Museum building design: bypassing La Brea asphalt pit

Swiss architect Peter · Zumto modified the design of the new building at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and scientists claim that his suggestion would damage the adjacent La Brea asphalt pit. Now, he reveals the first model of the new design: an ink stain that spans the Wilshire Boulevard.

The first round of the museum’s ambitious expansion plan, including the removal of some old buildings, Conducive to the amorphous black illustration, which seems to ooze directly from the grounds of oil-rich below. (The sparkling pool in the foreground of the model is a liquid asphalt lake.) But scientists at the nearby museum (responsible for research and excavation, for the properties of fossils in the post-glacial era), Zumto was sent back to the drawing board Reconfigure the building so as not to disturb some of the world’s richest sources of paleontology. It seems that if the shape is not defined, it seems that it has been trying to take advantage of it. The illustrated undulating focus puddle creates a footbridge over the busy city streets.
Although this may solve the problem of avoiding key mammoth mining, it will create a new question: Are you finally entering a pedestrian bridge and having experience in a good city? In these nighttime renderings, you see a glowing pylon that seems to have an intrinsic phosphor light. But during the day, it may feel like if you are walking under the tunnel of the highway.

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