Kitchen and toilet enterprises rush to the 4 trillion “big home” market, the test is greater than the opportunity

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Large The development of the home industry has entered the fast lane? Actually, it has not. At present, it is only in the acceleration stage. However, this does not prevent the home business from being full of activity and enthusiasm. It always runs forward, especially the cross-border of kitchen and bathroom companies.

Recently, the company announced the establishment of a new brand to strengthen the interior design business. At about the same time, Seagull Workers also entered the cabinets, door locks and smart homes through acquisitions and joint ventures. Since the beginning of this year, many enterprises have set a goal of 10 billion or even 100 billion, and the home furnishing of home building materials enterprises has entered an accelerated channel.

Set up an interior design brand "Interio

On September 3, the company announced the establishment of an interior design brand “Interio”, which mainly operates wooden doors, beds, furniture and other indoors. product. According to the company, the company operates hundreds of products, and it is difficult for consumers to link products to brands. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a new brand that allows consumers to think of interior design as soon as they see the window, like TOSTEM to the window and “INAX”.

古 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter To the interior design. “We hope to support the interior design plan that supports our customers in all aspects. This is the original intention of this name,” Changgu said.

In a report released some time ago, the Group has publicly strengthened its brand strengthening plan, and will promote seven major brands in Japan in the future, in addition to the toilet brand “INAX, window brand”, TOSTEM, high performance. The residential engineering brand “SUPER WALL, the overall kitchen brand” RICHELLE, the overall bathroom brand “SPAGE, also includes the newly established interior design brand “Interio”.

In addition to building a clearer brand system, the recent home layout in the Japanese market is also accelerating. On June 6, the first full-family home improvement experience flagship store in China opened in Shanghai. On September 1, Suizhu brought its cabinets and bathroom products to Nanjing Xinjiekou Suning Tesco. This series of actions shows that the layout of the big homes in China has been on the line.

Seagull workers are involved in smart homes and kitchens, etc.

Seagull workers have recently moved frequently, not only for their seagulls, but also for the sea gulls, Zhuhai and Zhuhai. 15 million yuan is used to expand the installation of bathroom space and bathtubs and shower rooms. It also reveals the intention to enter the smart home and the whole kitchen field.

On September 7, Seagull Residents announced that it plans to establish a partnership with Shanghai Guzheng Trading Partnership, Stanley East Rail (Shanghai) Hardware Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunding Trading Partnership, and Chen Jingzhi. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in which the seagull resident invested 7.65 million yuan, accounting for 25.50%.

The announcement shows that Yunneng Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. plans to operate a range of products including smart home products, digital products, security equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, etc., showing Seagull workers to enter the smart home field. The new company’s investors are companies with certain experience in related fields. For example, Shanghai Guzheng Trading Partnership is mainly engaged in electronic products, digital products, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. Stanley East Rail (Shanghai) Hardware Co., Ltd. also has locks and automatic doors. Production experience in security products.

In addition to the smart door lock, Seagull Livestock also announced the acquisition of a 55% stake in Guangdong Yakeboo Cabinet Co., Ltd. in August. The seagull resident said that the move is aimed at customizing the strategic layout of the whole bathroom, and using the standard company to design, manufacture, sell, install and after-sales service in the custom home, especially the custom cabinet, the one-stop service platform, the bathroom parts The extension of the components to the kitchen space provides a solid foundation for the company to expand its customized kitchen business in the future.

Home building materials companies in the Nuggets home field

The big home industry claims to have a market size of 4 trillion. In home building materials companies, Europa, Sofia, and Wrigley are targeting earlier. A group of companies in the big home, Jiu Mu also released its pan-home billion strategy in 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, many companies have revealed their intention to enter the big home. They come from different fields such as bathroom, floor, tile and kitchen.

Sanitary Ware: Kohler

Kohler has released its first wardrobe products, revealing its intention to enter the field of big home. It is understood that Kohler has set up a wardrobe research and development experience center in China, hiring an Italian design team to apply delicate and thoughtful design thinking to the development and manufacture of Kohler wardrobe. For example, its Kerui series of wardrobes, the first creation of the concept of men and women partition, the introduction of visual glass cabinet doors, replaceable racks, LED lights and other elements, product design breaks the routine, in the wardrobe industry blockbuster.

Tiles: Mona Lisa

At a press conference held on July 7, Mona Lisa announced that she would join hands with Guangzhou Shigongfu Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. Launched “Mona Lisa · Shi Kungfu super stone slate. In the future, the two sides will build a full-home custom home system based on the countertop rock slab. This exhibition will show Mona Lisa’s determination to develop a wider range of application design and practice in the field of large homes.

Cabinet area: Zhibang Home

On August 1st, the original Zhibang shares announced that they changed the registered name of the original company from “Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd.” to “Zhibang Home Furnishings” Ltd., the Chinese abbreviation is adjusted accordingly to “Zhibang Home.” Zhibang Home is a well-known cabinet manufacturer in China. In recent years, it has also launched the business of Zhibang Mumen and Franfi’s whole house customization. This time, it changed its name and showed the business direction of the company from “custom kitchen customization” to “full house customization”. .

Flooring: Nature Home

In May of this year, Nature Home announced the official acquisition of Wellmann, a high-end cabinet brand owned by the well-known German cabinet manufacturer ALNO Group, and further expanded its industrial chain. The predecessor of Nature’s Home is “Nature Floor”, which was changed to the current name in 2014. In 2015, Nature Home announced that it has entered the overall home improvement field. Three years later, Nature Home is self-identifying as a one-stop overall home solution provider, revealing the company’s big home dream.

Under the lazy economy, it is the key to do a good job

The big home is a product of the lazy economy. After 80s and 90s, the home decoration process is often more convenient and more An easy-to-operate one-stop solution that combines aesthetic and lifestyle tastes. On the sales side, more and more companies are launching a big home strategy. They also hope to satisfy consumers’ one-stop shopping needs with multi-category and multi-brand rich products, and multi-dimensionally grasp the home improvement traffic entrance.

However, as Yang Weiming, vice president of Nature Home, said in his previous interview, enterprises will face certain industry barriers when they enter other fields. Faced with the development of new business, the high cost of new production line construction and store operation, and the lack of sales talent ability are all stumbling blocks in the strategic development path of the enterprise. He called for the company to guarantee the quality of its products and services while adding to the “multiple categories of large households”. This is a big test for home furnishing companies that have incomplete coverage and rely mainly on upstream cooperation.

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