Let Boxing kitchenware export to Europe more convenient

On May 13th, TÜV Rheinland and Binzhou City Quality Inspection Center signed a cooperation signing ceremony in Xingfu Town, Boxing County. The cooperation between the two certification testing institutions will provide technical support for the export of Boxing Kitchenware Enterprises and shorten the product export cycle. , to provide more convenient services. For how the two sides cooperated and how to help the company to be in line with international standards, the reporter interviewed Rand Group’s European visa officer Sandel · Saab and the director of the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute Dou Shouxi.

Through cooperation, Binzhou kitchenware enterprises can successfully obtain EU market access

Q: Rheinland Group as an internationalization How will the certification and testing organization cooperate with Binzhou Quality Inspection Institute to help Boxing kitchenware enterprises to upgrade their technology and international standards?

Saab: We and Binzhou Quality Inspection Cooperation is not limited to product testing, but more importantly, technical exchanges and standard training. Through this cooperation, we will provide professional standard training for corporate technicians on a regular basis, including the latest EU standards, technical requirements and the latest legal requirements for commercial kitchen utensils. Through these introductions, we hope to help companies to have a new understanding of EU laws and regulations, product standards, and our Rheinland Group as an international certification company, in addition to providing certification and testing services, there are also perfect third-party inspections. Including this series of cooperation and business, we can help Binzhou enterprises to obtain market access smoothly and meet EU requirements.

Q: What kind of convenience services will the quality inspection institute and Rheinland Group bring to the kitchenware industry? What are the benefits for the development of the company?

Dou Shouxi: In the past, the export inspection of kitchen utensils was sent to Guangzhou and Shanghai inspection agencies. The transportation of kitchen utensils brought about an increase in the cost of the enterprise, and the manpower and material resources were not guaranteed. In October 2010, after the establishment of the provincial-level kitchenware quality inspection center in Xingfu Town, the city quality inspection center served the development of the kitchenware industry. Now, through cooperation with the Rhine, resources can be shared. Our inspection data can be used directly by Rheinland. The quality inspection capability, equipment, personnel, resources and environment are also recognized by the Rhine Company and meet the requirements of the EU Workers’ Standards. It can provide local enterprises with one-stop service and one-stop service. The inspection and certification time is more than one month. Shortened to 5 days, we can also solve problems encountered in the import and export of enterprises, and provide more convenient services to enterprises.

Providing convenient and professional services to businesses

Q: Which testing organizations of the Rheinland Group cooperate with Binzhou What is the reason for the cooperation of the quality inspection office?

Saab: Our Rheinland Group has its own laboratory in China, the laboratory is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, and we are in China. The gas center and two national laboratories in Tianjin have established cooperation. In addition, we only cooperate with Binzhou in the country.

Establishing a cooperative relationship with Binzhou Quality Inspection Institute is to provide convenient, professional and localized enterprises with the local advantages and technical capabilities of Binzhou Quality Inspection. service.

Q: How does the Kitchenware Testing Center locate in the future, how to play a role in serving the enterprise?

Dou Shouxi: We The positioning is to do a professional kitchen inspection center, and push it to the national product quality inspection center as soon as possible. Xingfu Town Kitchenware occupies 40% of domestic kitchen share and 90% of the province’s share. It hopes to cooperate with Rheinland to inculcate awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, advocate leading enterprises and small enterprises to establish industry alliance standards, and hold fists to jointly deal with domestic and foreign countries. The market, using a good platform to enhance product quality in product transformation and upgrading, improve the right to speak in market competitiveness, and occupy a common share of domestic and foreign.

I hope that Boxing Kitchenware Company can learn more about foreign production processes and production methods

Q: Mr. Saab, you What advice do you have for the development of Boxing’s kitchen utensils?

Saab: This is my first time in Xingfu Town. I learned from my colleagues that this is a Chinese kitchen capital. Many commercial kitchen manufacturers, but in fact we have been working with several local companies for seven or eight years, and have maintained good relations. Combining my experience as a gas visa officer in Europe and my understanding of gas commercial kitchen utensils, I can briefly introduce that in Italy, France, Germany and other countries, the industry of commercial kitchen utensils is very large, but the scale of the company is not particularly large, mainly using high Science and technology combined with modern production technology can meet the market demand for quality of this product, so my suggestion to Boxing kitchenware company is that we hope that we can learn more about foreign production processes and production methods, combined with our current production technology, so that Products can better meet the needs of consumers and the market. Similarly, as a certification body, we will bring the latest legal and regulatory requirements, including the latest requirements of technology and market. I have just returned from the EU technical conference. Next, the EU technical committee is preparing energy efficiency requirements for commercial kitchen utensils, so these Everything is a challenge that companies need to consider and face.

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