Lei Si Niang Baked Cake 29 years of ingenuity to build a “good taste of the old time”

Egg bake cake, which is said to have been in the Qing Dynasty for more than twenty-three years, has a history of 176 years, and is known for its crispy and soft taste. Since its development in the past 100 years, some famous egg-baked cake brands have been born. Lei Si Niang Baked Cake is one of the best!

Leshan Niuhua originated in 1990. The Lei Si Niang Bake Cake has changed from the previous trolley to the now bright and spacious shop. Through 29 spring and autumn, from the four-year-old sister of the age of 18 to the four-naughter in the mouth of the people, she infects the people with her most radiant smile, unique insights about the egg-baked cake and the most traditional craftsmanship. And Lei Si Niang Baked Cake has gradually become a recognized Sichuan snack!

Lei Si Niang himself

“ adhere to the unique old-fashioned fermentation technology, the skin is soft and strong. Regarding the production process of egg-baked cakes, Lei Si Niang is very strict with every detail. For the control of the baking time, the choice of the baking utensils, and the proficiency of the technique, these things are added together, and the unique taste of the Lei Si Niang egg skin is obtained. The soft and fragrant eggshell is the best magic weapon to wake up the Sichuanese.

Lei Si Niang traditional old egg skin

Especially Lei 4 Niang’s signature three-boiled egg-baked cake, selected fine beef tenderloin, and cooked in a complicated process. The crispness of the egg skin, the dryness of the beef wire, the delicate fluff of the meat, and the chewyness of the beef granules, bouncing a delicious quartet about beef in the mouth.

Three Beef Cakes

Tradition does not mean rigid, innovation does not mean Lost your heart. While insisting on the tradition of handcrafting, Lei Si Niang has a deep understanding of the new and the new.

Lei Si Niang’s original Bawang double-layered egg-baked cake was upgraded on the basis of the original taste of the egg-baked cake. The special recipe of raw materials was carefully selected to create the first double-layered egg-baked cake in the country. Subversion of traditional egg-baked cakes also breaks the inherent label of traditional egg-baked cakes.

Overlord Double Layer Egg Cake

In addition, tight At the pace of young people, Lei Si Niang has also developed a variety of tastes suitable for young people, cream Oreo, brown sugar coconut crisp, large grain strawberry stuffing and so on. Each item offers a wide range of ingredients to add to your preferences, perfectly addressing the different needs of contemporary young consumers for traditional and emerging tastes.

Innovative Egg Bake Cake

Traditional Craftsmanship, Innovative Taste, Unique The egg-baked cake formula and fillings conquer every taste of the diners! The deep cultural heritage and the 29-year-old craftsmanship have made the Lei Si Niang Baked Cake a delicious and inheritable taste! /p>

29 years, from toddlers, young and energetic teenagers, to young people who have been involved in the world And then become an adult who can take on family responsibilities. No matter what stage of life, Lei Si Niang’s good taste of the old time has always been around. When you are tired and tired, when you look back, you can eat the good feelings of delicious egg-baked cake for a few bucks. Some people have been careful to keep it for you. This old-time taste is the most exciting place for Lei Si Niang Baked Cake! (Disclaimer: Articles and pictures from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact delete!)

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