Kitchen tile purchase considerations

The kitchen is a special function space in the home. It is mainly a cooking function, and it is inevitable that there will be a lot of soot. Therefore, when carrying out kitchen renovation, we must consider its particularity. So, what should be considered in the matching of kitchen tiles? In this issue, we will introduce the precautions and matching skills of kitchen tile matching, and hope to help you.
First, kitchen tiles with precautions

1, our daily three meals a day are required to operate in the kitchen, so the kitchen tiles are very important, if the floor is wet There will be many security risks. Anti-slip is also very important when decorating the kitchen. In the current market, matt tiles are a favorite of the audience, because matt tiles can best meet the anti-skid requirements of the kitchen. Matte tiles are all-body tiles. Their abrasion resistance and slip resistance are the best of all tiles. They are not glazed and very hard, so they are very suitable for use in the kitchen.

2. In addition to the anti-slip, the kitchen tiles also need to have a moisture-proof function. It is better to use glazed tiles on the walls of kitchen decoration tiles, because glazed tiles have the best moisture resistance. However, many people in the decoration of the kitchen in order to save the trouble of picking tiles, often use wall tiles and floor tiles mixed. Many people do not understand that wall tiles belong to ceramic products, and floor tiles belong to porcelain products. Relatively speaking, the water absorption rate of the ceramic brick is many times higher than that of the porcelain brick. Therefore, if the wall surface has a moisture-proof function, it cannot be used as a wall tile.

3, we need to cook cooking in the kitchen every day, so the soot is also the most place, it is easy to dirty, so the kitchen decoration tiles should be easy to clean. There are many kinds of ceramic tiles on the market, such as glazed tiles, whole bricks, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, mosaics and other ceramic tiles. We use the exclusion method. Everyone knows that the mosaic is a small tile. After the paving, there are a lot of gaps. It is easy to hide the dirt, and the kitchen should be cleaned frequently. This is not conducive to cleaning, and it is very inconvenient. So we have to choose as easy to clean tiles as possible.

4, when the kitchen tile decoration, the matching must be coordinated. When decorating, we should use light color as much as possible for the kitchen wall tiles, and it is better to use the darker series of floor tiles. If the kitchen has a visual impact effect or a fashion avant-garde effect, then the color of the tile is best contrasted with the color of the cabinet, and there must be a contrast color, so that the two can complement each other.

Second, kitchen tile matching skills

1, kitchen tiles in the matching is to highlight the effect of kitchen space changes, dark Tiles are no longer a single choice. When the kitchen is generally not large, the light-colored tiles are more conducive to the expansion of the field of vision, and such colors will make people feel the breath and coolness of spring under high temperature conditions.

2, there are a lot of family living rooms and kitchens are connected together, so you should be cautious when choosing the color of the tiles, choose the same color, you can also use the contrast color, but the overall color should not exceed three Kind.

3, the choice of kitchen tiles should be chosen to be simple and clean, and need to pay attention to the cabinet and the style and color of the cooking table, the pattern should be simple and generous, making people feel clean and clear. The pure white color that looks good is a popular color. If you feel that using too much waistline in a small space will make the space seem messy and cumbersome, you can choose to spread a few pieces of flowers to embellish, making the kitchen show a few vitality and romance.
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