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King Kong net security screens are relatively high-end household profiles on the market, which are more suitable for installation on high-end doors and windows, so as to meet the needs of high-end. The diamond mesh screen can not only prevent insects, but also play an anti-theft function without affecting the appearance. Really anti-theft, insect proof, ventilation and other characteristics. The following small series introduces you to the advantages of the diamond mesh screen and the cleaning method of the diamond mesh screen.
The advantages of diamond mesh screens

1. Long service life: King Kong mesh screens are made up of anti-theft frame and central control anti-theft glass. The material is made of outer aluminum inner steel to ensure no rust. The quality is very good, avoiding the need to replace the security screen again to generate unnecessary costs and avoid more troubles in decoration.

2, good aesthetic performance: King Kong mesh screen has a good aesthetic performance, can be designed into a beautiful anti-theft lattice, a variety of two sides can be set different colors.

3, easy to use: According to the user’s needs, the diamond screen screen can be set to open and not open, generally set to open, so the switch is more flexible, in case of fire and other emergencies, One more escape route.

4, good light transmission: very good light transmission, blurred from the outside to the inside, can create a comfortable and private space for people.

5, high strength: King Kong mesh screen is hard, strong impact resistance, is the first choice for home and office security, anti-theft, bulletproof.

King Kong net screen cleaning method

1, sponge cleaning method: the sponge is stained with water, and then the diamond mesh screen is cleaned, when cleaning, a little force So that the dust can be cleaned, it is very simple. This method uses less water and does not wet the floor.

2, newspaper cleaning method: This is the best cleaning method, you can use the newspaper to paste on the water surface, after completely soaking, cover the newspaper on the diamond screen, wait for the newspaper to dry out After tearing down, the dust is cleaned.

3, the edge of the cleaning method: remove the diamond mesh, and then use the brush to clean, while removing the diamond mesh screen, while cleaning the diamond mesh window, be careful not to completely complete the diamond mesh screen Remove it and slowly squat down.
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