Let’s see the world together – the 5th Tongyuan 728 Parent-Child Festival and Children’s World Expo will be the perfect ending

On July 29th, a large-scale parent-child charity event initiated and held by Tongyuan Photography Group “we watched the world’s 728 parent-child festival come to a successful conclusion! Tongyuan Photography Group “cares children, praises life, and is a harmonious society”. And the happy family to contribute to the corporate mission, carefully organized the large-scale public welfare parent-child activities. In two days and four cities, a platform for parents and children to play together and interact with each other has provided a valuable opportunity for children to open their eyes to the world.

The theme of this 728 parent-child festival is “Look at the world together, specially held” Children’s World Expo, appealing Parents spend a lot of time with their children, bring them together to know the world, feel the diverse beauty of the world, form an open and free world view, and explore more possibilities for the future of children. This parent-child festival has selected the characteristics of the countries of the world, and has arranged six venues including the China Pavilion, the German Pavilion, the Japan Pavilion, the US Pavilion, the British Pavilion, and the Baby World Cup Pavilion.

Parents and children prepare DIY paper fans during the holiday season to catch bear children, interactive small plays, children Simulated medical assistance small check, cool robot, colorful scratching, super god pitcher, fun painting, Lego Wonderful City, running frog, cosmic sand painting and baby crawling competition, etc., as many as a dozen kinds of world-specific children’s culture and parent-child games . Tongyuan Group prepared free photo and intensive pictures for the families going to the scene and sent the paper frame to the welfare. Twenty-one years of professional children’s photography took photos that satisfied the parents and children, and even the parents and children. I have served the whole family sun protection clothing, high-end toys, and so on.

It is reported that the four brands of Tongyuan Photography Group are Chengdu Super Child Star Children’s Photography, Guangzhou QQbaby Children’s Photography, Chongqing Angel’s Children’s Photography and Changsha QQbaby Children’s Photography staff have done their utmost to present this grand world fair to parents and children. At midnight, the venue was still being built. They were watching the children without relaxing for a moment. It was with their hard work that they had such a wonderful event.

A total of thousands of families came to the scene to experience the Tongyuan Group’s parents and children. Prepare a journey of the public welfare world, open up the eyes of children, and seek more possibilities for the future development of children. The public welfare of Tongyuan 728 Parent-Child Festival and the originality of the Children’s World Expo, which we watched the world together, have won the support and appreciation of many media, which attracted media reports. In fact, this is not the first time that Tongyuan Group successfully held the 728 Parent-Child Festival, which has caused a lot of media coverage and extensive social attention. Since 2014, Tongyuan Group has successfully held four 728 parent-child festivals, all of which are based on the promotion of harmonious parent-child relationship. Through planning and organizing online and offline parent-child activities, parents and children can have a happy life together on this day. Time.

The first event was co-organized with the first family magazine of the Chinese family, Family Magazine, which launched 728 parent-child for the first time. Festival, advocate parents to put down their work on the day of July 28, play with the children, accompany the children to grow up together. In the second session, the theme of “Where is Dad’s time?”, parents are urged not to ignore the growth of their children because of their work. Even if they are busy, they should have a complete childhood without parents. The third event is “by the event”. Love is about to be photographed as a theme, calling on parents to record the happy moments with their children, and to record their growth with photos; the fourth session is to encourage parents and children to be active, Two-way care and interaction create a childhood special time, let parents and children return to childhood together, and pick up the forgotten childhood fun.

In 2018, the 5th Tongyuan 728 Parent-Child Festival was held with the theme of the world. Hosting the Children’s World Expo, parents not only recognize the importance of accompanying children, but also recognize how to accompany their children correctly, feel the world together with their children, grow together, and deeply care for their future.

Today, the 728 Tongyuan Family Festival has become a very influential public welfare festival. In the past five years, Tongyuan has been holding the 728 charity parent-child festival for the purpose of caring for children, praising life and contributing to a harmonious society and a happy family. From calling on parents to accompany their children, to calling on parents and children to communicate in good faith, and then Call on parents to better accompany their children and see the world with their children. Tongyuan Group always pays attention to the happiness of thousands of families and pays attention to the needs of parents and children.

In the future, Tongyuan Photography Group will continue to contribute to the happiness and harmony of thousands of families in China, so that parents and children can feel the beauty of life together and sing praises for life. July 28, 2019, the same far parent-child festival, so stay tuned!

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