NOVA OBIECTA’s latest series: CREATION

Paris Design StudioNova Obiectaknown for its simple lines and sleek form, they have launched their latest collectionCREATION. With pure geometry and abstraction, these pieces can be placed on their own or together to create a cohesive collection.

Seven separate triangle components Formed togetherFlu (C). The top is made of translucent acrylic so one can clearly see its individual elements.

Elev (A)is a sharp armchair made of translucent acrylic Made of stainless steel. Merino wool felt pads can help prevent the chair from being too cold.

Varia (T)is a laser-cut chair with separate slats created An optical illusion. Light passing through the chair leads to a changing chair appearance.

Asce (N)is a translucent hexagonal table made of steel and acrylic. Each piece is perfectly assembled with the help of sub-millimeter manufacturing.

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