Jingdian Bookstore Yang Yi: Losing Bookstore Business, Winning Cultural Output

This is the worst era, the Internet wave is coming, online books are fashionable, electronic reading is popular, pirated books are rampant, and some people assert that physical bookstores will die.

This is the best time, fragmented information is full of brain capacity, the city is noisy, the bookstore is located in the city’s glimpse, waiting for you every time.

Carefully Read Business Leaders Club Member

A good bookstore is a city goodwill expression. The classic bookstore has stood for 20 years and is the kind expression of the founder Yang Yi for this mountain city.

On September 16, 2017, a hundred-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine teamed up with the business media group to hold a “Business Hall & Middot” in the Classic Bookstore in Chongqing. Elite classroom activities, founder of the classic bookstore Yang Yi Mr. Shi shared the theme of “Reading and Entrepreneurship” and brought cold thinking under the impetuous commercial civilization.

Yang Yi, founder of Jingdian Bookstore

Bookstore business that loses money

“ I went to the sea for 28 years and started a bookstore for 19 years. I earned money in my early years. Now I am also engaged in financial investment and can subsidize the bookstore. Yang Yi said that this is the reason why the classic bookstore has been able to persist.

This bookstore, which carries the cultural memories of Chongqing people, is actually a lost business.

Carefully Listening to Business Leaders Club Members

“Why should I take a family? The bookstore that makes money is going down because reading has changed my life path.

Yang Yi, who was exported to the stage and was escorted by a singer, was once in the eyes of everyone. “Bad children, fighting, gambling, fooling around, doing nothing all day.” After going to high school, the mother took Yang Yi to the library. He felt the power of the book for the first time. Since then, he has become obsessed with it and became very passionate about reading. He was admitted to the Department of Mathematics of Sichuan University.

“ After making money in the sea, as the first generation of intellectuals who benefited from reform and opening up in China, I wanted to open a bookstore, use books and use culture to change more people.

So, there is a classic bookstore, open for twenty years.

Entrepreneurs in this era need to read more

Since the new century, as the market economy has matured, China’s economic development has undergone a significant change: the government’s intervention in the market has gradually With the reduction, the market is becoming the main lever for regulating the economy.

It is followed by a severe test of the individual abilities of entrepreneurs. Only by seeing the market situation and grasping the times, can it break through on the battlefield of business.

Guests who listen carefully at the event

“Reading is an improvement for entrepreneurs An important way of personal quality. Yang Yi analyzed from four aspects.

First of all, reading is the source of innovation. “Literature, especially poetry, is the most imaginative and creative language. To be free from the label of the cottage, Chinese manufacturing must rely on imagination and rely on continuous innovation.

Secondly, reading is good for entrepreneurs to quickly understand an industry and enter an industry. Entrepreneurs must not only read professional books in the industry, but also cross-disciplinary knowledge and reserve cross-border knowledge structures.

Yang Yi sharing link

Third, ordinary enterprise output products, great Enterprise output values. The cultural outlook of entrepreneurs largely influences the values ​​of a company.

Fourth, the ever-changing era of change forces entrepreneurs to accurately grasp the future trend, and books have such forward-looking and predictive nature.

& ldquo;Toffler’s “The Third Wave” published in the 1980s is the first book that Chinese people can read about futurology, and it is also a book that affects me a lot. .

It was the influence of Toffler that Yang Yi saw the development prospects of information technology and resolutely resigned “iron rice bowl” and went to sea to do business, completing the original capital accumulation of the founding classic bookstore.

Asking questions and exchanges

A city’s kind expression

In Chongqing, where the geographical position is superior and the pier culture is flourishing, commercial civilization is advancing at a rapid pace. “Chongqing’s GDP growth rate is the first in the country, but the per capita reading has fallen out of the top 20 in all provinces and cities in the country. Xiamen University’s on-campus bookstore sells more humanities and social science books than Chongqing in one year!

The business-leading and culturally lagging dislocations are particularly noticeable in Chongqing. Reading is a cultural habit that the city needs to cultivate. The classic bookstore undoubtedly carries such a mission.

Business Leaders Club members take a photo with Yang Yi

In November 2016, due to the owners The rent has doubled, and the classic bookstore has had to reluctantly move away from the Jiefangbei, which has been stationed for 18 years.

On December 16, 2016, the Classic Bookstore stood on the bank of the Yangtze River and continued to warm a city with books.

Yang Yi likes a word: A good bookstore is a city’s kind expression.The classic bookstore is his greatest goodwill for this native mountain city.

Just two months ago, Classic Bookstore won the “Top Ten Cultural Landmark Bookstores in Asia”. Cultural landmarks are probably a great bookstore, and the classic bookstore will continue to infiltrate the cultural memories of 30 million Chongqing people.

A representative of the centuries-old Luzhou old age wine gives Yang Yi a gift

After the sharing, the business leaders of the participating clubs attended the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wines “elite sharing dinner”.

Members from all walks of life are good at wine, reading good books, discussing business models, and talking about business dreams.

Elite Sharing dinner

There is a saying that “no wine is not a feast, no wine is not a gift, and centuries-old Luzhou Laojiao wine is deeply loved by elite business people because of its fashion temperament and the focus of elite business wine. Become the first brand of Chinese elite business wine.

The Business Leaders Club, which is committed to helping companies develop and spread their business, will continue to work with the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine to bring the business hall to the next city and to the next entrepreneur. By the side.

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