Modern style on the stone church ruins

The multi-faceted glass structure is in contact with a stone church ruin in Spain, filling a large hole created during the demolition process. The church was built by the priest between 1721 and 1729 and began to live in seclusion. Not long ago, in 2000 the roof had sunk and the dome of the temple and church had partially collapsed, and it looked as if the rest of it might collapse at any time.

But brave people will find: still amazing in its spongy arched spacious interior, daylight Through huge holes in the ceiling. That commitment, and its historical value, led the architect to begin to intervene and protect. .
Changed the church’s shocking modern and interior decoration, combining ruin style with new elements, creating contrast and maintaining the church’s past perspective. Now a multi-purpose cultural center and auditorium. The flat cement and wood enhance the quality and interior of the church, in stark contrast to the partially collapsed areas and holes.

Relevant recommended products

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Refractoriness SK32 1710C for clay brick

Galvanized welded steel tubes with different zinc content

Stainless steel pipe S31803

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