Jilin Petrochemical Company’s calcium carbide plant increased production and water reducing agent monomer technical transformation project completed infrastructure construction

In recent days, Jilin Petrochemical Company’s calcium carbide plant increased production of water reducing agent monomer technology transformation project completed the infrastructure construction, successfully completed the diplomatic relations, fully transferred to the “three check four fixed” and production preparation stage.

Technical transformation project to increase production of water reducing agent monomer is The company’s key construction projects this year are of great significance for promoting high-quality development, optimizing product structure, and improving efficiency. During the construction of the project, the factory cooperates closely with the general contractor, adheres to strict management and quality control, and comprehensively builds safety engineering, high-efficiency engineering and high-quality projects. The factory actively overcomes many unfavorable factors such as long equipment arrival period, narrow on-site operation surface, large summer rain and tight schedule, scientifically optimize the construction period, coordinate and coordinate various departments and various links, and improve project construction efficiency. Firmly establish the quality concept of “Today’s quality is the safety and efficiency of tomorrow”. Establish a sound project quality assurance system, actively carry out effective communication and rectification with the general contractor, construction unit and supervision unit, fully do a good job of connecting up and down and horizontal cooperation, and do a good job in supervision and management of the whole process of project quality. Strengthening the quality supervision of the construction site, the factory set up three special inspection and acceptance teams of “equipment, technology and safety”, implemented the “real name system” confirmation management of the whole process, strictly implemented the quality acceptance procedures, and checked and confirmed one by one, effectively ensuring the construction quality.


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