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Xiaomi Life Circle Shared Tram Merchants Contact: QQ9968134

880 yuan to become a VIP member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Benefits 1. You can recommend members, For example, if you recommend A, you can enjoy the income of 15 venture capitals per day. For 365 days, you can get 5475 venture capitals. If A recommends B, you can get 2 / day of income. Then a total of 6,205 venture capital volumes are obtained. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle National Affiliate Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Equity 2. You will get a motorcycle subscription Right, and get 70% share shares. For example, an electric car purchased at home is used for 10 days in a month, so 2/3 of the time is idle. Today in the Xiaomi Life Circle, you can share resources to earn wealth. From your bonus income, you can get 70% of the profit by purchasing 3,880 yuan for a motorcycle. For example, if you earn 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. Continue to take 3 years, how much do you calculate? [Color] [Color] You must have never thought that a motorcycle can bring you so much wealth!

The second wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

[Shared Motorcycle]

Motorcycles are put on the market in August

On July 14th, Xiaomi Life Circle and Jiangsu Green Coffee Electric Vehicle Factory reached a strategic cooperation. The first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units and is expected to be put on the market in August.

On July 18, Xiaomi Life Circle signed a contract with Lima Group (Tianjin) Factory to reach a cooperation! The electric vehicle of Lima Group was rated as a green vehicle by the state. With a production capacity of 300 units per day, it is expected to produce 50,000-60,000 units in the national market.

VIP can have the right to subscribe, 3880 yuan / Taiwan, you can hold 70% of the shares. For 3 years, you can get the benefits every day, see, get it! Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle National Affiliate Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Meets the national 4 major standards: 1. The speed limit is 20 km/h; 2. It is not allowed to carry people; 3. It has pedals; 4. Each motorcycle is equipped with insurance;

The third wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

[Shared Cars Dangdang Travel]

Surround the city from rural areas and towns to make up for the blank areas of Didi Travel and Special Cars.

The fourth wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

[Smart Farm]

The shared smart farm features: farm dishes, green leaves, from the farm to the farm to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. Then, in the smart market, you only need to open the mobile phone to place an order, and send it directly to the home within five kilometers. // Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle National Affiliate Center WeChat: QQ9968134

[Planning and Vision]

In 2019, 1 million motorcycles and 100,000 shared cars will be launched, and 500 smart farms will be transformed and cooperated. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange.

National recruiting and regional agents, welcome to join us

What is missing is the project, there is no shortage of models, but the combination of e-commerce, Internet, o2o shared economic projects is rare. If you have come in the future, you will miss an era when you miss it.

In the hot summer, are you still looking for customers everywhere?

At 41 degrees, are you still doing a one-time gain?

At the moment, wealth is in front of you!

There is no blessing to see your eyes!

Xiaomi Life Circle is good every day

Sharing motorcycle wealth Wait for you to receive

Want to earn 450 months, invest 1760 yuan

Want to earn 900 a month, invest 2640 yuan

Want to earn 4,500 a month, invest 9680 Yuan

Want to earn 10,000 a month, invest 20,000 yuan

Want to earn more than 20,000 a month, invest 44,000 yuan

How much money does Xiaomi Life earn? I have the final say, just give it to [smirking] [smirking] [smirking]

Xiaomi Life Sharing Analysis


Direct Share a VIP member 15 venture capital / day * 365 days

Indirect sharing of VIP members 2 venture capital / day * 365 days


p> Secondary agent

More than three departments, meet any two parts in the month to reach 600 VIP 300 VIPs, the rest A total of 1000 VIPs, a total of 1000 VIPs

The next month, enjoy 10 venture capital rewards for each new VIP

Level 1 Agent

Three levels (any three departments) in the month

The next month, enjoy the reward of 5 venture capitalists for each new VIP of the second-level agent

Xiaomi Partner:

Three Level Agents

Enjoy the company’s total performance 3% static weighted dividends +5% dynamic weighted dividends the following month

Regional Agent:

directly enjoy 25 venture capital/VIP in the region, recommend direct venture agent 5 venture capital/VIP, recommend indirect regional agent 5 venture capital/VIP

Regional agent directly recommend a region Agents enjoy the company’s 10,000 yuan in cash rewards

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle National Affiliate Center WeChat: QQ9968134

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