More than 70 times higher than the national listing probability Guangzhou Tianan is not listed in the incubator

Guangzhou Tian’an Park is a high-speed channel for enterprise development, with deep and high-quality service empowerment to help enterprises accelerate their take-off.

Chinese companies always like to use the listing as one of the benchmarks for measuring the success of a company. According to this ruler, there are more than 3,000 domestic main board companies and no more than 20 new three board companies. 000 homes. However, they accounted for 0.03% of the total number of companies with more than 80 million companies nationwide. “Listing is an uncommon luxury.

But if we focus our attention on a smaller area, “listing seems to be another common enterprise development node. In Panyu, Guangzhou, an area of ​​500,000 square meters in Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Conservation Science and Technology Park, in the past year, almost one park company has been listed on the market every month. There are more than 1,200 enterprises in the park and 26 listed companies, accounting for more than 2%.

Listing is not the only measure of a company’s success, but an important symbol of regional economic vitality. However, in the past, Panyu was not a strong economic zone in the traditional sense. What is the magic power of Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park, which can attract such high-density quality enterprises to grow up here?

The first潮潮儿

“ Congratulations on the 26th listed and listed company in the park, Yaqi Bio listed new three board, Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park gate, a brand new red banner is declaring another happy event in the park .

The first waver to lead this wave of listings is the Zhonghaida Company, which is stationed in Building 13 of the park.

Founded in 1999, Zhong Haida is the only listed company in the field of surveying and mapping equipment in China. Before 2007, the story of Zhonghaida did not occur in the Tianan Park in Guangzhou.

Before moving to Tianan, the office of Zhonghaida was located in another large industrial park. At that time, Zhonghaida had annual sales of only over 40 million yuan. The rented office space was small and the location was partial. The most uncomfortable thing is, “the nearest dining spot has a 10-minute drive. In the era when there was no take-away platform, “difficult to eat became the threshold for the company to recruit talent.

Zhonghaida, which is seeking to move, has encountered Guangzhou Tian’an Park, which is fully introducing high-potential enterprises.

The supporting facilities are the strengths of Guangzhou Tianan Park Service. In the operation concept of the park, any office area must meet the standards of walking, business, leisure, entertainment, education, health, and government services.

The team of Zhonghaida has been transferred several times in the park. The staff quarters of 1000 meters away, the cafeteria within 500 meters, and a series of supporting facilities such as convenience stores and banks have been visited. The team of Zhonghaida has been inspected. Immediately decided to apply to enter the park.

China Haida has a willingness to settle in, and the park also has strict auditing standards. In line with the principle of development, the park has detailed background investigations for every enterprise that applies for admission. From 2004 to 2010, the rate of application for enterprises entering the park was only about 5%.

Guangzhou Tian’an Park also sent an inspection team to Zhonghaida, and did a round of strict “due diligence investigation: Zhonghaida is a technology-oriented enterprise with obvious technical advantages in the field of surveying and mapping.

After the adjustment, Zhong Haida put forward a new demand —— for business needs, Zhong Haida will set up an antenna on the roof and transform the electric well. This exceeds the authority granted by the park to settle in the enterprise, and it also affects other settled enterprises. There are differences in admission.

Finally, the two sides took a step back and negotiated a compromise solution: the arrangement of the China Haida on the top floor allowed the park to erect antennas on the roof.

Moving into the new park, Zhong Haida has no worries. In 2007-2011, China’s GPS overall market continued to grow by 30% each year; the domestic Beidou satellite navigation system increased from scratch to 10 from 2 satellites. The market is improving, and Zhongda’s technology in these two fields is in a leading position, and its performance continues to grow.

On February 15, 2011, China Haida was listed on the GEM and became the first listed company in China’s surveying and mapping equipment field.

Taking the listing as a starting point, China Haida began its rapid expansion with capital. Through acquisitions and investments, China Haida has 15 subsidiaries, expanding its business from surveying and mapping equipment to mapping data, network platforms, mapping systems and many other fields.

In the six years since its listing, the market value of Zhonghaida has increased from 585 million yuan to 5.2 billion yuan, nearly 10 times.

Seeing China Haida “ fame and fortune, other companies can’t sit still. “Over the years, many of the bosses in the park have already known each other and are very clear about their respective business levels. China Haida went public, and many bosses feel that their home is OK.

The listing of China Haida and its subsequent development trajectory caused a sensation in the park, and companies in the park are eager to go public.

Enterprise Growth Booster

However, there is a complex and systematic preparatory process for listing, financial preparation, shareholding structure, legal norms, corporate structure … … The compliance issue has stumped many entrepreneurs. It was easy to say that the listed rhetoric was easy to be said in the dinner, but it was implemented in a specific process, and many entrepreneurs played a retreat.

In order to reduce the listing burden of the company, Guangzhou Tian’an Park is jointly connected with Guangzhou City, Panyu District, and the third-level government department of Donghuan Street where the park is located. A service center is set up in the park, and enterprises can handle it in the park. Related to the governmentMatters include industrial and commercial registration, project declaration, patent declaration, and implementation of preferential policies.

In 2013, the NEEQ ended the pilot and expanded to the whole country. Like the champagne that was opened, the number of NEEQ-listed companies has surged from 105 at the end of 2012 to over 11,000, and has increased more than 100 times in five years. After the listing demand was opened, the park established a listing office, which provides listing counseling for enterprises and handles most matters with the government.

In addition to the listing office, the park also focuses on introducing external professional organizations to assist companies to go public.

In January 2016, under the coordination of the Panyu District Government, Shengjing Network United South China Headquarters moved from Yuexiu District to the park. Shengjing Network is a domestically influential consulting company and entrepreneurial service platform. General Manager Li Minjie revealed that the whole process of Shengjing Network’s move has a special service. After entering the station, he has contacted many excellent enterprises, which makes him feel that he has moved from Yuexiu District.

Shengjing Network has served 10 A-share listed companies and more than 1,500 new three-board listed companies. It has also served thousands of companies in the park, such as Qianqian, Regent Software and Bofang Environmental Protection. Its Shengjingjiacheng Parent Fund is a funder and LP of the top domestic venture capital institutions such as Dachen Venture Capital, Jingwei China, Junlian Capital, and Shunwei Capital. After entering the park, many companies took the initiative to contact Shengjing Network Alliance through the salon held by the park to participate in the training and activities of Shengjing Network.

Planning financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, designing business models, guiding potential listed companies to log into the capital market, and replenishing the strategy and management of listed companies. Shengjing Network has entered a corporate treasure house, while the enterprises in the park Also found the long-awaited “old driver.”

& ldquo;There are often dozens of directors of hundreds of listed companies here. We have had an event. The chairman of more than 80 listed companies sat here to eat lunch, because they eat There are still activities. In addition to the enterprises in the park, Shengjing Network Alliance also takes the park as the axis and connects the enterprises that need service in the entire South China region.

A company is sprinting to the chairman of the New Third Board and telling us that relative financing and personal wealth increase, the influence of the company after listing is more important, “doing a sense of accomplishment in the enterprise.” Above.

The warm business climate has shown results —— Since 2015, the park has added 23 listed companies. Listing is becoming a goal that park enterprises are competing for.

Looking for node effects

In another company in the park, Haoyun Security, we saw more interesting details.

According to the regulations of the park, all the enterprises that are stationed cannot put the production workshops and foundry enterprises in the park, and the production links must be placed outside the park. This is the strict requirements of the park for energy conservation and environmental protection. Away from the factory and the workshop, does it mean that the company is far from the entire industrial chain?

But the opposite is true. We have observed that many companies in the park have cooperative relationships and have formed a sound industrial system in the fields of security, environmental protection, surveying and mapping. Haoyun Security is the witness and beneficiary of the industrial system.

In 2008, Haoyun Security entered the park. At that time, Haoyun Security’s main business was highly vertical, only financial security products, financial security products and technology in a leading position, and a number of financial institutions have a cooperative relationship.

Although Haoyun Security initially rented more than 100 square meters of office space, the park provided comprehensive services and support in terms of talents, funds and resources. In order to shorten the assembly and testing process of the product, Haoyun Security actively recommends its own upstream, manufacturing network equipment partners to enter the park.

After this, Haoyun Security has successively added fingerprint authentication, face recognition, voice recognition, and even more professional finger vein recognition technology to security products, and recommended more upstream enterprises to enter. Park.

These companies have developed in the park and have also served more companies in the security sector. Platinum Technology, Tuwei Information … … More companies engaged in security and smart cities have grown up. Unintentionally, a security industry chain has formed.

In 2011-2016, the security market maintained a growth rate of more than 10% for five consecutive years. In 2016, the size of China’s security market reached more than 500 billion yuan. In the video surveillance segment, financial security accounts for about 11% of the entire market.

Benefiting from the market environment and this industry chain, Haoyun security performance continues to improve, landing in the GEM in 2015. In June of this year, Haoyun Security moved into the newly built single-headed headquarters building in the park, with an office area of ​​more than 18,400 square meters, which was 260 times the original.

There are many other companies in China, such as Haida, Qianqian, and Blue Valley Smart … … Along with the development of these node enterprises, the enterprises that advance the group have also developed, attracting more related enterprises to enter the park.

Despite the good performance of the node companies, the park operators did not deliberately cultivate such effects. The reason is simple: companies themselves will weigh the balance between efficiency, cost, and value. What kind of partners are needed only by the company itself.

The park only needs to continuously improve its supporting facilities and service systems, and introduce excellent enterprises from various industries. They will have chemical reactions with the original enterprises in the park and drive more external enterprises to enter the park.

Enterprise Service Level 3 Ecology

From China Haida, Shengjing Network to Haoyun Security, how does this innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem work? Or, Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology What services does the park provide to the company? Overview of the three companies’ development in the park, the park has accompanied the three key moments of enterprise growth:

First, reasonable and complete basic supporting services.

Includes the convenience of various types of supporting facilities including office space selection, decoration, settlement, business, leisure, entertainment, education, health, government affairs, etc., and the location of the park.

The customer service center of Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park is to help the company improve these details. When the company is stationed, there is a person responsible for docking to solve all hardware problems.

This is helping the business & ldquo;

Second, a rich mix of funds, talent and resources.

With a solid foundation, companies can “build high buildings.” At this stage, Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park is an important boost for enterprise growth.

As early as 2008, the park established the first technology branch in Guangdong Province with the Bank of China, and established a fund pool with the government and banks to provide loan guarantees for technology companies. Now, within the 0.5 square kilometer area of ​​the park, five banks including Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Guangzhou Bank and Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank have set up branches.

Last year, the Institute of Engineering Modeling and Scientific Computing of Central South University was unveiled in the park. As the first Central South University in the field of CNC machine tools and advanced manufacturing in China, it is the industrial agglomeration atmosphere and innovation of the park. gene.

The objectives of school-enterprise cooperation include the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Renmin University of China, South China University of Technology, and Sun Yat-sen University.

In addition to capital and talent, the needs of enterprises are more diversified: banks, advertising companies, public relations companies, etc., these third-party companies are introduced into the park, and the way they provide services is more flexible, and some directly enter the park. Some provide assistance outside the park.

Third, the ecological service from node to platform.

In addition to the above resources, Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park has a space of 500,000 square meters, such as law firms, accounting firms, design consultants, headhunting companies … … Everything is available. This innovative ecology also greatly reduces the operating costs of the company.

The one-stop government service center set up by the park and all levels of government in the park is the first in Guangzhou. The listing office that provides listing services for enterprises is also established under such innovative thinking.

In addition to these, the park has also introduced external resources such as consulting companies, training institutions, and venture capitalists to help companies find suitable paths.

Standing on the golf course in the center of the park, we feel that the park is a miniature and innovative city. The supporting facilities have laid a foundation for this innovative city. Resources and services allow individuals in the city. Building up high-rise buildings, those top-notch companies have become landmarks in the city.

Wang Yang, the deputy prime minister of the State Council and the then secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, once defined Guangzhou Tian’an Park as “three-in-one integration”; land capital, industrial capital and financial capital are integrated into the power of innovation here.

What does the park mean to the enterprise? When most people’s answers are still in the supporting services, Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park is using its own model to give different answers and create The high-quality enterprise ecosystem will use the in-depth service to empower the enterprise and help the park enterprises to accelerate.

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