Leisure home in downtown

Recently, a new project (Sultangazi Market Hall & Carpark) was launched in Istanbul, Turkey. The project covers an area of ​​14,600 square meters and is mainly responsible for the construction of the multi-purpose annual market hall in Istanbul. Became a “leisure home” in the surrounding community. The project site is owned by the city government and is surrounded by dense residential areas. Due to its environmental and functional characteristics, the region plays a very important role. According to its social, educational and administrative functions, the project design includes a temporary market and a 2,000 square meter closed building that integrates social, educational and administrative functions. The temporary market can act as a parking lot when there is no market activity. In Turkey, there is a market in every region of almost every city. And these spaces are only used as a market on special days. When the market arrives, the vendors will pick up the booths here for trading. The market is gone, they will “fighting” to other places to continue their small business. This market model cycles back and forth every week. After the stalls are withdrawn, there will be an empty, idle space. The local city government usually uses it as a parking lot for people to use. Of course, it will also free up some space for other purposes, such as as a studio, exhibition venue. Wait. Therefore, by carrying out different activities, its functional sustainability is reflected.

The decisive factor in the design of the project is the surrounding community. This type of market space is often a social cohesion factor for surrounding communities —— a landmark, a park, a place to relax, or even a hidden place that is meaningful only to local residents. This density condition is an important consideration in planning the project. Therefore, the surrounding buildings and environment are indeed a clear reference point in the corner of the city. In summary, features like space development, functionality, and usability are considered in the design process. The main purpose of the project is to give the region the most convenient traffic conditions, and the space and the street to establish an active relationship. The construction plan needs to make full use of the space here, so despite the negative impact on the use of the function as a market, the building has designed a building that rises from the ground. On the other hand, when used as a parking lot, the building requires a control channel. Because the building is connected through the various entrances and outside streets, it is possible to set up the required safe passages. At the same time, in order to facilitate people’s access to the market, the slope of the car ramp inside the building is also reduced by 8%.

Rapid and intensive development has led to a shortage of social facilities here. The community cannot meet the needs of people’s health, education and leisure, and the function that can give people is simply “residence”. At the same time, the value of surrounding plots has been greatly reduced, and community residents have been affected. The project is to reverse this situation by providing a variety of permanent social service facilities. On the other hand, the construction of the surrounding buildings did not consider earthquake prevention, and the new building would create a safe haven for local residents. In addition, this area lacks the necessary green areas because of the densely planned buildings surrounding it. In response to this problem, the building is designed in a stepped manner so that people can enjoy their leisure time on the top floor cafes, green spaces and observation decks.

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