the south generally uses less. The perennial plum rain weather is prone to blistering and fading.
  Cool, when it comes to paint, everyone knows that the taste is very pungent, because it contains organic chemicals, among them There are some harmful substances that are well known. The room where the paint is painted generally needs to be placed for about half a year to stay, and the harmful substances cannot be guaranteed to be evaporated. Therefore, when we stay in the newly renovated room for a long time, there will be dizziness and nausea. The environmental protection of paints has always been a controversial issue. At present, there are some publicity paints on the market, but whether it is really environmentally friendly remains to be further verified.
   diatom mud, which is a fire-fighting decoration material in the past few years, it was labeled “to eliminate formaldehyde,” The sign of purifying the air was born, and it is known as a new generation of interior decoration materials that replace wallpaper and latex paint. But now, we rarely see the shadow of diatom mud on the market. CCTV has reported individual diatom mud. Radioactive elements are seriously exceeded. Moreover, diatom mud products are not equal to 100% diatom mud. According to the current definition of diatom mud, as long as diatom mud material is added, it can be called diatom mud product, so even diatom is natural safety. However, other materials added to it may cause diatom mud to exceed the standard.
   integrated wall, there are three materials, one material is aluminum-manganese alloy, sound-insulating foam material, aluminum foil three-layer pressing It is made of nanofibers, and the other material is made of bamboo wood fiber as the main material and extruded at high temperature. At present, there are many bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall surfaces on the market. This wall material belongs to wood products. The formaldehyde content is E0, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat-insulating and heat-insulating. It does not use a drop of glue during the decoration process, and the installation method is very Fast, villa decoration and tooling are more used, the price is slightly more expensive than traditional materials, but it saves a lot of labor costs, the installation only needs skilled woodworkers, the cost is more suitable for tooling.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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How about the cloudtoken cloud wallet bonus system? Cloud token

Cloudtoken Global Docking, please add Li Yi, Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

Cloud Token is a fool-style lie-making mode. There is no limit to the lockout. Currently, it supports mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC USDT. >

Static income deposits will make money monthly income 6~12% daily points

Share income

Directly push one generation, push 15 for 15 generations, Directly push 16 to take 21 generations.

Take a generation of daily investment amount of 100% static income

2 generations of static income 50% per day

3-21 generations of static income per day 5% income every day Take

The community dividends team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

C1 community level team unlimited 5% income community rewards

3 C1 communities will receive 10% of community rewards for C2 communities

Up to 3 C2 communities will reward the community with C3 communities 15%

Up to 3 C3 communities will be C4 communities Get community rewards 20%

Up to 3 C4 communities, C5 community takes 5% of global community total performance

Storage value of $500 or more is considered a valid account

The above rewards and settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

At present, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated to be earned 5~20 times before the end of the year.

Spike all items

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Cloud Token2019 preferred investment project

1: What is Cloud token?

A: Cloud Token is decentralized as a carrier At the same time the purse out of the development of R & D in the BBS public DAPP chain chain, can save money for us, it’s JARVIS Ai trading robot can do for our quantitative strategies in order to profit. It is a decentralized smart money wallet.

2. What is the background of the company?

Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), 4 The most influential venture capital fund company, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, ronald aai (Chinese name: Ronald)

Multi-country, venture capital, foundation union The headquarters was launched in Singapore.

3.Where is the profit point of the distribution?

A: The JARVIS Ai robot is not a simple quantitative moving brick. In fact, the profit of the quantitative brick moving is not so high. JARVIs Ai robots are a variety of strategic trading, as well as trading strategies for bands, trends, futures, stocks, grid trading, etc. The robot collects all the big data from the currency circle and analyzes them. The source of these data analysis is one in Singapore. The mathematics professor, then the robot buys, sells, stops, and takes profit. As long as there is a market in the currency circle, there will be gains, and we will make a profit.

4. How to prove that it is a real safe wallet:

Multi-chain chain wallet, all mainstream coins are queried, traceable, open and transparent on the chain, the first A wallet that conforms to the blockchain principle. And you can use NFC to store private keys, the highest level of security technology.

5.CTO is based on what chain development

CTO is a platform coin developed on the BBS public chain, and the Cloud Token platform is built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Decentralized chain wallet.

6. Q: What is the concept of the fourth-generation public chain?

A: The working principle of BBS is to bring together the computing, networking and storage resources of participating peers (individuals and organizations). And use distributed applications (dapps) on smartphones and sales devices to trade. Mr. Ronald explained: “Each transaction is itself considered a file or block. We developed an FSDLT (File System Distributed Classifier Technology) that combines with other technologies and protocols to process transactions in real time. It is recorded in a parallel ledger for each transaction, and I like to call it a parallel atomic chain. Parallel atomic chains are jointly owned and controlled by each party to the transaction, namely the buyer, the seller and the witness. Parallel atomic chains mean that BBS has unlimited scalability. The more user nodes, the more transactions can be processed in real time. Click on a few clicks to see more introductions

7: Q: What is quantification?

A: Quantitative trading refers to the substitution of artificial mathematical models to replace subjective judgments, using computer technology from a huge In the historical data, sea elections can bring a variety of excess returns to large-scale events to formulate strategies that greatly reduce the impact of investor sentiment volatility and avoid making irrational investment decisions in the face of extreme fanaticism or pessimism. . Click to see more introduction

8: Q: Is it a decentralized wallet?

A: cloudtoken is the first in the world to integrate all blockchain encryption assets into one platform. In the social wealth wallet, it uses the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology development, implementation of cross-chain encryption exchange, payment, all transparent and queryable, is a decentralized wallet! Click to teach you whether the resolution is a centralized wallet

9: Q: What should I do if the platform is closed? Security period?

A: The asset on the blockchain is “private key”, and there is a private key to control the assets on the blockchain. What do you mean is that if you have a private key for a bitcoin address, you control the assets in that bitcoin address. Each cloudet address in cloudtoken has its own private key! Security period? It’s a safe period at any time, enjoy it! The money you transfer is available, don’t lock the position, your currency is yours

10: Q: What does it mean when the private key is coming online?

A: The platform is protected by players. Now many members are not bound to Google verification. When 90% of the members are bound, they will be open. p>

11: Q: How long does it take to return to the book under static conditions? How to maximize the benefits for yourself?

A: There is no return to this book, and the currency that is transferred is included. Like the money placed in the balance treasure, you can control it at your own time, your own currency is your own, the capital income is free to enter and exit, the way to maximize the benefits, please refer to the sharing system, and consult the people who share you!

12: Why is an account income 6 to 12, is it not fixed?

A: Our JARVIS Ai robot is doing quantitative trading + strategic trading

The income is the amount of money that changes every day. It is also a daily change. The player also increases every day, so it is impossible to fix it and not a rebate disk

13 This is different from other wallets

A: The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system

Our wallet goes to the center All, according to the distribution of smart contracts, clear consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism. Can not be tampered with, the main currency stored by the user is all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

14: Can I get money at any time? Is there a procedure?

A: 10% of the fee is required to withdraw from the program within 30 days of joining the program, and 1% of the fee is required after 30 days. p>

15: Can the black card of CT be used in the market?

A: It can be used globally. We will launch the legal cryptocurrency solution in November: payment based on debit card The plan applies to eligible Cloud Token members, while launching an offline cryptocurrency scheme to provide a fiat currency resolution strategy for all members.

16: Why is a single account investment not capped?

A: We are wallets, we are depositing coins, not investing! Really decentralized wallets, the first support will be CTO Mainstream coins are deposited in MasterCard, and the UnionPay card is changed to cash at any time. You can use it at any time. You can follow it.

17: The difference with plus token

A: 1 is APP mobile phone number mailbox registered non-centralized wallet 1.0 wallet, one is the real decentralized wallet 2.0 wallet

2plusOpen smart dog Ethereum address on the private address how to carry the brick? The early heat is due to the timing, just in time for many high-level coins in 2018, success also determines the system is feasible, but the future is a more professional era. Accreditation, everyone needs to run a safe quantitative wallet, this is the market to determine the emergence of CT

3 public chain operation, you can transfer the private address transfer confirmation speed and public chain when you transfer to the background The difference between running the actual transfer, all the bonus system in the background is written into the public chain, 24 hours regardless of when you open the joining plan, the network node confirms the calculation from the time you join the plan

4 Important, plus token a lot of big coffee led the entry CT, now the heat CT is more suitable

5 all in order to make money, in order to double: plus platform coins from 0.3 to 80 dollars for a year, from 80 How many times is the space to 160 dollars? CT is now 0.3 dollars, how many times is it to 80 dollars?

6 mode is good, security is not safe, the market voice is also very important, now the heat is not We opened FN in April 2017 and joined early income early

7 The bonus system is more superior, and we know all the analysis. Statically stable to make money, dynamic big money. No one will ever go with the trend

8 The cloud wallet’s hematopoiesis is: Quantitative transactions + strategic transactions. You can query the specific data of the quantitative transaction. The project with real profitability is not a pure fund.

9 The core of our team is built. As a self, I am very proud that everyone is doing things. Especially serious, it is very responsible for doing things. We seriously study and study the complete body market before it starts operation. We are not the earliest, but the speed is fast because the recognized people know the principle of doing things. Plus and CT are carefully analyzed and selected. CT

18: Differences from MGC

A: CTO only has a voice in the currency price project that does not go online on the exchange.

MGC It’s not good to break the internal market. It’s very easy to cut the project side and short the project.

We all think that if we don’t go online, we have too many concerns on the online exchange.

Everyone comes in. The different time withdrawals are equal to the CTO of the US dollar.

Earning money is the time difference. The cost of our advanced CTO is very low.

MGC packaging is too big for the project. Overwhelming publicity It’s first come out

The threshold is too low and the bonus system is too easy to get on the level.

The bonus Bobby is too low to make money.

MGC looks like a perfect package. In fact, they are all Chinese players.Mobile phone number registration

19: How many CTO circulations

A: The total amount of issuance is 1 billion CTO

20: Why is it detected by IP, and found in cloudtoken There are more than 1000 websites on the IP address?

A: The real IP address of cloudtoken is hidden by firewall technology. We use Cloudflare’s firewall. The IP you find is only the firewall IP of Cloudflare. See the video for details.

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Dapp official download link:

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Registration Invitation Code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Docking Add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

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(Disclaimer: Articles and images are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact delete Except!)

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Why is Xiaomi Tao burning all over the country? Where is the value of Xiaomi Tao?

This year, Xiaomi Tao will be fired all over the country

At least 50 times of peaches, and you can directly withdraw the im wallet.

The role of peaches? The first one is peach. Attribute, Xiaomi Tao is participating in the platform’s profit distribution according to the proportion of peaches held by each person. The second is the equity attribute, and each peach holder will become the shareholder who writes on the blockchain. The third is to have value-added attributes, and peaches can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform. The fourth is the property right attribute. The peaches we get from contributing value to the platform cannot be falsified, irrevocable, or recovered. Xiaomi Tao is through the blockchain and the Token to guarantee the rights of all of us who participate in the contribution! (Note: Peach is a circulated encrypted digital rights certificate, peach is enjoyed in Xiaomi Tao For the equity certificate, the user can choose to transfer his or her interest in Xiaomi Tao to the company at 1:0.1 yuan, or choose to hold the peach to retain his interest in Xiaomi Tao.

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