Modern minimalist cement countertop

There is a beautiful resort near the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand. There are five villas, each with its own swimming pool, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious living area, including this open kitchen with polished concrete floors, a matching kitchen island and concrete countertops.
When designing the Casa nel Bosco home in Italy, the architect wanted it to complement its surroundings, especially the olive trees on the terrain. To do this, simple and traditional materials are used throughout the house, and concrete and wood are two of them. .
The architect transforms the old farm into a contemporary home, and one part can also be used as a veterinary clinic. This home is located in Belgium. The new design is a beautiful mixture of old and new.
The concrete countertop has a very charming place, regardless of its structural strength. This duality inspired architects to use this material to design the Shoreham House, a single-family home in Melbourne, Australia.

Artist & Acirc; ngelo Fernandes favors concrete when designing the author’s home. The client is a writer and he hopes that this is a simple house where he can spend time reading and writing.
Previously an old barn, but now it is a contemporary home with an eclectic interior that mixes large wooden beams on the ceiling, polished concrete floors and crystal chandeliers. The cement kitchen island seems to grow out of the floor.
Concrete House is located in Piedmont, California. The house was remodeled and the materials have a beautiful and well balanced. In the kitchen, wooden floors and cabinets are fitted with concrete countertops and matching ceilings.
This small and surprisingly simple kitchen belongs to the summer house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has thick concrete countertops, double sinks and open shelves.

The concrete island looks a bit rough, but the architect added it to this lovely home in London, England. The house has white walls, high ceilings and large windows to ensure a bright and open interior, and occasional industrial details don’t make people feel cold and simple. The cement counter is perfect for this kitchen, mainly due to the nature of the house. This is a beachfront villa designed in 2009. This is a modern version of the traditional surf lodge, which is actually suitable for pure and simple materials and textures.
Exposed concrete, unfinished materials and surfaces are very popular in contemporary interior design. Many kitchens have concrete countertops, and in many cases polished concrete floors have been chosen to replace the usual wooden floors.
In this Auckland home, the choice of materials is also interesting. The design is reminiscent of beach houses with distinctive features such as concrete kitchen islands, sliding barn doors and occasional recycled wood details.

Building your own home from scratch is very special. However, transforming an existing home is also exciting. This residence in Brussels, Belgium is a bit different. The architect chose to give the house a strong modern feel, so cement islands, counters, stairs and polished concrete slabs were used.
The Flower House has an amazingly rough interior design. A lot of concrete design makes the layout of this space quite timeless. This is a project completed in 2013 and is located in Porto, Portugal.
The Concrete House is located in Melbourne, Australia, and its interior is beautiful and interesting. We fell in love with the kitchen, its ceiling is wood and the floor is concrete. We also like the concrete island/bar, which looks surprisingly lightweight. The decoration is always exciting, especially when the style changes a lot. This French Riviera residence has become modern and minimalist from the countryside. It is now a more open and fresh space with thick concrete countertops and open shelves, complemented by white cabinets.

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