Korean museum show part to the whole building

In Seoul, South Korea, “partial to the whole” was exhibited at MMCA (Modern National and Contemporary Art Museum), expressing everything in nature that consists of components. It begins with basic components, such as atoms, molecules, and grows into larger components like tissues and organs to build a living body. The artificial environment is exactly the same. It all starts with the basic components, such as points, lines to faces, and eventually builds a space.

Part of the overall definition of “space” comes from repeated flows. A continuous void space is constructed that moves along the curve. It makes cubes, which maximizes the use of existing space while minimizing material. Part to the whole is the ‘dotted’ void and solid composition. The total mass is made up of 50:50 by pores and solids. Depending on the position and perspective of different people, it creates a two-dimensional pattern of points or lines that produces three-dimensional space and form. It is all about the construction of a series of parts of Structure & rdquo;. This shows the quality of the construction by weaving and stacking wood modules. Similarly, Korea’s traditional wood structure, which makes the entire stable use of the quality of the material, and the maximum construction by construction methods.

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