Musharraf’s application for military trial was rejected. Official prosecution will be held in March.

Former Pakistani President Musharraf first appeared in court on February 18, accepting trials against his allegations of treason.

China News Service, February 21, according to foreign media reports, on the 21st, a special court in Pakistan rejected the application of former President Musharraf for military court trials, and is scheduled to officially on March 11. He was prosecuted for crimes such as treason.

The court asked Musharraf to appear in court on March 11th to hear the prosecution read the complaint against him.

Musharraf’s lawyer had previously questioned that civilian courts did not have the power to judge former military leaders, and therefore asked Musharraf to be prosecuted in military courts. The Special Court rejected this request, arguing that Musharraf is no longer a member of the military, and that treason can be punished in a special court.

When Musharraf was tried in court on the 18th, he was not formally charged for questioning the jurisdiction.

Musharraf was accused of treason because in November 2007, Musharraf, then president of Pakistan and chief of staff of the army, declared a state of emergency and dismissed nearly 60 judges. It is suspected of being unconstitutional. According to the news, if the treason is convicted, Musharraf may face death penalty or life imprisonment.

Musharraf’s treason case was repeatedly postponed on security issues and Musharraf’s personal health problems. On the 18th, Musharraf’s first absence from court appeared.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

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