“Love, let the lonely stars shine”

There are such a group of children, they are not good to communicate with people, like a lone star, they have a beautiful name, called “Children from the stars.” Autism, a developmental disorder caused by a nervous system disorder, is not yet known and understood by the whole society, but it is not far away from us. According to statistics, there are more than 67 million children with autism worldwide. There are about 13 million people in China, and one in every 68 children is from the stars.

The children of the stars are not cold. They need love and warmth like normal children. In order to appeal to the community to pay attention to the care of children with autism, on December 25th, Weierno Pediatrics and Shanghai Rainbow Rain Children’s Intelligence Training Center, together with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center jointly launched “Love, let the lonely stars shine The launch of the Care for Autistic Children’s Charity Event was held in Shanghai. At the event, the children’s pediatrics donated a charity fund to let the collective love warm these children.

At the press conference, “One of the children of the stars —— is currently studying at the China Conservatory of Music The piano genius Mr. Zhou Boyan also brought the wonderful piano performances such as “The Ballet of the Unshelled Chicken”, “The Cottage on the Chicken’s Feet” and “The Gate of Kiev”. He relied on his love for the piano and hard work. Lang Lang and Li Yundi performed on the same stage, and the audience was all excited by this shining “Star”.

Professional pediatric chain from the United States

唯儿诺儿科 entered in 2014 China, with its headquarters in Shanghai, is a typical American medical institution that integrates the childcare model of Chinese and Western childcare. According to the person in charge of Wei Nuo Nuo, Wei Nuo stressed that “medical and educational integration, tailor-made, from children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children High quality disease diagnosis, personalized treatment and health care services. It is reported that in order to strictly control the medical services of the pediatric pediatrics, and to build a medical system suitable for the Chinese people, the medical team of the children’s pediatrics are from the four major pediatric hospitals in the United States and senior doctors in the top three hospitals. Trying to take care of every step of the child’s growth from the three aspects of body, mind and wisdom. Autism is closely related to children’s mental health.

Love, let the lonely stars shine.

On the afternoon of December 17, Ms. Liu Wei, founder and CEO of Nobelo, and her staff and experts came to Shanghai Rainbow Rain Children’s Intelligence Training Center to express condolences to children with autism and conduct free clinics. At the same time, Weieruo also initiated donation activities in the company and in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen clinics, and received active support from all employees of Weieruo and members of Weieruo. According to the relevant person in charge of Wei Nuo, the first wave of donated books has been collected more than 500 books. All these books will be donated to the Rainbow Rain Children’s Intelligence Training Center to enrich the lives of children with autism.

Moreover, Weieruo fully exerted its own advantages, set up a professional medical team, and started the whole year of children’s clinics. It provided many on-site clinic services for children with autism for the rainbow rain throughout the year. Our health is escorted.

Benefiting more and more, love is more powerful

It is the philosophy of caring for the growth of children. Under the call of Wei Nuo, Shanghai American International School, Shanghai British International Well-known international schools such as schools, many mother-infant brands such as the Maemu Health and Wellness Club, and the surrounding communities of the clinic have responded and actively participated in the event. All aspects and channels have been used to care for children with autism. Walk into the world of stars and children.

At present, this autism public welfare activity has lasted for one month, and it has received positive response and wide acclaim from all walks of life. Everyone’s joint commitment makes love spread more and more powerful!

Adhere to public welfare, only No matter how long the road is.

From the first clinic in 2014 to the 15 clinics in the country today, the children’s pediatrics are growing rapidly and growing, and they have received great support and help from all walks of life. As a highly responsible company, Wei Nuo Pediatrics is actively rewarding Chinese society in various ways and delivering correct and positive values ​​to society. This approach to the stars is an attempt by Weieruo Pediatrics in the field of public welfare, and the entire charity event will last for one year.

Weierno Pediatrics hopes to let more people understand the autistic group through this large-scale charity event, and appeals to everyone to pay attention to this group and use their own actions to drive more people to care for children with autism. In the cause of public welfare. At the same time, Weieruo Pediatrics will continue to explore in the field of public welfare, and contribute to the whole society for the cause of public welfare.

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