Lighting effects directly affect the grade of the home space

The great modern architect Louis Conn said:

“Light, the creator of space magic.”

Home lighting as an important part of the soft design, lighting effects Good or bad,

directly affects the grade of the home space.

Small editors accidentally saw a picture circulated on Weibo

▲It looks ordinary, more It’s like a smoke alarm…

Don’t look like it looks ugly during the day, it will turn into a night

seven! Color! Capture! Soul! Lights!

▲ every few seconds Will change a radiant color.

The eyes are going to be flashed! A good home design can’t be destroyed by the slag light!

So, it is important to choose a fixture.

It is a “makeup artist” who creates a home atmosphere, and the lamps are also very high-frequency electrical products. If the quality of light is not good, it will have a great impact on healthy life. Especially if there are old people and children in the home, pay more attention to the quality of the lamps when purchasing lamps. Light up when you choose the light to see, the light is even and bright is comfortable, Aopu Pure Light LED adheres to Aopu’s product concept of creating health, comfort and safety with scientific and technological innovation, and is committed to developing efficient and energy-saving pure and comfortable. light source.

Use a mobile phone to take a shot, no strobe is healthy, using triple filter core technology, effectively suppress blue light through photobiosafety test, highly restore true color, and built-in IC chip constant flow, 25000 hours super Long life, avoid harmful blue light spillage, reduce eye damage.

Adaptation style aesthetic feeling

Every home decoration style is different, Aopu various lamps Products can fully meet the needs of consumers with a variety of home styles, Op Art ceiling lamps, covering European, modern, Chinese, American and other home styles, each product series has been repeatedly designed and carved, can withstand the time and The test of aesthetic change.


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