New Zealand is dissatisfied with the Japanese whaling ship

Data Map: Japanese whaling ships entered New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone and angered the New Zealand authorities. The picture shows a Japanese whaling ship driving away from the whaling ship “Steve · Owen” (Steve Irwin).

China News Service, February 10, according to foreign media news, New Zealand said on the 10th that the former Japanese whaling ship entered the country’s exclusive economic zone and felt “very angry” and summoned A senior Japanese official in New Zealand protested.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray · McCali said that the diplomatic service has summoned the deputy ambassador of the Japanese Embassy in New Zealand on the 7th to express serious concern about the Japanese whaling ship entering New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone. dissatisfied.

The report said that although the Japanese whaling ship had obtained the legal entry into New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone, the New Zealand authorities had expressed a diswelcoming attitude. In a statement issued on the 9th, the New Zealand side expressed its feeling that the Japanese whaling ship ignored the opinions of the authorities and felt “unhelpful, rude and short-sighted”.

The statement said that the Japanese whaling ship also clashed with the environmental protection organization’s protection ship. The New Zealand foreign ministry said that the Japanese whaling ship sailed a distance in its exclusive economic zone, but did not express the time for the whaling ship to stay in the area.

McCully said that the diplomatic service had informed New Zealand’s relevant diplomatic personnel in Japan and sent similar dissatisfaction information to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He said that New Zealand has been strongly opposed to whaling in Japan and will consider further measures to fully understand New Zealand’s anger.

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