Nepal has 18 people confirmed the crash. The passengers on the plane are already killed., Kathmandu, February 16 (Reporter Fu Yongkang) On the afternoon of the 16th local time, Nepal Airlines’ small passenger plane carrying 18 people lost contact after taking off shortly. Then there was reliable news that the plane It has crashed in Agho County, south-central Nepal, and no survivors have yet been discovered.

The wrecked aircraft is part of Nepal Airlines and is a small passenger aircraft with a crew and passengers on board, including a child and a foreign citizen. The specific nationality has not been verified. .

The aircraft took off from the famous tourist city of Pokhara in Nepal at 12:43 local time. After 13:13, it lost contact with aviation management. The airline then sent a helicopter to search and rescue. In the case of the residents of Agho County, the local authorities heard loud noises. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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