Nicholas Rebirth of Guo Jiaxue, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Business Leaders Association

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 9

Dongsheng Chairman Guo Jiaxue has confirmed attendance Sponsored by the Business Media Group, “Great Change and New Beginnings —— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum. He will share the theme on the glory and dreams of entrepreneurs in the afternoon of the forum on the afternoon of January 24th.

It’s the saint who climbs up in the mud pit, and the blazing bird is the phoenix.

Re-examine the past: 21-year-old became the first person to resign from the public office in Shaanxi Province, 33-year-old chairman of the company with a listing value of 10 billion, 38-year-old from heaven to hell, carrying 4.8 billion yuan in arrears, At the age of 46, he paid off his debts and started all over again. Today, Guo Jiaxue, who is over half a year old, is becoming the nirvana of the phoenix.

Shaanxi Province resigned from the public to be the first person to go to the sea

In the 1980s, there was a jingle in the north: “Set a small stall, better than the county magistrate; the horn sounded, no Be the governor. Although a bit exaggerated, it vividly reflects the entrepreneurial wave at that time.

In 1987, Guo Jiaxue, who was a teacher at the university, was probably influenced by this wave of tides. He resolutely resigned as a teacher and became the first person to resign from the public office in Shaanxi Province.

After resigning, Guo Jiaxue returned to the village to raise pigs and vowed to be the first person to raise pigs scientifically. He gets up and feeds pigs less than 4 am every day. In order to stably deliver 6 feeds, he can only sleep for 4 hours a day. After a few months, the pig was fat and strong, and Guo Jiaxue was as thin as a monkey.

Just before he was preparing to engage in large-scale farming, the leader of the animal husbandry station poured a cold water. “You don’t have a road there. You can raise 10 heads and you can go back to the supply and marketing cooperatives, but raise a thousand heads.” 10,000 pigs, can you go out?

If you can’t raise pigs, Guo Jiaxue will change the contracted land to plant Chinese herbal medicines. In order to grow Chinese herbal medicine, he carried more than 30 workers to cut wood in the ice and snow of minus 20 degrees. A month later, Guo Jiaxue’s ten-finger joints were all swollen, and even the chopsticks could not hold. After seeing her mother, she felt distressed and wiped her tears. She tried every means to persuade him to change his business and go home to farm.

In order not to worry about her mother, Guo Jiaxue decided to leave the countryside and go to Xi’an to see.

In the years of Xi’an, Guo Jiaxue ran through the stalls and was chased by the city management to hide in Tibet every day. Later, by selling computers and medical equipment, he accumulated a fortune.

In the first decade of entrepreneurship, Guo Jiaxue tasted the hardships.

The road to crazy acquisition

In 1996, Guo Jiaxue finally ushered in the first important turning point in life.

This year, he acquired a state-owned pharmaceutical factory in Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province, which opened the development of Dongsheng Group.

At the end of 1999, Guo Jiaxue led the Dongsheng Group to start a strong development path. Three years later, the company acquired Tongren Aluminum, a listed company in Qinghai, for 60 million yuan, and changed its name to “Dongsheng Technology” to complete the backdoor listing. At that time, 33-year-old Guo Jiaxue became the chairman of China’s youngest listed company.

In addition, Jiangsu Qidong Gaitianli, Qinghai Pharmaceutical, Livzon Group and Hubei Qianjiang were acquired. Pharmaceuticals; In 2004, Lectra Huayuan, China Resources, Fosun and other big names in the industry entered the cloud medicine group, and the momentum reached its peak. A whole industrial chain covering pharmaceutical R&D, production, marketing, logistics and health care products has begun to take shape.

Strong acquisitions, rapid asset growth, and aggressive listings have made Guo Jiaxue see the dawn of his dream of reaching the top 500 companies.

However, Guo Jiaxue, who is full of ambition, does not realize that the danger has been hidden.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Dongsheng Group gave guarantees to two state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi. However, in 2005, the two companies went bankrupt almost overnight, and the entire Dongsheng Group’s accounts were all seized. The chain is also broken.

In addition, in 2004, the entire pharmaceutical industry was hit by the economy, gross profit margins fell sharply, and losses continued to expand. Dongsheng’s revenues were deeply hit.

In order to solve the urgent need, Guo Jiaxue had to borrow the usury and eventually owe huge debts of 4.8 billion yuan. The Empire State Building in Tung Shing is about to collapse.

8 years to pay off 4.8 billion in arrears

Guo Jiaxue, who was in a desperate situation, once thought about jumping off the building and decided to liberate himself, but considering that more than 20,000 employees could not be resettled after his death. He had to grit his teeth and pass.

After the heavy blow, Guo Jiaxue concentrated on dealing with the problems left by Dongsheng. The most well-known of these is the first 20-month period to create a foreign-invested M&A case in China’s pharmaceutical industry, and sold Baijiahei to Bayer in Germany for 1.264 billion.

But not every sale of assets is as valuable as white plus black. For example, Dongsheng sold 67% of the shares of Yunnan Baiyao at a low price of 750 million yuan. At that time, the total market value of Yunnan Baiyao reached more than 16 billion.

After completing a series of “subtraction”, at the end of 2012, all the arrears were finally completed.

Recalling the hard years, Guo Jiaxue said that two books are supporting him. One is “Ikeka Autobiography”. After being ousted from Ford by Old Ford, Aikeka took over the bankrupt Chrysler company. It took only a few years to lose Chrysler from the annual loss of several billion dollars. , turned into a multi-billion-dollar auto giant; the other is the Japanese Buddhist master Song Yuantai’s “Life Planning from the age of 50 to 100”, according to the life experience of himself and the people around him, Matsubara Tata believesFifty years old is the time when life really begins. He writes at least one book every year after he is fifty.

“ When I fell, I was less than 40 years old and could fight back like Aikeka, and I had time to complete this counterattack. In those past years, Guo Jiaxue has inspired himself many times.

Phoenix Nirvana

After the rebirth of the fire, Dongsheng Group has lost the strength to compete with foreign advanced companies for Western medicine. Guo Jiaxue decided to transform the Chinese medicine market and make Shanxi Guangyuyuan the best quality of the group. Assets and established as strategic commanding heights.

Guangyuyuan is a long-established Chinese medicine company with a history of nearly 500 years. Its main products are Dingkun Dan and Guilingji, both of which are state secrets. It was also a company acquired by Guo Jiaxue during the Great Leap Forward. In 2006, Dongsheng Technology controlled Guangyuyuan with 95% of its shares, and inadvertently laid the groundwork for the restructuring after the reorganization.

Guo Jiaxue has devoted almost all his energy to the reputation of Guangyu. After moving to the Chinese medicine market, Guangyuyuan’s development focus was set to “Large data banks to cultivate Chinese medicine consumers, combined with Internet technology, using big data to portray consumers.

In fact, as early as in the era of Baijiahe, Guo Jiaxue has explored consumer portraits. Baijiahei is a white-collar worker. Through the analysis of the behavior of consumers, white-collar workers go to work during the day and spend most of their time with customers after work. The time for arriving at home is about 9:00 to 10:00 pm; after reading the news, the white-collar workers will usually be at the portal. Spend about an hour on the website and see if you have the latest news. To this end, the eyes of advertising are naturally directed to the evening news and major portals.

On the basis of the past, Guangyuyuan Group has established “data banking” to provide more accurate advertising and marketing.

Nowadays, Guangyuyuan’s product line already has two national secrets: Guilingji and Dingkundan. Formula and three intangible cultural heritage brands, as well as historical brands such as Angong Niuhuang Wan, Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, and Bao Ying San. Guangyuyuan has also grown from a loss of 300 million in 2008 to a company with a market value of 12 billion, becoming a well-deserved tycoon in the pharmaceutical industry.

After experiencing a big ups and downs, Guo Jiaxue is no longer fierce and rushing, eager to expand the capital path, but to inject all the energy into a company and do a good job. This may be the biggest change he made during the post-Dongsheng period.

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