Cracked Log Light for Recycled Wood

Use only recycled wood, artistDuncan MeerdingUse hisCracked Log lights illuminate the forest. by turning them into a container of light, we can recall our inner connection with nature,He said.

This Tasmanian artist explains,This is emitted from the surface of the cylinder High tactile properties of light and my work reflects the life of the natural world of the senses.
Equipped withLEDlights,Cracked LogLights provide a beautiful warm glow for the forest, as if Mother Nature illuminates herself at night. They can also be used as a table or stool, approximately 400mm high and 400mm width. Price600 USD, this weather-proof lamp can be wired to anywhere, a new rechargeable The battery version is under development.

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ALESSI launches the fall/winter 2015 collection

Aless always brings us beautiful and beautiful products. This family-owned Italian company was founded on 1921year, 1970After the yearAlberto AlessiHelm. Since then,Alberto AlessiLeading company about400 Designers, architects and artists from all over the world have produced more than 3000 pieces of products.

AlbertoCultivate these designers through the design process, they must spend at least for each product18months. This thriving brand continues to advance with the times while maintaining the true Italian heritage of each design.

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LED flood light, brand new design, weight less

Glass lighting designed by Mejd Studio

Glass lighting” width=”600″ height=”899″ />

WellThe design is inspired by traditional wells. The table lamp contains a simple wooden handle device. After turning the handle, the rope will change the height of the bulb. This is done by Mejd The studio design, the glass structure changes the appearance of the lamp, and becomes a gradient blue and matte texture when the rope is lowered Glass

Glass in the Czech RepublicAJETOThe glass workshop is blown in a wooden grinder, then drilled into an oiled maple handle and brass. The bulb socket is made of brass In order to increase its weight, it can be more convenient to rise and fall. The textile cable connection socket is like a real well.

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A selection of carefully selected works by the Design Milk team

Design Milkteam carefully selectedA&rsquo Design Award and Competition the best works because they represent the best design.

If you want to participateA’ Design Award and Competition,then I have to act quickly. The nomination deadline is approaching:6Month30, you need to register on their website.
A’ Design Award and Competition
For all designers and architects worldwide, 100a different category. Award competition Including the Industrial Design Award, the Architectural Award and the Product Design Award. The design is evaluated by an international panel of judges, professionals and members of the media.
If you win the design award You will get a very fashionable trophy, scorecard, breaking news, online and offline PR/Promo and a ticket to the annual event held in Italy.
Here are some recent winners.

P houseResidential, fromMarcio Kogan & studiomk27

Coexistence With CatsResidential, From Sohei Nakanishi

MLAPet house, fromMarie Laurent Wilfred

Vase from Be m Robinson” width=”600″ height=”600″ />

ContraVase, from Bem Robinson

Light in the Bubblelights, fromAndrea Ciappesoni

FACE TOPClinic, fromMahdi Fakhimi

Strata Span style=”font-size:10.5pt;mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt;font-family:宋体;mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family :"Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman&q Uot;;mso-font-kerning:1.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:ZH-CN;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA”>chair,from Ben Preston

Golden Cube luminaires from Nicolas Brevers

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New Promotion for PVC Foam Sheets Recycled

Artek recently exhibited the new collection of furniture designed by designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Rectangle and round table sizes, a desk, a wall shelf and a small round shelf.

The chair adds all the necessary parts and textures, legs, armrests, backs and many other expressive details. The design of the table tends to require only a horizontal surface. The design has not changed much over the years, so Bouroullecs decided to develop a new system based on an innovative table leg that can accommodate a variety of desktops of all types and sizes. Their idea was to use wood and curved steel bars to create a powerful support system with symmetrical wings. The same idea applies to wall shelves, it uses only half of wingsComponents as a stand.


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Life-size “big white” sofa bed

Fans of the Disney movie “Super Marines” will definitely fall in love with this life-size sofa bed, shaped like a white & mdash; — cute robot characters in the movie. It is perfect for those who like to be cuddled while sleeping. You can laze in this lovely bed and read a good book or snuggle on a big white belly. This life-size sofa bed has the possibility of wireless!

This sofa bed is sold exclusively on the Japanese website DeNA for about $430. You can also find a cheaper style on Amazon.

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Shangri-la Roller Blinds Roller Blind Indoor Modern/Shade Cloth

Steel-tube Scaffolding with Painting for Construction

Ribbon church

This is a small church different from any other wedding chapel. Located in the garden of the resort hotel in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan, the independent ribbon chapel has a panoramic view of the inner sea and you can see its two spiral staircases intertwined. NAPArchitectHiroshi Nakamura The spiral structure of two stairs was designed to make the overall building more stable.

The two ribbon shapes are seamlessly connected, just like two people getting married, after twisting and twisting, they are joined together at the top.
The top provides a space for a pair of lovers to meet.
Stairs are expanded to help protect the church from direct sunlight.
The church is built on a specific route——The bride and her father walked down the aisle after the ceremony, the channel changed The route for the bride and groom to leave. The bride and groom then climbed to the top of the stairs to meet and asked God to allow them to be united. Then they went down the stairs together.

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Bamboo products of Kohchosai Kosuga

When a culture has always used a material more than10000Year—— In this case, A certain level of proficiency and expertise in bamboo is to be expected.

Founded in 1898Year, this family-owned company started its business as a bamboo crafts contractor of the Japanese royal family.
Kohchosai Kosuga
Currently operating several workshops and facilities throughout Kyoto, bamboo crafts are still handmade, and the lengthy and complicated process requires hand-harvesting plants in the cold winter, cut The stalks with unique leaves are then dyed or painted before hand-woven into a complex work. This tight weave pattern creates the beauty and tensile strength of the work itself. Once completed, woven fabrics such as baskets and wallets, as well as sculpted kitchen products, are returned to a flagship store in Kyoto for sale.

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Minimalist chair

Offset-FrameThe chair is a minimalist chair by Tokyo Design Company NendoCreation. The superimposed chair can be used in different settings, including the open space of the conference area or office.

The metal frame protrudes slightly outward from the outer casing, allowing the user to easily stack or separate the chairs. In addition, the space between the protruding metal and the seat can be used to hang towels or clothes.
The chair has eight different models with different frames, from armchairs to one-legged chairs. The casing is available in six colours, frame, detachable fabric and leather cover in three colours.

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The unique design of “wood wife”

Koreans also have their own Bamboo wife, a long tube made of bamboo strips that allows people to hug on a hot summer evening to keep the body cool.

Yena Youngcreated a new version calledwood wife& rdquo;, made of European maple. It is not only a cool sleeping companion, but also a light that leaves beautiful geometric shadows in the dark. Any opening is easy to stretch to fit the bulb Replacement.

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